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    Suikoden Characters Correlation Guide by Duke Darkwood

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    Suikoden Stars of Destiny Correlation Guide.
    (C) 2004-6, Kenneth Whitten, all rights reserved.
    Version 2.0, January 21, 2006.
    After completing the third installation in the magnificently epic 
    Suikoden series, I had the notion of lining up all the cast lists side by 
    side, and seeing what I got. I was completely unsurprised to learn that any 
    recurring characters kept their same slots, but what was surprising was the 
    correlations I found between different characters in the same slot. (For 
    example, the chief strategist on each game takes Star #3, Tenki, in their 
    respective game.)
    Having seen no previous work on these correlations here on GameFAQs, I 
    decided to be uncharacteristically industrious and made my own. Herein is the 
    result of my labors.
    This guide can be found either on my webpage: 
    or under the Suikoden III and Suikoden IV segments of GameFAQs:
    (Due to the nature of the material within (see Spoiler Notice, below), I will 
    assume those reading this are familiar with the series. As such, I will put
    it on no bord older than Suikoden III's, the board it was originally posted
    These contain full Star of Destiny lists for ALL FOUR Suikoden Games. If you 
    have not completed one or more of the games, some of the names may spoil 
    future events in the game. This is most true in the third game, wherein many 
    people unexpectedly become Stars. If you do not wish to be spoiled about such 
    things, I suggest you back out of this page now. Proceeding means you have 
    either beaten all four games or simply do not care. I am not to be held 
    responsible for any disregard paid to this warning.
    This guide serves only to illustrate the various correlations between the 
    four games' casts. For help on how to obtain any particular Star, there are 
    guides devoted to the topic on the appropriate game's entry in GameFAQs.
    (Actually, as I wrote it, it evolved a bit. Yes, it shows the correlations 
    between the Stars of Destiny on the four games (see first two main 
    sections), but I have also decided to add lists for Recurring Stars and for 
    Related Stars. You can basically think of this guide as an illustration of 
    the amazing continuity connections between the characters of the games. 
    Lastly, I decided to tack on a list of all True Runes known at the moment. It 
    has nothing to do with the rest of the guide, but I am quite interested in 
    the evolving tale of the 27 True Runes, so added this as a bonus.)
    (Entries marked with an asterisk (*) instead of a dash (-) are the meat and 
    potatoes of this Guide - the actual game-related info.)
    - Introduction and Notices
    - Table of Contents (You are here.)
    - Revision History and List of Abbreviations
    * Comparative Stars of Destiny List
    * List of Star Correlations
    * List of Recurring Stars
    * List of Star Relations
    * Quick Reference Guide to All Known True Runes (bonus section)
    - Credits and Copyright
    Revision History:
    0.8) Pre-submission draft.
    1.0) Includes Comparative Stars List, list of correlations, and list of 
    recurring and related Stars that I have discerned. First submitted version, 
    having been double-checked by Jeno'Qilka, a fellow Suikofan.
    1.1) In what may be the largest update to this guide 
    until Suikoden IV comes out, this version includes a plethora of corrections 
    submitted from the message boards for the Suikoden games on GameFAQs, as well 
    as a couple sent via email.
    1.11) Very minor - Anti-Spoiler notice and note regarding the True Holy Rune
    added and a few lingering spelling errors corrected; nothing more.
    2.0) Finally, the Suikoden IV update! Updated the Anti-Spoiler notice (Suiko5
    is coming soon!), and added all entries regarding the fourth game.
    I will be using these abbreviations a LOT. Their meaning should be obvious, 
    but for the sake of clarity, I am including this index.
    <Hero 1> = Hero of the first Suikoden, son of Teo McDohl.
    <Hero 2> = Hero of the second Suikoden, adopted son of Genkaku.
    <Hero 4> = Hero of the fourth Suikoden, initially a Gaien Knight trainee.
    S1, Suiko1 = Suikoden 1
    S2, Suiko2 = Suikoden 2
    S3, Suiko3 = Suikoden 3
    S4, Suiko4 = Suikoden 4
    At the time of this update, the Suikoden Tactics has been out for some time,
    and Suikoden V is not far off. However, I would appreciate it if you all
    refrained from posting any submissions related to these games until such
    time as I have played them and made a proper update of my own, bringing this
    guide to Version 3.0. I DO have Tactics, but am currently backlogged on games.
    This notice will be removed in the 3.0 update, and all submissions will then 
    be welcome. I simply do not like having the games I play spoiled.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    *** END NOTICE ***
    A listing of each game's roster of Stars, placed side by side. Any 
    parenthetical notations will be explained below the list.
    No.   Star of Destiny   Suikoden 1  Suikoden 2  Suikoden 3  Suikoden 4
    1.    Tenkai Star       <Hero 1>    <Hero 2>    Thomas      <Hero 4>
    2.    Tengou Star       Lepant      Ridley      Sasarai     Lino En Kuldes
    3.    Tenki Star        Mathiu      Shu         Caesar      Elenor
    4.    Tenkai Star       Luc         Luc         Luc(6)      Ted(6)
    5.    Tenyu Star        Humphrey    Humphrey    Dupa        Tal
    6.    Tenyu Star        Kasim       Hauser      Yuber       Izak
    7.    Tenmou Star       Kwanda      Kiba        Shiba       Axel
    8.    Teni Star         Pesmerga    Pesmerga    Lucia       Selma
    9.    Tenei Star        Gremio      Sierra      Yuiri       Aldo
    10.   Tenki Star        Warren      Teresa      Salome      Reinbach
    11.   Tenfu Star        Kun To      Nina        Jimba       Chiepoo
    12.   Tenman Star       Cleo        Sigfried(1) Juan        Paula
    13.   Tenko Star        Viktor      Viktor      Sgt. Joe    Kika
    14.   Tensyo Star       Valeria     Tomo(2)     Hugo(b)     Keneth
    15.   Tenritsu Star     Griffith    Fitcher     Bazba       Ramada
    16.   Tensyo Star       Clive       Clive       Yun         Travis
    17.   Tenan Star        Flik        Flik        Edge        Snowe
    18.   Tenyu Star        Camille     Tsai        Yumi        Rachel
    19.   Tenku Star        Kreutz      Jess        Fubar       Helga
    20.   Tensoku Star      Stallion    Stallion    Nash        Cedric
    21.   Teni Star         Kage        Georg Prime Aila        Keen
    22.   Tensatsu Star     Fu Su Lu    Hanna       Hallec(7)   Gau(b)
    23.   Tenbi Star        Kirkis      Killey      Chris       Gretchen
    24.   Tenkyu Star       Milich      Anita       Estella     Konrad
    25.   Tentai Star       Pahn        Feather(1)  Cecile      Jewel
    26.   Tenjyu Star       Sonya       Nanami      Geddoe      Katarina
    27.   Tenken Star       Anji        Rina        Melville    Lo Seng
    28.   Tenhei Star       Tai Ho      Tai Ho      Ace         Shiramine
    29.   Tenzai Star       Kanak       Eilie       Alanis      Lo Fong
    30.   Tenson Star       Yam Koo     Yam Koo     Queen       Ugetsu
    31.   Tenpai Star       Leonardo    Bolgan      Elliot      Lo Hak
    32.   Tenrou Star       Hix         Hix         Franz       Rakgi
    33.   Tensui Star       Tengaar     Tengaar     Iku         Rikie
    34.   Tenbou Star       Varkas      Freed Y     Scott       Jango
    35.   Tenkoku Star      Sydonia     Yoshino     Ernie       Brec
    36.   Tenkou Star       Eileen      Chaco       Dios        Flare
    37.   Chikai Star       Leon        Klaus       Albert      Tanya
    38.   Chisatsu Star     Georges     Gilbert(3)  Mua(3)      Jeremy
    39.   Chiyu Star        Ivanov      Tetsu       Dominic     Gareth
    40.   Chiketsu Star     Jeane       Jeane       Jeane       Jeane
    41.   Chiyu Star        Eikei       Wakaba      Shabon      Lilon
    42.   Chii Star         Maximilian  Maximilian  Fred        Gary
    43.   Chiei Star        Sancho      Genshu      Rico        Ema
    44.   Chiki Star        Grenseal    Camus       Percival    Sigurd
    45.   Chimou Star       Alen        Miklotov    Borus       Hervey
    46.   Chibun Star       Tesla       Jude        Twaikin     Micky
    47.   Chisei Star       Jabba       Lebrante    Nadir       Nabokov
    48.   Chikatsu Star     Lorelai     Lorelai     Duke        Frederica
    49.   Chitou Star       Blackman    Tony        Barts       Mao
    50.   Chikyou Star      Joshua      Gijimu      Bright      Bartholomew
    51.   Chian Star        Morgan      Rikimaru    Toppo       Helmut
    52.   Chiziku Star      Mose        Gantetsu(4) Beecham(4)  Pablo
    53.   Chikai Star       Esmeralda   Simone      Gau         Bang
    54.   Chisa Star        Melodye     Connell     Reed        Liloon
    55.   Chiyu Star        Chapman     Hans        Samus       Lilen
    56.   Chirei Star       Liukan      Huan        Mio         Yu
    57.   Chijyu Star       Fukien      Tuta        Tuta        Carrie
    58.   Chibi Star        Futch       Futch       Futch       Dario
    59.   Chikyu Star       Kasumi      Kasumi(2)   Lilly       Millay
    60.   Chibaku Star      Maas        Badeaux     Jefferson(8)Reinhold
    61.   Chizen Star       Crowley     Mazus       Sarah(b)    Warlock
    62.   Chikou Star       Fuma        Mondo       Watari      Akaghi
    63.   Chikyou Star      Moose       Sasuke      Ayame       Mizuki
    64.   Chihi Star        Meese       Leona       Sebastian   Ornan
    65.   Chisou Star       Sergei      Adlai       Shizu       Manu
    66.   Chikou Star       Kimberly    Raura       Hortez VII  Rene
    67.   Chimei Star       Sheena      Sheena      Elaine      Ameria
    68.   Chisin Star       Kessler     Kinnison    Jacques     Nico
    69.   Chitai Star       Marco       Shiro       Joker       Wendel
    70.   Chiman Star       Gen         Amada       Wan Fu      Tov
    71.   Chisui Star       Hugo        Emilia      Eike        Phil
    72.   Chisyu Star       Hellion     Zamza       Leo         Eugene
    73.   Chiin Star        Mina        Karen       Roland      Mitsuba
    74.   Chii Star         Milia       Lo Wen      Sharon      Lilan
    75.   Chiri Star        Kamandol    Tenkou      Nicolas     Nataly
    76.   Chisyun Star      Juppo       Gadget      Gadget Z    Nao
    77.   Chiraku Star      Kasios      Annallee    Nei         Etienne
    78.   Chitatsu Star     Viki        Viki        Viki        Viki
    79.   Chisoku Star      Rubi        Koyu        Viki(b)     Kate
    80.   Chichin Star      Vincent     Vincent     Augustine   Charlemagne
    81.   Chikei Star       Meg         Meg         Belle       Rita
    82.   Chima Star        Taggart     Mukumuku    Koroku      Oleg
    83.   Chiyou Star       Giovanni    Marlowe     Arthur      Perrault
    84.   Chiyu Star        Quincy      Richmond    Kidd        Deborah
    85.   Chifuku Star      Apple       Apple       Apple       Agnes
    86.   Chihi Star        Kai         L.C. Chan   Kenji       Trishtan
    87.   Chiku Star        Lotte       Millie      Mel         Noah
    88.   Chiko Star        Mace        Tessai      Peggi       Adrienne
    89.   Chizen Star       Onil        Taki        Martha      Setsu
    90.   Chitan Star       Kuromimi    Gengen      Wilder      Nalkul
    91.   Chikaku Star      Gon         Gabocha     Rhett       Champo
    92.   Chisyu Star       Antonio     Yuzu        Louis       Funghi
    93.   Chizou Star       Lester      Hai Yo      Mamie       Pecola
    94.   Chihei Star       Kirke       Kahn        Ruby        Maxine
    95.   Chison Star       Rock        Barbara     Muto        Basil
    96.   Chido Star        Ledon       Sid         Landis      Igor
    97.   Chisatsu Star     Sylvina     Shin        Kathy       Lilin
    98.   Chiaku Star       Ronnie Bell Oulan       Emily       Karl
    99.   Chisyu Star       Gaspar      Shilo       Billy       Gunter
    100.  Chisu Star        Window      Alex        Mike        Desmond
    101.  Chiin Star        Marie       Hilda       Luce        Louise
    102.  Chikei Star       Zen         Bob         Sanae Y     Kevin
    103.  Chisou Star       Sarah       Ayda        Anne        Pam
    104.  Chiretsu Star     Sansuke     Pico        Goro        Taisuke
    105.  Chiken Star       Qlon        Alberto     Piccolo     Nalleo
    106.  Chimou Star       Templeton   Templeton(5)Rody(5)     Haruto
    107.  Chizoku Star      Krin        Hoi         Guillaume   Oskar
    108.  Chikou Star       Chandler    Gordon      Gordon(b)   Chadli
    Stars marked with (b) share the name of other stars yet are not the same 
    1) Sigfried, Feather, and Abizboah, the Monster Stars of Suikoden 2, have 
    interchangeable slots.
    2) If you pick Valeria instead of Kasumi, Tomo takes Kasumi's Star while 
    Valeria gets Tomo's.
    3) Called Chiretsu Star in Suikoden II and III.
    4) Called Chijiku Star in Suikoden II and III.
    5) Called Chikou Star in Suikoden II and III.
    6) Called Tenkan Star in Suikoden III and IV.
    7) Called Tensatu in Suikoden III.
    8) Called Chibou in Suikoden III.
    NOTE: I will omit any cases where the only correlation between the stars is 
    that the same person occupies that slot in two or all three games. I will, 
    however, include cases where the star has the same person in two games, a 
    different in the third, and that different character has some correlation to 
    the one who holds that star in the other two games. (Perhaps in a future 
    version, I shall compile a section listing the recurring Stars.)
    1) Tenkai Star: <Hero 1>, <Hero 2>, Thomas, <Hero4>
    Chief Star of the game. (Although I use this definition very loosely in the 
    third game, for the true hero will be either star 14, 23, or 26.) Also can
    be construed as the gatherer of the Stars, in which Thomas fits the role as
    well as the others.
    2) Tengou Star: Lepant, Ridley, Sasarai, Lino En Kuldes
    In all four games, this character is a skilled general or leader of some 
    3) Tenki Star: Mathiu, Shu, Caesar, Elenor
    Chief Strategist of the game.
    27) Tenken Star: Anji, Rina, Melville, Lo Seng
    29) Tenzai Star: Kanak, Eilie, Alanis, Lo Fong
    31) Tenpai Star: Leonardo, Bolgan, Elliot, Lo Hak
    In each game, these three stars are always together. A trio of pirates in S1, 
    a circus trio in S2, child knights in S3, and some sort of con artists in S4.
    32) Tenrou Star, Hix, Hix, Franz, Rakgi
    33) Tensui Star, Tengaar, Tengaar, Iku, Rikie
    As Hix and Tengaar are a couple in S1 and S2, Franz and Iku are a couple in 
    S3. (While not a couple in Suiko4, they are still paired up, as son and
    37) Chikai Star, Leon, Klaus, Albert, Tanya
    As Star #3 is the chief strategist in each game, Star #37 is the secondary 
    strategist in games 1-3; S4's Tanya is a librarian, but aspires to learn of
    strategy from Elenor. In fact, in each Star's case, the S1 and S3 entries are
    from the Silverberg family of strategists. (Interesting note: This is the 
    first of the Chi- stars.)
    41) Chiyu Star: Eikei, Wakaba, Shabon, Lilon (Games 1-3)
    Nothing major, but all three are barefisted fighters in the game. The latter 
    two also have in common being young girls who are learning martial arts 
    (although Eikei certainly is not!).
    42) Chii Star: Maximilian, Maximilian, Fred, Gary
    43) Chiei Star: Sancho, Genshu, Rico, Ema (Games 1, 3, and 4)
    Star 42 is the leader of the Knights of Maximilian (Max himself in the first 
    two games, his grandson in the third, and although the order did not exist,
    Gary held the same ideals in 4), and the following star is his squire in
    Suikodens 1 and 3 is his squire; in 4, Ema is Gary's wife.
    44) Chiki Star: Grenseal, Camus, Percival, Sigurd
    45) Chimou Star: Alen, Miklotov, Borus, Hervey
    In each game, a pairing of warriors who have a Unite Attack. Alen and Grenseal 
    served Teo McDohl before joining, Camus and Miklotov were from the Knightdom 
    of Matilda, Percival and Borus are among the Six Mighty Knights of Zexen, and
    Sigurd and Hervey are pirates in Kika's crew.
    47) Chisei Star: Jabba, Lebrante, Nadir, Nabokov (Games 1, 2, and 4)
    In the indicated Suikodens, this is the Star held by the Castle's Appraiser. 
    (S3's appraiser, Guillaume, is Star 107.)
    49) Chitou Star: Blackman, Tony, Barts, Mao 
    Castle gardener, although I use the term loosely in Mushroom-growing Mao's
    50) Chikyou Star: Joshua, Gijimu, Bright, Bartholomew (Games 1 and 3 only)
    A loose correlation, but a correlation nonetheless. Joshua is the Captain of 
    the Dragon Knights, and Bright is a Dragon ridden by a Dragon Knight.
    53) Chikai Star: Esmeralda, Simone, Gau, Bang (Games 1 and 2 only)
    In the first two Suikodens, Esmeralda and Simone are second only to Vincent 
    de Boule in vanity.
    54) Chisa Star: Melodye, Connell, Reed, Liloon (Games 1 and 2 only)
    Melodye and Connel allow you to change your sound settings (a function not 
    present in the third our fourth games).
    55) Chiyu Star: Chapman, Hans, Samus, Lilen (Games 1 and 2 only)
    Castle Armorer. (S3's armorer, Dominic, holds Star 39; Chadli in S4 is
    #108, selling both items and armor.)
    56) Chirei Star: Liukan, Huan, Mio, Yu
    57) Chijyu Star: Fukien, Tuta, Tuta, Carrie (Games 2-4)
    The Castle healer(s). In games 1 and 2, Star 56 is the primary healer, while 
    S2's Star 57 is secondary, but the positioning had to be switched in the 
    third game because the primary healer was a recurring character, and thus 
    held the same star he held before. In Suiko4, it reverts to #56 primary,
    57 second.
    61) Chizen Star: Crowley, Mazus, Sarah(b), Warlock 
    The Mage Star, and a very interesting correlation. The correlation between 
    Crowley and Mazus is obvious, of course, but I find it interesting that Sarah 
    took the spot in game 3. (When Rody and Estella join the group, Rody claims 
    Estella is the world's greatest mage, and has even bested Crowley once. 
    Obviously, since Estella is Star 24, and Sarah, Luc's sorceress, is here, 
    such claims should be taken with a grain of salt.)
    62) Chikou Star: Fuma, Mondo, Watari, Akaghi
    63) Chikyou Star: Moose, Sasuke, Ayame, Mizuki (Games 2-4)
    Ninjas, ninjas everywhere. While S1 has two other ninjas, and S2 has 
    (potentially) one other, those are not star correlatives. These are. Further, 
    Mondo and Sasuke join together, as do Akaghi and Mizuki. And while Watari and
    Ayame don't, they are known to come from the same place.
    65) Chisou Star: Sergei, Adlai, Shizu, Manu
    Someone has to run the elevator. These four fit the bill. Also, Shizu is a 
    student of Adlai.
    66) Chikou Star: Kimberly, Raura, Hortez VII, Rene (Games 2 and 3 only)
    Raura and Hortez have so very much in common. Both are scrollmakers, and 
    neither has a sense of direction. (In fact, when I finally had recruited 
    Hortez, I found myself entirely unsurprised to see him as a scrollmaker.)
    While not part of the correlation, Rene's placement here amuses me, as she
    deals with maps in S4.
    68) Chisin Star: Kessler, Kinnison, Jacques, Nico (Games 2 and 3 only)
    Kinnison and Jacques are a lot alike, really. They're both quiet bowmen with 
    a fodness for nature. (I forget if Kessler wields a bow or not, but he does 
    not strike me as either quiet or nature-loving.)
    70) Chiman Star: Gen, Amada, Wan Fu, Tov (Games 1, 2, and 4)
    When a sailor is needed, Gen and Amada become joiners. Gen helps you brave 
    the rapids (with Kamandol's modified ship) between you and famous physician 
    Liukan, while Amada is the one to recruit to get to Lakewest. And Tov might
    not be a sailor, but he does make ships, putting him in the same industry.
    71) Chisui Star: Hugo, Emilia, Eike, Phil (Games 1-3)
    Castle librarian. (Position is Star 37 in S4.)
    73) Chiin Star: Mina, Karen, Roland, Mitsuba (Games 1 and 2 only)
    Castle dancer.
    74) Chii Star: Milia, Lo Wen, Sharon, Lilan (Games 1 and 3 only)
    More Dragon Knights, although Sharon, Milia's daughter, is merely in training 
    for such a position.
    76) Chisyun Star: Juppo, Gadget, Gadget Z, Nao (Games 1-3)
    81) Chikei Star: Meg, Meg, Belle, Rita (Games 1-3)
    OK, yes, I am taking this a bit out of order, but these two Stars go 
    together. For Star 76, we have master trickster Juppo, his creation, and an 
    updated version of said creation. Star 81 has Juppo's niece in the first two 
    games, before she gives up the slot to her daughter in the third, and the two 
    of them are journeyman tricksters. (While not part of this correlation, I must
    admit that Rita's exuberant personality fits in with Meg and Belle.)
    77) Chiraku Star: Kasios, Annallee, Nei, Etienne (Games 1-3)
    Castle singer.
    80) Chichin Star: Vincent, Vincent, Augustine, Charlemagne
    As mentioned in the entry for Star 53, Vincent is the most narcissistic 
    person in the first two Suikodens. And Augustine takes over that role in the 
    third game. And while Reinbach III (Star 10) takes it in 4, Charlemagne comes
    a close second.
    82) Chima Star: Taggart, Mukumuku, Koroku, Oleg (Games 2 and 3 only)
    The squirrel Mukumuku and the dog Koroku hold a correlation because each is 
    the only Star of Destiny member of a five (squirrel/dog) group which has a 
    Unite Attack. Each is also the first of their group to join.
    84) Chiyu Star: Quincy, Richmond, Kidd, Deborah (Games 2-4)
    Castle detective. Also, both are confident in their abilities to the point of 
    arrogance. Makes one wonder if they're actually related, but such is never 
    proven. And while Deborah is no detective, this fortune-teller provides
    recruitment hints as the detectives did in their games.
    86) Chihi Star: Kai, L.C. Chan, Kenji, Trishtan (Games 1-3)
    All three are in professions of martial arts trainers of some sort. Kai 
    taught <Hero 1> the way of the staff, Long Chan-Chan is Wakaba's teacher, and 
    although Kenji has no student at the time of S3, he does say he is a trainer.
    87) Chiku Star: Lotte, Millie, Mel, Noah (Games 1-3)
    A loose correlation, but each is a teenage girl with a pet. (Lotte's cat, 
    Millie's hedgehog, and Mel treats her puppet as a pet as well.)
    88) Chiko Star: Mace, Tessai, Peggi, Adrienne
    Castle Blacksmith. (While Mace is only one of five blacksmiths in the first 
    Suikoden, he *is* the master blacksmith among them, being the only one who 
    can reach the 16th level of a weapon.)
    89) Chizen Star: Onil, Taki, Martha, Setsu (Games 1 and 2 only)
    Castle gossipmonger.
    90) Chitan Star: Kuromimi, Gengen, Wilder, Nalkul
    91) Chikaku Star: Gon, Gabocha, Rhett, Champo
    A pair of nonhumans in each case. Kuromimi and Gon are Kobolds, as are Gengen 
    and Gabocha. Wilder and Rhett are of the Duck Clan of Grassland, and Nalkul
    and Champo are Nay-Kobolds. In each case, the first outranks the second.
    92) Chisyu Star: Antonio, Yuzu, Louis, Funghi (Games 1 and 4)
    93) Chizou Star: Lester, Hai Yo, Mamie, Pecola (Games 1-3)
    Castle cooks (in 1, Antonio ranks over Lester). 
    95) Chison Star: Rock, Barbara, Muto, Basil (Games 1-3)
    Castle warehouse keeper.
    96) Chido Star: Ledon, Sid, Landis, Igor (Games 2 and 3 only)
    Sid and Landis are both members of the Winged Horde, and both are uncannily 
    morbid. I am half convinced they are one and the same person, but have little 
    to offer in the way of proof, except that the last three letters of Landis, 
    when reversed, spell Sid.
    98) Chiaku Star: Ronnie Bell, Oulan, Emily, Karl (S1-3)
    Strong female fighters, almost to the point of Amazonian. (Well, there is no 
    'almost' in Bell's case.) Also all (including Karl) use fist/claw weaponry.
    Lastly, Emily is the giant woman's daughter. (Credit to Emperor Magus for
    confirming Ronnie Bell's weapon.)
    99) Chisyu Star: Gaspar, Shilo, Billy, Gunter
    The only gamblers in each game to share a star. Gaspar, Shilo, and Gunter in
    fact, play the same gambling game.
    101) Chiin Star: Marie, Hilda, Luce, Louise (Games 1, 2, and 4)
    Castle innkeepers in their respective games. (S3's innkeeper is Sebastian,
    Star 64.) It is possible to correlate Luce with the others, however, as all
    three have a maternal personality.
    104) Chiretsu Star: Sansuke, Pico, Goro, Taisuke (Games 1, 3, and 4)
    Castle bathmakers. (S2's Tetsu is Star 39.)
    107) Chizoku Star: Krin, Hoi, Guillaume, Oskar (Games 1-3)
    All of these three are petty thieves.
    108) Chikou Star: Chandler, Gordon, Gordon(b), Chadli (Games 1, 3, and 4)
    Castle Item Shopkeeeper. S2's Gordon is actually manager of their Trade 
    Center, while their item store is run by Star 100, Alex.
    In this section, I include any Stars who reappear from one game to another, 
    as well as Stars who share blood relations (which may or may not hold the 
    same Star Slot). While this has rather little to do with Star Correlations 
    (see previous section), it is a nice illustration of the continuity of the 
    Suikoden series.
    (Note: Although many of you probably know this, the timeline of the Suikodens 
    is Suiko4, 150 year interim, Suiko1, three year interim, Suiko2, fifteen year
    interim, Suiko3. What this means is that you can actually find characters in
    one game who are descendants of of characters from the prior games - or who
    were children in them.)
    Recurring Stars
    The arrogant Wind Magician Luc (Star 4, Tenkai; S1-S3)
    Humphrey, a swordsman of few words (Star 5, Tenyu; S1+S2)
    Pesmerga, carrying his vendetta against the demon, Yuber (Star 8, Teni; 
    Viktor, rugged warrior type (Star 13, Tenko; S1+S2)
    Imperial swordswoman Valeria (Star 14, Tensyo; S1+S2) (*)
    Incredibly cool Howling Voice Guild Gunner, Clive (Star 16, Tensyo; S1+S2)
    "Blue Lightning" Flik (Star 17, Tenan; S1+S2)
    Fastest Elf Ever, Stallion (Star 20, Tensoku; S1+S2)
    Whimsical sailor and free spirit, Tai Ho (Star 28, Tenhei; S1+S2)
    And caught up by his brother's latest whims, Yam Koo (Star 30, Tenson; S1+S2)
    Hix, a warrior with a severe lack of valor (Star 32, Tenrou; S1+S2)
    Tengaar, with enough valor for Hix and herself both (Star 33, Tensui; S1+S2)
    Enigmatic runemistress, Jeane (Star 40, Chiketsu; all games)
    Maximilian, idealist crusader in search of a cause to follow (Star 42, Chii; 
    Aloof treasure-hunter, Lorelai (Star 48, Chikatsu; S1+S2)
    Tuta, doctor in training (Star 57, Chijyu; S2+S3)
    Dragon Knight Futch (Star 58, Chibi; S1-S3)
    Rokakku ninja Kasumi (Star 59, Chikyu; S1+S2) (*)
    Lepant's slacker son, Sheena (Star 67. Chimei; S1+S2)
    Ditzy teleportress Viki (Star 78, Chitatsu; all games)
    Vain narcissist par excellance, Vincent de Boule (Star 80, Chichin; S1+S2)
    Journeyman trickster, Meg (Star 81, Chikei; S1+S2)
    Mathiu Silverberg's most devoted student, Apple (Star 85, Chifuku; S1-S3)
    Perfectionist cartographer Templeton (Star 106, Chimou; S1+S2)
    (*) - In Suikoden 2, you must choose Valeria OR Kasumi. Whoever you choose 
    will take their own Star. When you recruit Tomo later on, she takes the star 
    of the person you do not choose.
    Further, there are characters who hold Non-Star roles yet recur as well. And 
    many which are Stars in one game only to not be Stars when they recur. Here 
    is a list of all known Other Recurring Characters. (NOTE: I will not include 
    characters merely MENTIONED in games as recurring, or this list would be far 
    too long. The amount of times characters from previous games are mentioned 
    perhaps surpasses the amount of recurring characters both on the list above 
    this paragraph and the list below.)
    First and foremost, the seer Leknaat, overseer of Destiny, who is in all 
    four games yet never holds a Star of Destiny. (With the advent of Suikoden IV,
    only her, Jeane and Viki span the series now.)
    Next is the Star Dragon Sword, bane of vampires, Night Rune incarnate. Also 
    spans the first three games, but never in a Star Capacity. (However, he is 
    wielded by Stars in each game. In the first two, Viktor on Star 13; in S3, 
    Edge on Star 17.)
    Last of the recurring characters to span the first three games is the demonic
    Black Knight, Yuber. He is a star (#6) only in the third game, though.
    <Hero 1>, first Star of the first Suikoden, can make an appearance in his own 
    subplot in the second game, provided you have loaded in S1 end-save data.
    Lepant, (Star 2, S1) reappears in the second game as President of the Toran 
    Sasarai (Star 2, S3) first appeared in the second game, aiding the Highland 
    forces under Luca Blight (and later Jowy Blight), fifteen years before 
    becoming a major participant in the third game.
    Lucia (Star 8, S3) also appeared in the second game, assisting Jowy Blight 
    and the Kingdom of Highland, before returning to the Grasslands, where we 
    find her in S3.
    Beecham (Star 52, S3) was one of her soldiers, although too minor to even 
    give a portrait to, and was mistranslated as Beechum. (Credit to Gunloc for 
    this submission.)
    Gremio (Star 9, S1) reappears in the McDohl subplot (mentioned above), but 
    ONLY if your S1 end-save had collected all 108 Stars of Destiny in time.
    Cleo (Star 12, S1) makes a cameo appearance in Gregminster in S2, tending to 
    the McDohl household.
    Kage (Star 21, S1) makes a brief and enigmatic appearance in a scene early in 
    S2, covertly dealing with Jowy Atreides.
    Pahn (Star 25, S1) makes a cameo appearance in Gregminster, but only upon 
    completion of the McDohl subplot.
    Varkas (Star 34, S1) retires from bandit life to guard the path between the 
    City-States of Jowston and the Toran Republic in S2.
    Leon Silverberg (Star 37, S1), the only Silverberg to span multiple games, is 
    found aiding Luca, then Jowy, as chief strategist for the Highland Kingdom.
    Grenseal (Star 44, S1) returns in S2 as Vice-Commander of the guard at 
    Gregminster Castle.
    Alen (Star 45, S1) is the other Vice-Commander.
    Tesla (Star 46, S1) returns in S2 for a brief appearance in the meeting 
    between <Hero 2> and President Lepant.
    Liukan (Star 56, S1) plays a brief part in S2's McDohl subplot.
    Lilly (Star 59, S3), before being an obnoxious and spoiled brat, was simply 
    the daughter of Gustav of Tinto in S2, where she spent some time as a hostage 
    of Neclord.
    Lotte (Star 87, S1) makes a cameo appearance on the streets of Gregminster. 
    Looking for her cat, as always.
    Antonio (Star 92, S1) plays the role of one of the Rival Chefs in Hai Yo's 
    minigame in S2.
    Marie (Star 101, S1) reprises her role as innkeeper in a cameo in Gregminster 
    in S2.
    Sarah (Star 103, S1) provides our last Gregmisnter cameo in S2, in an 
    upstairs room in the inn. She gives us a Cyclone Rune, too!
    Not a Star in either game, but Han Zo, leader of the Ninjas' hidden village 
    of Rokakku, makes brief appearances in both S1 and S2.
    And while you thought you offed him in the first game, Neclord (also not a 
    star in either game) reprises his role of evil vampire in S2.
    And a fact little known to laymen (due to being revealed in the Suikogaiden 
    games released only in Japan) is that Nash (Star 20, S3) had a couple of 
    minor, uncredited appearances in S2. One such is that he was the guard to the 
    supply tent during <Hero 2> and Jowy's infiltration mission, and another is 
    that he was present in the scene where Jowy was brought before Luca Blight 
    after said mission. (Credit to Gunloc for this submission.)
    Lester (Star 93, S1) is a rival cook in the cook-offs Hai Yo faces in S2. 
    (Again, credit goes to Gunloc.)
    And Ted (Star 4, S4), a bearer of the Soul Eater, is the only new name on this
    list for the S4 revision. In S1, he was not a Star, but he became one for S4.
    Finally, I will proceed to the list of Star Relations. Most of these will be 
    blood relations, although I will add in a few cases of close non-blood 
    relations between characters in different games.
    (As their Star is largely irrelevant in this section, I shall omit including 
    Star Numbers in these entries.)
    <Hero 1> McDohl, leader of the Toran Liberation Army, is the son of Teo 
    McDohl, one of the Five Generals of the Scarlet Moon Empire.
    <Hero 2>, who goes on to lead the Jowston Alliance's armies, is the adopted 
    son of Jowston's old hero, Genkaku. Also, Nanami is Genkaku's adopted 
    daughter, and <Hero 2>'s adopted sister.
    Lepant, who will become the president of the Toran Republic, has a wife, 
    Eileen, and a son, Sheena.
    Odessa Silverberg, who led the Toran Liberation Army in its beginnings, had a 
    brother, Mathiu, and their uncle is Leon. Leon has two known grandsons, 
    Caesar and his elder brother Albert. All Silverbergs are known as strategists 
    except for Odessa. (Also, Shu and Apple were trained by Mathiu, which can be 
    construed as a relation of sorts.) (Credit to Blue Moon on Leon's relation to 
    Odessa and Mathiu, and to reminding me that Odessa is never said to be 
    learned in strategy.) And long before we hear of any of them, Elenor 
    Silverberg was in on the family business as well, and at one time had her own
    pupil, Graham Cray.
    The Harmonian mages, Luc and Sasarai, are brothers to each other. While I 
    will not mention specifics, they can also be said to be kin to Hikusaak, the 
    leader of Harmonia.
    Lucia, Clan Chief of the Karaya, is the mother of Hugo, one of the heroes in 
    The Karayan known as Jimba, formerly Wyatt Lightfellow of Zexen, has a 
    daughter in Chris Lifghtfellow.
    Tomo is the daughter of Tsai "of the Divine Spear".
    Ronnie Bell from S1 is the mother of S3's Emily. The father is speculated to 
    be the blacksmith Mose, but this is only a rumor, albeit a prevalent one. 
    (Credit to Blue Moon for pointing out it is only rumor.)
    The elves Kirkis and Sylvina are a couple.
    So are Hix and Tengaar from Warriors' Village.
    Ace from S3 once served as a mercenary for Gilbert from S2.
    Rina and Eilie of the circus troupe are sisters, and Bolgan has more or less 
    been adopted by them after they helped him in an incident not in the game 
    series proper. (Credit to Blue Moon for the correction on Bolgan's relation.)
    Tai Ho and Yam Koo are, for lack of a better term, "oath brothers" or "blood 
    brothers", although this is mistranslated in the game as brothers-in-law 
    (learned from Richmond). Richmond also states that Kimberly (from S1) is Tai 
    Ho's wife by S2, and there appears to be nothing inaccurate here. (Credit to 
    Blue Moon for the correction on the translation.)
    Freed Y (stands for Yamamoto) is married to Yoshino, and they have a 
    daughter, Sanae Y.
    Franz and Iku in S3 are yet another couple waiting to happen.
    Sid claims to be Chaco's "big brother", but is most likely his personal bully 
    General Kiba of Highland is the father of the young strategist Klaus.
    Fred, grandson of the knight Maximilian, carries on his grandfather's 
    crusades, a tradition initially started by Gary, who traveled with his wife 
    Ema before they settled down in the Scarlet Moon Empire.
    Further, Fred's squire, Rico, is the daughter of Max's own squire, Sancho. 
    (Credit to Emperor Magus for this submission.)
    Futch and Bright are bound as Dragon Knight and Dragon.
    Lilly is the daughter of Gustav, president of Tinto.
    The Great Wizard Crowley (S1) has a number of associations. He has a rival in 
    Mazus (S2), Piccolo (S3) is said to be a student of his, and Estella (S3) 
    claims she once defeated him (although the veracity of that claim is dubious 
    at best).
    Dragon Knight Commander Milia is the mother of Sharon, aspiring Dragon 
    Gijimu, Lo Wen, and Koyu, the Mt. Lampdragon Bandits, are oath-siblings. 
    (Credit to Blue Moon for this clarification.)
    Master Trickster Juppo has a niece, Meg, who in turn comes to have a 
    daughter, Belle.
    Meg's Gadget could be said to be the ancestor of Belle's Gadget Z.
    In what may very well be paradoxical, Young Viki (S3) is in fact be the same 
    person as Older Viki (present in all games). Apparently, her teleportation 
    skills can cross time as well as space. (Credit to Emperor Magus for 
    confirming this.)
    Billy and Melville are father and son in S3. Further, Kathy is Billy's 
    daughter, a fact she is unaware of. (Credit to Gunloc for the info on Kathy.)
    Luce and Lulu are mother and son in S3.
    Hilda and Alex are wife and husband in S2. They also have a son, Pete, but he 
    was too minor to even give a character portrait to.
    The bathmaker, Goro (S3), is the son of Tetsu, who filled the same role in 
    S2, and he considers his father to be his greatest rival.
    King Agares Blight, of Highland, has a son, the hideously evil Luca, who 
    himself has a half-sister, the Princess Jillia, with the mother (Sara Blight, 
    dead at the time of the game) as the common parent - she is not Agares's. 
    Further, Jillia comes to marry Jowy Atreides, bringing him into the Blight 
    Royal Family, and Jowy eventually comes to care for a young girl by the name 
    of Pilika, orphaned by a Highland raid, although he leaves her with Jillia 
    when he sends them to safety late in the war. (Credit to BlueMoon for 
    correcting Jillia's relation, providing Sara's name, and for clarifying 
    Pilika's part in this entry.)
    Sana, elder of Chisha Village in S3, is the widow of the Grasslands hero 
    known as the Flame Champion, who never appears in the game but is pivotal to 
    its story nonetheless.
    Mamie, the cook in S3, is the daughter of Bashok, one of Hai Yo's rival chefs 
    in S2. However, an unfortunate mistranslation in S2 called her Mei Mei. 
    (Credit to Gunloc for this submission.)
    Sid appears to be related to Landis, but the nature of the relation is 
    undisclosed. (Credit to Emperor Magus for this; I had previously speculated 
    them to be one and the same.)
    Also thanks to Emperor Magus, I receive information that Raura and Hortez are 
    apparently related, but just how is not certain. They certainly have a 
    similar lack of direction sense, to be sure.
    Although a blood relation is unlikely here, there is definitely a connection 
    between Yuber and Pesmerga. Matt620 of GameFAQs speculates that they are 
    incarnations of Chaos and Order (called Dharma in the game) respectively.
    While not related, Viktor (S1/2) and Edge (S3) have an association worth 
    mentioning. Between S2 and S3, Flik, Viktor, and Edge apparently fought 
    together to stop a vampire that had decimated Edge's village. This is how 
    Edge came to have the Star Dragon Sword in the third game; Viktor gave it to 
    him after the event. (Credit to highwind5001 for this information.)
    Aside from a new Silverberg, Suikoden IV throws in several new families,
    starting with Lino En Kuldes, the King of Obel, who has a daughter, Flare,
    and a lost son, which by all evidence appears to be Hero4 himself. His late
    wife is also in one scene in the game, for she was a previous bearer of the
    Rune of Punishment.
    Speaking of that Rune, another of its bearers is survived by a wife, Rikie,
    and a son, Rakgi.
    Lastly, Graham Cray had a son - again, in the game only during a Rune Scene -
    who bore the rune.
    Schtolteheim Reinbach III is the son of Schtolteheim Reinbach II, both
    aristocrats of Middleport.
    More on the aristocracy: Snowe Vingerhut, Hero4's old friend, has his father,
    Vincent, in the game.
    While not directly related, Kika and the pirate Brandeau have a common
    acquaintance - Kika's late husband, Edgar.
    Through an optional scene involving Keen's confessional, we learn that
    instructor Katerina is the daughter of Commander Glen of the Knights of Gaien,
    a fact he never knew.
    Lo Seng, Lo Fong, and Lo Hak, who tried to take you for all you were worth at
    the Mordo bathhouse, are siblings.
    Colton and Helmut, both of Kooluk, are father and son.
    While Dario has raised Nalleo as his son, it is learned that the boy's mother
    is Louise, and the father is NOT Dario, although we are not told who it is.
    And the cooks, Kevin and Pam, are husband and wife.
    Lastly, one NON-relation that is not readily apparent: Leknaat and Windy, the 
    holders of the Gate Rune, are from the same tribe, and although they call 
    each other sisters, that is merely a custom of said tribe. (Credit to Blue 
    Moon for this correction.)
    These are all I can think of at the moment, but I will also add a couple of
    relations I cannot find verification for: 
    Given his youth, it is theoretically possible that Kidd is 
    the son of Richmond. Why else have such a young person fill the job? (Also, 
    their demeanor is remarkably similar in certain ways.) However, there is no 
    information to support this.
    I have also heard that there is evidence in the obscure Suikogaiden games
    connecting Nash (S3) to Sierra (S2) - apparently, she is the 'missus' of
    whom he refers to Chris.
    And in Suiko4, the mermaids Lilan, Lilen, Lilin, Lilon, and Liloon call each
    other sisters, but I do not know if this is mere kinship, or if they are
    actually kin.
    If any know the truth of these links - or falsehood, accompanied by the
    correct answer - do let me know. Email address is at the bottom of this guide.
    What does this have to do with my Star Correlation Guide? Absolutely nothing! 
    But the 27 True Runes are perhaps the one binding force in this grand epic, 
    and I am rather interested in following the progress of these Runes. It is my 
    theory that they will all be present should this series ever draw to a 
    That said, their inclusion in this Guide is for no better reason than I want 
    it to be.
    ** SPOILER NOTICE: Whereas the above sections provided occasional spoilers 
    (especially as regards Suiko3), what follows is practically a SpoilerFest due 
    to the inextricable ties between the 27 True Runes and the plot of the 
    Suikodens. If you have not played all three games to completion, I recommend 
    you stop reading right now. (All that follows this section are the credits, 
    contact info and copyright notice anyway.)
    NOTE: I have recieved several emails already mentioning the True Holy Rune 
    borne by Stallion in the first two games, and Cedric in the fourth. THIS IS 
    NOT A TRUE RUNE. Although I once thought as you, I have since learned it is 
    a translation error, and that the name of the Rune, if properly translated, 
    would have been "Godspeed Rune."
    Also, the "Zexen Rune" referred to in a scene early in Suiko3 is another
    misnomer - they refer to the "Crest of Zexen", their heraldic emblem.
    Entries (which will be in no particular order) will read as follows: Rune 
    Name (Current Bearer): Known History.
    Soul Eater Rune (<Hero 1> McDohl): Given to a young boy named Ted 300 years 
    before Suiko1 by the elder of his village during an attack by Windy, Yuber, 
    and Neclord. He has borne the Rune for three centuries when he befriended the 
    son of Teo McDohl, a general in the Scarlet Moon Empire. Upon it being 
    discovered that he bore the Rune, he passed it to <Hero 1> to keep it out of 
    Windy's grasp.
    Gate Rune (Leknaat (front), Windy (back)): I know little about the two facets 
    of the Gate Rune. The seer Leknaat, who holds the front half of the Rune, is 
    an enigmatic woman who oversees various moments of Destiny. The sorceress 
    Windy, who holds the back half, is an ambitious woman who desired to bear two 
    True Runes and was last seen plummeting from the gardens atop Gregminster 
    Castle. Whether the bearer of a True Rune could survive such a fall is 
    unknown, as is what would happen to the Rune if she didn't.
    Night Rune (Star Dragon Sword): The sentient blade calling itself the Star 
    Dragon Sword, bane of vampires, is the actual Night Rune, transformed into a 
    sword incarnation. Currently borne by a swordsman called Edge, it previously 
    belonged, on two occasions, to Viktor, who held a fierce grudge against the 
    vampire caleld Neclord.
    Sovereign Rune (Dragon King Sword): Unlike the Night Rune, the Sovereign Rune 
    did not transform into the sword it is found on, but was merely attached to 
    it in the same manner a rune would attach to a person. The last known owner 
    of the Dragon King Sword was Emperor Barbarossa, last ruler of the Scarlet 
    Moon Empire. The sword's current whereabouts are unknown. 
    Dragon Rune (Joshua): All I really know of the Dragon Rune is that Joshua has 
    worn it for centuries before relinquishing it to its current owner, Milia, 
    and that the bearer of this Rune commands the Dragon Knights, for this Rune 
    is the force that allows Dragons to exist in the world of the Suikoden 
    series. (Credit to BlindTelescope for the transference in ownership.)
    The Rune of Beginning (<Hero 2>, Jowy Atreides): I will divide this entry 
    into two parts, one for each component of the Rune.
    * Bright Shield Rune (<Hero 2>): Originally one half of the Rune of 
    Beginning, the Rune responsible for the creation of the world. Thirty years 
    before the events of Suiko2 it resided on the hand of Genkaku, who fought as 
    a hero for the City-States of Jowston. He and his friend, Han, sealed their 
    Runes within a shrine in Toto Village, where they resided until Genkaku's 
    adopted son and Jowy Atreides inherited them. The Bright Shield Rune was 
    taken up by <Hero 2>, the adopted son of Genkaku.
    * Black Sword Rune (Jowy Atreides): The other half of the Rune of Beginning. 
    Borne by Han Cunningham when he led the forces of Highland against his friend 
    and the Jowston Alliance of City-States. After the war, he sealed the Rune 
    away with his friend's, where it lay until Jowy Atreides inherited it three 
    decades later.
    Beast Rune (unknown): This malevolent Rune was given to the Kingdom of 
    Highland by the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia some time in the past. During the 
    rule of Luca Blight, the mad king desired to unleash its power by 
    slaughtering the population of an entire city. The Rune itself was embedded 
    in the floor of his castle's throne room, where its incarnation was brought 
    forth by Leon Silverberg to provide one last obstacle for <Hero 2>'s army in 
    winning their war against Highland. After the battle, its whereabouts became 
    unknown. (Credit to BlindTelescope for the info that it is no longer in the 
    throne room.)
    Blue Moon Rune (Sierra): Once belonging to the inhabitants of the Blue Moon 
    Village (a clan of reclusive vampires), it was stolen by the corrupt and 
    malevolent Neclord, who used its power to aid his bloodthirsty pursuits. 
    During the events of Suikoden 2, it was reclaimed by Sierra, the elder of the 
    Blue Moon Village, in the process of the Neclord's final defeat. (Credit to 
    Gunloc for correcting the name of this Rune, previously listed here as Moon 
    Circle Rune (Hikusaak): Its name is invoked in Suiko2 during the wedding of 
    Jillia Blight and Jowy Atreides. And in Suiko3, Sasarai invokes its name when 
    investing Luc with the title of Bishop. It is worn by Hikusaak, the leader of 
    Harmonia, and as near as I can tell, has been for some time. It represents 
    order and conformity, and as such is fitting for such an empire as Harmonia. 
    (Credit to BlindTelescope for that last.)
    True Wind Rune (Luc): One of the Five Elemental Runes, this has been borne by 
    Luc, Leknaat's apprentice, for 30 years. To say more would invoke spoilers 
    that even someone who has completed Suikoden 3 might not know, for much of 
    the tale is told only to those who have obtained all 108 Stars of Destiny. 
    All I will say is that it is the central aspect of what I shall call "Luc's 
    Plot" when I need to refer to it in entries for following Runes.
    True Fire Rune (Hugo): Borne fifty years prior to Suiko3 by a man who called 
    himself the Flame Champion and led the Six Clans of Grassland to repel an 
    invasion by the Holy Kindom of Harmonia, this Rune has passed the intervening 
    decades in a secret chamber in a cavern near the Chisha Clan's village. 
    During the events of Suiko3, three would-be heroes came to this location, and 
    one of them walked away as the successor to the True Fire Rune. (While Chris 
    or Geddoe could be chosen, I chose Hugo, and am using him here because the 
    other two are more plot-related to two other Runes.) It was briefly separated 
    from Hugo and stored in a True Rune Crystal as part of Luc's Plot, but 
    retrieved with the others in the course of defusing that plot. (Matt620 
    confirms that Hugo is the official choice for Successor.)
    True Lightning Rune (Geddoe): Borne by Geddoe as far back at least as far 
    back as the time of the Flame Champion, whom Geddoe fought along the side of. 
    He wielded its power again aiding Hugo, but lost the Rune to a True Rune 
    Crystal as part of Luc's Plot. Like the True Fire Rune, Geddoe reclaimed True 
    Lightning in the climactic sequence of Suiko3. (NOTE: If you choose Geddoe to 
    inherit the True Fire Rune, he will give Hugo his True Lightning Rune that he 
    may claim it.)
    True Water Rune (Chris Lightfellow): The third Rune at the Flame Champion's 
    disposal, this was borne by Wyatt Lightfellow during that time. Like the 
    Flame Champion, Wyatt chose to seal away the Rune after it was no longer 
    needed. He sealed it in Cyndar Ruins near to the Lizard Clan's Great Hollow, 
    and assumed a new identity as Jimba of the Karaya Clan. During the events of 
    Suiko3, Luc attempted to claim the True Water Rune as part of his Plot, but 
    was stopped by Jimba, who released the Rune's Power to drive Luc off. 
    However, Jimba had suffered grievous injury in the combat, and bequeathed the 
    Rune to the daughter he had when he was Wyatt, Chris Lightfellow, before 
    dying. Chris then lost the Rune to another of Luc's True Rune Crystals, but 
    joined with the others in reclaiming the Elemental Runes. (NOTE: If you 
    choose Chris to inherit the True Fire Rune, Jimba will give the True Water 
    Rune to Hugo.)
    True Earth Rune (Sasarai): Luc's brother, Sasarai, bore the True Rune all his 
    life, as his brother did. His was the first Rune Luc stored in a True Rune 
    Crystal as part of Luc's Plot. Later, Sasarai joined forces with Hugo, 
    Geddoe, and Chris (who were his enemies at first) in order to reclaim his 
    Rune and disrupt the Plot.
    The Eightfold Rune (Yuber): In actuality, I know not if this is even the 
    Rune's proper name. It is only the most commonly used name I hear it referred 
    to on GameFAQs. I also know very little about the Rune, other than that the 
    struggle between Yuber and Pesmerga seems to center on it.
    BlindTelescope from GameFAQs presents an interesting theory regarding the 
    Eightfold Rune:
    "I believe the Eightfold Rune is split between Yuber and Pesmerga, just as 
    the Rune of Beginning is split between Riou and Jowy. Konami said that the 
    conflict between Yuber and Pesmerga will last until the end of the world. I 
    think that Yuber contains the chaos side, while Pesmerga the order side of 
    the Eightfold. That would explain their respective personalities, and why 
    they must continue to fight."
    The Rune of Change (???): Little is known of this Rune. I know that the 
    Leader of the Cyndar (called Sindar in S2) is said to bear a "cursed rune" on 
    his forehead. (Excerpt from an Old Book in S2.) I have learned that this rune 
    is the reason there are so many Cyndar Ruins, because it forced the Cyndar to 
    be a nomadic people. (Credit to BlindTelescope for that tidbit.)
    The Rune of Punishment (<Hero 4>): With a history as dark as that of the Soul
    Eater, this Rune, governing Forgiveness and Atonement, consumes the life of
    the bearer itself. As such, no bearer seems to last for very long. The game
    lists an impressive string of Runebearers - no less than eight. Beginning
    with the bearer who secluded himself so that the Rune would not be passed on,
    it was then taken up by the Queen of Obel some 15 years before the game. Since
    then, it was borne by Rakgi's father (Rikie's husband), Graham Cray, Cray's
    son, the pirate Brandeau, Commander Glen of Razril, and ultimately the hero
    of the game, who may hold it still for all I know, or may have perished,
    causing it to continue its dark legacy.
    This is seventeen True Runes, or nearly 2/3 of the set. I know my count said 
    this in v1.11, but I miscounted the Rune of Beginning as its two component 
    parts. Assuming I am not forgetting any, there should be ten more Runes left
    to discover.
    If you feel that this guide is mistaken or missing something, send additions, 
    revisions, or corrections to <kewhitte@hotmail.com>. Please keep in mind that 
    this guide covers only correlations between the three games' Stars of Destiny 
    and relations between Stars when suggesting additions. If your suggestion 
    does not fall within the scope of this guide, I will reserve the right not to 
    include it. If your addition, correction, or revision does find its way in, 
    you will be credited when next I update this guide.
    NOTE: I will accept proof of correlations or relations between characters in 
    the three games from any source considered canonical, including the obscure 
    Suikogaiden games and the mangas based in theSuikoden universe. However, I 
    will not include relations or recurrences of characters outside the series.
    An illustration of this policy: I will not list Nash under Recurring 
    Characters, because the only primary game he is in is 3 (even though he is in 
    at least one of the Suikogaiden games). However, I will accept proof of his 
    connection to Sierra, even though that proof lies in the gaidens - both 
    characters involved are in the primary series.
    The reason for this policy is that most people outside of Japan are, like 
    myself, not likely familiar - perhaps not even aware - of these other titles, 
    so they would not know of the people in question. However, to make this guide 
    as complete as possible in showing continuity, I do acept proofs from these 
    Initial credit goes to myself, Kenneth Whitten, for authoring it, and to 
    Konami, for making some of the few RPGs that truly deserve the label of 
    'epic', the Suikoden series. Credits also extend to Jeno'Qilka for giving 
    this guide a once-over to make sure I didn't miss too much. He is responsible 
    for the inclusion of the correlations for Stars 2, 41, 68, as well as the 
    relation entry for Goro and Tetsu, and some information regarding the Dragon 
    And now, the credits for all submitted entries and clarifications made since 
    the initial submission.
    Gunloc (on GameFAQs) corrected the name of the Blue Moon Rune, and provided 
    information regarding Nash, Lester, and Beecham (recurring stars), Mamie and 
    Kathy (Related Stars), and informed me that the term Zexen Rune was a 
    mistranslation (this last was not credited in the guide proper since I 
    removed the entry entirely, leaving no place to put credit).
    Blue Moon (on GameFAQs) earns a great deal of credit for his many corrections 
    and submissions. He has corrected Leon's relation to Mathiu and Odessa, 
    Odessa's not being a strategist, the fact that Mose is not confirmed as 
    Emily's father, and the lack of blood relation for Bolgan (to Eilie and 
    Rina), Yam Koo (to Tai Ho), the Lampdragon bandits, and Windy (to Leknaat). 
    He has also corrected Jillia's and Pilika's place in my entry for the Blight 
    family, and supplied the term "True Rune Crystals" for what I had previously 
    called runetraps in the descriptions of the True Elemental Runes.
    BlindTelescope (on GameFAQs) supplied the transition in bearer of the Dragon 
    Rune, information on the Rune of Change and the Circle Rune, and a theory 
    regarding the Eightfold Rune. He also supplied the information that the 
    current whereabouts of the Beast and Sovereign Runes is currently unknown.
    Emperor Magus (on GameFAQs) corrected me regarding Landis/Sid, and supplied 
    relations for Rico/Sancho and Raura Hortez, as well as confirmed that Ronnie 
    Bell uses fist-type weapons. He also confirmed that Older Viki and Younger 
    Viki are the same person, stating their ability to teleport through time.
    Matt620 (on GameFAQs) supplied the relation between Yuber and Pesmerga. He 
    also confirmed that Hugo is the `official' Flame Champion Successor.
    highwind5001 (on GameFAQs) provided the circumstances that led to Edge's 
    acquisition of the Star Dragon Sword.
    (C) 2004-6, Kenneth Whitten, all rights reserved.
    P.S. Keep the above line in mind should you ever wish to use this guide. If 
    you wish to use it, all you need do is follow the universal FAQ/Guide 
    courtesies of keeping the content unaltered and remembering to credit me for 
    authoring it.
    P.P.S. I will know if you don't.

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