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    Duel Guide by SylvanElves

    Version: 0.95 | Updated: 06/13/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Suikoden III for Playstation II
    Duel Guide
    Version 0.95
    Copyright 2004 HellShogun <HellShogun@hotmail.com>
    I) Disclaimer
    II) Version History
    III) Duel Explanation
    IV) Duel Sentences
    V) Credits
    I) Disclaimer
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private
    use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
    without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or
    as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of
    copyright. If you wish to contact me, use my e-mail.
    This guide was based on notes I took during the game, some sentences used in 
    duels might be incorrect or missing, if this happens please e-mail me with the
    correction and I will credit it to you.
    II) Version History
    Version 0.95
     - First version of the Guide
    III) Duel Explanations
    The One-On-One Battles (Duel) are one of the three types of battle you'll
    encounter in Suikoden III, the others two being Classic-RPG Battles and Large-
    Scale Battles. 
    The duels work in a simple Rock-Paper-Scissors Way, if the opponent uses
    Attack you counter with DeathBlow, if the opponent uses Defend you counter with
    Attack and if he uses DeathBlow you counter with Defend.
    With Suikoden III Konami added something new to this system, the Duel Gauge.
    The gauge shows the balance in power between you and your opponent. When the
    gauge is on the enemy side, you have the advantage, when it is on your side,
    he as the advantage. When having the advantage your attacks are more effective.
    But, frankly, if you use this guide you'll never have to worry about the gauge.
    IV) Duel Sentences
    Versus Guillaume
    Pesky opponent! The next one won't miss!
    So valiant...
    Don't expect me to spare you.
    Snap out of it. There's no turning back now.
    I warned you, you shouldn,t have interfered.
    You've made your uncle very angry!
    Ouch, you'll pay for that!
    Ho, ho, ho. Allow me to make my point.
    All this staring at each other. Like a prelude to marriage. But I don't mind.
    Hohoho! I am simply too strong!
    I'll take a page from your book.
    Hohoho! Did you think I would only defend?
    Ahh this is really quite comfortable.
    Hohoho! I am truly at my best today.
    Ouch! The pain!
    Careful, careful, careful...
    Who's copying who?
    Waaa careful!
    Hmph. Your turn.
    Ouch! I better stop to catch my breath!
    Let's star with this!
    Deathblow Attack!!! Ominous Oceans!!!
    Deathblow Attack! The most furious of flames!!!
    You lucky bugger! Deathblow Attack!!! Sharp Spearhead!!!
    Deathblow Attack!!! Furious Flame!!!
    Deathblow Attack!!! Hellish Heat!!!
    Versus Lucia
    Saucy Knight!
    Such a lack of passion. I'll spice this up.
    If that is how you wish to battle...
    Ha! There's no need for discretion here White Maiden.
    Let's see what the White Maiden can withstand.
    It's been an even match. Until now.
    I suppose you're good enough to be called White Maiden.
    A battle of resistance...
    That won't help us decide who wins.
    So you are serious after all. But how serious?
    I'll withstand your worst.
    Without caution attack is useless!
    Where's the sport in this? It's not a battle if you don't fight.
    Hmmm. Too tired to give me your best?
    By the power of Karaya!
    Very well, stay like that!
    Let's make this the final blow.
    My Karaya brethren lend me your strength!
    That wasn't very exciting. Try this!
    Ah, just like a little girl. What about this?
    Versus Ayame
    Let me show you how pleased I am to see you again.
    When are you going to stand up and fight?
    Now I'll get you back.
    Don't feel too good about that.
    Here we go...
    If you only defend...
    Enough messing around!
    That was good, but probably the best you can do.
    I believe this is how to properly defend oneself.
    It's been a while, let's see if you've improved.
    Sorry, no effect.
    At least you don't fight worse than before.
    So we think alike after all.
    Are you getting enough to eat. You're not effective.
    I wouldn't hold still like that.
    This is taking too long.
    And now, the finishing stroke.
    This will let you know how glad I am to see you again.
    Goodnight Watari.
    I'll help you remember your past.
    Versus Sasarai
    Have you learned? You are far too meek to be a champion.
    You've got some talent. But I've also got a few tricks.
    That was fine work. I'll stop holding back as well.
    Your skills still need honing. Watch and learn.
    That's wise of you. Keep defending. I'll put you down for a long nap.
    Our strategies are similar. Let's see what you make of my next attack.
    Here I go.
    So you intend to win. But can you handle this...
    Now it's my turn.
    Can you keep that up?
    And now for my offensive.
    You make a nice target.
    Don't let it go to your head.
    Maybe I'm trying too hard.
    A passive champion at best. Come on now have at me.
    Not bad, try it again.
    Very well, then. Come at me again!
    You're far too submissive. Try a little aggression.
    Is that all? I thought you had more in you.
    I'll stand still. Attack with all your might!
    Playing it safe, eh? Go on. I'll take what you deliver.
    What's wrong Flame Champion? It's time to attack.
    Not bad. I'll take another shot.
    It seems we're both cautious.
    Such dogged caution.
    Hit me with everything you've got. I'm ready.
    Bring your worst.
    I had better consider my options...
    I won't hold back, defend yourself.
    If you won't let down your guard, I'll have to take it down.
    You're a quiet one. Can you withstand this?
    I don't care to do this all day. Let's finish it.
    You carry the name of Flame Champion? I will prove your unworthiness.
    You're far too predictable. And now...I strike.
    But can you handle this.
    Rather heavy on defense. Try defending this!
    I've analyzed this enough.
    See if you can figure this out.
    Versus Edge
    Now I know what you're up to.
    I suppose I could go easy on you.
    Don't get cocky.
    Don't chicken out on me.
    What's this? All defense?
    You won't win by just defending.
    You're no slouch, eh?
    You're better than I thought. Again!
    Come on and take a shot.
    Don't get shaken.
    Might as well play it safe.
    I'm not myself today.
    Why don't you show me what you got?
    I see we're both cautious.
    I'll end this right away.
    Try defending against this!
    I'll pay you back double.
    Let's make this interesting.
    Stand still.
    Nice work, now how about this!
    This might just finish it.
    Time to get serious.
    Versus Duke
    Well, well. Aren't you cunning?
    Here we go!
    Not bad at all, I'll go full speed as well.
    What's wrong, Geddoe? You wanted the real thing, right?
    I'll return that!
    Now this is a fight! Here it comes again!
    Don't put me to sleep, Geddoe.
    Come on now, are you really that meek?
    All right then let's see what you've got.
    The next attack is yours. Come on!
    That luck will run out!
    Hardly felt a thing. Try a little harder.
    Maybe I underestimated you, I'll be careful.
    Don't just stand there-Attack!
    How long do I have to wait!
    So what do you want to do? I'll give you a chance.
    Nice try. I'll take it as many times as you can bring it.
    If that's your game, I've got a little gift for you.
    Is that all it took? This should finish it.
    Looking me in the eye won't get you sympathy!
    Better than I thought, Geddoe. Now take this.
    Hold still!
    No quarter given!
    Versus Jimba
    Now it's time for me to strike.
    See how you like this.
    You're playing it safe. That's fine with me.
    Strong enough. Let's see how you handle this.
    You're quite skilled. How about this?
    We'll lose our audience if we carry on like this.
    AAARRR! You're no princess. I'll actually have to fight!
    Go on, take a swing at me!
    A battle of resistance...
    Quite solid, but is it luck or skill?
    Now it's your turn.
    I've never had to play it this safe before.
    Well, well...Having trouble? Maybe next time.
    Is this a staring match or a battle?
    Damn! I better take a breather.
    Let's do this my way.
    Milady, I will not hold back.
    Sorry, but I've been doing this a lot longer than you have.
    This has carried on long enough. I'll finish it quickly.
    I hope this isn't too much for you.
    Versus Yuber
    V) Credits
    I'd like to thanks:
    Konami for making such a great game.
    The guys at Suikosource and Suikox for being such a great source of
    GameFAQs for hosting this guide.
    RPGClassics for filling in on some sentences I didn't know.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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