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    Bath Scripts by Starvenus

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/22/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                 888   |   /~~~8e  _d88__ 888-~88e
                 888 _/        88b  888   888  888
                 888  \   e88~-888  888   888  888
                 888   | C888  888  888   888  888
                 888__/   "88_-888  "88_/ 888  888
         8888     e88~~\  e88~~8e  888-~88e  e88~~8e   d88~\
         `Y88b   d888    d888  88b 888  888 d888  88b C888
          `Y88b, 8888    8888__888 888  888 8888__888  Y88b
            8888 Y888    Y888    , 888  888 Y888    ,   888D
         \__88P'  "88__/  "88___/  888  888  "88___/  \_88P
    { Written by: Eli H., December, 2002, starvenus101@hotmail.com  }
     Game          : Suikoden III
     System        : Playstation 2
     Game Version  : North American
     Genre         : RPG
     Rate          : Teen
     Published by  : Konami
     Release FAQ   : December, 2002
     Version FAQ   : 1.0
     Last Update   : -
     | Legal Disclaimer                                                         |
     This FAQ is for personal use only. It is not to be sold or reintegrated into 
     another guides for this game or others. DO NOT post this FAQ, in part or 
     whole, ANYWHERE. I posted this FAQ solely to GameFAQs, for now. You may ask 
     written permission to post this FAQ via email, but it's unlikely for me 
     giving permission unless I am familiar with the site and the site has 
     full respect of copyright laws. If by any chance I granted the permission, 
     I must be given full credit on my work. This FAQ is made and copyrighted 
     by Eli H. 2002 
     | Table of Content                                                         |
     I     Introduction
     II    How to acquire the bath
     III   Bath Scenes
           ~ One Character ~
           ~ Two Characters ~
           ~ Three Characters ~
           ~ Five Characters ~
     IV    Updates
     V     Credits
     | I. Introduction                                                          |
     One thing that's interesting about Suikoden III is that after certain point
     of the game you will get a headquarter where your allies hang out. 
     Usually this headquarter of yours was a castle at the previous Suikoden.
     But in Suikoden III, it's more like a big mansion with a big empty spaces
     for improvement at the surrounding area.
     This is one of the good thing about this game. You will see your place
     get bigger and bigger. There will be facilities to serve your people.
     One of them is the bath. And, don't worry, you won't see anything other
     than steam. ^_^
     However, keep in mind that once you triggered a bath scene, you can't never
     repeat it again, in other words, it's one time event only.
     | II. How to acquire the bath                                              |
     First, before you can use the bath, you have to recruit the guy who run the
     place. You will see the guy at the Zexen Forest. Enter the Zexen Forest
     from Vinay del Zexay, follow the path until you reach intersection. Choose
     the upper path, that will lead you to the guy, by the way his name is Goro.
     Press X to Goro and you will see a cutscene. He'll talk about his dream
     to build the best bath ever. @_@!
     And you will get to choose either to encourage him or to help him build
     his dream bath in your castle. Choose to help him to find wood for building
     Then he'll examine you and your party to see if you have the skill that
     required to help him. He will say that you don't have the skill that he
     need to help him find the wood in order to build a dream bath.
     The key is to have a person who has "Appraisal Skill" in your party.
     Now, the only characters that have that kind of skill is your Support
     Go back to the Lake Castle, talk to Sebastian. He is in the inn.
     Or talk to a person who can arrange your party.
     Organize your party, put a character that has Appraisal Skill in your
     Support Character. 
     I listed all the Support Character that has Appraisal Skill in alphabetical
     Please note: If in your Support Characters list you can't find the names,
     it means that you haven't recruit the person.
     - Arthur(B)
       He is the buletin boy. He writes for the buletin in your castle.
       First appearance is at Brass Castle in the dining/kitchen area.
       In order to recruit Arthur, you have to follow or should I say help him
       with his investigation for his news. 
     - Eike(C)
       He is our librarian. He's in the library at the 2nd floor of your mansion.
       I think he's kind of creepy though. ^_^
       First appearance is at Lake Castle/Homeland
       You can only put him in your party later in the game.
     - Guillaume(A)
       He's open an Appraisal Shop if you recruited him. 
       First appearance is in Vinay del Zexay at the market.
       In order to recruit him, you'll have to defeat him two times in duel 
       battle. First, you have to safe a girl from him in Vinay del Zexay.
       Second, you'll meet him in the Ancient Highway. There will be cutscene
       showing him banging the big door(Treasure Room) then he saw you and 
       challenge you to a duel. Beat him twice, then you can choose an option
       for him to go with you. The line is something like -open appraisal shop-
     - Mio(E)
       She's a nurse who work with Dr. Tuta. 
       First apprearance is at Iksay Village in the 2nd floor of the Inn.
       You'll see a cutscene showing Dr. Tuta tending a patient. Talk to him 
       and Mio will come with you.
     - Muta(D)
       He's the Kobold guy who taking care your big storage at the castle.
       First appearance is at Lake Castle/Homeland.
       You can only bring him later on the game.
     If you're trying to recruit Goro early in the game, the choices are 
     either Mio and Arthur.
     Now, with the appropiate Support Character, you can go back to Goro and
     recruit him. He will notice that you have someone with the skill he needs
     to find the perfect wood to build the bath. After he found the wood, he'll
     go to your castle.
     | III. Bath Scenes                                                         |
     The location of the bath is on the deck of the wrecked ship(the white and
     blue drape door). Talk to Goro and you'll automatically go to the bath.
     With certain characters in your party, you will see a scene, well you can't 
     see them only can see what they're talking about.
     Here's the list from all the combination:
     Special Thanks to Ryvius and his FAQ, help me on finding the combination.
     Note: I have all the conversations written on my notebook.
           I'll add the rest at the next update, so please don't email me with
           all the conversation that I covered. You can email me if the names/
           combination is not here.
     ~ One Character ~
       1. Mua
          Mua: "Ah, ah, ahem."
          Mua: "My heart...is drunk with the smell... of wine..."
          Mua: "I follow...your shadow... around this.."    
          Mua: "Why of why...does this regret...still pull"
          Mua: "Even if...I was in...his arms..."
          Mua: "?Even in his arms?
          Mua: "Doo doo doo dah dah...
               la la la la la la dih dah... 
          Mua: "Drinking and crying and ho.....ping"
          Mua: "Drinking and drinking....
               Carelia......of tears...."
          Mua: "Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm....."
     ~ Two Characters ~
       1. Lily + Jeane
          Lily : "I'm not one to beat around the bush, so I'll get straight to 
                 the point. Did you serve in the Dunan Army during the 
                 Unification War?"
          Jeane: "Me in the Dunan Army...
                 Hee hee!
                 Well... kind of, but kind odf not."
          Lily : "Well, which is it?"
          Jeane: "Yes, which one...
                 Well, let's say that yes, I did..."
          Lily : "Do you know Tinto's historian. Marlowe Cody? He also serves in
                 the army. Recently, he came by the castle and apparently saw you"
          Jeane: "Without offering so much as a greeting or a handshake..."
          Lily : "You... You haven't changed much in the past 15 years...Perhaps..
                 you have the true rune on you..."
          Jeane: "Hee hee..."
          Lily : "Oh that body...somewhere..."
          Jeane: "Hee hee..."
          Lily : "The true rune..."
          Jeane: "Hee hee! Would it help you find id if I stepped out of 
                 the bath?"
          Lily : "It's nowhere!"
          Jeane: "Hee hee hee..."
       2. Chris + Ayame
          Chris: "Mmm...Nica bath!"
          Ayame: "..."
          Chris: "(This is the first time I've met Ayame...I didn't think she'd
                 be this pretty!)"
          Ayame: "Lady Chris."
          Chris: "Y-yes?"
          Ayame: "There's soap on the tip of your nose."
          Chris: "Huh? Oh...ah, thanks!"
          Ayame: "..."
          Chris: "..."
          Chris: "(Ayame's body...is covered in scars...)"
          Ayame: "Lady Chris."
          Chris: "Y-yes?"
          Ayame: "There's still soap on the tip of your nose."
          Chris: "So there is..."
          Ayame: "..."
          Chris: "Sorry..."
          Ayame: "..."
          Chris: "..."
          Ayame: "..."
          Chris: "..."
          Ayame: "Hee hee..."
          Chris: "(Uh...)"
       3. Chris + Estella
       4. Chris + Cecile 
          Cecile: "Hey, Chris, when I grow up, I want to be just like you!"
          Chris : "You want to be a Zexen Knight?"
          Cecile: "No, no, no!!
                  I want to become...womanly...like you!"
          Chris : "?"
          Cecile: "It would be so good...To have such a trim waistline...
                  an hourglass figure...and boobies..."
          Chris : "Hey, hey, calm down!
                  Stop it... Tha-that's too much..."
          Cecile: "It must be so great, to have the bits that stick out and the
                  bits that stay in be so clearly revealed!"
          Chris : "You really think so? But, I...
                  I don't really notice it that much."
          Cecile: "I think, If I was an attractive woman... Look, I'm only 
                  like this..."
          Chris : "!!!"
          Cecile: "Humph, hurry up, grow!
                  I want to be an adult!"
          Chris : "(Girls nowadays, they really know the fundamentals...)"
       5. Elaine + Queen
          Elaine: "Hey."
          Queen : "What?"
          Elaine: "The bubbles from your soap are floating over here..."
          Queen : "..."
          Elaine: "Hey, are you listening to me?"
          Queen : "Worrying about insignificant things at such a young age will
                  mess up your skin, you know."
          Elaine: "Wha-what did you say? You, you..."
          Queen : "What's wrong?"
          Elaine: "(This woman, a mercenary and all, and not a single wrinkle!)"
          Elaine: "Hang on. They're still drifting over, you know...
                  It's on your face!!!"
          Queen : "Huh? Sorry, sorry."
          Elaine: "Do you always wash yourself in such a slovenly manner?
                  Even men wouldn't come near you..."
          Queen : "Right, I'm off. Try not to get too wrinkly in the tub, 
                  won't you?"
          Elaine: "What... What did you say?"
       6. Belle + Mel
          Belle : "Hey Mel... Must you bring that doll into the bath with you?
                  It's getting completely soaked!"
          Branky: "Unlike you, I like to keep myself clean. Hee hee hee hee!"
          Belle : "..."
          Mel   : "Hey! Look, Belle, this kid's really..."
          Branky: "Hee hee hee hee! You're not going to get in with that stupid
                  barrel, are you?!"
          Belle : "If I did that, it'd break!"
          Mel   : "That's enough, Branky! Such a rude child, 
                  saying those things..."
          *Sounds Mel's beating up Branky*
          Mel   : "TAke this! And this!?"
          Branky: "Ow, sorry, I'm really sorry! Stop it, please! Ow!!!"
          Belle : "..."
          Mel   : "How about this!? And this!?"
          Branky: "Ok!! I'm sorry, I apologize, so please stop!"
          Belle : "Umm, hey..."
          Mel   : "Yes?"
          Belle : "The one-man show... Cut it out!"
          Mel   : "One-man show? What do you mean?"
          Branky: "Hee hee hee hee! Such a dumb girl!
                  Don't bother with her, Mel. Hey, you look really cute today!"
          Belle : "..."
          Mel   : "Ah, hey, hold on, what are you doing? Hey!? Stop! Stop it!"
          Belle : "It's okay... Just let go... of this doll!"
          Mel   : "Ah! Branky!!!!!"
          Belle : "Right! And now..."
          Mel   : "Stop it! Branky will drown!"
          Branky: "Blublublub! Globlobblobblubble!"
          Belle : "..."
          Mel   : "Aahh! Poor, poor thing! Stop it, please stop it!"
          Branky: "Gubobobobo! Bobobobo! Gobebobobobobo! Bubobo!
                  Bobo! Bobo!"
          Belle : "(Just lift it a little above the surface, and...)"
          Branky: "Bughaaa! Gheho! Gehogeho! Hegh, hegh...
                  Belle, what are you trying to do to me?"
          Belle : "(And under again!)"
          Branky: "Gubobobou ebobobo!
          Mel   : "Ah, Branky! Branky!"
          Belle : "Mel, you are... an odd one..."
       7. Young Viki + Estella
          Estella: "..."
          Y.Viki : "..."
          Estella: "Hey, Viki..."
          Y.Viki : "Yes?"
          Estella: "Because you're such a cute little girl, I'll tell you an
                   amazing secret. But you're not to tell it anyone...
                   It's such an important secret..."
          Y.Viki : "Ok. Try it on me."
          Estella: "You know Hallec...it seems that he's an arachnid."
          Y.Viki : "..."
          Estella: "He was born from an egg. Soon he will start to molt.
                   He told me himself! It seems that he was saying 'I'll give
                   my old skin to anyone who wants it' or 'I have to fatten up
                   before molting' or something like that. Pretty scary huh?
                   You mustn't go near Hallec before he molts!"
          Y.Viki : "Do you make lies like this up everyday? You're not very
                   busy, are you?"
          Estella: "You're pretty smart, aren't you?"
          Y.Viki : "Well, it doesn't take a genius..."
       8. Young Viki + Viki
       9. Emily + Shabon
          Emily : "I see. Being dragged around by him when you don't even like 
                  him must be awful!"
          Shabon: "Yes, it's the worst!"
                  And on top of that, he's a comrade. Shabon feels like crying!"
          Emily : "Right! Leave it to big sis!
                  I'll teach Guillaume a lesson for you!"
          Shabon: "Really!? Shabon feels happy!"
          Emily : "Leave it to me! I'll knoch him about in an arm wrestling
          Shabon: "You really mean arm...arm wrestling?"
          Emily : "Yes, Indian arm wrestling!
                  Leave it to me, and I'll beat him good!"
          Shabon: "So that's arm wrestling..."
          Emily : "Right! Once it's decided, special training will begin.
                  It won't be long before I challange Guillaume.
                  You just sit tight and wait, Shabon!"
          Shabon: "Arm wrestling?!"
       10. Futch + Bright
           Goro :  "Excuse me, Futch."
           Futch:  "Yes. What's up?"
           Goro :  "Would it be at all possible to refrain from bringing the
                   dragon into the tub? The bath may break."
           Futch:  "Ah, sorry about that. I'm always with my Bright.
                   So without thinking, we entered the bath together."
           Bright: "Kuuee!!!"
           Futch : "Ha ha ha. Bright likes the bath!"
           Goro  : "The ba...bathtub!"
       11. Franz + Ruby
           Goro : "Excuse me...Franz?"
           Franz: "Yes, is there something wrong?"
           Goro : "Would it be at all possible to refrain from bringing the Mantor
                  into the tub? The bath may break."
           Franz: "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm almost always with Ruby, 
                  so I didn't realize..."
           Ruby : "Bzz...."
           Franz: "Ha ha, Ruby is enjoying himself."
           Goro : "I beg you, the bathtub..."
       12. Hugo + Kenji
           Kenji: "One... two! One... two! Working out in the bath is the
           Hugo : "You know, working out in the bath is a little..."
           Kenji: "One... two! One... two! Hey kid, you know what happens when
                  youngsters get into the bath? You get old on no time.
                  Look, exercise! Extend the arms wide, and stretch the back.
                  Look, look, look!!"
           Hugo : "..."
           Kenji: "Watch now, look at me!
                  Bend the upper body forward! Bend right down...
                  Now, hands on hips, and stretch the torso back!"
           Hugo : "..."
           Kenji: "Ah, what a good feeling! Working out in the bath!
                  It's the greatest!"
           Hugo : "I think, I'll get out now..."
       13. Roland + Kenji
       14. Billy + Melville
           Billy   : "Melville! You're a skinny runt aren't you!?
                     You sure you're eating properly?"
           Melville: "Oww! Don't hit me so hard!"
           Billy   : "Ha ha ha... Oh?
                     It's not just your body that's skinny, huh?"
           Melville: "Wah! Stop it! Let go!!"
           Billy   : "Ha ha ha! Sorry, sorry!
                     Your little one got even smaller!"
           Melville: "Please quit it! If you keep it up, you'll pay for it
           Billy   : "Hey, Melville! Don't sulk! Come and see Daddy's!
                     What about it!? Yours will be like this too one day!"
           Melville: "!!!!!!"
           Billy   : "Ha ha! Eat like horse, play like a colt, and grow big and
                     strong, Melville. Your dad is waiting to join you as soon
                     as you show the spririt of adventure!!!"
           Melville: "Oww! I said don't hit me!"
       15. Augustine + Gordon
           Augustine: "I entrust my body, naked as a newborn babe, to the warm
                      waters, and direct my eyes to the blue heavens...
                      Yet again, I think, the world is beautiful..."
           Gordon   : "What, so does that mean that all the people that live in
                      that world are also beautiful?"
           Augustine: "Baron Gordon, there is something I wish to convey to you.
                      I wish to name you my bosom friend, if you would but 
                      allow me?"
           Gordon   : "Oh...to be called as such by one such as you, 
                      the gentleman of gentlemen, would be a great honor!"
           Augustine: "If so, as testimony to our imminent friendship, what say
                      you to an herb tea?"
           Gordon   : "Oh, that you would bring a tea set into the bath is 
                      indeed the mark of a gentleman of gentlemen, Sir Augustine.
                      Well then, let us partake of our tea..."   
           Goro     : "Excuse me, could you please refrain from drinking tea in
                      the bathtub?"
       16. Juan + Eike
           Juan: "You know, I kind of feel that the population has increased at 
                 this castle."
           Eike: "Yes, I think so..."
           Juan: "If you were a native, you'd be happy here. It's far better to
                 have it lively that empty."
           Eike: "I... like quiet places better..."
           Juan: "Oh, is that right? It's because you're a freak, right?"
           Eike: "I'm...not...a freak..."
           Eike: "Then please explain why..."
       17. Rody + Louis
           Louis: "Hey, Rody!
                  Is there a reason you're dog paddling laps?"
           Rody : "Oh, hey!
                  If I do 30 laps, my mistress says my water magic skills will
           Louis: "Huh? Really?"
           Rody : "Damn!! I stopped! Now I have to start over!"
           Louis: "Umm, would it be okay if we swam together?"
           Rody : "Sure, no problem!
                  Okay... Let's give it our best!"
       18. Landis + Elliot
           Landis: "Hee hee hee..."
           Elliot: "Wh-what's so funny?"
           Landis: "Yuh huh huh...
                   You... You've got bad eyes, don't you?"
           Elliot: "!!!!!
                   H-how do you know!?"
           Landis: "Hee hee hee hee... I heard it from...
                   The Grim Reaper behind you..."
           Elliot: "Huh!!!"
           Landis: "Yuh huh huh huh...The Grim Reaper is happy...
                   Nice bath, nice bath, isn't it?"
           Elliot: "Wha...aaaaaaarrrhhh!!!!!"
           Landis: "No use running away!"
     ~ Three Characters ~
       1. Emily + Sanae Y. + Sharon
          Sharon  : "My mother fought in the Toran Liberation War. When I was
                    little, she was always making me listen to her stories."
          Emily   : "Yes, yes, yes, that's right!
                    You mum and my mum fought in the same platoon, right?!
                    She used to force me to listen to that stuff so often that
                    my ears grew calluses."
          Sanae Y.: "My father and mother fought together during the Dunan War.
                    Whenever the topic comes up, they get all moony over each
                    other. It's really embarrasing to watch."
          Emily   : "All of our parents have been in battle!
                    It must run in the family."
          Sharon  : "Ahm it's so sad that someone as cute as me should be fated
                    for battle..."
          Sanae Y.: "Don't worry yourself, Sharon.
                    You're warlike enough."
          Sharon  : "..."
          Emily   : "You know, Sanae, you're the type who says the first thing
                    that pops into their heads."
       2. Aila + Anne + Lucia
          Lucia: "This castle is filled with some great sights... but I miss
                 Karaya Village."
          Anne : "There's nothing that can be done about it... I, too, get
                 homsick at times."
          Lucia: "Right after this war is over, I want to rebuild from scratch."
          Anne : "Yeah, I know. I want to open a shop in the new Karaya Village,
                 and try some of the exotic menus I've learned here."
          Lucia: "Ha ha... Anne, you've become strong, haven't you? Aila, what 
                 about you? Do you have any wishes for the new Karaya Village?"
          Aila : "Umm, let's see... a soda shop!"
          Anne : "..."
          Lucia: "You... it's always soda, isn't it?"   
       3. Nei + Yumi + Mio
          Mio : "My dear Nei, your skin is as lovely as fresh snow.
                It's very beautiful."
          Nei : "Oh no, come now, not so... I could never be as striking as
                Mio or Yumi."
          Yumi: "Oh come, come, please don't be so modest. It's so clear!"
          Mio : "They say that bathing in milk is good for the skin."
          Nei : "Yes. I often hear the same. I'd like to try it."
          Yumi: "They say it leaves the skin moist."
          Mio : "Ah, it was a lovely bath."
          Nei : "Shall we get out soon?"
          Yumi: "Let's get out and drink something cool."
       4. Lily + Reed + Samus
          Samus: "Hey, Reed?"
          Reed : "Yeah?"
          Samus: "I wonder how the other guys at the castle see us..."
          Reed : "As the attendants of Miss Lily, no?"
          Samus: "Yeah, I guess."
          Reed : "Is something wrong? Are you unhappy with how we're treated?"
          Samus: "No, it's nothing like that, but... sometimes I wonder - is this
                 really good enough for me?"
          Reed : "..."
          Samus: "Being my own boss, not following orders, and living according
                 to my own wishes... I think that's the kind of life that suits
                 me. What do you think?"
          Reed : "Sure, it sounds like it would suit you just fine. But there's
                 no hurry to decide. This is how it is for now. You can think
                 about it when this is all over."
          Samus: "Ah... But, naturally... You're right. After the fighting's
          Lily : "Okay...I'm done! Reed! Prepare my iced tea!!
                 Samus, please fetch some vanilla ice cream. 
                 Come on, hop to it! I'm already up and out!"
          Rees : "Ahh... Yes ma'am!!"
          Samus: "Just, just one moment, ma'am."
          Samus: "Va...vanilla ice cream...Where do I get vanilla ice cream?"
          Reed : "I have no idea, Try asking the Castle staff."
          Samus: "Damn! If it was iced tea, I could have made it myself..."
          Reed : "There's no time to chatter. Hurry!!"
          Samus: "Vanilla ice cream... Where would that be sold!?"
       5. Jacques + Joker + Ace
          Joker  : "Mmm... This is nice."
          Ace    : "Paradise, paradise."
          Jacques: "..."
          Joker  : "I think I should be drinking less. In the mornings, when I
                   try to get out of bed, my body just ignores me."
          Ace    : "That's because you're too old!
                   Just because you act like a kid, it doesn't mean your body 
                   will still treat you like one!"
          Joker  : "What are you blabbering about?
                   You're the glutton with the sagging belly! You never know
                   when to quit!"
          Ace    : "Ah, it's showing, it it? Oh well.
                   Once it starts sagging, you might as well give up!
                   Jacques, you'd better watch out. If you don't pay attention,
                   you'll end up looking like this too!"
          Jacques: "Doubtful. Looks genetic to me!"
          Ace    : "That rascal."
       6. Jacques + Toppo + Watari
          Jacques: "..."
          Watari : "..."
          Toppo  : "..."
          Jacques: "..."
          Watari : "..."
          Toppo  : "..."
          Jacques: "Watari..."
          Watari : "..."
          Toppo  : "..."
          Jacques: "The soap..."
          Watari : "..."
          Toppo  : "..."
          Jacques: "I'll lend you mine..."
          Watari : "Thanks..."
          Toppo  : "..."
       7. Wan Fu + Leo + Hallec
          Wan Fu : "Umm... Just the perfect temperature, wouldn't you say?"
          Leo    : "Master Wan Fu, is it really necessary to tough it out that 
                   much? You know, your face looks like a boiled octopus."
          Wan Fu : "It's nothing! Sir Leo, that's your head the steam is
                   rising from!"
          Leo    : "Ha ha! Hey Master Wan Fu, your shoulders are sticking out
                   of the water! I'm in right up to my neck you know!"
          Wan Fu : "Only a little bit! You're complaining like a little girl."
          Hallec : "Owww!"
          Wan Fu : "Master Hallec, if it's that bad, I think you'd better get
                   out now."
          Hallec : "Oo, oooaaaaaaoooowwwwwww, ow ow ow ow!"
          Leo    : "Master Hallec always parades around barely dressed. He should
                   be stronger in this kind of contest."
          Hallec : "That was a nice bath!"
          Leo    : "..."
          Wan Fu : "Master Hallec, an admirable withdrawal..."
          Leo    : "Suprisingly... weak actually."
          Wan Fu : "Sir Leo, it is now a one-on-one contest..."
          Leo    : "And the winner is the real man...
                   I'm not going to lose, I swear..."
       8. Sgt. Joe + Rhett + Wilder
          Sgt. Joe: "Mmm, nice bath! It'll make my feathers smooth and shiny.
                    Bathing is such a pleasent custom!"
          Wilder  : "Yeah it's great isn't it... a bath!!"
          Rhett   : "Absolutely! I feel like spending my whole life in it!"
          Wilder  : "By the way, Rhett, is it Hallec? Somehow, his eyes are
                    always sparkling when he looks at you. What do you think
                    it is?"
          Rhett   : "Yes, I know. Lately, when his stomach rumbles, Hallec
                    approaches me... Mmm, I wonder why? Maybe he wants
                    to be friens."
          Sgt. Joe: "..."
          Wilder  : "Yes, that could be it. Why don't you try talking to him
                    next time?"
          Rhett   : "Yes. He really wants to make friends, which means we should
                    really make a similiar effort."
          Sgt. Joe: "Nupe, better not."
       9. Sgt. Joe + Bazba + Ruby
          Sgt. Joe: "Mmm... Nice bath."
          Bazba   : "Ah, not bad."
          Ruby    : "Bzz..."
          Sgt. Joe: "Hey Bazba, I wouldn't know about this for lizards, but is it
                    true that you're pretty handsome?"
          Bazba   : "Who the hell is going around saying things like that?
                    I wouldn't know. Looks don't matter to a warrior."
          Sgt. Joe: "Even so, there seems to be some sort of fan club for you in
                    the Lizard Clan."
          Bazba   : "No comment. That's a bit rich, coming from you. I've heard
                    that there's something similiar going on with you in the
                    Duck Clan."
          Sgt. Joe: "Hmm... I'll just leave it up to your imagination."
          Ruby    : "Bzz..."
          Bazba   : "Oh... Master Ruby has so many problems because he's just
                    too popular with the girls."
          Sgt. Joe: "Can you understand Mantor language?"
          Ruby    : "Bzz..."
          Bazba   : "Of all the Mantors in Le Buque, apparently he's one of the
                    most distinguished males."
          Sgt. Joe: "You seem to understand pretty well. Is that really what he's
          Bazba   : "Probaly. I understand the fellings he tries to get across."
          Sgt. Joe: "That's pretty vague!"
       10. Bazba + Dupa + Shiba
           Shiba: "Since I came here, humans have been constantly getting my
                  name wrong..."
           Bazba: "These days, Master Juan has taken to calling me Shiba. Imagine
                  that! What could he be looking at? Shiba, of all things..."
           Shiba: "What do you mean by 'of all things', Bazba?"
           Bazba: "No, no ulterior meanings. Forgive me if it offended you."
           Dupa : "It's hard for us to tell humans apart, so it's probably hard
                  for them to distinguish between us. It's a delicate issue."
           Shiba: "Yes, that's definitely a problem! The other day, I was about
                  to call out to Master Nash, but after looking closer it turned
                  out to be Master Hallec. Those two look far too much alike!"
           Bazba: "Ah, I also get those two mixed up. Also, Lady Lilly and
                  Lady Luce. They're twins, aren't they?"
           Shiba: "They look alike, yes. But if you look closely, you can tell
                  them apart. You must take more care!"
           Bazba: "But despite that, being mistaken for Shiba is pretty..."
           Dupa : "How far are you going to push it?"
       11. Fred + Futch + Franz
           Franz: "You crossed two mountain ranges in a single night? And...
                  you're proud of yourself? The Dragon Knights are nothing to be
                  afraid of..."
           Futch: "Huh? Excuse me, did I upset you in some way?"
           Franz: "Well, I guess dragons are certainly faster, but can dragons
                  fly straight up? I don't think so."
           Futch: "Ha ha ha! Vertical ascents would admittedly be disastrous, but
                  as far as survival at high altitudes goes, nothing beats 
                  a dragon! Dragons can live at altitudes where Ruby would be
                  gasping for air!"
           Fred : "Hold on, my Rico is pretty talented. She can cook, you know.
                  I'm sure Ruby and Bright can't cook. Am I right?
           Franz: "How's his rotational ability? Can a sluggish dragon keep up
                 with Ruby's maneuverability?"
           Futch: "Well, its turn isn't as tight as an insect's, but a dragon 
                  does have a thick shell, as well as a high offensive 
           Fred : "Rico is really agile. She does the washing and cleaning before
                  I wake up. What do you think of that? Does your Ruby or Bright
                  do laundry or cleaning?"
           Franz: "Fred, could you be quiet for a moment? Please stop comparing
                  Rico with Ruby."
           Futch: "And comparing Rico with Bright is kind of..."
           Fred : "What are you saying!? Aren't you both buddy boasting?"
           Futch: "Mmm, not really... Well, it might be buddy boasting, but...
                  it's just that Rico is a little different..."
           Franz: "Right... Exactly what's different is tricky to say, but, 
                  well... She's different!"
           Fred : "What do you mean!? So yo're saying that Rico is inferior to
                  Ruby or Bright? Don't insult me! Do Ruby or Bright go shopping?
                  Do they sew? Do they fix weaponry?"
           Franz: "No, no, it's just that..."
           Futch: "I understand... Calm down."
       12. Melville + Roddy + Louis
           Melville: "Hey. You know, there's...
                     There's something I'd like ask you about."
           Rody    : "What?"
           Louis   : "What is it Melvill? Why so formal?"
           Melville: "Umm. Listen. Now, this is just between us...
                     You know how everyone is supposed to have 
                     a 'dream person'... Do you?"
           Rody    : "'Dream person'?"
           Melville: "Mmm. This is really only between us.
                     I just thought I'd ask."
           Louis   : "Mmm, I have one."
           Rody    : "Me too. I've...got one too."
           Melville: "Ah, I see. In fact, I do too."
           Louis   : "Hee hee! Now I want to ask who it is!
                     Shall we all say who it is, together?"
           Rody    : "No lying, okay? It'll just be a secret between us,
                     all right?"
           Melville: "Absolutely. A secret between the three of us.
                     Okay, let's say it!"
           Louis   : "One, two, three."
           *Altogether, they're saying...*
           Melville: "Chris."
           Rody    : "Wan Fu."
           Louis   : "Lady Chris."
           Melville: "..."
           Rody    : "Ho..Hold on a second. No, it's not that!
                     I didn't mean it like that! I mean it'd cool to be like
                     him some day!"
           Melville: "I-I'll...just hop out of the bath now."
           Rody    : "Hey, I said it's not like that! I didn't mean it like that!
                     Melville! I said it's not like that!"
           Louis   : "..."
       13. Edge + Duke + Thomas
           Thomas: "Um, Duke..."
           Duke  : "Yes, what is it?"
           Thomas: "Um, not to be presumptuous, but... you often eat curry, don't
           Duke  : "As long as I eat curry, I can live life to its fullest.
                   I eat curry five times a day!"
           Thomas: "Just as I suspected! I'm the same way!
                   Curry is like ambrosia, isn't it?"
           Duke  : "Ah hah, well, well! You know, I was thinking that you were
                   a weedy kinda guy. But it seems that you've got more spirit
                   than I gave you credit for! Well now Thomas, put it there!
                   Let's shake hands!"
           Thomas: "Yes, sir! I'm really moved, to have so much in common with
                   a Harmonian!"
           Duke  : "That spicy flavor goes right through me! Really brings out
                   the fighting spirit!"
           Thomas: "Mmm, wrapping my tongue gently around the golden sauce, the
                   sweet potatoes, the sweet carrots, but more than that, 
                   sweet sauce... Ah... I'm craving curry..."
           Duke  : "Eating something with spices so strong it hurts! Like eating
                   under the hot sun, every pore burning... I can't wait!"
           Thomas: "Mmm, a sweet curry with a honey sauce... Ah, after this bath,
                   I'm off to a restaurant!"
           Edge  : "That's rice with hashed beef, right?"
           *Thomas and Duke said altogether*
           Thomas: "Hashed beef isn't curry!"
           Duke  : "Hashed beef isn't curry!"
     ~ Five Characters ~
       1. Koroku + Koichi + Connie + Kosanji + Kogoro
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