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    Old Book Guide by Blazefeeler

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    >Suikoden III Old Book Guide<
    By Blazefeeler 6/14/2006
    1. Introduction
    -A) History
    -B) Copyrights
    2. Old Books
    -A) History and Information
    -B) Locations
    -C) Contents
    3. Credits
    1. Introduction
    I started working on this faqs to help get some of the 
    information that they contain, available for viewing and 
    use by posters at Gamefaqs and fans of the game who 
    had failed to obtain all of the books, or had not enough
    time to obtain them all, themselves. The following is a 
    guide very similar to that I constructed for the Old 
    Book Guide for Suikoden IV. Hope you enjoy! 
    -A) History
    6/14/2006-Work began on Suikoden III Old Book Guide
    6/15/2006-Completed all entries.
    6/15/2006-Pending Submission. 
    5/23/2007-General check. 
    -B) Copyrights
    This guide may not be posted in any other website other then
    Gamefaqs.com, or informational source without my approval.
    I will more then likely grant permission if you simply ask, and
    give credit where it is due. If you notice an error, or have found
    something not listed in this guide, please email me and I will
    correct the faqs and give credit where due. A LOT of effort
    went into this guide, and I would be most upset to see it used
    without consent, credit, or due notice. That being said. Spoilers
    abound. Ye have been warned, again! On with the faqs!
    2. Old Books
    -A) History and Information
    Every Suikoden to date has made use of the Old Books to help 
    the player obtain valuable information about the locale, history 
    of a certain area or people, Shop rare-find lists, True Runes, 
    hints of help for your gameplay, and other helpful information. 
    To best use and appreciate the Old Books in Suikoden III, 
    you must first recruit the Librarian, Eike(Chisui Star). Eike 
    becomes available, and is most often recruited as soon as you 
    play as Thomas in Chapter 1 of his POV. He is auto-recruited
    so you don't really have to worry about ever missing him. Once
    he is recruited, you must simply bring him the Old Books at the 
    library he facilitates at Lake Castle for him to review with you. 
    The Library is located on the top floor, right side near the 
    elevator hallway. 
    -B) Locations
    Here are the locations of all of the Old Books. Some of these, 
    keep in mind, may require you to be playing as a certain character to 
    obtain. Namely those people who can loot corpses or check the 
    remains for treasures. Those are the earliest and quickest ways to 
    obtain them, anyhow. Some can be recieved simply by speaking 
    with the right NPC in the right location. Anyways....on with the 
    Old Book Volume 1
    You recieve Old Book Volume #1 from the corpse remains in the 
    Flame Champion's Hideaway. Most often, it will be one of the first
    if not "the" first things you will recieve from the corpse. If you have 
    problems obtaining it, I suggest waiting until you know you can loot 
    again, save your game, and then try to get it. If you fail, reload and 
    try again.  
    Old Book Volume 2
    This book is obtained by way of the Lottery. Namely, it is the 
    Complimentary Prize you obtain by playing the Lottery game in 
    Vinay Del Zexay. You shouldn't have too many issues finding this 
    one, unless you aren't used to the lottery. It really isn't hard to pull 
    the complimentary prize, as you obtain that more often than others. 
    Old Book Volume 3
    This book is obtained by one of the Lizard Clan, in the N. Western
    sections of the Great Hollow. Simply speak with him and accept the 
    book when offered. That's all there is to it.  
    Old Book Volume 4
    This book is found later in the game, although it is an early addition 
    to the Volumes. You can obtain this by checking the corpse you find
    in the area of the Cyndar Ruins, accessed by way of the right pathway. 
    Again, it should be there as a first loot on the corpse. 
    Old Book Volume 5
    This Old Book can be found by speaking with the Chisha Clan woman 
    who is walking the platforms in Duck Village behind the Inn. You should
    be able to spot her if you go to where you first met Hortez III. 
    Old Book Volume 6
    This book is found by way of Eike. He comes with it in his inventory of
    personal favorites. Can't miss this one. 
    Old Book Volume 7
    Another book that Eike comes with when you first meet and recruit him. 
    You won't be able to miss this one either. 
    Old Book Volume 8
    Old Book #8 is another one of those that you obtain by playing the Lottery
    game. This time, you need to win the Complimentary Prize in the Lake 
    Castle Lottery. That which is ran by Martha. 
    Old Book Volume 9
    You will be down on your knee's looting another corpse to obtain this copy. 
    What you want to do, is check the corpse at the Flame Champion's 
    Hideaway with Geddoe's team as soon as you arrive. This book should be 
    the first item you recieve. 
    Old Book Volume 10
    Another edition that good ol' Eike starts with. You can't miss this one....
    Old Book Volume 11
    This volume is found quite easily and fairly early in your adventure if you 
    keep your eyes peeled for it. You recieve it as a prize from the Chimera
    you can encounter as a boss at the end of the North Cavern Tunnel. If 
    you are unfamiliar with it, it is the place where a couple of duels take place
    and scenes late in the game are viewed. 
    Old Book Volume 12
    This Book can be obtained by opening the Treasure Chest on Mt. Hei-Tu. 
    It is always guarded by a Crab type enemy, so prepare accordingly if you 
    are low in level or poorly equipped. 
    -C) Contents
    This section will detail and list the contents of each book for you, and give
    you some idea on some of the most important aspects of the game. Here 
    we are at last. I can hardly wait!
    Old Book Volume 1- Curio Delights
    Failure Urn
    30 Potch
    Caleria Urn
    3,000 Potch
    Wu-ts'ai Urn
    7,000 Potch
    Karaya Urn
    8,000 Potch
    Celadon Urn
    20,000 Potch
    Gold Urn
    45,000 Potch
    White Porcelain vase
    90,000 Potch
    50 Potch
    Scroll Picture
    7,000 Potch
    Painting: Lady
    8,000 Potch
    Painting: Sky Owl
    10,000 Potch
    Painting: Knight
    20,000 Potch
    Painting: Ruins
    35,000 Potch
    Painting: Sunset
    50,000 Potch
    Hex Doll
    200 Potch
    Sp. Hex Doll
    5,000 Potch
    Peeing Boy
    30,000 Potch
    Knight Statue
    60,000 Potch
    Goddess Statue
    80,000 Potch
    Sp. Knight Statue
    100,000 Potch
    Sp. Goddess Statue
    250,000 Potch
    Sp. Dragon Statue
    400,000 Potch
    Indoor Plant Vase
    6,000 Potch
    Rose Vase
    7,000 Potch
    Plum Bonsai
    9,000 Potch
    Potted Mini-Cactus
    11,000 Potch
    Potted Cactus
    15,000 Potch
    Pine Bonsai
    2,000 Potch
    Old Book Volume 2-Legend of Cyndar 
    "Long ago, there lived the elusive Cyndar Clan, whose ruins lie across
    our land."
    "In the search for the unknown Cyndar legacy, scholars and hunters have
    found only death. May one of those brave souls find peace in knowning 
    that their findings survive herein to spread their rare insights. "
    "My Search for Cyndar"
    "Far have I come to seek the truth of Cyndar, yet little have I found. 
    I record my work herein now, for my strength falters more each day."
    "The ethereal Cyndar legacy casts a shadow before us, and none can claim 
    to know anything of their true nature."
    "Cyndar went from the north to the south, leaving ruins behind in all 
    corners of our land. Their leader perhaps kept death at bay with a rune
    above the brow, but the same magic may also have forced Cyndar to remain 
    nomadic. Beyond the many traps set within the Cyndar ruins may rest great 
    wealth and knowledge."
    "Few have sought to break through to the inner ruins, for the darkness of 
    death is said to sweep away those who try. I myself now suffer this 
    Old Book Volume 3-Taraq's List of Finds
    "In my travels I have seen these items, beyond the grandest deams, But as 
    the winds of trade are strong, stock will not be plentiful for long."
    Karaya Clan
    Lightning Leather
    Fish Badge
    Duck Clan
    Gold Beak
    Blue Ribbon
    Water Amulet
    Wall Crystal
    Hazy Crystal
    Vinay Del Zexay
    Master Garb
    Turtle Tunic
    Black Warrior Tunic
    Premier Tunic
    Lightning Leather
    Thunderbolt Leather
    Premier Armor
    Wind Amulet
    Yellow Scarf
    Sunbeam Crystal
    Warrior Crystal
    Iksay Village
    Rose Brooch
    Alert Crystal
    Waking Crystal
    Golden Hammer
    Guild Hall
    Flame Armor
    Armor of Rage
    Byakko Chain Mail
    Guardian Shield
    Flame Amulet
    Gold Emblem
    Hunter Crystal
    Rose Vase
    Painting: Knight
    Alma Kinan
    Wind Amulet
    Killer Crystal
    Hazy Crystal
    Goddess Statue
    Premier Helm
    Guardian Chain Mail
    Custom Chain Mail
    Gloves of Destiny
    Thunder Amulet
    White Rose Brooch
    Wizard Crystal
    Chisha Clan
    Silver White Robe
    Chief's Hat
    Prosperity Hat
    Lion God Ring
    Prosperity Ring
    Wizard Crystal
    Medal Set #4
    Lizard Clan
    Byakko Chain Mail
    Custom Chain Mail
    Thunderbolt Leather
    Premier Tunic
    Crown of Destiny
    DragonTail Ornament
    Mole Gloves
    Counter Crystal
    Violence Crystal
    Brass Castle
    Lightning Leather
    Thunderbolt Leather
    Byakko Chain Mail
    Chaos Shield
    Gold Emblem
    Wind Amulet
    Thunder Amulet
    Flame Amulet
    Medicine Crystal
    Killer Crystal
    Wu-ts'ai Urn
    Le Buque
    Windspun Armor
    Mole Shield
    Premier Casque
    Custom Tunic
    Thunder Amulet
    Pale Moon Casque
    Counter Crystal
    Hazy Crystal
    Old Book Volume 4-Approach With Caution
    Watari: Fugitive ninja. Last seen near Iksay Village.
    Gordon: Supply shop proprietor in Iksay Village. Says he is practicing to 
    become a gentleman.
    Landis: A Winghorde youth looking for his niche in the world. Spotted in 
    Kuput Forest.
    Melville: Saint Loa Knight. His father is a treasure hunter and is rarely at 
    home with him.
    Ayame: Female ninja. Said to be chasing another ninja. Little knowledge 
    of this person exists.
    Guillaume: Makes a ruckus wherever he goes. Seen lurking about the ruins 
    on the Ancient Highway. Just who is he?
    Hortez VII: Young scroll maker at Lake. Makes good scrolls but is completely
    unable to discern direction. Seen in Caleria and at Duck and Chisha villages.
    Estella: A travelling wizard now said to be in Alma Kinan Village. Has a 
    younger brother named Rody. Tends to deceive people.
    Arthur: Always in search of his next newspaper story. Interested in the recent 
    incident at the barrier checkpoint.
    Alanis: Nothing is known of her since she moved away. Reportedly seen at 
    the Great Hollow.
    Jefferson: Appears unexpectedly in busy places and assigns titles to people.
    Kidd: A young sleuth who has unraveled many cases thus far. Said to be at 
    the Duck Clan Village.
    Old Book Volume 5-Birth of the 27 True Runes
    In the beginning there existed only long, long Darkness.
    Over time, Darkness grew lonely. The loneliness became a heavy sorrow. 
    Darkness eventually cried one tear.
    From the tear were born two brothers: Sword and Shield.
    Sword said it could cut all that exists. Shield replied that nothing could 
    even scratch it.
    They fell into war. Their war lasted for 7 days and 7 nights. 
    In the end, Sword breached Shield, and Shield broke Sword.
    Pieces of Sword rained down to make the sky. Pieces of Shield rained down
    to make the earth. Their battle flashes became the stars.
    The 27 gems adorning Sword and Shield transformed into the 27 True Runes. 
    And thus the world began its life.
    Old Book Volume 6-Trader's Handbook
    "Every good trader gathers information. At every place you visit, check 
    the prices of goods."
    "When you notice price differences, buy where an item is cheap and sell 
    where it is expensive."
    "Shops need time to replenish supplies you've bought. Use that time to 
    visit other trade shops. Sell what you have, then buy goods said to be 
    desired elsewhere."
    "One famous trader bought salt in Caleria and sold it for triple the price 
    in Vinay Del Zexay. Deer antlers were cheap there. He took several back to 
    Caleria and made a fortune. If only his pet dragon hadn't eaten it all."
    "Your ability to carry items is limited. Store your purchases at the 
    warehouse if you can't sell them right away."
    "Keep your ear to the wall, and the wind! You never know when a story 
    you hear will point the way to a hefty profit."
    Old Book Volume 7-(Dunan) Unification War
    (This title will vary by your load data from Suikoden I) 
    "In 460(solar calendar), an alliance of cities known as the City-State of 
    Jowston broke a ceasefire agreement without warning, and annihilated the 
    Highland Youth Army. In response, Prince Luca Blight of Highland invaded 
    Toto and Ryube villages, spawning the (Dunan) Unification War. Jowston 
    leaders sought more cooperation among cities, but were denied even as 
    Highland killed Mayor Annabel and captured her city, Muse, the most 
    important of Jowston cities. Total Highland victory was certain until the 
    remnants of the State Army joined with mercaneries at North Window Castle 
    to organize a new resistance movement against Prince Blight. 
    These new allied forces were led by the son of the hero Genkaku, who 
    had saved Jowston in the past. The new allied forces endured Highland 
    attacks and succeeded in rescuing Greenhill City mayor Teresa Wisemail. 
    After Matilda Knightdom dismissed a request for military help; half of its 
    knights defected to join the new allied forces. With their numbers augmented, 
    they launched a challenge against Highland, which was now completely 
    controlled by Luca Blight as emperor, due to the sudden death of his father, 
    Agares. Despite Highland's numerical superiority, its army was unable to 
    deliver a decisive blow against the allies led by Shu, a clever tactician. 
    Emperor Blight chose to sneak-attack the heart of the allied forces. The plan 
    was discovered in advance, however, and the allied forces waited patiently 
    for Blight's ambush. 
    Under a full moon, the slaughter was reversed, with the attackers 
    not even realizing they'd been surrounded. Emperor Luca's death passed the 
    throng to Princess Jilla's husband of 17 years, Jowy Blight. Inspired by the 
    ambush, the allied forces liberated Tinto City and Greenhill City. They went 
    on to capture the Matilda Knightdom's stronghold, Rockaxe Castle, and then 
    turned their attention to the Highland imperial capital, L'Renouille. 
    Nearly everyone defending the capital died. Emperor Jowy Blight was last 
    seen during the torching of the city. The Highland Kingdom was no more, and 
    the royal Blight family legacy came to an end."
    Old Book Volume 8-The Flame Champion Legend
    "Many years ago, over half of the Grasslands were controlled by the Holy 
    Harmonian Kingdom. Most clans fell under their control. Even clans not 
    controlled paid tribute. No one questioned this, for the Harmonian army 
    was almighty. One battalion alone was equal in strength to all clans 
    "The difference in power was enormous, yet one group showed no fear: the 
    Flame Champion and his Fire Bringers."
    "Their battles were small, but word spread quickly. Stories of the Fire 
    Bringer bandits raiding supply transports made the clans brave and hopeful. 
    Soon they stood up to be led by the same man. Then came the day when they 
    stood as one against the Holy Harmonian Kingdom."
    "The Harmonian army clashed fiercely with the Grasslands forces led by the 
    Flame Champion, (Fire Hero's Name). It was the heaviest fighting ever known, 
    but neither side won a decisive victory. Strangely enough, although Harmonia 
    did not claim victory, it has not tried to retake the Grasslands in all the 
    years since."
    "The Flame Champion did not show himself again. Rumors said that he went to 
    the far west continent, or that he traded his own life for peace in the 
    Old Book Volume 9-Forage Before Forging
    -Iron Hammer-
    The basic tool for forging weapons up through Level 9. Sometimes found 
    in the Great Hollow.
    -Copper Hammer-
    A quality design for forging up through Level 12. Spotted in Caleria.
    But what hasn't been spotted in Caleria at one time or another?
    -Silver Hammer-
    A real beauty. Makes forging a pleasure. Can eventually bring a dull 
    blade up to Level 15. Said to be hidden in the Duck Village.
    -Golden Hammer-
    Level 16 forges? Go for gold! When you need the very best, look no 
    further than, um, well...actually, no one knows. Iksay?
    Old Book Volume 10-Win the Lottery! 
    "If you want to get filthy rich, the lottery is your ticket. Here's 
    all you need to know."
    Q1: How can I buy tickets?
    A1: Go to a lottery sales outlet! One ticket costs 100 potch.
    You can buy up to 10 tickets for a drawing, but only during the sales 
    period. When the sales period stops, the drawing & payout period 
    starts. That's when you should check your numbers and collect any 
    Q2: How much can I win?
    A2: The typical range is 500,000 for 1st prize to 3,000 for 4th prize. 
    Complimentary and grand prizes also exist. Complimentary prizes differ 
    by seller.
    "The tricky part is cashing in your winners. That can onnly be done 
    where you bought them. Remember that! And for that matter, remember 
    winning tickets can only be confirmed within 3 lottery draws after 
    the one it was purchased for. Any later than that, and your ticket 
    is void! But once you've identified a ticket as a winner, you're 
    free to carry it around until it burns a hole in your armor."
    "The rest if up to you. Do you know the saying, 'Players win, 
    watchers lose'? Well, it's true!"
    "May you have the last dance with Lady Luck!"
    Old Book Volume 11-Book of Beasts
    Holly leaf creature. 1.5 feet tall. Usually jumps and attacks with body. 
    Appears in Zexen Forest.
    Wild Boar
    Boar. Very mean disposition. Attacks by ramming. Mostly appears on 
    Looks like a typical, white rabbit, but wields a stone hatchet. 
    Mostly appears on plains.
    Humanoid with tail. Attacks with own blasts and by controlling other 
    monsters. Appears in vicinity of Flame Champion's Hideaway.
    Bronze Sun
    Huge humanoid. Skin yellowish with green pattern. Floats in air and 
    attacks with light. Appears near Ancient Highway and F.C. Hideaway.
    Red full-body armor. Uses sword to strike one target, or multiples to 
    strike several targets at once. Appears around Mt. Senai.
    Green plant life form which sucks enemies into its body cavity. 
    Appears in the Zexen Forest.
    A flying humanois with various magic skills empowered by cards. 
    Acrobatic kick attack. Appears at North Cavern and Mt. Senai.
    Fish's lower body, humanoid's upper body. Blue. Holds lyre. Sleep 
    magic and Water Rune attacks. Appears in Homeland and at Cyndar Ruins.
    A zombie-like being with a wrapped head and neck. Claws and pile-driver 
    attacks. Mostly appears in Zexen Forest.
    A white unicorn, 1.5 times larger than a regular horse. Skewers enemies, 
    or attacks with magic. Encountered at North Cavern.
    Soul Slug
    Light-blue body. Transparent. Flame-breather. Can also abrosb strength 
    of enemies. Primarily appears along Ancient Pathway.
    Sprite in red clothing. Attacks with 'DO' pitch as part of a chorus. Can 
    inflict damage on multiple targets. In Zexen Forest.
    Holly tree monster. Attacks by releasing several smaller holly leaves. 
    Encountered in Zexen Forest.
    Dragon monstrosity shrouded in flames. Fire-breathing attack while 
    airborne. Mostly appears in mountainous areas.
    Wolf. Pounces on enemies to attack. Known to appear on plains.
    A lion with goat and eagle heads, and a snake tail. Can ram enemies, 
    breath fire, or breath poisonous gas. Zexen Forest.
    Giant spider. Vivid yellow and black striped pattern. Attacks with a 
    clawing jump. Appears on plains.
    A fighting skeleton that attacks with an axe. Appears on Mt. Senai 
    and along Ancient Pathway.
    Killer Bee
    Bee-like creature with a sting attack. Encountered on plains.
    One-eyed vegetation monster. Eye emits a beam. Also attacks with 
    claws. Stalks beneath the ground at Homeland.
    Ivory-colored boar. Attacks by ramming enemies. Primarily 
    encountered on plains.
    Gold Boar
    A purple boar. Attacks by ramming and with the electrified horns on 
    its back. Appears mostly on plains.
    Ivory-colored rabbit missing one eye and part of one ear. Attacks with 
    single-bladed axe. Appears on plains.
    Dark Hare
    A single-horned black rabbit. Fights effectively with its double-bladed axe. 
    Mostly appears on plains.
    Copper Sun
    Giant humanoid. Brownish with red coloring. Floats in air and attacks with 
    light. Appears at Flame Champion's Hideaway.
    The lower body of a fish, the upper body of a humanoid. Holds lyre. 
    Orange. Sleep magic and Water Rune attacks. Appears at North Cavern area.
    Red unicorn. 1.5 times larger than a regular horse. Skewers enemies, or 
    attacks with magic. Appears at Ritual Site Ruins.
    Ghost Slug
    Pink, transparent flame-breather. Can also abrosb strength of enemies. 
    Appears at North Cavern, Mt. Senai, Brass Castle, and Ancient Pathway.
    Ghost Holly
    Withered holly tree monster. Attacks by releasing several smaller holly 
    leaves. Appears in Zexen and Kuput forests.
    Troll Dragon
    Dragon-shaped monstrosity weapped in flames. Flies and breathes fire. 
    Appears on plains, mountains, and near the Cyndar Ruins.
    Shadow Dog
    Wolf. Has furless tail and a color pattern on legs. Leaping and breathing 
    attacks. Most often appears on plains.
    Giant spider. Vivid red and black stripes. Attacks with a clawing jump. 
    Mostly appears on plains.
    Giant brown spider. Attacks with a clawing jump. Can also damage anyone 
    within its nest. Appears in Kuput Forest.
    Devil Eye
    Features a giant eye on its head that shoots a beam. Also attacks with 
    claws. Likes mountainout areas.
    Holly Elf
    Red-winged humanoid sprite. Strikes with a baton and calls on holly 
    leaves to make focused attack. Appears in Zexen Forest.
    Sprite in blue clothing. Attacks with 'RE' pitch as part of a chorus. 
    Can inflict damage on multiple targets, in Zexen Forest.
    Sprite in yellow clothing. Attacks with 'MI' pitch as part of a chorus. 
    Can inflict damage on multiple targets. In Zexen Forest.
    Sprite in green clothing. Attacks with 'FA' pitch as part of a chorus. 
    Can inflict damage on multiple targets. In Zexen Forest.
    Sprite in purple clothing. attacks with 'SOL' pitch as part of a chorus. 
    Can inflict damage on multiple targets. In Zexen Forest.
    Sprite in pink clothing. Attacks with 'LA' pitch as part of a chorus. 
    Can inflict damage on multiple targets. In Zexen Forest.
    Sprite in white clothing. Attacks with 'TI' pitch as part of a chorus. 
    Can inflict damage on multiple targets. In Zexen Forest.
    Small, blue, furry creature. Attacks directly with its body. Mostly 
    encountered on plains.
    Small, red, furry creature. Attacks directly with its body. Mostly 
    encountered on plains.
    Small, yellow, furry creature. Attacks directly with its body. Mostly 
    encountered on plains.
    Small, green, furry creature. Attacks directly with its body. Mostly 
    encountered on plains.
    Small, purple, furry creature. Attacks directly with its body. Mostly 
    encountered on plains.
    Small, copper, furry creature. Attacks directly with its body. Mostly 
    encountered on plains.
    Small, black, furry creature. Attacks directly with its body. Mostly 
    encountered on plains.
    A giant, red crab-like creature that punches enemies. Can paralyze with froth. 
    Use its remains for cooking! mostly in Zexen Forest.
    Red Mantik
    Known by its mostly red shell. Strikes with appendages. Paralyzing attack. 
    use its remains for cooking! Usually in Kuput Forest.
    Gigantic being carrying a staff. Lightning attack from spear. Summons ice 
    spears from sky. Mt. Senai and Ancient Pathway.
    A red bug with thorns on its back. Explosive projectile attack can be used 
    while flying. Appears in Zexen Forest.
    A blue bug with thorns on its back. Explosive projectile attack can be used 
    while flying. Appears in Kuput Forest.
    Pillar with faces on front and back. Trample attack. Orbited by objects with 
    smash attack. At Cyndar Ruins and Ancient Highway.
    Winged humanoid. Attacks with arrows of light and by summoning shadows to 
    inflict damage. Appears near Flame Champion's Hideaway.
    A fully-armored being that attacks with an axe. Can break into smaller 
    pieces for attack. Encountered on Mt. Senai,
    Winged creature with enormous head. Drops enemy from the air and shoots 
    multiple arrows from mouth. Appears near North Cavern.
    Twin Snake
    Huge Mt. Senai beast with two huge snakes emerging from both sides.Tongue 
    and beam attacks from mouth. Flame & cold attacks from snakes.
    Water dragon with 10 beautiful side fins. Guarded by six ice columns. 
    Appears at Cyndar Ruins when the True Water Rune seal is broken.
    A round creature covered with eyes. As turns pass, it expands, turns red, 
    and explodes. Appears at Flame Champion's Hideaway.
    Purple plant life form which sucks enemies into its body cavity. Appears on 
    A fighting skeleton that attacks with an axe. Encountered at North Cavern.
    Known by its vividly colored bluish shell. Attacks with laser, appendages, 
    and paralyzing froth. Mostly encountered in Kuput Forest.
    Wears green, full-body armor. Attacks with sword and by breaking up into 
    smaller pieces for multiple targets. On Ancient Pathway.
    A green bug with thorns on its back. Explosive projectile attack(can fire 
    several while flying). Appears in Zexen Forest.
    Immense fire dragon with wings shrouded in flame. Appears at Flame Champion's 
    Hideaway when the True Fire Rune seal is broken.
    Armored upper body. Lower body of a horse. Attacks with light and explosions 
    from spear, and with a frontal charge. At North Cavern.
    Encompassed by a blue aura. Attacks with a beam from mouth and multiple balls 
    of light from body. Appears at Ritual Site Ruins.
    Body made of rough stone. Huge right arm used to attack. Can jump and deliver 
    punchs to multiple foes upon landing. Appears on plains.
    A flightless, green bird with much plumage on its head. Stabs with break 
    and kicks at enemies. msotly appears on plains. 
    Butterfly with red and blue wings. Absorbs enemy's strength and spreads 
    airborne, poisonous powder. Appears in mountainout areas.
    A round monster with one eye at its center. Rotates and fires beams of light at
    its enemy.
    Yellow, dolphin-like mountain sprite with unique pattern on its back and fins. 
    Attacks with horn on its head and also with tail.
    Blue Svire
    Blue, dolphin-like Mt. Senai sprite with distinct pattern on its back and fins. 
    Attacks with horn on its head and also with tail.
    A flightless, black bird with much plumage on its head. Stabs with beak and 
    kicks with enemies. Mostly appears on plains.
    Butterfly with color gradation on wings. Absorbs enemy's strength and spreads 
    airborne, poisonous powder. Appears beneath Homeland.
    Rock Golem
    Body made of rough rock. Huge right arm used to attack. Can jump and deliver 
    punches to multiple foes upon landing. Found in mountains.
    Old Book Volume 12-Gourmet Adventurer
    "Every village and city has at least one specialty, and it'd be foolish to 
    not try them all. Here, for the first time in one book, is all you need to know 
    about the finest sustenance your potch can buy."
    "As any Lizard will tell you, the popularity of the SPECIAL STEW at the 
    Great Hollow is well-deserved."
    "There's no use in going to Caleria if you're not going to indulge in their 
    "Over at the Duck Village, they've got a TOMATO SOUP worthy of being a lottery 
    "You don't have to be Zexen to fall in love with the GRATIN in Vinay Del Zexay."
    "In Iksay Village, the BEEF & POTATOES and GRILLED FISH taste just like how 
    mom used to make them!"
    "CAKE is the quickest and sweetest way to every woman's heart in Alma Kinan 
    "Busy Le Buqueans know there's no beating the price and volume of the local 
    "CHINESE NOODLE SOUP is always worth a trip to Chisha Village. You haven't 
    tried noodle soup like this before! "
    "Even if you can't stomach the local water, always stop to enjoy the 
    culinary delights. "
    3. Credits
    -Thanks to Konami, for yet another excellent addition to the
    Suikoden Series.
    -Thanks to Gamefaqs and CJayC for providing posting of this
    faqs and the boards at Gamefaqs.
    (my home away from home)
    -All of the posters at Gamefaqs, for which this guide is
    intended to help.
    -Thanks to my family for being so patient with me,
    and my hobbies.
    -My email should you wish to contact me about this
    guide, is kooptsk@hotmail.com

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