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    Characters Hidden Comments Guide by Starvenus

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            ( C H A R A C T E R S   H I D D E N   C O M M E N T S )
     Game          : Suikoden III
     System        : Playstation 2
     Game Version  : North American
     Genre         : RPG
     Rate          : Teen
     Published by  : Konami
     Release FAQ   : January 3, 2003
     Version FAQ   : 1.0
     Last Update   : -
    *****************************Legal Disclaimer********************************
    This FAQ is for personal use only. It is not to be sold or reintegrated into 
    another guides for this game or others. DO NOT post this FAQ, in part or 
    whole, ANYWHERE. I posted this FAQ solely to GameFAQs, for now. You may ask 
    written permission to post this FAQ via email, but it's unlikely for me 
    giving permission unless I am familiar with the site and the site has 
    full respect of copyright laws. If by any chance I granted the permission, 
    I must be given full credit on my work and this FAQ shall not be altered 
    without asking me first.
    This FAQ is made and copyrighted by Eli H. 2003
      I  Introduction
     II  Characters Bios
    III  Updates
     IV  Credits
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     <~~>                         I. INTRODUCTION                           <~~>
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    I have no knowledge up until now, that this hidden bios/comment exist. 
    Shiro(username) posted a thread in the Suikoden III Message Board and let us
    know about it. I decided to make this FAQ because not all people have access
    to DVD ROM Drive and a Hex Editor. If you have DVD ROM, play the Suikoden III
    in your computer and open Hex Editor. Open file SLUS_203.87. 
    The information on a character itself is very short, most of them contain only
    a sentence; however due to the fact that there are requests from people over 
    the Suikoden III Board to make this FAQ.
    Enough of babling, let's just cut to the case.
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     <~~>                       II. CHARACTERS BIOS                         <~~>
      <>                                                                     <>
    I listed the characters based on alphabetical orders for easy finding.
    I noticed that some of them are in Kidd investigation or other descriptions;
    however I feel the best thing to do is to listed all the information that I
    Ace                       A member of the twelfth Unit of the Holy Harmonia
                              Kingdom's Southern Frontier Defense Force. He 
                              manages the unit's administrative duties.
    Aila                      A Karaya girl who is tomboyish and has an as-yet
                              undeveloped ability to communicate with the spirits.
    Alanis                    A girl living in Vinay del Zexay who formed the 
                              Saint Loa Knights with Melville and Elliot.
    Albert Silverberg         He comes from the Silverberg family renowned for its
                              strategists. Albert is Caesar's elder brother.
    Anne                      A Karaya Village tavern owner. All her efforts were
                              wasted when her tavern burned down on opening day.
    Apple                     She travelswith Caesar. Participated in the Dunan
                              Unification War. She has become a prominent
    Arthur                    Persuing the existence of a reporter, he regularly
                              posts public news buletins covering everything from
                              hard news to gossip.
    Augustine Nabor           An aristocrat of unknown sex, with a stunning attack
                              to which all surviving enemies will attest.
    Ayame                     Nothing is known about this female ninja, who seems
                              to be tracking down Watari.
    Barts                     A young man who dearly loves to farm. Down-to-earth
                              but misunderstood often by his looks.
    Bazba                     As a member of the Lizard Clan, he assists Dupa
                              along with Shiba. He has very high fighting 
                              capability despite his physical stature.
    Beecham                   An old soldier who assists the Karaya Chief Lucia.
                              He posseses superior fighting capability despite his
    Belle                     A young lady who travels with a clockwork doll 
                              called Gadget Z, which she is skilled at repairing.
    Billy                     A treasure hunter who cannot seem to earn money.
                              He gambles instead.
    Borus                     A member of the six most renowned knights of the
                              Zexen Knights. He is unrivaled in his sword handling
                              techniques and is known as the 'Swordsman of Rage'.
    Bright                    The dragon steed of Futch. He has known Futch since
                              first hatching.
    Caesar Silverberg         A young man who travels with Apple. He looks sleepy
                              but is a reliable strategist.
    Cecile                    The high spirited Commander of the guards of Lake
    Chris Lightfellow         Captain of Zexen Knights. She is called 'The Silver
                              Maiden' and is treated as hero in Zexen. 
    Dios                      The Chief of Staff of the Holy Harmonia Kingdom's
                              regular army. He leads the army and support the
                              Bishop Sasarai.
    Dominic                   A defensive gear vendor. He is a fine craftsman but
                              occasionally even he sells defective merchandise.
    Duke                      The Captain of the fourteenth Unit of the Holy
                              Harmonia Kingdom's Southern Frontier Defense Force.
                              Geddoe is his proffesional rival.
    Dupa                      The respected Lizard Clan Chief. He often clashes
                              with other Six Clan Chief due to his overly 
                              aggresive nature.
    Edge                      He journeys with his Star Dragon Sword, which speaks
                              human language.
    Eike                      The gloomy librarian of Lake Castle.
    Elaine                    The only woman in the fourteenth Unit of the Holy
                              Harmonia Kingdom's Southern Frontier Defense Force.
                              She likes to show her feminine side.
    Elliot                    A boy who yearns to be a treasure hunter. Formed the
                              Saint Loa Knights with Melville and Alanis. Can 
                              detect all sorts of scents. 
    Emily                     A powerful girl who joined up so that she may find
                              people stronger than her in her journeys.
    Ernie                     A tutor. She uses a room in Lake Castle. She is edgy
                              but very diligent.
    Estella                   She specializes in magic with her apprentice, Rody.
                              Some find her annoying because she enjoys teasing
    Flame Champion            Does the Flame Champion need an introduction?
    Franz                     Le Buque's best trainer of the Mantors that are
                              raised in the town.
    Fred Maximillian          As the Captain of Maximillian Knights, Fred is
                              always bold, but he assumes too much.
    Fubar                     Hugo's griffon comrade, Fubar. Highly intelligent
                              and even seems to understand spoken language.
    Futch                     One of the recognized Knights of Dragon, he wondered
                              afar after losing his dragon, Black, he has acquired
                              new dragon and returned to become Captain Milia's
                              right hand man.
    Gadget Z                  A doll made by Belle's mom and rumored to be able to
                              transform into something else.
    Gau                       An unfriendly Kobold in the fourteenth Unit of the
                              Holy Harmonia Kingdom's Southern Frontier Defense
    Geddoe                    Geddoe is the Captain of the twelfth Unit of the
                              Holy Harmonia Kingdom's Southern Frontier Defense
                              Force. Nothing is known of his background, not even
                              his age.
    Gordon                    A casanova supply shop owner. He may or may not mean
                              everything he says when he invites beautiful woman
                              to dine with him.
    Goro                      He jumps to life at the sign of a bath and leaps in
                              amusement when people fall asleep in the bath.
    Guillaume                 A petty thief who returned to his original vocation
                              as an appraiser after losing too many times in
                              mounted combat.
    Hallec                    A barbarian who migrated from the North to meet the
                              Flame Champion. His attack with broad axes is
    Hortez VII                Scroll maker from another land. His pride leaves
                              him in aware of his absolute lack of directional
    Iku                       She cares for giant insect in Le Buque. She is 
                              Franz's friend for years earlier. Iku scolds Franz
                              who does not get along with people easily.
    Jacques                   A member of the twelfth Unit of the Holy Harmonia
                              Kingdom's Southern Frontier Defense Force. He wields
                              a gigantic bow gun.
    Jeane                     A Rune Sage and in utter mystery.
    Jefferson                 Mysterious 'appointer'. Assigning positions to the
                              people is his life.
    Jimba                     A soldier of the Karaya Clan with a mysterious past.
                              He assists clan chief, Lucia, along with Beecham.
    Joker                     The oldest member of the twelfth Unit of the Holy
                              Harmonia Kingdom's Southern Frontier Defense Force.
    Juan                      A young man teaching martial arts at Lake Castle. He
                              easily falls asleep anywhere.
    Kathy                     A girl who manages a ranch alone. Handle horses well
    Kenji                     A mysterious and dangerous gymnastic teacher. 
                              Dressed in a tank top, he is prepared to challenge
                              opponents of any size with his bare hands.
    Kidd                      A boy detective. He claims he solved many though
                              cases, but no one knows for sure.
    Koroku                    Carries a cloth wrapped bundle and pretty good at
                              opening doors. His howl goes something like
    Landis                    A member of the Winghorde who enjoys frightening
                              humans and whose stunts suggest he may even be on
                              good terms with the Grim Reaper himself.
    Leknaat                   Luc's mentor. A master mind who controls the fate of
                              the world. Perhaps the ultimate foe to be challenged
                              in Suikoden X.
    Leo                       One of the six renowned knights among all Zexen
                              Knights with his immense physique, the blow from
                              his broad axe is unrivaled.
    Louis                     Chris's attendant and an apprentice knight. He is 
                              too young to be allowed into combat.
    Luc                       Previously Leknaat's servant but for unknown reasons
                              left his master. He is seen with Sarah, Albert, and
                              Yuber. He bears the True Wind Rune on his body.   
    Luce                      Lulu's mother. Friend of Karaya Chief Lucia.
    Lucia                     The Karaya Chief and a fearless woman. She fought
                              in wars against the Zexen alongside the Six Clans
                              of Grassland.
    Lulu                      A Karaya, Lulu is Hugo's best friend and wears the
                              courageous smile of bold youth.
    Mamie                     A female chef at the restaurant. She is usually
    Martha                    A sharp-tempered, tall, old woman who sells lottery
    Mel                       A young lady who talks with a doll, Branky. She
                              insists she has no ventriloquistic skill and that
                              the doll speaks on his own.
    Melville                  A boy living in Vinay del Zexay who formed the Saint
                              Loa Knights with Alanis and Elliot.
    Mike                      Card gaming-loving free spirit. His light-hearted
                              smiles, even when meaningless, make him popular
                              among the inhabitants of the Castle.
    Mio                       Nurse who looks after Castle inhabitans' health. Her
                              smile and gracious nursing manner make her quite
                              popular among her patients.
    Mua                       A free knight from the Kamaro. He is heavily 
                              armored, with a single-handed sword in his right
                              handand a shield in the other. He has high fighting
    Muto                      A Kobold warehouse keeper. He is forgetful but jolly
    Nadir                     A drama producer whose indentity is unknown due to 
                              the mask he wears.
    Nash                      A man who unexplainedly appeared and is monitoring
                              the conflict between Zexen and Grassland.
    Nei                       An elf and accomplished travelling busker. She is
                              like a big sister to Toppo and Shabon.
    Nicolas                   A member of the fourteenth Unit of the Holy Harmonia
                              Kingdom's Southern Frontier Defense Force who is
                              loyal to Duke. Despite his quiet nature, he is
                              dependable in combat.
    Peggi                     A blacksmith who talks loudly and aggresively.
    Percival                  Among the six most renowned knights of all Zexen
                              Knights. He excels of handling horses and is known
                              as the 'Swordsman of Gale'.
    Piccolo                   A fortune teller in Lake Castle who is rarely 
                              succesful in his predictions.
    Queen                     A member of the twelfth Unit of the Holy Harmonia
                              Kingdom's Southern Frontier Defense Force. She is
                              the only woman in the unit.
    Reed                      One of Lilly's two attendant. His fate is always
                              controlled by Lilly's selfishness.
    Rhett                     A member of Duck Clan. Jolly and amusing, he also
                              has an appetite that explain his fat appearence.
    Rico                      Rico is a member of the Maximillian Knights. She is
                              also Captain Fred Maximillian's attendant.
    Rody                      Estella's apprentice who is training to be a
                              magician. He follows a brutal training routine,
                              faithfully believing his mentor.
    Roland                    The only elf among the six most renowned Zexen
    Ruby                      Franz's personal giant insect. It has excellent
                              manueverability and is formidable in air combat.
    Salome                    One of the Six renowned knights of Zexen Knights.
                              He is a surefooted strategist and acts as the 
                              military mentor of the knights.
    Samus                     Samus, one of Lilly's two attendant, is irritated
                              by Lilly's selfish whims but ends up obeying them
    Sana                      Old Hag
    Sanae Yamamoto            This girl uses naginatas. Her parents were active
                              in the Dunan Unification War.
    Sarah                     A magician able to conjure ancient and undocumented
                              magic. She travels with Luc.
    Sasarai                   Leads the regular army as The Bishop of the Holy
                              Harmonia Kingdom and a bearer of the True Earth
    Scott                     A trading merchant with his parrot partner,
                              Waurenhyte, on his shoulder. He travels whichever
                              way the wind blows.
    Sebastian                 A butler at Lake Castle, for no reason he also runs
                              an inn. He alone must oversee the finance of the
    Sgt. Joe                  A veteran soldier who has survived a life-or-death
                              crisis. His weapon is called a Duck Halbert.
    Shabon                    A young skillful busker who is good at bodhran.
                              He thinks of Nei as an older sister.
    Sharon                    Daughter of the Dragon Knights Commander, Milia.
                              She went after Futch.
    Shiba                     A first class fighter and a member of the Lizard
                              Clan. He assists Dupa, the clan chief, along with
    Shizu                     Innocent Castle 'elevator' attendant. Her polite
                              language has won over the inhabitants.
    Thomas                    An indecisive, ordinary young man, and the master
                              of Lake Castle.
    Toppo                     A busker who excels in fiddling and juggling, yet
                              seldom speaks in public.
    Tuta                      Doctor at the Castle. He once participated in the 
                              Dunan Unification War.
    Twaikin                   A hole digging dwarf from the South who uses his
                              shovel as a weapon.
    Viki                      A girl who descended from the sky gifted with rare
                              teleportation ability. Unfortunately, she also has
                              the habit of accidentally teleport anything next to 
                              her when she sneezed.
    Y.Viki                    She suddenly appeared when Elder Viki sneezed. She
                              is much more mature than her older counterpart.                      
    Wan Fu                    A polearm fighter who ran from his debts causing
                              more financial ruin. He joined the group who rescued
    Watari                    A ninja who seldom apeaks. An assasin squad is said
                              to be tracking him down for reasons unknown.
    Wilder                    The wisest of Duck Clan. He is Sgt. Joe's friend,
                              but Sgt. Joe treats him like a younger brother.                 
    Yuber                     A mysterious Black Knight whose face has never been
    Yuiri                     A leader of young members of the Alma Kinan with
                              special ability to speak with the spirits.
    Yumi                      A girl from the Alma Kinan Village with a special
                              ability to speak with the spirits.
    Yun                       A shaman from the Alma Kinan Clan. She has the
                              unique ability to speak with spirits.
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     <~~>                           III. UPDATES                            <~~>
      <>                                                                     <>
    January 2, 2003 - Begin making this smal FAQ
    January 3, 2003 - Initial Release
      <>                                                                     <>
     <~~>                            IV. CREDITS                            <~~>
      <>                                                                     <>
                        Konami - For making this GREAT RPG game
                      GameFAQs - For being such a GREAT site
                                 For posting this FAQ
                         Shiro - For letting us know that this kind of thing is 
    Suikoden III Message Board - For all the information about Suikoden III
                           You - For reading this FAQ 
    ***************************Until The Next Suikoden***************************

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