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    FAQ/Walkthrough by troutmaster1

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    Way of the Samurai
    Walkthrough by Scott Dickie
    Email: troutmaster1@hotmail.co.uk
    Table of contents
    Version history ------------------------------------ I
    How to play it  ------------------------------------ II
    Locations on the map ------------------------------- III
    Quick bios ----------------------------------------- IV
    What's going on in the game ------------------------ V
    The walkthroughs ----------------------------------- VI
    (a)	Kurou / Akadama ending (1)
    (b)	Station people ending #1 (2)
    (c)	Station people ending #2 (3)
    (d)	Kurou ending (4)
    (e)	Akadama ending (5)
    (f)	Tamagawa ending (6)
    How to get money ----------------------------------- VI
    The Swordsmith ------------------------------------- VII
    Legal Information ---------------------------------- VIII
    Hello and welcome to this guide for the PS2 game " Way of the Samurai". If you
    have any questions about the game, then email me at the address featured above
    (If the guide covers your question it wont be answered) or if you wish to
    contribute to the guide then please feel free to do so at the same email
    address. I hope this guide can help you, and remember to enjoy the game.
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    Version history ----------------------------------------------------------- I
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Version 1.0 submitted to Gamefaqs 11-25-2005
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    How To Play It ----------------------------------------------------------- II
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    In this guide I may abbreviate words to symbols (like towards opponent = -> or,
    away from opponent = <-).
    Basic controls     Without sword drawn           With sword drawn
    X                       Jump                        Jump
    O                  Talk (Icon flashes)           Talk (icon flashes)
    Triangle           Cancel (when talking)         Special attack
    Square           Pick up / put down object       Weak attack
    Left analog         Move character               Move character
    Right analog        Move camera                  Move camera
    D-pad               Move character               Move character
    Start button        Pause game                   Pause game
    Select button       View map                     View map
    L1                  Draw sword                   Sheath sword
    L2                  Not used                     Not used
    R1                  Not used                     Guard / block
    R2                  Not used                     Not used
    R1 + square         Weak physical attack         Weak physical attack
    R1 + -> +square     Strong physical attack       Strong physical attack
    R2 + D-pad or       Not used                     Run from enemy
    Left analog stick
    Advanced techniques
    Off-balance techniques: pushing and parrying
    Pushing: When you or your opponent are attacking with weak attacks, guard
    against them, and push the d-pad or analog stick in your opponents direction,
    and they will go off balance! It is the same principle when you are attacking
    your opponent.
    Parrying: When your opponent is attacking with weak attacks and pushing you,
    push the d-pad or analog stick AWAY from your opponent, and they will go off
    Expert techniques: The awase
    Awase: To awase your opponent, wait until they attack and hit (not hold) R1
    exactly as the attack hits you. If it is a special attack, you have a chance of
    thwarting (having the character learn to automatically awase the technique) the
    move. You can awase at any time, but the only time you can't is when you're
    attacking! An awase is the best way of blocking in my opinion.
    Healing items
    There are a number of healing items in the game, which all heal different
    amounts. I don't know EXACTLY what all of them are but I will say what I think
    they are. To use them either pick them up or kick them up.
    Turnip: Found in the small farmed pieces of land around Rokkotsu Pass. They
    heal 300 health each time.
    Mushrooms: Found almost everywhere, they either heal 200 or 600, or damage you
    50 damage or 150 damage.
    Fish: Found in a few places in the pass, they look like long skinny turnips,
    and heal 500 health.
    Yellow blob: Not quite sure what it even is, but it's a yellow blob and it
    fully restores all health.
    Fighting other people
    Simple really, attack your opponent using square or triangle, and block their
    attacks with R1. There are "boss" type people which when you fight have a
    purple health bar. Just treat them exactly the same as normal enemies, but they
    have more health. These boss type people carry unique swords, which are usually
    better than ordinary swords.
    Collecting swords
    Instructions: Kill enemy, Kick their sword which is on the ground, you now
    possess new sword.
    Try to get new swords all the time. When you either leave the pass or finish
    the game, the sword(s) you have will be put into the sword warehouse.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Locations on the Map ---------------------------------------------------- III
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    There are several places on the map, more things happening in some places than
    others. The game takes place in Rokkotsu Pass, which is somewhere in Japan.
    The Bridge: This is where the game starts off. On the first night there is a
    battle between Kurou and Akadama soldiers. This is where some of the final
    battles take place.
    The Station: This is where Suzu's restaurant "Amaguri" is and is in the centre
    of the Pass.
    The Railroad: This is where you can leave the pass at almost any time. A train
    comes by every few minutes in the daytime and evening. It is also the entrance
    to The Akadama Clan Mansion.
    The Akadama Clan Mansion: This is The Akadama Clan's Headquarters, what more is
    there to say? Actually there is a bit more to say. The Akadama Clan want to
    defeat the Meiji Government and acquire the Kurou family's Iron foundry, to
    have a stronger military power.
    The Iron foundry: The foundry is owned by the Kurou family. It was built by
    Arayan, and is nicknamed "Arayishiki". The Kurou family is now trying to sell
    it to the Meiji Government.
    The Shrine: It has a small house atop it and a fallen Buddhist statue. That's
    all really.
    Ipponmatsu: Dojima the swordsmith has his shop here. It is the entrance to the
    Kurou residence.
    The Kurou Residence: This is the Kurou family's headquarters. They control
    Rokkotsu Pass.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Quick bios ----------------------------------------------------------------- IV
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    As I said quick I will only say what is needed.
    Main Character - This is who you control. The character is a drifter and is
    going through Rokkotsu Pass, and as Hyuga says " Your presence here will upset
    the balance of power". As we all find out Hyuga is correct.
    Suzu - The young girl who you can save at the beginning of the game. She works
    in the restaurant in the station "Amaguri".
    Don Dontaleuse(Dona-Dona) - He is Suzu's (kind of) bodyguard . He defends
    Amaguri and sneaks into the Kurou residence at night.
    Kurikichi - Not much is said about him, other than he saved Suzu and thinks
    he's a frog (Oh, I want to be his friend).
    Dojima - The swordsmith who stays in Ipponmatsu. He has some history with
    Toyoko - A strange man dressed in purple robes. He gives advice and tells you a
    secret about the Kurou Residence.
    Inokashira - The (corrupt?) policeman of Rokkotsu Pass, he wields a gun and
    when attacked calls the gargantuan Jose.
    Jose - A huge man, who is very polite, strangely enough. He is Inokashira's
    Tsubohachi - The man carrying Suzu at the beginning of the game. He is quite
    easy to defeat, and is very aggressive.
    Soichiro Shiretoko - Advisor of the Kurou family. He is your employer if you
    choose to join the Kurou family.
    Madam Murasaki - The wife of Tesshin Kurou, she helped the Kurou family grow
    Master Tesshin - The leader of the Kurou family, a very skilled swordsman. He
    intends to sell the Iron Foundry to the Government. He and Murasaki are parents
    of Kintaro, but Tesshin has a son from a previous marriage, Kitcho.
    Young Master Kintaro - A baby which can be used as a weapon and the son of
    Tesshin and Murasaki.
    Kitcho - The leader of the Akadama Clan, and the disowned son of Tesshin. He
    intends to restore honour to the samurai. The Akadama Clan has been in the Pass
    for a month and he is being pressured into attacking the Kurou family.
    Chelsea - One of the leading Akadama Clan members. She secretly loves Kitcho
    and is from England. She uses more of a fencing style of swordplay, because of
    the way she moves and her sword.
    Karibe - The (I think)coolest character in the game. His attacks are dangerous
    and fast, but his attacks can be easily blocked. Like Chelsea he is a leading
    member of the Akadama Clan.
    Hyuga - Pretends to be a samurai and for a while he is a leading member of the
    Akadama Clan. He is really a government spy and government ninja. His attacks
    are extremely fast and weak.
    Major Tamagawa - The bad guy of the game. He uses a gold sword and his attacks
    are quite annoying. He dies in 5/6 endings.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    What's going on in the game ------------------------------------------------- V
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    I'm going to do what the book says and what I say.
    The book says: The year is 1878. The collapse of the Tokugawa Shogunate and the
    rise of the Meiji Restoration Era has brought an end to the age of the samurai.
    For centuries Japan has remained untouched and separate from other cultures.
    But now, Westerners have finally arrived on the island nation, rocking a
    culture that has developed in seclusion over hundreds of years.
    Born to a time that no longer needs or welcomes them, these samurai are a far
    cry from heroes and legends that preceded them. This is a story of The Way of
    the Samurai and their final days.
    I say: The year is around 1880 in Japan. The Meiji government have stopped most
    people from using swords. They think samurai are no longer needed in the world.
    This is the story of a lone samurai and his adventures in Rokkotsu Pass.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    The Walkthroughs ----------------------------------------------------------- VI
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Ah, now onto the actual walkthroughs. If you have played through this game
    before you may know that there are 6 endings. I will explain them in order of
    endings 1-6.
    Ending 1 Kurou / Akadama ending
    Day 1: Morning
    The game begins as your player is going into the pass. You will see a
    Tsubohachi attack Suzu. Allow them to pass under the bridge and watch
    Tsubohachi and Don fight. When they are done either take the route through
    the foundry or the route through the station to get to the Railroad.
    From the railroad, go up the ladder or round the path up to the Akadama Clan
    mansion. Before you enter you will see around 5 red-uniformed soldiers. These
    are Akadama's warriors. When you enter the mansion, you will be stopped by 2
    Akadama warriors. Tell them you wish to join and they will tell you to come
    back in the evening. Then take the route through the station to Ipponmatsu.
    Introduce yourself to Dojima and keep following the path. Then go through the
    opening in the rocks to go to the Kurou residence.
    Tell Tsubohachi you want to join The Kurou family. He will then tell you to
    introduce yourself to Master Tesshin. When up the path and in the courtyard,
    listen to Tesshin and Murasaki's long speech and fight with Shiretoko. Defeat
    him, and you will be paid by Murasaki. You will be given a job: meet Shiretoko
    at the Shrine. Leave the Kurou Residence and go through the side opening in
    Ipponmatsu to get to the Shrine.
    Speak with Shiretoko and go to the station. The other Kurou member will begin
    wrecking the restaurant, and when told so do you. If you followed orders you
    will be given 50 yen. You have a meeting with Akadama remember, so waste no
    time in going to the Railroad. First though you will have words with Hyuga.
    Day 1: Evening
    Go up to the Akadama Clan Mansion and you will be greeted by the guard. Go in
    and listen to the debate between the four members and eventually they will go
    outside. It appears Kitcho and Karibe are going to fight,and when Chelsea asks
    you to help, say to Kitcho "let me take care of him" . Fight Karibe and when
    you are able to talk to him do it and he will stop fighting. Then when you are
    leaving, you will see a scene with Chelsea and Hyuga talking about Tesshin.
    Day 1: Night
    Go to the shrine and you will see a short scene with Murasaki. She is meeting
    with Inokashira, the Pass policeman. When Murasaki says "you're shrewd too you
    little policeman", run over and they will interrogate you.When she asks if you
    heard the conversation say "Yes" and when Shiretoko appears, say "they had a
    secret meeting" and then "please pardon her". Her life will be spared and you
    move on to the final day.
    Day 2: Morning, evening and night.
    Go to the Akadama Clan Mansion and meet with Kitcho. He asks you to go to the
    Kurou residence with him, so go with him. When you both get to the Shrine, you
    will see a scen with Hyuga. Follow Kitcho and see a scene where Hyuga meets
    with a government official. It turns out hes a government spy. He calls a few
    ninjas to help him, so kill them all. Before Hyuga goes down, he tells you
    basically the same as the previous morning. Kitcho tells you to go back to the
    mansion, so waste no time in doing so. Dojima may stop you, so if he does tell
    him your busy.
    Once you are there tell Karibe and Chelsea about Hyuga's deception, then the
    government army appears. Kill them all and go onto the Railroad,and once again
    kill them all. After a while Tsubohachi and Shiretoko appear and you all join
    together. When the battle is over, choose who you want to go with (it makes no
    difference, only the route taken) and follow them. When the battle in the
    foundry/station is over you are told to go to the bridge and help Tesshin and
    Kitcho. When you cross the bridge, fight for a while and then when Tamagawa
    appears, go for him. He will flee to the shrine and Tesshin tells you not to
    let him get away. Go up to the shrine, and you will be attacked by around 5
    ninjas. Either fight them or ignore them and when you are done go up to the top
    of the stairs. Listen to what Tamagawa says and at some point say "don't insult
    me I'm a samurai" or something like that. Just keep disagreeing with him.
    When the talking is over kill him and take his sword. (Optional)
    Receive Ending #1.
    Station people ending #1
    Day 1: Morning
    The game begins and your samurai enters the pass. Let Tsubohachi and Don start
    fighting and ask Don if he wants your help. He will accept, so beat Tsubohachi
    and the Kurou members. When it is over, refuse Tsubohachi's offer and then
    accept Suzu's. Proceed over the bridge and go into the Station.
    Enter Amaguri and when Suzu asks say "Will it be ready soon?". She replies and
    you begin a conversation with Don. Answer his questions and Shiretoko and his
    thugs will appear. Shout "Leave!" at them and you will fight the two men and
    then Shiretoko. Defeat them and decline Shiretoko's offer. Speak with Don and
    Suzu and say, "Who are they" and then "Yes". Proceed to the bridge after the
    Day 1: Evening
    You will meet Don at the bridge and help him with his Haiku. When you are done,
    go up to the shrine.
    From there, head up the steps until you see Toyoko. He says he will tell you a
    secret about the Kurou residence. Reply "yes" to him and he will challenge you
    or, as he says "if you can prove your arts in combat" or something like that.
    Once again say "yes" and defeat him. He says there is another door around the
    back of the Kurou Residence. Proceed back to the station, and you will see an
    Akadama guy bullying Kurikichi. Inokashira will go up to them and do nothing.
    You then go up to them and the Akadama guy runs away, then Inokashira will go
    over to you. Either choose to talk to him or run away. If you talk to him and
    pay him he tells you about Don, if you don't then you fight him and then he
    cowardly calls Jose. It is easier in the fight if you keep attacking
    Inokashira, but you can kill Jose in this battle. Anyway, when it is over leave
    the station and go directly back.
    Day 1: Night
    Go back to Amaguri to find Suzu standing outside. She will tell you Don has
    sneaked into the Kurou residence. Accept the mission and you will appear
    outside the Kurou Residence.
    Remember the secret Toyoko told us, well go to the right of the gate without
    being spotted and continue along the wall. When you reach the door, go through
    it and try to avoid the guards. Go up the ladder and into the pagoda. Keep
    going through it until you find Don in the back room. He should recognize you,
    but if not say you came at Suzu's request. When the speech is over, tell him
    "Take the chest with you" then leave the building and try not to be spotted.
    When you are out and in Ipponmatsu there are two options:
    1 - Go straight forward and beat Tesshin and get the Dai-Kurounoma
    2 - Go down the left side past Dojima's house and without looking back, go back
    to the station.
    Either way if you get the safe you get paid and if you lose to Tesshin then you
    don't get paid. As long as Don and Tsubohachi are alive you can get this
    ending. You will see a short scene involving Dojima if you defeated Tesshin.
    Day 2: Morning, evening and night.
    Go back into the station to find Dojima outside Amaguri. Ask him what he wants
    to tell you and you will go into Amaguri. Answer DOJIMA'S questions and don't
    talk to Suzu, and you will go with Dojima to the bridge. You will see a scene
    with you, Hyuga, and Dojima. You can talk to Hyuga but I didn't and still got
    the ending, but I talked to him the time after that and got the ending once
    again. Back to the game. Defeat Hyuga and the ninjas then return to the
    station. Now it's evening.
    A government agent takes Suzu and, Kurikichi tells you she was taken to the
    Kurou residence. Defeat the government people in the station and as Dojima
    says, go onto Ipponmatsu.
    You will meet Don there and he asks if Suzu was taken to the Kurou Residence,
    say yes or it seems so, it doesn't matter. Beat the first lot of enemies and
    then Inokashira will appear. They kill him and you can go into the residence,I
    recommend that you do, or stay and fight. Into the night.
    When you enter the Residence take the same route as when you were saving Don
    the previous night, it is faster. You will see brief scenes with Tamagawa as
    you proceed. Before proceeding up the ramp, GO UNDER THE BRIDGE, and you will
    find Tsubohachi. Tell him Suzu has been kidnapped and he will join you. Proceed
    up the ramp and over to Tamagawa.
    Speak with him and some BIG (and I mean BIG!) soldiers will appear. Do NOT let
    Tsubohachi die in this battle. After you kill some of them, Tamagawa will
    challenge you, so fight, and kill him.
    Receive ending #2
    Station people ending #2
    Do the same as Station people ending #1 but DON'T find Tsubohachi lying under
    the bridge. It means you do the final battle yourself, but its not all that
    hard. When Tamagawa dies, you receive Ending #3
    Kurou Ending
    Now this is where you become a member of the Kurou family.
    At the beginning of the game, defeat Tsubohachi and accept his offer to join
    the Kurou family. Go through the shrine or Ipponmatsu. You will see a scene
    with some Kurou members, but when it is finished go through the space in the
    wall and into the Kurou Residence.
    You will be greeted by Tsubohachi, who asks you to go into the residence and
    meet Master Tesshin. Once there, either skip the speech with Murasaki, or
    listen to the full speech. You must defeat Shiretoko, or get the hard job
    (which is to go on the watchtower and fight karibe, and also not get paid).
    After the fight, you will be told to meet at the shrine, so you should go
    When they begin speaking with you, say very well, or ask where you are going.
    After that you will end up in front of Amaguri. Follow all of Shiretoko's
    instructions and leave when told, and you will be paid 50 yen. Shiretoko then
    offers you another job, so head back into Ipponmatsu after speaking with him.
    Day 1: Evening
    Stop in to see Dojima if you need your sword strengthened. If not you will see
    two Kurou guards walk past, talking about Murasaki. Talk to them if you want,
    but if not continue up the path and into the Kurou Residence.
    Tell the guard you have a job, and he'll go get Shiretoko. Shiretoko and your
    character will arrive just outside the entrance to the Kurou Residence.
    Shiretoko will have Young Master Kintaro with him, and you will be told to
    follow them (It's easier just to bump into Shiretoko and have the game do it
    for you). When you get past the tree a short cinematic will play with Kitcho
    and a few Akadama warriors with him. They will attempt to take Young Master
    Kintaro hostage. When Kitcho speaks to you, don't say anything, and you will
    eventually end up fighting Kitcho and the Akadama warriors. If you are good
    enough go straight for Kitcho, but if not go for the Akadama warriors. If you
    take too long in defeating Kitcho, Hyuga and reinforcements arrive. When they
    arrive, you are told to run away with Young Master Kintaro (Into the station,
    not the Kurou Residence) and by doing that Master Tesshin will pay you 20 Yen
    for your efforts. Or if you defeat Kitcho or Hyuga you will be paid 50 Yen.
    Leave the Kurou Residence.
    Day 1: Night
    Head to the Shrine straight away. Once there you will see a short cinematic
    with Murasaki going up the stairs (What can she be doing?). You will see her
    talking with Inokashira, so run up to them and when Murasaki asks you if you
    heard the conversation, reply yes. Shiretoko will appear and speak with
    Murasaki, and tell him they had a secret meeting. Once he says he is reporting
    the matter to Master Tesshin, say please pardon her, Shiretoko agrees that he
    should keep quiet about the matter, as they are fighting the Akadama clan the
    following day. He asks you to meet up with them at the foundry.
    Day 2: Morning
    If you are low on health, you should replenish yourself right now, as there is
    a big battle coming up. When you are ready go to the foundry. You will meet
    Tesshin, Murasaki, Tsubohachi, Shiretoko, and a few other Kurou members. The
    Akadama clan arrives, and you will be told to go the Railroad. You will fight
    some Akadama members with Tsubohachi and (what I think) is a very low skilled
    Kurou member. After you slaughter them, you will fight Karibe and Chelsea. Try
    to keep Tsubohachi alive, as he helps out later. Take on Karibe first, because
    he uses very easily defended against attacks, but he hits hard. After he dies,
    go for Chelsea and she should be at around Half-Health, but if not kill her
    anyway, or let Tsubohachi do it. You will be told to go back to the Foundry to
    help Tesshin.
    Day 2: Evening (Part 1)
    Murasaki tells you Tesshin is fighting Kitcho up top, you can either go
    straight there, or help Murasaki and Shiretoko fight off the Akadama members.
    Atop the foundry you see Tesshin and Kitcho speaking, but then you have to
    fight Kitcho. It's easier to jump from the top of the foundry and fight on the
    ground, but you can stay up there and kill him anyway. After he dies, you will
    be told to meet back at the Kurou Residence. If you need healing again, now is
    the ideal time, as well as getting your sword fixed by Dojima if it's broken.
    Day 2: Evening (Part 2) and Night
    Once you get to the Residence, tell the guard you are ready and you will be in
    the back room of the Residence. Tesshin is holding a meeting with Tamagawa, and
    eventually Tamagawa will double-cross you, and you will be locked in battle
    with the government army. After you kill most of the army, you will be asked to
    move onto Ipponmatsu. Stay or leave, its your choice.
    In Ipponmatsu you will be fighting alongside Shiretoko. Take out the guys
    beside the canons to stop them from operating, and once again, after you kill
    enough if them, you will be asked to move onto the station.
    Turn the corner as if you were going into Amaguri, and you will see Tsubohachi
    standing. He tells you something is moving, and then Hyuga appears. You will be
    fighting with ninjas, so for an easy fight, just kill Hyuga and leave for the
    Tesshin appears and will be helping you in this fight. Run straight across the
    bridge and start fighting Tamagawa. Kill him and you are finished.
    Receive Ending #5
    Tamagawa Ending
    Do everything you would do for ending 1, but at the end let Tamagawa escape,
    the only bad thing about this is you don't get his sword.
    Receive Ending #6
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    How to get Money ---------------------------------------------------------- VII
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    There are many ways to get money, but there are some which are easier than
    others, but the harder ones pay out more.
    The easy way - On the first day, go to the foundry and kill the 100 Kurou
    members there. You will be paid 10 Yen for doing so, but also collect all the
    money they drop during battle. You can do this as many times as you like, but
    after I do it once, it gets kinda boring.
    The hard way - Work for the Kurou family. They pay out quite well, but if
    you're not very good in the fights, then maybe this option is not for you. If
    you work well, you get around 50 Yen for most of the jobs. This is one of the
    best ways of getting money.
    The HARDEST way - On the first night, Sneak into the Kurou Residence. Make sure
    that Don doesn't really like you. When you get to the back room, fight and kill
    Don (and grab his sword Optional) and take the chest. Sneak back out of the
    Residence. Once in Ipponmatsu, you can either try to fight and defeat Tesshin,
    or run along the left wall and avoid him completely. Once back in the station,
    you receive 120 Yen.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    The Swordsmith ------------------------------------------------------------ VII
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Dojima, the swordsmith lives in the small hut in Ipponmatsu. He can increase
    the durability, health, attack and defence of your sword, but for a price.
    If you select "I want it tougher" then the Durability increases by one. The
    price pattern for increasing durability is:
    1-2 = 2 Yen
    2-3 = 8 Yen
    3-4 = 18 Yen
    4-5 = 32 Yen
    So really you have to pay 60 Yen for a strong sword.
    Select "Sharpness" the attack of your sword will go up, and most of the time
    the defence will go down. The price for increasing Sharpness is 6 Yen.
    Select "Flexibility" to increase the defence of your sword. Once again, most of
    the time the defence goes up, but at the same time attack goes down.
    Select "Nothing In Particular" to have a lucky dip for upgrades. Most of the
    time health goes up, but there is also a chance it will go down.
    Always pay Dojima, or he tries to kill you, but if you are good with your sword
    then let him try!!!
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Legal Information -------------------------------------------------------- VIII
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    Copyright 2005 Scott Dickie

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