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    Kidd Profiles FAQ by dan crenshaw

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    Suikoden III Kidd Profiles FAQ
    Version 1.15, copyright dan crenshaw (dshaw999@bellsouth.net) 2002
    last updated 1/3/2003
    *************************   SPOILER WARNING    ********************************
    *************************   SPOILER WARNING    ********************************
    This FAQ contains specific details about key plot points and characters 
    regarding Suikoden III.  If you have not yet played through the game and don't 
    want anything ruined for you, stop reading now.
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    Update info:
    Nothing new in this update except some info. from Kixer related to Mamie.  Any
    further updates will be for corrections and supplementary content.
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Character Descriptions/Kidd Profiles
    3.  Acknowledgements
    4.  Version History
    1.  Introduction
    Like Richmond in Suikoden 2, you have a character in Suikoden 3 who can do
    investigations of your characters for you, providing highly interesting or
    trivial details about them.  In Suikoden 3, this character is Kidd.  Once you
    have recruited him, he will be in Lake Castle's 2nd basement (the level below
    the warehouse).  You can use him to inquire about your current roster or to
    scout characters you have not recruited to get tips on how to recruit them.
    In order to recruit Kidd as Geddoe, Chris, or Hugo, visit Lake Castle then go
    to the Inn at Duck Village.  If you use Thomas, naturally, you don't have to
    visit Lake Castle first.  Go out the door to the back where the two huts are.
    Enter the top hut and you will see Kidd standing over a Duck Clan person.
    After he's done talking, agree to help him solve the case.  Look at the shelf,
    window, and body inside the room to get quick cutscenes with your character.
    Talk to Kidd again and he'll ask you to look for clues.  Go and talk to the
    duck right outside the hut.  Leave the Inn and go out to the main part of Duck
    Village.  Talk to the duck by the waterwheel then go to the Trade Shop.  Talk
    to the lone customer inside the store who will give you a piece of paper.  Go
    back and talk to Kidd.  Pick whatever choice you want when he asks who was the
    killer (just for laughs I always say it's me).  After he's done and the whole
    situation has been sorted out, ask him to go to Lake Castle and he'll join.
    Whenever you ask Kidd to do an inquiry, the first piece of information you get
    will be a brief profile with general information.  Thereafter, each person has
    3 inquiries that provide more details about them.  The price for each inquiry
    varies by character, although the later inquiries of each character always
    cost more than the previous ones.  It takes 10 minutes of real time for each
    inquiry to be completed, sometimes a minute more or a minute less.
    In addition to Kidd's profiles, I have included each character's description
    from the Tablet of Stars.  Luc, Yuber, Sarah, and Albert cannot be investigated
    by Kidd.  To the best of my knowledge, they cannot be scouted, either.  I have
    put the inquiries in the order in which the characters appear on the Tablet of
    Stars, top to bottom from the left columns to the right.  The four non-star
    dogs are at the end.
    In the case of _really_ horrible grammar errors (something else the Suikoden
    series is unfortunately known for), I have gone ahead and corrected them.
    Other inaccuracies, such as the Tablet description of Shabon as a "he", have
    also been corrected.
    2.  Character Descriptions/Kidd Profiles
    Dunan-If you loaded Suikoden 2 data, this is the name of your army from that
    game.  "Dunan" is the default name if you did not load Suikoden 2 data.
    Lake Castle-Refers to whatever you re-named Budehuc/Lake Castle.
    ( )-Additional notes and comments for certain characters.
    P.-Short for profile.  Just shorthand so everything lines up nicely.
    Thomas:  Tenkai, Slasher
    An indecisive, ordinary young man and the master of Lake Castle.
    P.  He is an ordinary boy in all respects, but he's the master of a castle
        as well.  Needless to say, he has a sweet tooth.
    1.  He's not a fast runner, but he's good at swimming.
    2.  I saw him practicing his kicking in the bathtub.
    3.  He loves mild curry.  Sometimes he makes it himself and serves it to Castle
        residents, but only children like its mild flavor.
    (Thomas occupies the same star sign held by Tir McDohl from Suikoden I and Riou
    from Suikoden II)
    Sasarai:  Tengou, ReflexMagician
    Leads the regular army as the Bishop of the Holy Harmonia Kingdom and a bearer
    of the True Earth Rune.
    P.  As Bishop of the Holy Harmonia Kingdom, he comes when trouble arises.  He's
        a lot older than he looks.
    1.  He practices magic without a wand, because he uses a ring instead.  It must
        be very expensive.
    2.  It was written that he was in the Dunan Unification War 15 years ago.  He
        fought against the Dunan Army, on the side of the Highland Army.  How old
        is he?
    3.  He looks quite fastidious, but that's only because his attendants take care
        of him.  He is really nonchalant.  It's surprising.
    Caesar:  Tenki
    A young man who travels with Apple.  He looks sleepy but is a reliable
    P.  He is one of the Silverbergs that always appear at historical turning
        points.  He smiles a lot but he is a clever tactician.
    1.  He is a reliable strategist, but hardly thinks about other things.  When he
        has nothing to do, he sleeps.
    2.  When he has time, he takes naps with Juan.  They're always sleepy.  Is that
        why they get along?
    3.  The Silverbergs are a family of strategists.  They participated in the
        Toran Liberation War and the Dunan Unification War.  And this will be a big
        war, too.
    Luc:  Tenkan, StormMagician
    Previously Leknaat's servant, but for reasons uncertain left his master.  He is
    seen with Sarah, Albert, and Yuber.  He bears the True Wind Rune on his body.
    Dupa:  Tenyu, Slasher
    The respected Lizard Clan Chief.  He often clashes with the other Six Clans
    chiefs due to his overly aggressive nature.
    P.  He is a Lizard Clan warrior and Chief Zepon's successor.  He is organizing
        the clan.
    1.  You should see Lucia and Dupa's combination attacks!
    2.  He wears a feather headpiece which was made from game birds he took during
        a hunting trial.  He is proud of his prize.
    3.  He likes Armadillion meat.  His jaw is so strong that he even eats the
    Yuber:  Tenyu, Slasher
    A mysterious Black Knight whose face has never been seen.
    Shiba:  Tenmou, Slasher
    A first-class fighter and a member of the Lizard Clan.  He assists Dupa, the
    clan chief, along with Bazba.
    P.  A Lizard Clan warrior who assists Chief Dupa with Bazba.
    1.  The three warriors from the Lizard Clan impressed the Karayan warriors with
        their skills.
    2.  Everyone in the Lizard Clan eats a lot, but this guy is an exceptionally
        big eater.  He can eat his own weight in one meal!  How much does he spend
        on food?
    3.  He worries that he is fatter than the other two lizardmen.  He was asking
        Kenji how to diet.
    Lucia:  Teni, ReflexMagician
    The Karaya Chief and a fearless woman.  She fought in wars against the Zexens
    alongside the Six Clans of Grassland.
    P.  The chief of the Karaya Clan.  She is good at fighting and negotiation.
        She's also a bother for Zexen.
    1.  She received many votes in the Secret Beauty Contest.
    2.  During the Dunan Unification War, she fought for Highland.  After, she
        came back to Grassland and raised Hugo.
    3.  Among the chiefs of the Six Clans, she keeps in touch with Dupa.  They
        share a drink on occasion.
    Yuiri:  Tenei, Slasher
    A leader of young members of the Alma Kinan with a special ability to speak
    with the spirits.
    P.  She's a warrior from Alma Kinan.  She's both fierce and reliable.
    1.  Lucia, Estella, and Yuiri were talking about something.  What could those
        three beautiful women have been talking about?
    2.  Sometimes she meditates on the lakeshore.  It's quite mysterious.
    3.  I asked her why everyone in Alma Kinan is female, but she wouldn't tell me
        a thing.
    Salome:  Tenki, IceCommander
    One of the six renowned knights of Zexen.  He is a surefooted strategist and
    acts as the military mentor of the knights.
    P.  He is both an adviser and one of the six renowned Zexen Knights.
    1.  He is a strategist during battle, but in charge of general affairs at other
        times.  He's quite a busy guy.
    2.  He leads knights who have their own distinctive personalities.  It must be
        hard work.
    3.  His great interest is tea!  He would get along with Augustine.
    Jimba:  Tenfu, IceMage
    Died in battle at the Ruins of Cyndar.
    P.  A warrior from the Karaya Clan.  He knows a lot about other lands and
    1.  He looks young, but he likes the hobbies of an old man.  What kind of
        hobbies?  I'll tell you in the next investigation.
    2.  Actually, he likes to drink green tea while sunbathing on the deck.  He
        acts like an old man.
    3.  He likes to lend a hand in the kitchen.  Maybe that's why married women
        like him.
    Juan:  Tenman, FightFighter
    A young man teaching martial arts at Lake Castle.  He easily falls asleep
    P.  He runs a training center.  He has no customers, so he naps all day long.
    1.  Emily was trying to find him.  My guess is that he's sleeping somewhere.
        She's angry because he always skips training.
    2.  He chews leaves.  These leaves are herbs that cause drowsiness.  They grow
        somewhere in the Castle.
    3.  His father was beaten by a drifter at his training center.  He says he's
        waiting for that drifter to return.  Why doesn't he find him himself?
    Sergeant Joe:  Tenko, ShoutCommander
    A veteran soldier who has survived life-or-death crises.  His weapon is called
    a Duck Halbert.
    P.  The Duck Clan is proud of this brave warrior.  He has fought on many
        battlefields.  This explains why he is so composed.
    1.  By Duck standards, he's quite good looking.  They say that girls are
        attracted to his eyes and tail.
    2.  It is said that he was once the head of a happy family, with a wife and
        children.  I wonder if it's true!
    3.  For some reason, he is separated from his family.  I don't know why, but I
        admit I'm curious.
    Hugo:  Tensyo, Slasher
    The only son of Lucia, the Karaya Chief.  He is an energetic youth accompanied
    by his steed, a griffon named Fubar.
    P.  He's the son of the Karaya Chief, Lucia.  His strongest skill is his speed.
    1.  He's been riding Fubar since he was four years old.  That's why he's so
        friendly with him.
    2.  He worries about being short.  When I looked in his room, I saw him hanging
        from the windowsill.
    3.  When Lucia came back from the Dunan Unification War, Hugo was born.
    Bazba:  Tenritsu, Slasher
    As a member of the Lizard Clan, he assists Dupa, along with Shiba.  He has very
    high fighting capabilities despite his physical stature.
    P.  A gallant warrior in the Lizard Clan.  He assists Chief Dupa with Shiba.
    1.  The three members of the Lizard Clan seem to fight better when they are
        together in battle.
    2.  He is really popular with his fan club.  I wonder why...is it the scales?
    3.  He is very good at swimming.  He came in first at the Lizard Clan Swim
        Meet.  He moves his tail very well.
    Yun:  Tensyo
    Died in a ritual held in Alma Kinan.
    P.  She's a shaman from Alma Kinan.  She has strong spiritual power.
    1.  She likes animals.  She sometimes talks to them.  I wonder if she
        understands what they say?
    2.  She likes plants, too.  I saw her talking to a flower, and I even saw her
        nodding.  Do flowers talk?
    3.  She trusts Chris to a great extent, even though they met only recently.  I
        wonder why she has such trust.
    Edge:  Tenan, ThunderCommander
    He journeys with his Star Dragon Sword, which speaks human language.
    P.  He travels with his Star Dragon Sword.  He's strong and composed.  He pays
        no attention to his Sword's nasty comments.
    1.  He claims to be "keeping the Star Dragon Sword for someone important."  I
        wonder who that person might be?
    2.  He said he likes beef rice.  I asked him how much he liked it and he said
        "reasonably."  What does he mean by that?
    3.  The Star Dragon Sword is famous for speaking to humans.  I've heard of a
        legendary sword that defeated an evil vampire and it had the same name.  Is
        this the same sword?
    Yumi:  Tenyu, Slasher
    A girl from the Alma Kinan Village with the special ability to speak with the
    P.  She's a noble warrior from Alma Kinan.
    1.  She's kind.  When I went to investigate, she gave me a cookie.  It was
    2.  Men adore her, but I understand why.  If I was five years older....
    3.  She settles matters for Yuiri because Yuiri is too aggressive.  They make a
        good pair.
    Fubar:  Tenku, Slasher
    Hugo's griffon comrade.  Highly intelligent and even seems to understand spoken
    P.  It's a wise griffon.  There are rumors that he understands human language.
    1.  He and Hallec were shouting at one another.  I thought they were fighting,
        but they seemed to really hit it off.
    2.  Those feathers are fluffy and nice to touch.  He seemed comfortable and I
        scratched him as a way of saying thanks for letting me pet him.
    3.  Height: 222 cm
        Birthplace: Karaya Village
        Skills: Running and flying
        Favorite Food: Meat
        Weak Point: Beak
    Nash:  Tensoku, Knight
    A man who unexplainedly appeared and is monitoring the conflict between Zexen
    and Grassland.
    P.  He's a shady guy.  He had some kind of behind-the-scenes role during the
        Dunan Unification War.
    1.  It's possible he's hiding something about himself, but I don't know what or
    2.  Lately, he's been seen with a Nasel bird on his shoulder.  He calls it
        "Dominguez Junior."  What a funny name!
    3.  Before coming here, he lived with his sister and a distant relative.  There
        must be a reason...
    (According to Blue Moon at suikosource.com, it's highly likely Nash's "missus"
    is Sierra from Suikoden 2.  Nash is the main character of the two Suikogaiden
    games released in Japan but never in the US)
    Aila:  Teni, Knight
    A Karaya girl who is tomboyish and has an as-yet undeveloped ability to
    communicate with the spirits.
    P.  A woman warrior from the Karaya Clan.  She has magical powers, too.
    1.  She is offering soda to all of the Karayans who come to the Castle.
    2.  At the library, Ernie was teaching her the alphabet.  She has learned many
        words as well.
    3.  She wasn't interested in Karayan boys her own age.  She said they were
    Hallec:  Tensatu, Knight
    A barbarian who migrated from the north to meet the Flame Champion.  His attack
    with broad axes is unrivaled.
    P.  A barbarian from obscure realms.  He wears a bear skin on his head and
        excels at war cries.
    1.  He doesn't lie.  It's a good quality to have.
    2.  He and Fubar were letting out war cries.  They may be useful in causing
        damage to enemies.
    3.  Hallec's village was once involved in a tribal dispute that was resolved by
        the Flame Champion.  Hallec was grateful for the help.
    Chris:  Tenbi, Knight
    Captain of the Zexen Knights.  She is called "the Silver Maiden" and is treated
    as a heroine in Zexen.
    P.  Captain of the Zexen Knights.  She's bright, beautiful, and strong.  I
        adore her...
    1.  Since she was a child she has been known for her swordsmanship, but she
        wasn't good at the lessons that girls usually take.
    2.  As a student, she was in the chapel choir.  But she was utterly tone deaf!
        She quit soon after.  It's a memory she would rather forget.
    3.  She had a fight with Lilly at the Zexen Federation Day Ball.  They hurled
        wine, slapped each other, and threw tables.  After all that, they became
        friends!  Frightening, huh?
    Estella:  Tenkyu, FocusMagician
    She specializes in magic with her apprentice, Rody.  Some find her annoying
    because she enjoys teasing people.
    P.  She's a witch who travels with her apprentice.  Her magic is first class,
        but her clothes are something else.
    1.  Estella was born 50 years ago from a rock.  I know it's true because she
        told me.  Isn't that a great tale?
    2.  Well, she's on her way to Tenjik to get an old book.  That's very, very far
        away.  Wow!
    3.  She had a pupil, a water imp named Rody.  He attacked Estella once, but
        became her disciple after she fought back.  Her magic made him human.
    (In case you haven't figured it out, Estella is a pathological liar.  Along
    with the above, UnangBangkay e-mailed me with the following information:
    [We know she's a liar, but the story she's relating is the Journey to the West,
    known as Saiyuki in Japanese, wherein the monk Genjo Sanzo--His Japanese name,
    and the role Estella put herself in--travels to Tenjiku (it was misspelled in
    the game) to retrieve some Bhuddist texts. On the way he fights a Water Imp--
    named Sa Gojyo, and Rody's role--who joins him. Missing from the lie are Son
    Goku and Cho Hakkai.]
    Thanks to UnangBangkay for shedding more light on Estella)
    Cecile:  Tentai, ArmorKnight
    The high-spirited commander of the guards at Lake Castle.
    P.  She is a beautiful girl who is the Castle gatekeeper.  She's surprisingly
    1.  She likes armor.  She is proud of the fact that she doesn't take it off,
        even on hot days.
    2.  She's known to be a good cook.  I hope she invites me some time.
    3.  She likes hot food.  Thomas fainted when he ate Cecile's food.
    Geddoe:  Tenjyu, ThunderMage
    Geddoe is the Captain of the Twelfth Unit of the Holy Harmonia Kingdom's
    Southern Frontier Defense Force.  Nothing is known of his background, not even
    his age.
    P.  Captain of the Twelfth Unit of the Southern Frontier Defense Force.  He's
        silent and unpleasant, but is known as a wise and reliable warrior.
    1.  Before joining the Frontier Defense Force seven or eight years ago, he
        explored faraway nations.
    2.  He must be more than 100 years old.  It's been 50 years since he and the
        Flame Champion parted ways.  What was he doing during those years?
    3.  He's  exactly 112 years old.  I'm pretty sure about that because I asked
    Melville:  Tenken, Slasher
    A boy living in Vinay Del Zexay who formed the Saint Loa Knights with Alanis
    and Elliot
    P.  This one's a pure boy.  He formed the Saint Loa Knights with Alanis and
    1.  He lives on his own at his young age.  He has to...his father comes and
        goes irregularly and he has no mother.  He's a diligent boy.
    2.  He was taking a bath with his father.  I don't know what they were talking
    3.  He was separated from his mother and lost contact with her.  I don't know
        why, but maybe his father had something to do with it.
    Ace:  Tenhei, Knight
    A member of the Twelfth Unit of the Holy Harmonia Kingdom's Southern Frontier
    Defense Force.  He manages the unit's administrative duties.
    P.  He's the clerk and accountant for the Twelfth Unit of the Southern Frontier
        Defense Force.  He whines a lot and likes women.
    1.  He's leading a hard life as a mercenary.
    2.  He's doing the accountant's job because nobody else wanted it.  He got the
        short end of that stick.
    3.  He's writing a novel under a funny pen name.  Maybe it has already been
    (If you check Arthur's newsletter then press right on your d-pad, you will see
    a serial novel titled "Erk's Adventures" written by "Hitman Bravo".  This is
    likely the novel mentioned in the profile.  Erk in danger!)
    Alanis:  Tenzai, IceMagician
    A girl living in Vinay Del Zexay who formed the Saint Loa Knights with Melville
    and Elliot.
    P.  She formed the Saint Loa Knights with Melville and Elliot.  Their main duty
        is to patrol the area.
    1.  She loves insects and animals.  Lately, she's become a fan of the Lizard
    2.  Sometimes, she goes out with Melville and Elliot but she returns before
        long.  It's dangerous to go far away.
    3.  According to Martha's fortune telling, "Alanis will be a pretty lady like
        me."  I wonder what will happen.
    Queen:  Tenson, Slasher
    A member of the Twelfth Unit of the Holy Harmonia Kingdom's Southern Frontier
    Defense Force.  She is the only woman in the unit.
    P.  The only woman among the Twelfth Unit of the Southern Frontier Defense
    1.  I thought she was scary, but learned she's actually a nice person.  I did
        an investigation for her once and she gave me candy.
    2.  Ernie told me that Queen knows a lot about books and music, which makes her
        quite different from the other members of the Defense Force.
    3.  Her home country was destroyed by Harmonia.  She was born into a prominent
        family.  That's a little surprising.
    (I received an e-mail from emperormagus that sheds more light on Queen's
    [Sanady is a small country that was conquered by Harmonia around the year 440.
    Sanady resisted Harmonia's aggression, and thus its citizens became third class
    under Harmonian rule. This resulted in many families being torn apart as
    servants for first class citizens. Sanady is currently considered a province
    within Harmonia, and is run by ex-Sanadian aristocrats who have become
    Harmonian sympathizers.
    This is why Queen acted the way she did toward Franz.  She was forced to go to
    Crystal Valley just like Franz was.  Also according to Blue Moon she was an
    aristocrat from Sanady as well.]
    Thanks to emperormagus and Blue Moon for this information)
    Elliot:  Tenpai, MerchantHunter
    A boy who yearns to be a treasure hunter.  Formed the Saint Loa Knights with
    Melville and Alanis.  Can detect all sorts of scents.
    P.  He wants to be a treasure hunter.  He has a good nose for treasure.
    1.  If you include Elliot in your party, your money increases.  That's pretty
        darned convenient.
    2.  His family runs a bakery.  When Melville's father doesn't come home,
        Melville sometimes eats there.
    3.  He and Melville made a secret base.  When he told Alanis about it, Melville
        was so angry he started a fight.
    (If you recruit Elliot/Melville with Hugo, Elliot mentions that his father was
    killed in a previous war, hence only his mother gets referenced mostly)
    Franz:  Tenrou, Knight
    LeBuque's best trainer of the Mantors that are raised in the town.
    P.  A warrior at Le Buque.  He can control Mantors better than any of the other
        Mantor warriors.  He immediately carries out orders from the Harmonian
    1.  I watched while he trained for battle with Fred and Futch.  I wonder if
        they get along.
    2.  He cuts his own hair and it always comes out uneven.  Iku ends up fixing
        the mess.
    3.  He takes long rides with Iku and Ruby.  They seem to get along very well.
    Iku:  Tensui, HealerProt
    She cares for the giant insects in Le Buque.  She is Franz's friend from years
    earlier.  Iku scolds Franz, who does not get along with people easily.
    P.  She's Franz's girlfriend.  She's kindhearted and loves humans and Mantors
    1.  She takes care of the insects at the village.  It must be hard work.
    2.  Her childhood friend Franz became a warrior, so she started studying to
        become a nurse.
    3.  I saw her taking the insects for a walk.  Iku rode a flying insect while
        blowing a whistle to lead the other insects.  It was a mysterious sight.
    Scott:  Tenbou
    A trading merchant with his parrot partner, Waurenhyte, on his shoulder.  He
    travels whichever way the wind blows.
    P.  He's a trading merchant with a parrot called Waurenhyte.
    1.  He claims to have traveled all around the world.  It must be dangerous to
        be a trading merchant, but it's nice to be free.
    2.  He works for a big company.  He hopes to work hard and some day have his
        own big store.
    3.  He traded a candle for Waurenhyte in a southern country.  It was the first
        thing he got from trading.
    Ernie:  Tenkoku
    A tutor.  She uses a room in Lake Castle.  She is edgy but very diligent.
    P.  She is a tutor.  Behind her glasses, her intelligence shines.
    1.  Her research is based on field work.  She goes out on a lot of field trips.
    2.  She went to study at Greenhill.  She's now active in an association in
        Vinay Del Zexay.
    3.  She's a member of the Association of Ancient History at Vinay Del Zexay.
        She studies the ancient history of the Cyndar.  Cool, huh?
    Dios:  Tenkou
    The Chief of Staff of the Holy Harmonia Kingdom's regular army.  He leads the
    army and supports Bishop Sasarai.
    P.  He's a subordinate of Sasarai, Bishop of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia.  He
        has a reputation for being skilled but having bad luck.
    1.  He was delighted when I told him his sideburns were manly.  He's proud of
    2.  He's bright but he has no social skills.  Sasarai knows that and
        appreciates his ability.
    3.  Three years ago, he saw action in the war when Harmonia fought for the
        restoration of land in Highland.  He drew a short straw, but Sasarai
        noticed that.
    Albert:  Chikai
    He comes from the Silverberg family renowned for its strategists.  Albert is
    Caesar's elder brother.
    Mua:  Chiretsu, Guard
    A free knight of the Kamaro.  He is heavily armored, with a single-handed sword
    in his right hand and a shield in the other.  He has high fighting
    P.  After the hostile movement in Grassland, he came to this land with the Free
        Knights of Kamaro.
    1.  Wan Fu, Leo, and Mua together are very...masculine.  Monsters would surely
        run away.
    2.  He takes care of his mustache and beard.  He shaves three times a day.
    3.  He sleeps in pajamas and a nightcap.  He uses curlers in his mustache.
        He's picky about strange things.
    Dominic:  Chiyu
    A defensive gear vendor.  He is a fine craftsman but occasionally even he sells
    defective merchandise.
    P.  He is a craftsman of defensive gear.  He has an old man's temper and
    1.  There's nothing interesting in his private life.  He's a real craftsman.
    2.  After work, he goes home quickly.  That's normal.
    3.  He wants to expand his shop so it is really big.  That's not unusual.
    Jeane:  Chiketsu, HealerRuneSage
    A Rune Sage and an utter mystery.
    P.  She's a sexy Rune Sage.  What's her real identity?
    1.  Oh, I thought I found something...but I forgot what it was.  Am I tired?
    2.  I don't understand anything.
    3.  It would be better if you do no more investigating.
    (Richmond's investigation of Jeane in Suikoden II was equally fruitless)
    Shabon:  Chiyu, StormMagician
    A young skillful busker who is good at bodhran.  She thinks of Nei as an older
    P.  She's a young traveling busker who plays the bodhran.  It's surprising to
        note that she's skilled in kung fu.
    1.  She is fond of Sgt. Joe. (Ducks are popular among children) They were
        practicing something.
    2.  Shabon is really cute.  She's always practicing her performance.  I think
        she has a bright future.
    3.  She's a genius who has a skill of some kind.  But I don't know what kind...
    (You've got to see her combination attack with Sgt. Joe-it's hilarious!  Shabon
    is a pretty strong character at higher levels, too.  No, I'm not kidding)
    Fred:  Chii, Guard
    As the Captain of the Maximillian Knights, Fred is always bold, but he assumes
    too much.
    P.  He's the young Chief of the Maximillian Knights.  He took charge of the
        Knights from his grandfather.  His goal is to make the Knights as fine as
        they once were.
    1.  Rico is the other member of the Maximillian Knights.  You should see their
    2.  The Maximillian Knights were organized by Fred's grandfather, whose
        identity is not known.  Rico's father was the Captain's aide.
    3.  He respects his grandfather.  He has asked many questions of people who
        knew his grandfather.
    Rico:  Chiei, YellFighter
    Rico is a member of the Maximillian Knights.  She is also Captain Fred
    Maximillian's attendant.
    P.  She serves the Captain of the Maximillian Knights.  She works hard and
        tries her best.
    1.  Rico's father was an attendant to Fred's grandfather.  The family has
        served the Maximillian Knights for generations.
    2.  She treasures a medal she received from Fred.  I've seen her sitting on the
        stone stairs, polishing it.
    3.  Her position is Chamberlain and Hall Porter for the Captain of the
        Maximillian Knights.  She's not an official knight.
    Percival:  Chiki, Knight
    One of the six renowned Zexen Knights.  He excels at handling horses and is
    known as the "Swordsman of Gale".
    P.  One of the six renowned Zexen Knights.  He is always reserved when he's
        working, but he sometimes lets loose when he's drinking.
    1.  When the knights are in action, they are required to fight together in
    2.  He's a commoner from the country.  He got the job when he applied to be a
        knight.  He struggled his way up the ranks and now he is one of the six
        Zexen Knights.  Isn't that great?
    3.  When it comes to horseback riding, he is one of the best of the Knights.
        Nobody can beat him.  They say he has the best record on the ranch.
    Borus:  Chimou, ArmoredKnight
    A member of the six renowned Zexen Knights.  He is unrivaled with his sword
    handling techniques and is known as the "Swordsman of Rage".
    P.  He is one of the six renowned Zexen Knights and he has a reputation as the
        best swordsman among the Knights.
    1.  You should see his combination attack with Percival.  It's phenomenal!
    2.  Actually, he was brought up by a wealthy family.  When I asked him about
        it, he became furious.
    3.  His hobby is collecting wine.  It must cost a lot...
    (Borus' last name is "Redrum".  If you check his room at Lake Castle in ch. 5,
    you'll find a note that says, "All work and no play make Borus a dull boy".
    Just kidding about that last part)
    Twaikin:  Chibun, ShieldKnight
    A hole-digging dwarf from the south who uses his shovel as a weapon.
    P.  He came from a dwarf village in the back of a big forest.  He likes to dig
    1.  His most attractive feature is his mole.  His grandmother has one just like
        it.  It's nothing important.
    2.  Sebastian asked him to dig a hole in the Castle backyard.  He was
        delighted, but did he know it was for garbage?  Maybe it's okay if he just
    3.  He gives Barts earthworms that he digs up.
    Nadir:  Chisei, HaggleScholar
    A drama producer whose identity is unknown due to the mask he wears.
    P.  He's the mysterious drama producer.  He practices lines whenever he is
    1.  Nobody knows what his true face looks like under the mask.  I've heard
        rumors that he is very handsome or that he has been burned on his face.
    2.  A popular rumor says that he was a famous actor, whose acting was so
        impressive that he couldn't be himself.  After that, he's always worn a
        mask.  Why?
    3.  He was a traveling entertainer.  It was a three-man company, but it broke
        up.  Now he's a drama producer.
    Duke:  Chikatsu, Slasher
    The captain of the Fourteenth Unit of the Holy Harmonia Kingdom's Southern
    Frontier Defense Force.  Geddoe is his professional rival.
    P.  He is a platoon commander in the Harmonia Frontier Defense Force.  He is
        hostile toward Geddoe's Platoon.
    1.  He's in the same unit as Elaine and Gau, so they get along just fine.
    2.  He likes hot curry.  The sweat was already pouring off him, and then he had
        another helping!  Actually, I prefer it with cheese.
    3.  His father is dead.  Nicolas, who served his father, serves Duke now.
    Barts:  Chitou, BathingMiser
    A young man who dearly loves to farm.  Down-to-earth, but misunderstood often
    by his looks.
    P.  He loves farming.  He's misunderstood because of his appearance, but he's
        simple and honest.
    1.  He put his whole life into growing delicious tomatoes.  He starts work
        before dawn and works until sunset.  That's just great.
    2.  He's an early riser.  He doesn't take any holidays, but he rests when it
        rains heavily.  He's a diligent worker.
    3.  He squinted his eyes, looked at the tomatoes, and then he started talking
        to them!  That's strange.
    Bright:  Chikyou, Slasher
    The dragon steed of Futch, the Dragon Knight.  He has known Futch since first
    P.  He accompanies Futch, the Dragon Knight.  He is quite fond of people.
    1.  When he attacks with Gadget Z...well, it's a great thing to witness.
    2.  Futch picked him up just as he was hatching.  Does he think that Futch is
        his father?
    3.  Height:  255 cm
        Birthplace:  Mt. Rakutei
        Special Skill:  Flying
        Favorite Food:  Meat
        Weak point:  Behind his jaw
    Toppo:  Chian, VoiceMage
    A busker who excels in fiddling and juggling, yet seldom speaks in public.
    P.  He is a quiet traveling busker.  He plays the fiddle and is good at
    1.  He's good at handicrafts.  He made toys for the children at the Castle.
    2.  He speaks softly to Nei and Shabon.  Why doesn't he talk with other people?
    3.  He taught me in pantomime that "actors do not talk."  That makes sense to
    Beecham:  Chijku, Slasher
    An old soldier who assists the Karaya Chief, Lucia.  He possesses superior
    fighting capabilities despite his age.
    P.  A warrior who protects Chief Lucia.  People have faith in him.
    1.  He is always reserved and he practices in hidden places.  I find that quite
    2.  His hobby is bonsai.  He took it up during the Dunan Unification War 15
        years ago.  He has been devoted to the art ever since.
    3.  He got the scar on his face when he saved Lucia.  It's a mark of honor.
    Gau:  Chikai, Slasher
    An unfriendly Kobold in the Fourteenth Unit of Holy Harmonia Kingdom's Southern
    Frontier Defense Force.
    P.  A member of Duke's platoon in the Harmonia Frontier Defense Force.  He's a
        stray Kobold warrior with an unknown background.
    1.  He gets along fine when he's fighting with his platoon.
    2.  Duke saved him just as he was about to die.  After that, they started
        working together.
    3.  He cut off his tail as a sign that he'd resigned from his previous work.
        That must have hurt.
    Reed:  Chisa, Knight
    One of Lilly's two attendants.  His fate is always controlled by Lilly's
    P.  He is an attendant to Lilly Pendragon, daughter of the Tinto leader.
    1.  He is used to Lilly's selfishness and is not easily angered.  A woman told
        me that he is cute when he's troubled.
    2.  He doesn't get angry often, but watch out if someone makes fun of his
    3.  He isn't angered easily, except when people make fun of his hairstyle.  But
        he can't get angry at Lilly, even when she pokes fun at him.  I feel sorry
        for him.
    Samus:  Chiyu, YellFighter
    Samus, one of Lilly's two attendants, is irritated by Lilly's selfish whims but
    ends up obeying them anyway.
    P.  He is an attendant to Lilly Pendragon, daughter of the Tinto leader, who is
        here to patrol.  His life is full of worries.
    1.  Compared to Reed, he is the type who says what he wants to say.  Even so,
        he can't stand up to Lilly.  You get used to some things, I'm afraid.
    2.  Among the three, he is the most precise.  He volunteered to be the
        accountant because he was fed up with Lilly's extravagant spending habits.
    3.  He came from a place near the southern seas.  Now he works in Tinto, which
        is surrounded by mountains.  He seems out of place.
    Mio:  Chirei, HealerAppraiser
    Nurse who looks after castle inhabitants' health.  Her smiles and gracious
    nursing manner make her quite popular among her patients.
    P.  She's a beautiful nurse.  The clinic is always full of patients pretending
        to be sick.
    1.  I went to the clinic when I scraped my knee.  After she put medicine on it,
        she blew on it.  She's kind.
    2.  She met Tuta three years ago when the Harmonia Frontier Army invaded
        Highland.  Tuta was the army doctor and Mio was nursing the injured.
    3.  Three years ago when Mio met Tuta, her husband was killed in action.  Maybe
        I shouldn't talk about this any more.
    (I previously stated that the time frame for Mio and Tuta's profiles were not
    correct because Highland was destroyed 15 years ago.  I received an e-mail from
    chea00 with the correct information:
    [well...Kidd wasnt refering to the Dunan war..he was refering to the High East
    Rebellion...which happend 3 years b4 S3...Ace also mentions it in North Cave,
    Ayeme and Watari also took part in that Rebellion...i asked Blue Moon about it
    and this is wut he said...
    "Based on info I gathered from the game and other sourcs (Japanese
    publications), the High East incident is officially referred to as the War of
    Harmonian Territorial Reclamation.
    Harmonia attacked Dunan in order to reclaim Highland as their vassal state.
    Sasarai and Dios were both involved in this, and in the end, the Harmonians
    were defeated.
    It is uncertain whether ex-Highland royals were brought out as a symbol during
    the incident. However, based on Watari and Ayame's conversation, it seems like
    it involved a "woman.," to whom Watari was fiercely loyal to.
    Watari and Ayame are a member of the "Kage," a secret Highland ninja force
    which seems to have continued to exist after the Dunan Unification War. The
    organization seems to have been assimilated by Dunan after the war, but Watari
    left the organization due to his loyalty to the Highland Kingdom.
    That's all I know."]
    Many thanks to chea, Blue Moon, and revraycool for making me aware of my
    mistake and providing the correct content)
    Tuta:  Chijyu
    Doctor at the castle.  He once participated in the Dunan Unification War.
    P.  He's a traveling doctor.  He's very skilled.
    1.  In the Dunan Unification War, he joined the Dunan Army.  That's surprising.
    2.  After he completed his studies with his master in the Dunan Unification
        War, he went on a journey to villages lacking medical care.
    3.  Three years ago, when the Harmonia Frontier Army invaded Highland, he met
        Mio when she was taking care of injured patients on the battlefield.  How
    Futch:  Chibi, Knight
    One of the recognized Knights of Dragon, he wandered afar after losing his
    dragon, Black.  He has acquired a new dragon and returned to become Captain
    Milia's right-hand man.
    P.  One of the Dragon Knights.  He's on patrol on the order of his captain.
        His partner is Bright, the white dragon.
    1.  I saw Sharon and the Drgon Knights attack.  It was so amazing.
    2.  When they go out together, Fred, Franz, and Futch make a very handsome
        trio.  They are just like rock stars!
    3.  He carries a big sword on his back, which was given to him as a gift of
        gratitude.  Bright was also fond of him (Humphrey).
    Lilly:  Chikyu, Slasher
    The selfish, determined daughter of Gustaf, the chosen leader of Tinto.  Reed
    and Samus are her attendants.
    P.  The only daughter of Gustaf, the leader of Tinto.  She is selfish,
        competitive, and hard-driving.  She's beautiful when she's silent.
    1.  She rested her chin on the table while eating spaghetti.  What bad manners,
        especially for a child from a good family!
    2.  They say that as a child, she defeated a vampire lord who tried to kidnap
        her...but that story sounds fishy to me.
    3.  Her parents were important people in Tinto, but they didn't care much about
        their family.  I feel a little sorry for her.
    Jefferson:  Chibou
    Mysterious "appointer".  Assigning positions to the people in his life.
    P.  A mysterious appointer who assigns titles to people at will.
    1.  He secretly records everybody's grades in a notebook.  I wonder what he
        plans to do with that notebook.
    2.  I peeked into his room.  He was looking at his notebook muttering
        something.  "Ninja president", "Aesthetic manager".  Who is he assigning to
        these titles?
    3.  When I had a look at his notebook, I read, "That detective is clueless."  I
        didn't know there was another detective at this Castle.
    Sarah:  Chizen, IceMagician
    A magician able to conjure ancient and undocumented magic.  She travels with
    Watari:  Chikou, Slasher
    A ninja who seldom speaks.  An assassin squad is said to be tracking him down
    for reasons unknown.
    P.  He is a ninja with a mysterious background.  He's a quiet guy.
    1.  Sorry, I can't find anything about him.  He's got impressive skill if he
        noticed me following him.
    2.  I'm sorry, but I can't find anything on him.  This is the first time this
        has happened.  I'll lose my reputation as a good detective!  But please
        don't give up on me.
    3.  I've always had confidence in my investigative abilities.  I hate to admit
        it, but I failed this time.  Forgive me, it won't happen again.
    Ayame:  Chikyou, MobilityKnight
    Nothing is known about this female ninja, who seems to be tracking down Watari.
    P.  She is a female ninja.  Her hometown and background are a mystery.
    1.  I saw her training with Landis.  I wonder what they are up to.
    2.  I heard that she worked for the Highland Kingdom.  Highland was destroyed
        after the war 15 years ago.  I wonder what she was doing.
    3.  I'm sorry to report that I was caught while following her.  Would you
        consider foregoing further investigation?  I don't want to get hurt.
    Sebastian:  Chihi
    A butler at Lake Castle.  For no reason he also runs an inn.  He alone must
    oversee the finances of the castle.
    P.  A butler of Lake Castle who has been through many ordeals.  He also runs an
    1.  He makes a fuss about doing his hair.  It takes him three hours.  He uses
        hair curlers when he sleeps.
    2.  He uses the elevator when he doesn't need to.  It's better for his health
        to use the stairs.
    3.  He listens anxiously to rumors that the elevator attendant sneaks out of
        the castle with strange men at night.
    (I kept thinking of Napolean from Animal Farm every time I saw Sebastian)
    Shizu:  Chisou
    Innoncent castle "elevator" attendant.  Her polite language has won over the
    P.  An elevator attendant who manipulates the elevator with complete control.
        She has many secret fans.
    1.  She spoke in her sleep, saying, "Mr. Adlai, this isn't something to eat."
        Who is Adlai?
    2.  I saw her sneaking out with somebody at night.  What is she doing?
    3.  She was doing special training in the forest during the night with
        strangers.  They carried something heavy.    What was it?
    (Adlai was the inventor and elevator operator in Suikoden II.  For you trivia
    buffs, Sergei played a similar role for Suikoden I)
    Hortez VII:  Chikou
    Scroll maker from another land.  His pride leaves him unaware of his absolute
    lack of directional sense.
    P.  He can make magic scrolls by taking runes out of crystals.  Anybody can use
        a scroll, but you have to be careful...you can't change scrolls back into
    1.  His real name is Nefentitiri Radames Ampenhetep Iruiktanas Antikoseus Puto
        Remaios Kureakias...
    2.  Dimetirios Farasmuseian Ishak Saraj Amenenuhet...
    3.  Tatomes Hatshepsut Toto Ank Amen Hortez VI's son, Hortez VII.  Whew!
    Elaine:  Chimei, FireMagician
    The only woman in the Fourteenth Unit of the Holy Harmonia Kingdom's Southern
    Frontier Defense Force.  She likes to show her feminine side.
    P.  She's the only woman in Duke's platoon of the Harmonia Frontier Defense
        Force.  Look down on her, and you'll be sorry.
    1.  When she goes to battle with her comrades, she'll show her real ability.
    2.  Her rose-colored lipstick is made in Kunan by a certain general.
    3.  She asked me whether she or Jeane had the fairer skin.  She's competitive
        about funny things.
    Jacques:  Chisin, Slasher
    A member of the Twelfth Unit of the Holy Harmonia Kingdom's Southern Frontier
    Defense Force.  He wields a gigantic bow gun.
    P.  He's in charge of long-distance attacks for the Twelfth Unit of the
        Southern Frontier Defense Force.  He's quiet.
    1.  He likes children.  He was basking in the sun with children of Lake Castle.
    2.  He likes dogs, but even his face is expressionless while playing.
    3.  When Geddoe was on duty, he met Jacques and recruited him on the spot.  You
        shouldn't pass on him, considering his great skill.
    Joker:  Chitai, Slasher
    The oldest member of the Twelfth Unit of the Holy Harmonia Kingdom's Southern
    Frontier Defense Force.
    P.  He is in charge of magic attacks in the Twelfth Unit of the Southern
        Frontier Defense Force.  He's a middle-aged guy who likes to drink.
    1.  He's a very old man who's always drinking, babbling, and being a nuisance
        to the women around him.
    2.  Kenji, Juan, and Joker were practicing gymnastics.  What are they up to?
    3.  He was known as Wang before joining Geddoe's team.
    Wan Fu:  Chiman, Slasher
    A polearm fighter who ran from his debts, causing financial ruin.  He joined
    the group who rescued him.
    P.  He is a pole arm fighter with a tattoo on his back.  He is a Han among Han.
    1.  Wan Fu, Mua, and Leo were talking together.  They sure are manly.
    2.  He can eat 20 bowls of rice with neither side dishes nor water.  He
        doesn't even know how much he can eat with side dishes.
    3.  He got a tattoo as part of a vow to seek revenge on the enemy that killed
        his friend.  The tattoo is the last work of a famous tattoo artist.
    (Wan Fu, right down to the way you recruit him, is just like Rikimaru from
    Suikoden II.  Lazy Konami developers!  Wan Fu plays the Romeo part the best,
    Eike:  Chisui
    The gloomy librarian of Lake Castle.
    P.  He is the Castle librarian.  He has extremely strange looks and
    1.  He sleeps with his eyes half-open.
    2.  He doesn't turn when he sleeps.
    3.  He talks in his sleep in a language that doesn't exist.
    Leo:  Chisyu, ArmoredKnight
    One of the six renowned Zexen Knights.  With his immense physique, the blow
    from his broad axe is unrivaled.
    P.  He's one of the six renowned Zexen Knights.  He is proud of both his
        tremendous strength and his heavy drinking.
    1.  When Wan Fu, Mua, and Leo are in the party, it gets very...manly.
    2.  The armor was custom-made for Leo's body.  It's different from everyone
        else's.  The thorns on the shoulders give it a very cool look.
    3.  He still blames himself for failing to protect the previous captain of the
        knights.  Maybe that's why he always seems so nervous.
    Roland:  Chiin, Slasher
    The only elf among the six renowned Zexen Knights.
    P.  He's one of the six honorable knights.  An Elf Knight, he is good at
        archery.  He favors battle gear that allows him good mobility.
    1.  He's an elf, but he doesn't show much prejudice against humans.  He has a
        true loyalty to Zexen.
    2.  Rather than being a leader, he is loyal to all of his knights.  That's why
        he has such a calming presence.
    3.  At first, I thought he was the type who doesn't like small talk, but then I
        saw him speaking with Nei.  Perhaps it's easy to talk to her because they
        are both Elves.
    Sharon:  Chii, Guard
    Daughter of the Dragon Knights Commander, Milia.  She went after Futch.
    P.  She is a dragon knight who follows Futch.  She's full of energy.
    1.  Futch gets annoyed because she is picky about her food.  She doesn't seem
        to care that it bothers him.
    2.  Her mother is Milia, Commander of the Dragon Knights.  It must be tough for
        Futch to care for his boss's daughter.
    3.  She delighted in riding piggyback on a Lizard Clan warrior.  Did she
        believe she was flying?  She was only on his back.
    Nicolas:  Chiri, Guard
    A member of the Fourteenth Unit of the Holy Harmonia Kingdom's Southern
    Frontier Defense Force who is loyal to Duke.  Despite his quiet nature, he is
    dependable in combat.
    P.  A member of Duke's platoon of the Harmonia Frontier Defense Force.  His
        trademarks are his giant shield and strong ax.
    1.  When he goes into battle, he is very composed.  I wonder what he's really
    2.  He was originally a subordinate of Duke's father.  Before he died, Duke's
        father said, "Take care of my son."  Nicolas is very loyal.
    3.  His hobby is carving.  When he is alone, he carves wood.  It suits him.
    Gadget Z:  Chisyun, YellFighter
    A doll made by Belle's mom and rumored to be able to transform into something
    P.  It's the latest model of the Gadget series.  It has twice the offensive
        power of the original, but it's also three times as vulnerable.
    1.  The body is made of cypress.  It smells nice.
    2.  According to the rumors, it's tremendous when paired with Bright.
    3.  One day, Belle's mother was struck by lightning and an idea suddenly came
        to her.  Then she remodeled the original Gadget to create Gadget Z.  Isn't
        she a fantastic mother?
    Nei:  Chiroku, ShoutMagician
    An elf and accomplished traveling busker.  She is like a big sister to Toppo
    and Shabon.
    P.  She's a traveling elf busker.  She plays the bouzouki.
    1.  Toppo and Shabon are very fond of Nei.  Of course, when they attack their
        teamwork is superb.
    2.  She likes to sleep in a hammock by the lakeside.  It's romantic.
    3.  She was raised by a human.  She isn't prejudiced against humans.
    Viki (Big):  Chitatsu, GuardMagician
    A girl who descended from the sky gifted with rare teleportation abilities.
    Unfortunately, she also has the habit of accidentally teleporting anything next
    to her when she sneezes.
    P.  Teleportation girl, ditzy by nature.
    1.  When she sneezes, she teleports things around her.  If she starts to act
        funny, you'd better run away!
    2.  She was talking in her sleep, saying "waffu...refu."  What does that mean?
    3.  Once, she teleported and caught another person up with her!  He found
        himself unexpectedly in a strange room.  How frightening!
    (Viki's hometown is allegedly called Waffu.  Credit suikosource.com again for
    that bit of information)
    Viki (Small):  Chisoku, GuardMagician
    She suddenly appeared when Elder Viki sneezed.  She is much more mature than
    her older counterpart.
    P.  Little Viki.  She's cute, but she speaks like an adult.
    1.  I tried to investigate, but I was teleported to Vinay Del Zexay.  I had a
        hard time getting back here.
    2.  Sorry.  I tried again, but this time I was teleported to the Great Hollow.
        Damn, that place is dangerous.
    3.  I tried again, and this time I got teleported to Le Buque.  I thought the
        Mantors would kill me.
    Augustine:  Chichin, Knight
    An aristocrat of unknown sex, with a stunning attack to which all surviving
    enemies will attest.
    P.  He loves elegant and beautiful things.  His swordsmanship is gorgeous and
    1.  Once he starts cutting his split ends, he can't stop himself.  I guess he's
        taking care of details.
    2.  Six years ago, he won a male beauty contest hosted by some guy named
        Vincent.  The prize was the rose brooch he wears on his chest.
    3.  His note read, "Hopeful friends: Salome, Hortez VII, Mike, and Gordon.
        Future hope: Louis."  What does that mean?
    Belle:  Chikei, GuardCommander
    A young lady who travels with a clockwork doll called Gadget Z, which she is
    skilled at repairing.
    P.  She's a Gadget Master.  She's made dozens of gadgets, but none of them
    1.  She can make Gadget Z say anything she likes by adjusting his mental
        circuit.  She has acquired some unusual techniques.
    2.  She talks to Viki and Mel sometimes.  They're beautiful when they're
    3.  She is trying to find her runaway mother.  Poor girl.
    Koroku:  Chima, Knight
    Carries a cloth wrapped bundle and pretty good at opening doors.  His howl goes
    something like "Aroooooooo!"
    P.  A vagabond dog.  He carries a bag on his back.  His bark sounds like,
    1.  His favorite food is bones.
    2.  His hobby is marking.
    3.  There are stones in his bag.
    Arthur:  Chiyou, HunterAppraisal
    Pursuing the existence of a reporter, he regularly posts public news bulletins
    covering everything from hard news to gossip.
    P.  He collects news every day to write important stories.  I don't believe in
    1.  Detectives and reporters are essentially enemies, so I don't want to
        investigate him.  He wears glasses because he has bad eyesight.
    2.  It's not good to make money writing about people's private lives.
    3.  Newspapers change so regularly that if you don't keep up, you'll lose track
        of the serial novels.  You can always skip them.
    Kidd:  Chiyu
    A boy detective.  He claims he has solved many tough cases, but no one knows
    for sure.
    P.  I'm a great detective.  You can see the light of truth reflected in my
    1.  I've solved the Duck Village Abduction Case.  A girl from the Duck Clan
        didn't return home one night.  I thought she was kidnaped.  She was only
        lost.  I did a good job.
    2.  Let me tell you about the Duck Village Burglary Case.  Salted fish
        disappeared from the chief's house.  It turned out that the wife ate it
    3.  The Duck Village Murder Case is my best case.  A traveler was found "dead",
        with his bones all broken.  But he was only practicing yoga.  Yeah, that
        was a good job.
    (Kidd's Treasure Hunt ability is the best in the game at "C")
    Apple:  Chifuku
    She travels with Caesar.  Participated in the Toran Liberation and Dunan
    Unification Wars.  She has become a prominent historian.
    P.  She is following in the footsteps of the reknowned strategist, Mathiu
        Silverberg.  She's writing a book about him.
    1.  She used to be a strategist, but now she is making way for new blood.
    2.  She was one of Mathiu Silverberg's students.  She took part in both the
        Toran Liberation War and the Dunan Unification War.
    3.  She used to be married, but her husband had an affair and now she's
    (According to suikosource.com's Suikodgaiden archives, Nash sees Apple with
    Sheena during the course of those games.  He fits the description of someone
    that would cheat on her but I don't know more about it than that)
    Kenji:  Chihi, Slasher
    A mysterious and dangerous gymnastics teacher.  Dressed in a tank top, he is
    prepared to challenge opponents of any size with his bare hands.
    P.  A man who likes gymnastics.  I never imagined that such a big guy could
        pull off such crazy moves.
    1.  He was doing gymnastics with Joker and Juan.  What kind of workout is it?
    2.  Schedule-
        Rising: Warm up
        Pre-breakfast: Jog
        Post-breakfast: Aerobics
        Morning: Basic 8-sets
        Afternoon: Special menu
        Evening: Stretches
        Night: Jog
        Pre-sleep: Basic menu
    3.  He's fast at short distances, but couldn't beat Percival on a horse.
    Mel:  Chiku, ArmoredKnight
    A young lady who talks with a doll, Branky.  She insists she has no
    ventriloquistic skill and that the doll speaks on its own.
    P.  She travels with her doll Branky.  She is a nice girl, but the doll has a
        bad personality.
    1.  She is right-handed.  I wonder how she eats while holding Branky?
    2.  She's quite silent when she's alone in her room.  I have no idea why.
    3.  She plays with Viki and Belle sometimes.  The three seem quite dangerous to
    Peggi:  Chiko
    A blacksmith who talks loudly and agressively.
    P.  He's the Lizard Clan blacksmith.  He has a big voice.
    1.  It seems like he's always angry, but he said he's not like that.
    2.  The Clan can rely on his blacksmithing skill.  He says that being picky
        about tools is a sure characteristic of a craftsman.
    3.  He used to be a warrior, but he was hurt in battle and became a blacksmith.
    Martha:  Chizen
    A sharp-tempered, tall, old woman who sells lottery tickets.
    P.  She's an old woman who sells lottery tickets.  She has owned a shop for
        ages and knows a lot about the Castle's history.
    1.  At Martha's shop, the odds of winning a lottery are high...at least
        according to Piccolo's fortune telling.  It's a secret.
    2.  According to Piccolo's fortune telling, if you come back to the Castle and
        buy 10 lottery tickets , you'll win.  I'll try next time.
    3.  Martha said if you take off your equipment, put it in a bag, and then buy
        lottery tickets, you''ll win.  I'll try it immediately!  Oh, it's a secret!
    (Any time you go on a spending spree, bring Martha.  Her discount ability is a
    "B" and this will save you tons of cash in the long run)
    Wilder:  Chitan, ReflexCommander
    The wisest of the Duck Clan.  He is Sgt. Joe's friend, but Sgt. Joe treats him
    like a younger brother.
    P.  He is a young member of the Duck Clan.  He is like a younger brother to
        Sgt. Joe and an elder brother to Rhett.
    1.  He and Rhett were complaining at the pub about the sergeant's harsh
    2.  Rhett is his childhood friend.  He is secretly proud that he is smarter
        than Rhett.
    3.  He likes playing the trumpet.  It suits him.  I'd like to hear him play.
    Rhett:  Chikaku, Slasher
    A member of the Duck Clan.  Jolly and amusing, he also has an appetite that
    explains his fat appearance.
    P.  A young duck in the Duck Clan.  He's like a little brother to Sgt. Joe.
        He's been causing him some trouble.
    1.  Sgt. Joe motivated Rhett and Wilder to train harder.
    2.  He made his hat and wool scarf himself.  He's quite clever.
    3.  Even though he was born three days before Wilder, he's treated like a
        younger brother.  It doesn't seem to bother him.
    Louis:  Chisyu, HealerCook
    Chris' attendant and an apprentice knight.  He is too young to be allowed into
    P.  Attendant to Chris of the Zexen Knights.  He is too young to participate in
    1.  The knights treat him like a mascot, but he is serious about his goal to
        become a fine knight.  Sometimes I see him train.
    2.  He is the son of an aristocrat and the youngest of seven brothers.  He
        can't take over his parents' house, so he studies chivalry and manners as
        an attendant.  Hard work, isn't it?
    3.  He received a red rose from Augustine, but he didn't know what it meant.
        He had won the favor of a tremendous person.
    Mamie:  Chizou
    A female chef at the restaurant.  She is usually confused.
    P.  She is a cook.  She is careless in her speech, but meticulous about
    1.  She makes the best hamburgers.  I love them.  I have to ask her to make one
        for me.
    2.  When I went to investigate, she made a dish full of hamburgers!  They were
        sublimely delicious....
    3.  Her father, Bashok, was a famous cook.  She told me a confusing story...
        something about a fight with a cordon bleu and someone called Hai Yo of the
        (Suikoden II) Castle.
    I received this e-mail from Kixer regarding Mamie:
    ["If I'm not mistaken, Mamie's father, Bashok, was the friend of Tai-ho that
    had to challenge him so he could have his sick(?) daughter cured. I just
    thought this was interesting because, if this is true, Mamie was the sick child
    mentioned in S2."]
    Thanks to Kixer for this info. on Mamie.
    Ruby:  Chihei, Slasher
    Franz's personal giant insect.  It has excellent maneuverability and is
    formidable in air combat.
    P.  Franz's Mantor.  Mantor behavior is a village secret not known to
    1.  Among the Lizard and Duck Clans, Bazba and Sgt. Joe are considered good
        looking.  Ruby is handsome among Mantors.  It's difficult for humans to
    2.  He only blows fireballs when a warrior gives the order, so you don't have
        to worry.  It's best not to tease the Mantors.
    3.  Ruby is fond of Nash and Ayame.  I wonder what charms they have.
    Muto:  Chison
    A Kobold warehouse keeper.  He is forgetful but jolly.
    P.  A Kobold warehouse keeper of Lake Castle.  He is both lighthearted and
        diligent.  Everyone who spends time near him feels happy.
    1.  The hair around his stomach is furry.  It smells so fresh and so clean.
    2.  He was left at the Castle gate when he was a puppy.
    3.  Sometimes, he runs through the warehouse saying, "It's not here!"  Does
        that make you afraid to leave your gear?
    Landis:  Chido, Knight
    A member of the Winghorde who enjoys frightening humans and whose stunts
    suggest he may even be on good terms with the Grim Reaper himself.
    P.  He's a young Winghorde.  He likes to scare people with ghost stories.
    1.  I saw him in his room, walking on his hands.  Is that some kind of ritual?
    2.  He is fond of Elliot.  He likes to scare him with ghost stories.
    3.  He once made a grave for a fish he ate.  What a weird guy.
    (Kidd's profile of Landis is extremely similar to Richmond's profile of Sid
    from Suikoden II)
    Kathy:  Chisatsu
    A girl who manages a ranch alone.  Handles horses well.
    P.  She travels with horses.  What's her purpose?
    1.  She loves steak.  She could eat three slices.  She wants to go on a diet
        but she can't help eating.
    2.  She said that if she's careless, she gets freckles.  Do freckles disappear
        if you are careful?
    3.  Her father travels around the world on treasure hunts.  He always says,
        "I'm going to hit treasure!!"  She must worry.
    (This suggests Billy is either Kathy's dad or related to her at least.  I
    never got any special scenes by bringing one to meet the other)
    Emily:  Chiaku, Knight
    A powerful girl who joined up so that she may find people stronger than her
    in her journeys.
    P.  She is a Herculean fighter with a great amount of energy.
    1.  I saw her training with Juan.  Fighters get along well with one another.
    2.  Her parents participated in the liberation war 18 years ago.  Her father
        was a blacksmith.
    3.  She likes to study cooking.  I watched her practice how to break eggs, but
        she almost crushes them in her hands.
    (Emily's mom is probably Ronnie Belle from Suikoden I.  The blacksmith is
    probably Mose.  Credit BMcDohl for the info. on Mose and saving me the trouble
    of digging out Suikoden I to check)
    Billy:  Chisyu, TraderCook
    A treasure hunter who cannot seem to earn money.  He gambles instead.
    P.  He's a treasure hunter.  He travels all around the world.  I don't know
        about his past.
    1.  Long ago, he met a treasure hunter.  It left quite an impression on him.
        He repeatedly says, "I'm going to hit treasure!!"  Is he okay?
    2.  He used to have a big house in Zexen, but he gambled it away.  He is
    3.  When he lost his house, his wife left him and young Melville.  Times were
        tough for them, so Elliot's mother rented him a cheap room.  He and Elliot
        have been friends ever since.
    Mike:  Chisu, TraderRuneSage
    Card game-loving free spirit.  His light-hearted smiles, even when meaningless,
    make him popular among the inhabitants of the castle.
    P.  A mysterious man with a free spirit.  Sometimes he smiles senselessly, but
        he's a nice guy.
    1.  He seems to be connected with an organization.  Is it a good one?  I don't
    2.  I saw him talking with some strange people.  Some scary guys were bowing to
        him.  Maybe he's important.
    3.  Watari saw Mike and was surprised for a change.  He said, "That guy..."
        Are they friends?
    (If you do the sixth POV, Mike says his name is "Leonard" and that he's an arms
    salesman.  Also in that POV, a man in the Caleria Inn says he played cards with
    a "detective" in the Trade Shop--and got creamed)
    Luce:  Chiin, HealerDiscounter
    Lulu's mother.  Friend of Karaya Chief Lucia.
    P.  She is a popular mother in the Karaya Clan.  She is a caring person with a
        big voice.  She likes doing the laundry.
    1.  Her husband is traveling south and isn't at home.
    2.  She makes great tomyamkung.  Her family loves it.  She said she'll make it
        again soon.
    3.  When I went to investigate, she invited me to a meal.  I told her I
        couldn't eat another bite, but she made so much!  She a truly nice person.
    Sanae Y.:  Chikei, Knight
    This girl uses naginatas.  Her parents were active in the Dunan Unification
    P.  She's a traveler who uses Naginata.  She inherited her bad eyesight from
        her parents.
    1.  Her parents come from a town called Radat in Dunan.  The people there treat
        her as if she were their daughter.
    2.  She was training with Emily and Sharon.  I wonder if they're going to show
        me a new skill.
    3.  She cooks a lot.  Her specialty is a secret recipe called Nukazuke pickles.
        She made beef and potatoes the other day, but she's still experimenting.
    Anne:  Chisou, HealerCook
    A Karaya Village tavern owner.  All her efforts were wasted when her tavern
    burned down on opening day.
    P.  She is the pub owner.  She's popular among drinkers.
    1.  On the day she opened her pub, it caught fire and burnt down.
    2.  She is a hard drinker.  She said she's going to compete with the people of
        the Castle next time.
    3.  She had a drinking game with Joker, Leo, and Wan Fu...and she won!  What is
        her stomach made of?
    Goro:  Chiretsu
    He jumps to life at the sign of a bath and leaps in amusement when people fall
    asleep in the bath.
    P.  He's an energetic craftsman who makes excellent bathtubs.  People who take
        baths in his tubs always fall asleep because they are so comfortable.
    1.  People usually have pleasant conversations while bathing.  Why don't you
        take a bath with someone?
    2.  He's still making bathtubs, but he can't make better bathtubs than his
    3.  His rival is his father.  What kind of person is he?
    Piccolo:  Chiken, MagicPriest
    A fortune-teller in Lake Castle who is rarely successful in his predictions.
    P.  He is a fortune teller of unknown age.  He settled down at this castle
        after his wandering.
    1.  He said he's the third pupil of the great mage Crowley.  I wonder if it's
    2.  The skeleton hanging from his neck once belonged to a dead body...a body on
        which Piccolo had cast a spell.  It can be manipulated as a mini-skeleton.
    3.  When Muto, Louis, Ace and I lined up for lottery tickets, Piccolo told us
        we would be lucky with money!  Why don't you have your fortune told?
    Rody:  Chikou, IceMagician
    Estella's apprentice who is training to be a magician.  He follows a brutal
    training routine, faithfully believing in his mentor.
    P.  He's an unfortunate boy.  He trains with Estella in hopes of becoming a
        first-rate magician, but some say he is only being tricked.
    1.  He trains every day.  Sometimes, it's hard to comprehend what's going on,
        but that's part of the training too.  It must be tough.
    2.  He was recently partially buried, with only his face exposed.  He said this
        strengthens earth magic.  I wonder if it's true.
    3.  He has a great talent for magic.  I wonder if Estella can see this.
    Guillaume:  Chizoku, AppraisalMagician
    A petty thief who returned to his original vocation as an appraiser after
    losing too many times in mounted combat.
    P.  He's an appraiser with a bad reputation.
    1.  He sleeps in a nightgown.
    2.  He likes to play with little girls.  Yes, I know you are worried, but I'm
        sure he's just playing...
    3.  There are rumors he steals some of the objects he appraises and then
        switches fakes for them.
    Gordon:  Chikou, TraderDiscount
    A casanova supply shop owner.  He may or may not mean everything he says when
    he invites beautiful women to dine with him.
    P.  He's a mysterious gentleman who runs a supply shop.
    1.  He grows sponge cucumbers.  He also told me he keeps a warbler.  I find
        that peculiar.
    2.  He is divorced.  His wife took custody of their young daughter.
    3.  He used to be an actor.  He is acquainted with Nadir.  They talk from time
        to time.
    Welcome-basket dog #2:  "Ruf! Ruf!"
    P.  A vagabond dog.  He barks like this:  "Ruff! Ruff!"
    1.  His favorite food is bones.
    2.  His hobby is taking naps.
    3.  He carries stones in his bag.
    Welcome-basket dog #3 (female):   "Wuffy-wuff-wuf..."
    P.  A female vagabond dog.  Her bark is :  "Wuffy-wuff-wuff!"
    1.  She likes orange peels.
    2.  Her hobby is bathing.
    3.  She carries strawberries in her bag.
    Kosanji:  Knight
    Welcome-basket dog #4:  "O-Oooo! O-Oooo!"
    P.  Dog No. 4.  He barks: "O-Oooo!"
    1.  He likes bread crumbs.
    2.  His hobby is climbing cliffs.
    3.  He carries stones in his bag.
    Welcome-basket dog #5:  "A-e-i-o-u! A-e-i-o-u!"
    P.  Dog No. 5.  He barks:  "A-e-i-o-u!"  
    1.  His favorite food is cold miso soup.
    2.  The Castle residents say that he isn't really a dog.
    3.  He carries stones in his bag.
    3.  Acknowledgements
    -Thanks to Konami for making another great game in this series.
    -Thanks to suikosource.com for a variety of info. from the Suikogaiden games
    that shed light on Nash and Apple
    -Thanks to Blue Moon at suikosource.com for info. related to Viki, Nash, Mio,
    Tuta, and Queen
    -Thanks to chea00 and revraycool for correcting my info. on Mio and Tuta
    -Thanks to emperormagus for info. related to Queen and Sanady
    -Thanks to UnangBangkay for info. related to Estella
    -Thanks to BMcDohl for info. related to Emily and typo corrections
    -Thanks to Kixer for info. related to Mamie
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    +Version 1.0 (11/28/02)
     -Added all content related to 108 stars and the four non-star dogs
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