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    Erk's Adventures FAQ by Juppo

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    Suikoden III: Erk's Adventures FAQ
    By Juppo (derangedfangirl@shakethebaby.com)
    Konami owns this game, not me. Consider me a humble messenger of 
    pointless information.
    Legal Disclaimer:
    Contrary to popular belief, I'm not a tightass. If you ask, I'll 
    probably let you use this thing, as long as I'm given credit. 
    Really. That's it. No hoop-jumping or anything. I'm easy.
    However, if I'm not asked, and especially if I'm not given credit, I 
    will be bloody pissed and will kill you until you die from it. This 
    took quite a while to gather up.
    The Story
    11/25/2002 - This FAQ was created out of boredom and boredom alone.
    Q: What is Erk's Adventures?
    A: Erk's Adventures is a serialized novel that appears in the 
    bulletin of Budehuc Castle.
    Q: Um, I haven't found it. Where is it?
    A: On the first page of the bulletin, just press left or right and 
    you'll see the current part of Erk's Adventures.
    Q: Who is Hitman Bravo?
    A: All evidence suggests that Hitman Bravo is Ace.
    Q: What evidence?
    A: This evidence.
    The third inquiry that Kidd can do on Ace is the hardest proof in 
    the game. It is this:
    "He's writing a novel under a funny pen name. Maybe it has already 
    been published!"
    Also, what Ace says suggests this, too.
    "They have some pretty interesting novels here as well. They don't 
    measure up to me, though. ...Hm? Oh, nothing."
    He also says something to Koroku that implies that he is Hitman Bravo.
    "Hi, Koroku. Say, uh, I have a novel reading soon. Would you listen 
    to me? Gotta practice. I'm kind of anxious."
    So, that is why Ace is almost certainly the author of Erk's 
    Q: Is it just me, or is this really, really bad?
    A: Ohohoho! Now you see. That's why I compiled it, though! ^^
    The Story:
    Erk's Adventures (1)
    The strongest adventurer on Earth, 
    Erk de Forever, walked into a trap at 
    the Cyndar Ruins and had to undergo 
    trials. What were his trials? 
    Pure hell. He was caught in a hole, 
    and hot water was poured onto him. 
    Erk in danger! To be continued...
    Erk's Adventures (2)
    After getting out of the hole, he turned 
    the tap off to stop the hot water. 
    It really was a close call. Once he 
    calmed down, he heard a strange sound from 
    the back of the hallway. Erk, panicking, 
    turned to see what it was. It was a huge 
    stone, rolling toward him. 'I'll be 
    squashed!' Erk in danger!
    Erk's Adventures (3)
    The big round stone was rolling toward 
    him noisily, coming nearer each 
    moment. 'Wow!' Erk jumped to the side 
    and dodged the stone. 'I was safe 
    because there was a lot of space. If 
    the hallway was narrower, I would have 
    been squashed!' Then, the ceiling fell 
    down on him! Erk in danger!
    Erk's Adventures (4)
    The ceiling fell right on top of him. 
    But Erk, holding up the ceiling with 
    both arms, stirred up his spirit. 'How 
    about this!' Erk, with his tremendous 
    strength, held up the ceiling and put 
    it back into place. 'How about my 
    strength?' Erk walked toward the back 
    of the ruins, but he fell into another 
    hole! Erk in danger!
    Erk's Adventures (5)
    Erk was stuck in a hole again. 'Ouch. 
    Curse my luck!' Then, hot water was 
    poured onto him again! 'Ouch, I'm 
    trapped in a hole again. I've botched 
    it up!' The water was very hot, and 
    Erk's skin became red. Erk in danger!
    Erk's Adventures (6)
    After crawling out of the hole, he 
    turned the tap off to stop the hot 
    water. 'What danger! I was going to 
    die!' Then a knife was pressed against 
    the back of his head.
    'Don't move. If you do, I'll stab 
    you,' said someone, so Erk gave a 
    little laugh and bravely 
    turned around.
    Erk's Adventures (7)
    There was a beautiful lady behind Erk. 
    'Who are you? Hey, who are you? I'm 
    Marine, the treasure hunter. Won't you 
    treasure hunt with me?'
    'Oh sure,' said Erk.
    'Then let's go together,' said Marine. 
    To be continued...
    Erk's Adventures (8)
    Erk and Marine walked to the back of 
    the ruins together. Suddenly, many 
    needles stuck out of the wall like 
    crazy. They would be skewered. 
    'Look out! The needles are sticking 
    out! We'll be skewered with them! 
    Erk, do something!' Erk and Marine 
    in danger!
    Erk's Adventures (9)
    Many needles came out of the wall. 
    'Damn you needles!' Erk grabbed 
    the needles, and with his enormous 
    strength, put them back into the wall. 
    'Erk, you're really strong. You're 
    'Yeah, I have tremendous strength.' 
    Erk was relieved, but suddenly a 
    monster came out from the back of 
    the ruins! To be continued...
    Erk's Adventures (10)
    From the back of the ruins, a gigantic 
    and strong-looking monster came 
    walking toward them. 'Erk! It's a 
    monster!' Marine was surprised, but 
    Erk stood in its way.
    'I haven't seen you for a long time, 
    Monster Baker. I came to get rid of 
    you.' The monster looked down at Erk. 
    Erk in danger!
    Erk's Adventures (11)
    'Die!' said Baker and knocked Erk out! 
    'Ouch!' Erk blew away. 'Ha ha ha!' 
    Baker laughed heartily, shaking its 
    'Pull yourself together!' Marine 
    said, and then Baker drew nearer to 
    Marine! Marine in danger!
    Erk's Adventures (12)
    Baker, the monster, attacked Marine. 
    Then Baker chopped Marine's head 
    with its steel arm. 'Steel knockdown 
    'Ah!' Marine fell down.
    cried Erk. Blood gushed from Marine's 
    head. Marine in danger!
    Erk's Adventures (13)
    Blood gushed from Marine's head, 
    beaten by the steel arm. 'Ah, I'm 
    going to die.'
    'You won't die just because your 
    head cracked,' said Erk.
    'I love you, Erk.'
    'I love you, too.' Then Marine died. 
    'Maaarrriiine!' said Erk. To be 
    Erk's Adventures (14)
    Marine died from Baker's attack. 
    Baker laughed heartily and said, 
    'Ha ha ha! Frustrated, Erk?'
    'Cry, Erk, cry!'
    'Dammit, Baker! I'll avenge her! I'll 
    avenge her!' Erk attacked Baker. 
    To be continued...
    Erk's Adventures (15)
    Erk attacked Baker. Baker was tired 
    after attacking Marine, and ran away 
    in a mad rush. 'Waaaiiit!' Erk 
    wanted to avenge Marine's death, and 
    chased Baker, who was running away 
    toward the back of the ruins. Only 
    Marine's dead body was left behind. 
    To be continued...
    Erk's Adventures (16)
    Erk ran after Baker and then came to 
    a room full of treasure. 'Hey, Baker! 
    If you don't come out, all the 
    treasure in this room with be mine!'
    Baker replied, 'I won't let you 
    do that!' and appeared.
    'Let's fight to the finish,' said Erk.
    Erk's Adventures (17)
    'I've rested a bit, so I'll give you 
    another steel chop!' said Baker. 
    Then he threw his arms up in the air.
    Erk was brave, so he said, 'I won't 
    lose!!' and attacked Baker.
    'You nut!' Baker said, and attacked 
    Erk with his steel arm.
    Erk's Adventures (18)
    Baker attacked Erk wih the steel arm. 
    'Bang!' The arm hit Erk's head.
    'Ouch!' said Erk. 'You bastard!'
    Erk angrily held Baker's body and threw 
    him at the wall.
    'Waoooo!' Baker sreamed, and died.
    Erk's Adventures (19)
    After a fierce fight, Baker died. 
    'Good grief,' said Erk, and was 
    surprised by the treasure in the 
    room. 'These are the legendary 
    treasures that make people come back to 
    life! Great! With these treasures, 
    Marine could live!' Erk was so happy 
    that he ran out of the room. To be 
    Erk's Adventures (20)
    When the treasure was placed near 
    Marine's body, she came to life.
    'I'm alive,' said Marine.
    Erk said, 'I'm glad you are alive, 
    'Oh you're being cute, Erk,' Marine 
    said. The ruins then collapsed, and 
    the two ran away. (The End)
    Konami, for making this excellent game, and for coming up with such 
    a ridiculous (yet fun) idea as Erk's Adventures.
    I... guess that's it.

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