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    Combo FAQ by DFuzed

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    Suikoden III - Combo and Mounted Attacks
    Writen by D'Fuzed
    1. Legal info
    2. Version History
    3. Background Info
    4. Questions
    5. Combo Attacks
      a) 2-person
      b) 3-person
      c) 4-person
      d) 5-person
    6. Mounted Attacks
    7. Status Effects
    8. Credits etc.
    1. Legal Info
    Copyright 2002 D'Fuzed.  Suikoden III, its characters, and 
    subsequent information are copyright 2002 Konami.  
    Legal Disclaimer:  This guide is for information only.  It is 
    not to be reproduced, copied, posted, or otherwise used for any 
    other FAQ or guideline without permission.  This guideline 
    should only appear in these websites:
    To ask for permission, e-mail me at blue_scarf2@yahoo.com.
    2. Version History
    1.0 - Wrote out Legal Info, started History, Background Info, 
    Combo Attacks, Mounted Attacks, and Credits etc.
    2.0 - Updated Combo Attacks, Added a Questions and Status Effects 
    section, fixed errors.
    2.1 - Updated Combo Attacks, Credits etc.
    3.0 - Updated Combo Attacks, Credits etc., re-arranged guide in 
    3. Background Info
    This guide is for those who want a quick reference to the Combo 
    Attacks and Mounted Attacks that are available in the game, 
    rather than having to scroll through complete walkthroughs to 
    do it.  This guide also gives a brief description of what occurs 
    in each Combo Attack, the damage it inflicts, and any effects 
    it has on your party or the enemy/enemies.  To further help with 
    players, this guide will have a status effect section to view 
    only those status effects that prevent combos from happening.
    Note: This is most likely the final version of the guide.  I will 
    update the guide again if anything new comes my way, but I am 
    thinking it unlikely.
    4. Questions
    Q: Do these combo attacks happen at random, or start at a 
    different point in the game?
    A: These combos don't happen at random. They are usuable by 
    selecting the combination command (the icon that looks like two 
    people weilding swords) and choosing the combination you want, 
    if a character has that option. You can do them as soon as you 
    have the right characters in your party, have them in their 
    proper pairs, and don't have any status effects or runes that 
    block the Combo Attack ability. 
    Q: How do I find Combo Attacks?
    A: Try different combinations of characters in your group.  Some 
    are easier to find than others.  Finding something similar 
    between characters is usually, but not always, a good bet.  
    Sometimes investigating a character will give hints of Combos 
    they can do.  Also, switch characters around in your group.  
    Unlike the previous Suikoden games, 2-person Combo Attacks don't 
    work unless the characters are in the same pair.
    Q: Are there any 'Easter egg' Combos?
    A: None that I know of.  (Note: Easter egg Combos are Combos you 
    don't normally see on a regular basis.  Suikoden II had a few 
    examples of them, where certain characters had a regular Combo, 
    and a Combo that appeared only occasionally.)
    5. Combo Attacks
    Anyone who has played either of the previous Suikoden games knows 
    what these are.  For those who don't, a Combo Attack is an attack 
    by two or more characters in unison to have a stronger and/or 
    widerange attack than normal.  These attacks can also have a 
    status change in either your party or the enemy.  Like the 
    previous games, the combo attacks in Suikoden III have their 
    obvious combinations and their not-so-obvious combinations.
    As of December 14, 2002, 34 Combos have been found, not counting 
    variations of the same Combo or Mounted Attacks.
    a) 2-Person Combos
    	Alma Kinan - Yumi, Yuiri
    		The two sisters stand side-by-side and start shooting 
    arrows at all enemies for normal damage.  Can only be used once 
    per battle.
    	Best Effort - Thomas, Cecile
    		Cecile and Thomas attack one enemy multiple times 
    together for normal damage.  Thomas is unbalanced.  Note: If 
    Thomas' sword gets stuck in the ground during this combo, he will 
    pull it out right at the end, hitting the enemy for critical 
    	Child - Melville, Alanis
    		Melville and Alanis line up side-by-side and run at 
    one enemy, swinging their arms in full circles as they approach 
    for normal damage.  Alanis is unbalanced.
    	Clan Chief - Dupa, Lucia
    		Dupa and Lucia stand side-by-side.  Both bring up a 
    hand, and the warriors from the Lizard and Karaya Clans come 
    charging across the battlefield into all the enemies for normal 
    damage.  Can be used once per battle.
    	Condemnation - Ayame, Landis
    		Ayame transports behind one enemy, holding it as 
    Landis comes in front of it and attacks with his giant scythe 
    for normal damage.  Landis falls asleep.
    	Dragon Knight A - Futch, Sharon
    		Futch and Sharon jump into the air, landing in front 
    of and attacking one enemy for normal damage.  Sharon is 
    unbalanced.  Note: Futch must be on foot.
    	Fighter - Emily, Juan
    		Emily and Juan, between the two, hit every enemy once 
    for normal damage.  Emily is unbalanced.  Can be used once per 
    	Gadget - Belle, Gadget Z
    		Belle uses her watch to call on body armor in space.  
    Gadget Z blasts up to it, becoming its battery.  The armor changes 
    into a fighting machine, which blasts a beam at all enemies for 
    normal damage.  Gadget Z falls back to the battlefield with 1 
    Hit Point left.  Can use once per battle.
    	Knight A - Borus, Percival
    		Borus and Percival cross-slash one enemy at 1.5 times 
    the normal damage.  Note: Borus and Percival must be on foot.
    	Man - Two of the following: Wan Fu, Leo, Mua
    		The two characters cross-slash enemies in an area for 
    normal damage.  Then they both appear near the screen with 
    Japanese-like wall hanging in the background and a Japanese 
    symbol in front of them (no idea what it means).  Both characters 
    become unbalanced.  Note: Leo must be on foot.
    	Maximillian - Fred, Rico
    		Fred and Rico retreat a bit, then charge one enemy.  
    Fred swings his sword three times and Rico his hammer once, for 
    normal damage.  Rico is unbalanced.
    	Mercenary A - Ace, Joker
    		Joker supercharges Ace with magical energy, at which 
    Ace runs in and attacks enemies in the area at normal damage.  
    Ace is unbalanced.
    	Mercenary C - Duke, Elaine
    		Elaine and Duke face the targetted enemy from either 
    side.  Duke starts spinning with his sword in place, hitting all 
    enemies in the area, while Elaine attacks the targetted enemy, 
    all for normal damage.  Duke is unbalanced.
    	Mounted - Sgt. Joe, Shabon
    		Sgt. Joe and Shabon start side-by-side, then Shabon 
    piggybacks on the sargent.  Sgt. Joe runs at the targetted enemy, 
    with Shabon windmilling her arms.  When Sgt. Joe reaches the 
    enemy, he and Shabon fall down, hitting the target and 
    surrounding enemies for normal damage.  Sgt. Joe is unbalanced.
    	Ninja - Wotari, Ayame
    		Wotari and Ayame start at the sides of the battlefield, 
    then supposedly hit all enemies so fast we can't see them until 
    they slow down away from the enemies.  They do this four times, 
    ending up on the opposite sides of where they started for normal 
    damage.  Can be used once per battle.
    	Set! - Viki, Young Viki
    		The two Vikis transport barrels, crates, and other 
    items above all the enemies, ending off with the accidental 
    transportation of the older Viki for normal damage.  The older 
    Viki takes some damage.
    	Showdown - Bright, Gadget Z
    		Gadget Z blasts off into his body armor, sending a huge 
    energy blast down towards Bright.  Bright sends a blast of flame 
    upward towards Gadget Z at the same time.  The two shots collide, 
    causing an explosion that hits all enemies and allies with fire 
    damage.  Gadget Z and Bright are stunned.  Can be used once per 
    	Wild Roar - Fubar, Hallec
    		Hallec and Fubar scream together, shaking the enemies 
    for normal damage.  Hallec and Fubar become beserk.  Can be used 
    once per battle. Note: Fubar must not be mounted for this to work.
    	Wizard - Estella, Rody
    		Estella and Rody line up side-by-side and attack all 
    enemies with lightning and fire for around 100 damage.  Rody uses 
    up a level 1 and a level 2 magic attack in using this combo.  Note: 
    You must remove the Wall Rune Rody has equipped when he joins 
    your group.
    b) 3-person Combos
    	Adonis (Pretty Boy) - Futch, Franz, Fred
    		The three line up beside each other.  Fred holds up 
    his weapon and a headshot picture appears of him below.  Futch 
    holds up his weapon, and a headshot picture appears of him below.  
    Same thing with Franz.  The three characters then cross-slash 
    the enemy.  After the attack, the three appear inside a huge 
    circle close-up, with stars floating downward on the screen. 
    Note: Both Franz and Futch must be on foot.
    	Adonis (Handsome Clan) - Babza, Sgt. Joe, Ruby
    		The three line up beside each other.  Ruby holds up 
    his head and a headshot picture appears of him below.  Babza holds 
    up his weapon, and a headshot picture appears of him below.  Same 
    thing with Sgt. Joe.  The three characters then cross-slash the 
    enemy.  After the attack, the three appear inside a huge circle 
    close-up, with stars floating downward on the screen. Note: Ruby 
    must not be mounted for this to work.
    	Bird (Bard) - Nei, Toppo Shabon
    		The three bring out their musical instruments to 
    attack with their music for normal damage.  Chance of silencing 
    enemies and clearing staus for allies.  Can be used once per 
    	Dragon Knight B - Futch, Sharon, Bright
    		Bright takes Futch and Sharon into the air.  Sharon 
    dives & hits the targeted enemy.  Futch and Bright dive and damage 
    all enemies in the area for normal damage.  Can be used once per 
    battle.  Note: Futch must be mounted on Bright.
    	Girl - Emily, Sharon, Sanae Y
    		Emily rushes at one enemy, hitting and kicking it 
    before sending the enemy straight into Sanae Y's naginata and 
    Sharon's blade for normal damage.  Emily is unbalanced.
    	Knight B - Chris and two of the following: Leo, Percival, 
    		Chris leads a charge, followed by the other two, into 
    one enemy for normal damage and a chance for instant death.  Note: 
    This can only occur while on horseback.
    	Lovely Woman - Lucia, Estella, Yuiri - Lovely Woman
    		The three women line up side-by-side, and blow heartss 
    at the enemies while...odd...music plays.  The hearts float 
    upward and off-screen, forming into one big heart that attacks 
    for normal damage and possibility of the enemies sleeping.  Can 
    be used once per battle.
    	Pretty Girl - Viki, Mel, Belle
    		Viki, Mel and Belle blow hearts at the targetted enemy, 
    which float up into the air and form one big heart, hitting the 
    surrounding enemies for normal damage.  Has a chance to make 
    enemies sleep.  Can be used once per battle.  Note: The Viki in 
    this Combo is the older Viki, not the younger.
    	Tinto - Lilly, Reed, Samus
    		Lilly points at one enemy, which Reed and Samus rush, 
    swining their swords.  Lilly joins them at the end.  Normal damage, 
    Reed and Samus are unbalanced, Lilly is berserk.
    	Triangle Attack - Dupa, Shiba, Bazba
    		Shiba and Bazba skewer 1 enemy from either side, then 
    Dupa comes in and attacks the same enemy at normal damage.  Can 
    be used once per battle.
    	Twister - Joker, Juan, Kenji
    		The three start beside each other.  Juan and Joker then 
    jump up, Juan landing on Kenji's shoulders, and Joker landing 
    on Juan's.  The three start rotating, causing dust and rocks to 
    stir as they move across the battlefield, hitting all enemies 
    for normal damage.  All three characters are paralyzed.  Can be 
    used once per battle.
    c) 4-person
    	Mercenary D - Duke, Elaine, Nicholas, Gau
    		Duke lines himself up in front of the targetted enemy, 
    with Nicholas and Gau on either side of him.  Elaine appears 
    behind the enemy and attacks.  Gau and Nicholas rush and stabs 
    the enemy, and Duke jump attacks the enemy and surrounding foes 
    for normal damage.  Can be used once per battle.
    d) 5-person
    	Bow-wow - Koroku, Koichi, Connie, Kosanji, Kogoro
    		The dogs make a huge vertical spinning wheel, 
    attacking one enemy for normal damage.  All five dogs are 
    	Mercenary B - Geddoe, Queen, Ace, Joker, Jacques
    		The five line up in a V-shape pointing away from the 
    enemy, Ace and Joker in front, Queen and Geddoe behind them, and 
    Jacques at the back.  The four in front of Jacques split off to 
    the side, at which point Jacques shoots the enemy.  Queen & Geddoe 
    cross-slash the enemy, Joker comes in and hits the enemy from 
    the front, and Ace hits the enemy from above, all for normal 
    damage with a chance of instant death.
    6. Mounted Attacks
    	Mounted attacks occur when a beast character is in the same 
    pair with its rider, ie both are on the left, right, or in the 
    middle of the party formation.  How Mounted Attacks work is that 
    they start out with their number of attacks combined (if Hugo 
    can attack twice, and Fubar once, then the Mounted Attack will 
    strike three times).  The first attack on an enemy is done by 
    the beast.  Any additional attacks on the same enemy is done by 
    the rider.  If any attacks remain after the enemy is defeated, 
    the beast will target and attack another enemy, followed by the 
    rider's attacks.  Attack and defence for both are also increased 
    some. Any healing items used during battle are always split 
    between the pair, as are any spells, be it healing or offensive.    
    There are only three combinations available:
    1. Hugo & Fubar
    2. Futch & Bright
    3. Franz & Ruby
    7. Status Effects
    This is a quick reference of the staus effects that will prevent 
    your characters from using their Combo Attacks.  Any other 
    statuses, good or bad, don't hinder Combo Attacks.  
    Stunned - A character is 'out of commision' for one complete 
    round because of an enemy attack.
    Unbalanced - Same as stunned, except it was caused by a member 
    of the party.  Common after using a Combo Attack or Weapon 
    Speciality rune.
    Paralyzed - The character can't attack, cast magic, use an item, 
    or use a Combo Attack.  Clears with the end of the battle, certain 
    magic or certain items.
    Asleep - Character is snoozing.  An attack by the enemy will wake 
    them up.
    Unfriendly - Character cannot be a part of a Combo Attack.  Clears 
    with end of battle, certain magic or certain items.
    Unconscious - Character has no Hit Points.  Clears at end of 
    battle, certain magic or certain item.
    8. Credits, etc.
    I'd like to thank everyone who has sent me Combos and info for 
    my first guide on this site.  I hope to write other guides later 
    for some game again.  
    Thanks goes out to:
    - Adam M for info on Mounted Attacks.
    - dshaw999@bellsouth.net for providing the Kidd Profiles FAQ.
    - plush@mpinet.net for several Combo Attacks and other info.
    - ICEMAN4925 for the Wild Roar Combo Attack.
    - Zed135 for the Mounted Combo Attack.
    - Mr. Fisherman and Iliyan@aol.com for info on the Wizard Combo 
    - The GameFAQs message board for additonal info on the Wizard 
    - Sento for the Showdown Combo Attack and for some numberical 
    - ledelmo777@earthlink.net for the idea of the Status Effect 
    - Konami for such a good series.
    If anyone has Combos/suggestions/questions/comments for me, 
    email me at blue_scarf2@yahoo.com.

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