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                      H  O  T    P  U  R  S  U  I  T    2
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    C o n t e n t s :
    (C)..................................................Driving Techniques
                        | - I n t r o d u c t i o n - |
    Own the road in the worlds most elite exotics - Ferrari, Lamborghini,
    Porsche and more. Intense Police pursuit will test your skill to the
    limit. The track is the best place to learn about driving so get out
    there and satisfy your Need For Speed.
                            | - O v e r v i e w - |
    The aim in NFS is to unlock new cars and tracks. Along the way you will
    accumulate points which are used to unlock secret cars and tracks. The
    game is divided into two sections, Hot Pursuit and World Racing. In
    Hot Pursuit mode you will be chased by the law who will do everything
    in their power to stop you. World Racing is a more traditional and
    relaxed alternative where you race without the fear of the Police being
    in pursuit. Good luck....you're going to need it!
                   | - D r i v i n g T e c h n i q u e s - |
    Although Need For Speed isn't a Simulation Game there are still certain
    Driving Techniques that should be learnt before you take on the later
    stages which become quite difficult quickly. All cars handle differently
    but the same principles are involved. This part of the guide will give
    you some general information on how to do control and race quicker and
    more effectively.
    |- Racing Line -|
    This is an important aspect in every racing game. Corners should be
    taken the correct way to ensure you go around them the quickest way
    possible. Avoid entering corners to late, this usually results in you
    'riding the walls' and is slower than the correct method. The best way
    for you to take corners is by using the 'slow in, quick out' method.
    When you're approaching a corner brake accordingly and then turn inwards
    smoothly, when you feel your going to hit the inside barrier hit the
    throttle and you will be carried outwards. If done correctly you will
    fly past all the other cars and will have much more speed entering the
    next corner/straightway.
    |- Drifting -|
    Drifting is basically power sliding. You enter a drift when you feel
    the back end of the car slide out, this usually ends in a crash but
    drifts can be controlled and used to your advantage. By using a
    combination of throttle control and opposite steering it is possible
    to go around corners quicker than the above method. To start a drift
    enter a corner at the appropriate speed and then hit the handbrake and
    turn inwards, the back end of the car should slide out. With the back
    end out control the drift by gradually applying the throttle and counter
    steering to avoid crashing. It might take a while to get the hang of
    but it's definitely one of the quickest way of getting around the track.
    Try going on Free-run to practise. Also remember that certain cars are
    better than other so experiment and find out which one suits you best!
    |- Car Bashing -|
    I dont think there's a correct name for this ^_^ You've all done it one
    time or another. It's the final lap of a race and your in second place,
    the final corner is coming and you see the room to use your opponent as
    a barrier. Basically all you have to do is hit your opponent out, this
    will send him flying into the wall and will see you laughing your ass
    off as you win the race. Be careful though because it can happen to you!
                              | - T r a c k s - |
    |- Alpine Trial -|
    This course is set high up in the Alpine mountain range. In general the
    course is quite fast without too many major corners. The higher up you
    get the tighter the corners become. Slow down to a reasonable speed
    before taking the S-curves and power out of the corners. Maintaining a
    good racing line is vital for speed on this course.
    - Shortcuts -
    As you begin there is a dirt path to the right of the first corner
    which goes past a house, use this to cut the first corner. From here
    you can join the main road but I advise you go in a straight line to
    reach another shortcut. From the second dirt path go straight again
    to reach the final section of this shortcut.
    Just before the S-curves there is a grassy area covered with trees. If
    you are skilled enough to negotiate your way through them you can cut
    over the grass to save some time.
    After the S-curves you will go up a hill and then the track goes left.
    Concealed to the right of this section is another dirt track which will
    allow you to gain more speed on the following straight.
    Near the end of the course and after the long left hand turn there is
    a formation of rocks and some thin trees. You can go through this area
    and under the rocks to cut a corner.
    |- Ancient Ruins -|
    A wide open course with plenty of speed grabbing opportunities. There
    are some long corners which will send you hitting the walls if you
    don't reduce your speed in advance.
    - Shortcuts -
    Right at the beginning near the top of the hill is a monument on your
    left. Cut across this section to maintain as much speed as possible.
    After the long straight the track goes to the right. Examine the left
    hand side of this corner to see a small canyon partially blocked by
    three cones. Go through here but take care going over the jump.
    A short while after the second shortcut you will go under an arch. To
    the left of this area is another monument which is a time saver. Be
    careful when exiting this section as there is a tree in the way, try
    to hug the side of the corner as much as possible.
    When you enter the Marina slow down and look to your right. You should
    see a wooden deck which you can use to cut a corner. Tap the controls
    instead of pressing them because your car will behave differently when
    driving on wood.
    |- Autumn Crossing -|
    You will undoubtably recognise the last section of this course from
    Alpine Trial. The same shortcuts apply here with some new ones
    towards the beginning. Watch out for all the blind turns and sudden
    rises as they may cause confusion.
    - Shortcuts -
    Follow the course until the track goes right, at the end of this corner
    you can get over the grass.
    You have the option of taking the outer right route or the inner left
    route in the section with a bridge overhead. Take the inner route as it
    is faster.
    On the first right hand corner after the bridge it is possible to cut
    over the grass. Be careful as there is a bump and you might lose control.
    Shortly after the last shortcut is a sign on the left hand side of the
    road. If you look closely you will see a dirt path, follow it all the
    way through the tunnel and back out on to the track.
    When you enter the leaf area go through the left turn and go up the
    dirt track on your left. Watch out for all the trees and also the wooden
    |- Calypso Coast -|
    This course has a lot of tight corners and also many obstacles such as
    trees and pillars to watch out for. Maintaining speed is hard because
    of all the corners and so few straights, this means a smooth racing
    line is vital.
    - Shortcuts -
    Go past the first monument on your right and proceed along until you
    come to a second, this time navigate your way through the pillars to
    cut a corner.
    When you enter the Marina area use the same shortcut you used on the
    Ancient Ruins track. Your going the other way this time so proceed with
    After the tight left hand corner you should see a small wooded area on
    your right. Go through here.
    Near the end of the course slow down before you reach the small village
    and take the small pebbled path on your right. It is possible to
    follow this path all the way to the finish line. I recommend you slow
    down to take the path because one small error could see you hit an arch
    and stop dead.
    |- Coastal Parklands -|
    The course itself is set in a huge forest and has many straightways.
    Watch out for trees and be careful on dirt surfaces. A high speed track
    offering dense areas of forest and open areas of coastal road driving.
    Maintain maximum speed during the open areas of the track and master
    the numerous tight turns!
    - Shortcuts -
    As soon as the track begins to descend look to the right to see a small
    road which leads up and not down. Follow this all the way back to the
    main track.
    As you approach the tunnel look to the left of it and go down the dirt
    track. If you stay to the left and go under the bridge and then through
    the pipe you will save lots of time. Watch out for trees and other
    |- Desert Heat -|
    As the name suggests this course takes places through a desert. Be
    cautious when travelling on dusty roads as they offer less grip. The
    proximity of the canyon walls will force you to flirt with danger in
    an effort to win!
    - Shortcuts -
    After the first long right hand bend the track splits up into two. If
    you go right it is quicker.
    Once under the metal bridge there is a long twisty straight. There are
    multiple dirt paths to the right of this section which are quicker than
    the road itself. If you decide to take these paths you will end up at
    the Gas Station.
    At the Gas Station you can go under the truck and then jump through the
    sign to avoid a nasty corner.
    If you decide not to take the last shortcut and continue on the track,
    proceed to the tight left corner and examine the right side of it.
    There is a track which leads to one of two places, the first one is
    straight back on to the track. The alternative is to drive through some
    plants which leads to a secret tunnel. The plants can be seen on the
    right hand side, the tunnel is slightly visible.
    On the final corner it is possible to go behind the rail and take the
    corner wider, in theory this is slower but by wall riding it makes it
    much quicker.
    |- Fall Winds -|
    Not too many straights on this course. There are loads of ascends and
    descends which make navigating the numerous tight turns a very difficult
    task. With its dramatic ascents and descents this track feels like a
    carnival ride out of control!
    - Shortcuts -
    After the second tunnel go around the right hand corner and then up the
    dirt path which is on the right hand side. This is the same shortcut in
    Autumn Crossing only this time your going the other way.
    Once you emerge from the leaf area go to the left of the tunnel for a
    shortcut through a big tunnel. This shortcut is also in Autumn Crossing.
    As you join the road from the last shortcut cut over the grass to your
    left, watch out for the bump.
    The next shortcut is found by a bridge take the inside route as it is
    quicker. If you feel like jumping over a ramp you can use the stairs of
    the bridge!
    |- Island Outskirts -|
    This is a high speed track set around a tropical island. Most of the
    turns can be taken at a high speed. Watch out for the slalom section as
    it can throw your car off balance. This track will push your car to its
    limits. With few corners this course allows your car to drive at its
    maximum speed for long periods of time!
    - Shortcuts -
    Towards the end of the course there is a left U-turn. If you slow down
    you will see some barricades to the right, drive through them and
    proceed over the bridge and back onto the main track.
    Shortly after the first slalom section the track narrows and the track
    splits up, go left as it is slightly quicker.
    |- Meditteranean Paradise -|
    This course combines sections from numerous others. Be careful on the
    more complex sections and don't be afraid to push your foot to the
    metal on the larger straightways. You'll also have to perfect your
    lines through the more complex sections including several chicane like
    - Shortcuts -
    After the first long right hand corner go through the monument on your
    Shortly after the tunnel go through the small canyon on your right. Be
    careful going over the bump and try to avoid contact with the cones.
    After the second tunel there is another monument on the right.
    The next shortcut is in the marina. Go over the wooden deck on the left.
    After the tight left corner there are some woods. If you go through
    them it will save some time.
    The final series of shortcuts can be found in the town area. Just as
    you enter go to the right and onto the pebbled surface. The car will
    handle different on this terrain so be careful.
    |- National Forest -|
    The National Forest is basically a stunning drive through a red-wood
    forest. In general the course is flat and speed is easily maintainable.
    With few corners to slow you down you'll have to make use of the many
    shortcuts and open areas of track!
    - Shortcuts -
    As soon as you begin turn off to the right and go under the big tree.
    Follow this track all the way over the road until you join the main
    After the area where flames can be seen go left when the track splits.
    On the final corner you will go faster if you stay slightly to the left
    and go through the small stream.
    |- Outback -|
    Take on the wide open highways of the Outback. This challenging course
    consists of numerous blind corners and hairpin turns. You should also
    watch out for cactus and rolling balls of grass (or whatever they are).
    - Shortcuts -
    When you begin the track goes to the right. If you go up to the left
    you will enter an airfield. Proceed all the way to the end and then
    jump back onto the track through the back of an airplane!
    If you decide not to take the first shortcut through the airfield there
    is another you would have missed. Continue on the road and just after
    the section where you pass the tail of a plane there is a dirt track
    to the right. It is quicker to go through the airfield.
    Just before the bridge there is a track which goes through a river to
    the left. Don't go too fast or you might lose control.
    The next shortcut is my favourite and can be found in the tunnel. Look
    closely at the red and white sign that reads 'Keep Out', it is
    possible to go through it and enter a mine shaft! After you go through
    a couple of tunels you join the main track.
    Look on the map to see a tight left hairpin corner. Just before this
    area there are some telegraph poles and a cactus field. You can cut
    the whole corner by travelling through here but watch out for the poles
    and cactus!
    Just after the area where there is dust in the air there is a series
    of dirt paths to the left. These are the same ones featured in Desert
    |- Palm City Island -|
    This high speed course begins in a city and then takes you through a
    huge mountain range. There are many ascends and descends to add
    difficulty. Dealing with the tight turns of the mountainous ascents
    and descents are key to mastering this course!
    - Shortcuts -
    The quickest way through the multiple routes in the city is to go left
    immediately after you begin. This route is quicker than the rest.
    The next shortcut is hard to describe and may not be quicker. After the
    tunnel you go down a winding road. If you look closely at the right
    hand side you will see some trees that you can drive through. Once on
    the path go slowly to avoid contact with any trees.
    In the small village there are two shortcuts one after the other.
    Finding them is simple just look to the right of the main track.
    |- Rocky Canyons -|
    A torturous track through dry, baking hot terrain. Speed past canyon
    walls and hurdle through the wide open spaces of the desert plateau.
    Master the appexes and blind corners and risk collisons in the
    shortcuts. This track will test your driving skills to the limit.
    - Shortcuts -
    From the start position look at the map and see the first corner. You
    can avoid this corner by going straight, this will reveal and small
    dirt path which lets you avoid the corner and save valuable time!
    Shortly after the area with a sandstorm you can turn off the road to the
    right. Now you're on another small dirt track that lets you avoid a big
    As you procede you will come across a stretch of road that has big rock
    formations in the middle of the road. After the last one of these look
    to the right to reveal a mine shaft. Crash through here and you'll end
    up inside a tunnel.
    When you emerge from the tunnel go off the road and to the right again.
    This will take you through a small river. Back on the main road there
    is another dirt track, this time going up to the left! This will take
    you out near the finish area!
    |- Scenic Drive -|
    A combination of speed and turns. The shortcuts will be familiar to you
    as they are featured on many of the tracks. Cruise through some of the
    most breathtaking scenery mother nature has to offer. Speed along the
    shadows that the canopies of enormous ancient rocks! This high speed
    track has few obstacles that really let you experience your cars true
    - Shortcuts -
    Shortly after you pass under the big log go right onto the dirt path.
    Stay on this path for as long as you can by keeping to the right.
    After you pass under the iron bridge there is a shortcut that cuts a
    corner to the right.
    When the track splits go right.
    When the track splits for the second time there is a dirt path at the
    very right. Follow it through the pipe and under the bridge. Hog the
    right hand side for as long as you can before joining the main track.
    When you reach the coast line the track splits again, take the upper
    route as it is on the inside and requires you to travel less distance.
    |- Tropical Circuit -|
    From high speed coastal straightways to winding mountain roads this
    course has it all. This course is the longest and most difficult in the
    entire game. Diversity is the name of the game at this course! This
    track contains the best and worse driving conditions available! Master
    this course and a whole new experience will open!
    - Shortcuts -
    Where the lava is smouldering the track splits up, take the right route
    as it is quicker.
    When you enter the city ignore the first left corner and proceed to the
    second. This is the quickest way through.
    Cut through the village by taking the two dirt paths on the left.
                                | - C a r s - |
    |- Aston Martin -|
    V12 Vanquish
    Speed : 190 MPH
    0-60  : 4.5
    Power : 450 BHP
    This is the only Aston Martin car in the game. It has quite good
    handling and it's speed and acceleration are above average. It tends
    to slide out quite a bit so be careful when using the handbrake.
    Still, it's one of the best cars in its class so when you've got a
    choice of cars choose this one.
    |- BMW -|
    Speed : 155 MPH
    0-60  : 5.3
    Power : 393 BHP
    The BMW M5 is also a Pursuit car. It feels quite heavy to drive but
    has lots of power and plenty of speed. Race through the six speed
    gearbox to go from 0-60 MPH in a quick 5.3 seconds. You might need to
    use the handbrake with this beast, nothing else seems to get it going
    Speed : 135 MPH
    0-60  : 4.6
    Power : 394 BHP
    Quicker off the mark than the M5 but with a slower top speed the Z8 is
    one cool looking car. It also feels much more responsive than the M5.
    The Z8 is one of the best roadsters in the game. The only real rival
    this car has is the Ferari 360.
    |- Chevrolet -|
    Corvette ZO6
    Speed : 171 MPH
    0-60  : 3.9
    Power : 405 BHP
    Similar to Aston Martin Chevrolet have only one car in the game, where
    is the Camaro? The NFS edition of this car looks really cool! The car
    itself is very quick but like most American muscle cars feels a bit
    |- Dodge -|
    Viper GTS
    Speed : 185 MPH
    0-60  : 4.0
    Power : 450 BHP
    Everyones favourite in terms of style. The Dodge Viper is very fast
    and has good handling. Make sure you don't spin out by over using the
    handbrake. With an 8 litre engine who doesn't like this car?
    |- Ferrari -|
    360 Spider
    Speed : 180 MPH
    0-60  : 4.4
    Power : 400 BHP
    The Ferrari 360 Spider is a truly stunning car. While not as fast as
    most other cars, it looks the best. The handling on this car is really
    good, but it's not performance that makes this car special, it's the
    looks. Watch out for the BMW Z8.
    550 Barchetta
    Speed : 186 MPH
    0-60  : 4.3
    Power : 485 BHP
    The Ferrari 550 Barchetta was introduced in 2000. It has a higher top
    speed than the Spider and is also quicker in terms of acceleration. As
    with most of the Ferrari's it handles really well. Although on paper
    it's faster than the 360, in the game this appears to be slower.
    Speed : 202 MPH
    0-60  : 3.7
    Power : 513 BHP
    This is my personal favourite. The Ferrari F50 is exceptionally quick
    with a top speed of over 200 MPH! It will take a lot to turn this car
    at high speed so expect to be using the handbrake a lot. Not much can
    get in the way of this car but watch out for the McLaren and the
    Mercedes CLK!
    |- Ford -|
    Speed : 155 MPH
    0-60  : 5.9
    Power : 335 BHP
    This car reminds me of the BMW M5. They are similar in both looks and
    performance. The car was designed for the Australian market and is
    powered by a 5.6 litre V-8 engine. Expect the performance to be like
    the M5's.
    Mustang SVT Cobra
    Speed : 175 MPH
    0-60  : 4.9
    Power : 385 BHP
    This is another true American muscle car. The handling is unresponsive
    and quite dull but it's speed is something else. This car can compete
    with the Ferrari 360 Spider! Not really exotic enough to be exciting
    but if you get used to it its quite fun.
    |- HSV -|
    GTS Coupe
    Speed : 171 MPH
    0-60  : 5.1
    Power : 402
    I had never even heard of this company until I played this game. The
    Coupe GTS is capable of beating all cars in its class with ease. With
    a top speed of over 170 MPH and an acceleration time of just over 5
    seconds you'll be tearing up the tracks in no time.
    |- Jaguar -|
    XKR Coupe
    Speed : 155 MPH
    0-60  : 5.2
    Power : 370 BHP
    Where is the XJ220? My favourite car has been left out of the game and
    instead we get a heavy piece of junk! Performance wise this car is
    quite poor. Try smashing it into some walls for satisfaction.
    |- Lamborghini -|
    Diablo 6.0
    Speed : 205 MPH
    0-60  : 3.8
    Power : 550 BHP
    The Ferrari F50's ultimate rival! The Lamborghini Diablo is a pleasure
    to drive. Powered by a 6 litre V-12 engine the Diablo is very fast.
    Unlike the McLaren F1 and the Ferrari F50 the Lamborghini Diablo is
    still in production.
    Speed : 205 MPH
    0-60  : 3.7
    Power : 571 BHP
    Lamborghinis latest installment: the Murcielago. This car is better
    than the Diablo in every sense but only by a fraction. It has the same
    mean look that the Diablo has and is one of my all time favourites.
    Finally you and your friends can race against each other in Ferraris
    and Lamborghinis.
    |- Lotus -|
    Speed : 125 MPH
    0-60  : 5.6
    Power : 122 BHP
    I don't know how this car became so famous! It is slow and quite
    unattractive. This is the fastest of all the other cars in its class
    despite what statistics say. Try drifting with it though, this is the
    only reason I like this car!
    |- McLaren -|
    Speed : 240 MPH
    0-60  : 3.2
    Power : 627 BHP
    This is the fastest car in the game. The McLaren F1 was introduced
    into the supercar world in '93. It uses a 6 litre BMW engine that
    produces over 600 BHP. To add to its already impressive performance it
    can reach 60 MPH in 3 seconds! Only 100 were ever built.
    F1 LM
    Speed : 207 MPH
    0-60  : 3.8
    Power : 668 BHP
    The Mclaren F1 LM is very similar to the McLaren F1. With slightly
    better handling and more power this is the car to show your friends!
    Only five of these were made, this fact alone makes the McLaren very
    desirable. Just think, this car can match a regular cars top speed in
    second gear, amazing!
    |- Mercedes -|
    CL55 AMG
    Speed : 155 MPH
    0-60  : 5.8
    Power : 355 BHP
    One of the slower cars in the game the Mercedes CL55 AMG is quite
    boring. You will find yourself using it quite a bit because it has
    numerous events in Ultimate Racer and Championship.
    Speed : 200 MPH
    0-60  : 4.0
    Power : 600 BHP
    This car is the McLarens only rival! The NFS edition of this car looks
    really cool! It can reach speeds of up to 200 MPH and can get to 60 in
    a mere 4 seconds. The handling on this car is also quite good, using
    its handling it's possible to keep up with the McLaren F1.
    |- Opel -|
    Speed : 137 MPH
    0-60  : 5.7
    Power : 145 BHP
    The Opel Speedster is in a class full of dull two seaters. These are
    the cars that introduce you to the game so they aren't very fast but
    have quite responsive handling.
    |- Porsche -|
    Carrera GT
    Speed : 200 MPH
    0-60  : 3.9
    Power : 558 BHP
    This is the concept version and is currently not in production. It is
    incredibly fast and has suprisingly good handling. This exotic clocks
    0-125 MPH in under 10 seconds! NEW INFO : While recently in production
    only very limited ammounts where made.
    911 Turbo
    Speed : 190 MPH
    0-60  : 4.1
    Power : 414 BHP
    This is the car that made Porsche famous. It has an incredible high
    speed which maxes out at 190 MPH! I love the handling on this car it
    will go anywhere you want it to go! Nice sounding too.
    |- Vauxhall -|
    Speed : 135 MPH
    0-60  : 5.6
    Power : 145 BHP
    This is another one of those dull two seaters I mentioned. The Vauxhall
    VX220 is quite fun to drive but its lack of real speed and slow
    acceleration let it down.
                             | - P u r s u i t - |
    In Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 you are given the chance to chase down
    law breaking criminals. To begin select 'You're the cop' from the 'Hot
    Pursuit' menu. Once you have chosen a car and a track you can begin
    chasing the criminals.
    |- Pursuit Cars -|
    (1).............Ford Crown Victoria
    (2)..........................BMW M5
    (3)..........Ford Mustang SVT Cobra
    (4)..............Chevrolet Corvette
    (5)..........Lamborghini Murcielago
    |- Strategy -|
    When you begin turn around and then press circle. A blue arrow will
    appear above the criminal you are chasing. If he/she is to difficult to
    catch you can call for backup with L2 (Chopper) and R2 (Road block).
    If the suspect is too fast or is far away press down the left analog
    stick for a speed boost but be careful you don't lose control.
    In order to arrest a suspect you have to position your car so that he/she
    can't move. The best way to do this is to pull up beside him and then
    ram him repeatedly. Use the enviroment to your advantage, trees and
    signs are all ideal to instantly stop a suspect.
    Another way is to handbrake turn your car in front of the suspect while
    he/she is moving quite fast. Your car will slowly bring the suspect to
    a stop and you can make the arrest.
                         | - T o u r n a m e n t s - |
    There are two Tournaments in Need For Speed, one is called 'Ultimate
    Racer' and the other is called 'Championship'. The only difference
    between the two is the fact that in one of them you have Police
    chasing you. It doesn't matter which one you take on first. The only
    real differences are the rewards you get.
    |- Ultimate Racer -|
    So you want to be the Ultimate Racer? Risk it all on the mean streets
    and pit your skills - and your wits - against the advanced tactics of
    Police and their high-tech equipment....or be the cop doing the chasing!
    Gather points by advancing through the tree on your way to the final
    1. Lotus Elise Delivery
    You will be driving on the Scenic Drive course and your task is to
    deliver a Lotus Elise to the finish line in under five minutes. If you
    succesfully do this you will unlock events 2,3 and the Lotus Elise.
    As this is the first event it shouldn't cause too many problems. Use
    the shortcuts highlighted in the Tracks section of this guide. Also
    look on the radar for Police positions, this can be a handy way of
    avoiding them.
    2. Opel Speedster Delivery
    You need to deliver an Opel Speedster to the finish line of Meditteranean
    Paradise in under six minutes and fifteen seconds. If you succesfully
    complete the task you will unlock events 4,5 and the NFS edition of the
    Opel Speedster. Once again keep an eye open for the Cops using your
    radar and also watch out for the other road users who have a tendancy
    to get in your way. Also another thing I've noticed about this course
    is when travelling up hills with Automatic transmission the Opel
    Speedster loses lots of power so try this - Use manual transmission and
    downshift up most of the hills, it can offer a healthy speed advantage!
    3. Mercedes CL55 AMG Delivery
    You will be driving on Tropical Circuit and must deliver a Mercedes
    CL55 AMG in under seven minutes. Another easy task which if beaten will
    unlock events 6,7,8. The course itself can be quite tricky so be
    careful. I've noticed that the CL55 AMG is a pretty good drift car so
    give it a go during the long corners for some time saving antics. To
    drift have a look at the Driving Techniques section above.
    4. Australia vs Germany Desert Knockout
    I recommend you use the Mercedes CL55 AMG for this race knockout at
    Desert Heat. Use the shortcuts mentioned in the tracks section to your
    advantage. If you win you will unlock events 9,10. The Police can get
    VERY annoying here so watch out for them. This course has so many
    shortcuts to offer, it really worth your time looking at my shortcut
    section above to see them.
    5. Pursuit Crown Victoria Challenge
    In this challenge you get to be a cop! Take your Crown Victoria and
    catch all criminals in two minutes. Watch out for a Mercedes CL55 AMG
    and a Lotus Elise. Have a look at the Pursuit section of this guide
    to see how things work, remember you can only call for a certain
    ammount of helicopters and roadblocks so use them wisely! You will most
    probably see yourself restarting this chalenge many times but don't give
    6. Germany vs UK Forest Knockout
    The BMW M5 is the faster of the two cars you can use but the Jaguar
    is more manoeverable. This event is another easy one, if you win
    event 11 and National Forest 2 are unlocked. The Police shouldn't
    bother you too much here, performance wise your evenly matched apart
    from the fact they have some kind of Nitrous, lucky sods!
    7. UK vs Australia Race
    You will be racing on the Ancient Ruins track and have a choice of two
    cars. I chose the HSV Coupe because it was faster. Winning here unlocks
    event 11. This has to be my least favourite course in the whole game.
    For starters you have those annoying pillars scattered all over the
    place which make negotiating the shortcuts very difficult. On top of
    that the Police and other road users seem to cause lots of problems so
    keep your eyes peeled!
    8. GM Challenge Multi-Track Knockout
    Both cars are evenly matched so there is no advantage over choosing a
    specific one. Use the shortcuts from the track section for an easy win.
    Winning unlocks events 12,13,14. Because this is a Multi-track knockout
    try and place second or above in each race. The Police should be pretty
    fair here and the courses are generally fun!
    9. Pursuit BMW M5 Challenge
    This is the second Pursuit challenge available. You will be using the
    Pursuit M5 which is faster than the Crown Victoria. You're on the look
    out for a Jaguar XKR and a HSV Coupe. Catch all the speeders in two
    minutes and thirty seconds to unlock event 15 and the Pursuit M5. Like
    the previous Pursuit challenge it might take a while to pass this one
    but stick at it and you'll be fine!
    10. HSV Meditteranean Challenge
    You will be driving and racing against the Coupe GTS. The race takes
    place around Calypso Coast and lasts four laps. Win here to unlock
    Calypso Coast. On the whole I enjoyed this challenge, the Police where
    in your face but losing them in the ruins (like the game hinted) is a
    good laugh. Also try ramming your rivals into oncoming traffic, you
    probably won't see them for the rest of the race!
    11. Island Outskirts Lap Knockout
    Use the HSV Coupe for this Lap knockout at Island Outskirts. If you win
    it unlocks event 16. I recommend you take the HSV Coupe for this one
    simply because its handling out matches the other cars! Three laps
    around this course can be pretty long but keep your concentration
    levels up because a slip at 100+MPH can be costly! Look for the Cops
    using the radar and then avoid them accordingly!
    12. Ancient Ruins Lap Knockout
    This event is similar to the last one. Take the HSV Coupe and win the
    lap knockout to unlock events 17,18 and Ancient Ruins 2. Remember that
    the car in last place gets knocked out each lap so try staying in first
    place for the whole race! You should know the course quite good by now
    so use the knowledge you have to your advantage! Police are in full
    swing yet again so watch out!
    13. Pursuit Corvette Challenge
    You will be chasing three Dodge Vipers and in order to unlock event 18
    and the Pursuit Corvette you have to catch them all in three minutes.
    This chalenge will feel starnge at first because unless you've been
    playing Championship mode the Pursuit Corvette will be faster than
    anything you've used so far. One thing lots of people don't realise is
    that the Pursuit cars actually have a Nitrous Boost, Press down the
    analog stick to use it!
    14. V12 Vanquish Point-To-Point Series
    You have to use the Astom Martin V12 Vanquish in this five series race.
    If you win you will unlock events 21 and 22 and also Autumn Crossing 2.
    At last we get a half decent car to race in, it's not all that good
    though! The races can be quite tricky so use all you've learnt so far
    to win. Police here can be annoying because in general the Vanquish is
    quite unstable and tends to spin out easily when the Police fish-tail
    you. Good luck!
    15. European Invitational Challenge
    You should be familiar with the Vanquish after the last event so use it
    again here. It's a five races tournament but shouldn't cause too many
    problems. If you win you unlock the Alpine Trial course as well as
    events 22 and 23. Check out the shortcuts section here and put them to
    good use. The Cops shouldn't be that difficult to put up with!
    16. Ferrari 550 Alpine Challenge
    You will be racing against three other Ferrari 550's so you will have
    no advantage as far as speed is concerned. If you use the shortcuts
    from the track section of this guide it should be a breeze. You unlock
    event 24 if you win. Finally you get to race in a Ferrari, this should
    be an enjoyable race. Not to difficult to pass just keep concentrating!
    17. Ferrari 360 Alpine Point-To-Point
    The task is to deliver a Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge in under six
    minutes and ten seconds at the Autumn Crossing track. Watch out for the
    Police! Event 24 and Autumn Crossing are unlocked if you win. Lucky us
    we get another Ferrari here! This time it's the famous 360 Modena, I
    failed this challenge on purpose numerous times just to race this car!
    18. Pursuit Mustang Challenge
    Another Pursuit challenge and the difficulty has increased! You will be
    chasing a BMW Z8 an Aston Martin Vnaquish and a Ferrari 360 Modena
    Challenge. If you catch them all in three minutes and thirty seconds
    you will unlock event 24 and the Pursuit Mustang. This one caused me
    some major problems. In the end I passed it with sheer luck when the
    last suspect crashed. Get the drinks in this one could take a while!
    19. BMW Z8 Tropical Time Trial
    Complete a lap in under four minutes and fifteen seconds at Palm City
    Island using the BMW Z8 to unlock event 25. Spend the first lap on
    getting to know the feel of the car, It's quite good for going sideways!
    By the time the second lap is underway you should be familiar with both
    the car and the course so getting under four minutes is even possible!
    20. US Invitational Lap Knockout
    This lap Knockout can easily be won by using the Dodge Viper. The race
    will take place at Fall Winds. Event 27 is unlocked if you win. Although
    you are racing Americas finest this course really isn't suited to the
    Dodge or the Chevrolet. Also some of the so called 'shortcuts' can lead
    to position loss so it would be better if you stayed on the main track
    most of the time!
    21. Porsche Challenge Race
    The Porsche Carrera GT has Power and Speed advantages over the 911 Turbo
    so use it. Win this five lap race to unlock event 27. This race is long
    plain and simple. The Carrera has so much more to offer than the 911 so
    it would be wise if you chose it. Remember you're going to be speeding
    at around 170MPH here so watch out for inncocent cars and also the
    dreadful Police!
    22. Lamorghini Lap Knockout
    Take the Murcielago and smoke the Diablo at this Lap knockout in
    National Forest. If you win you'll unlock event 28 and the Lamborghini
    Diablo 6.0. Now the cars are becoming more interesting the game becomes
    more enjoyable! Keep your eyes on the road and you should pass quite
    comfortably! One thing to watch out for is the Police!
    23. Porsche vs Ferrari Showdown
    Not too tough, take the Porsche Carrera and beat all the opponents at
    Palm City Island to unlock event 28. Pure exotics and a very exciting
    race, try and keep your eyes on the road and off the cars! The course
    is fast so a crash wil be costly, the Police shouldn't be to annoying
    here but keep your eye on the radar to make sure!
    24. Corvette Time Trial
    Record a lap of under three minutes and fifteen seconds in the
    Chevrolet Corvette at the Outback course. If succesful you will unlock
    event 28 and The Corvette itself. Nice course, Nice car. Be sure to
    use the shortcuts and you'll be smiling all the way to the finish line!
    25. US vs Germany Race Knockout
    Use the Porsche Carrera GT for this race knockout. If you finish first
    you will unlock event 28 and the Outback 2 course. The Dodge and the
    Chevrolet are mere mice compared to the Bear-like Carrera GT, winning
    isn't an option its a certainty! One thing to watch out for is the
    Police and those stupid civilian cars. You've had enough experience
    with the Porsche by now though so avoiding them should be easy!
    26. US vs Italy Race knockout
    Use the Lamborghini Murcielago for this three lap race knockout. Unlock
    event 29 and Calypso Coast 2 if you win. Yet again America are about
    to be taught a lesson by the Italian exotics! This might be your first
    race with a Lamborghini so it might take a few tries. Try drifting your
    way to success it is quite fun!
    27. Pursuit Murcielago Challenge
    The hardest of all the Pursuit challenges. You will be chasing some of
    the fastest cars in the game: McLaren F1, Mercedes CLK GTR. Catch them
    all in under five minutes to unlock event 29 and the Pursuit Murcielago.
    I've had loads of emails about this one, the only thing I can say is
    preserve! It took me (I'm ashamed to admit) a whole afternoon to pass
    this one! Keep boosting until you get to a suspect and then start
    fish tailing him, eventually he'll crash and you can pin him to make
    the arrest!
    28. Supercar Series 1
    The McLaren F1 is faster than the McLaren F1 LM so don't be fooled by
    the name! You unlock Palm City Island if you win this eight race
    tournament. NOW WE'RE TALKING! the fastest car in the game and one of
    the fastest courses in the game, this is bound to be fun!
    29. Supercar Series 2
    You will be facing similar competition in this tournament as you did
    in the first. For winning you unlock Palm City Island 2 and event 30.
    Eight races here with some of the fastest cars in the game, fun or not?
    you decide. Check out the shortcuts and look out for the Police. You
    have to be quite good to win this one!
    30. The Ultimate Road Race
    The competiton may be ultimate but the AI controlling them isn't!
    This may seem hard at first but once you get used to the car it is easy.
    You will be racing at Fall Winds and if you win you'll be crowned
    Ultimate Racer and as a bonus the McLaren F1 is added to your garage.
    Check out the shortcuts (You should know them by now!) and keep your
    eyes open for the Cops!
    31. Ferrari 550 Endurance
    A bonus race around Ancient Ruins which can be frustrating. You will
    need to battle three laps against a field of Ferrari 550's. There are
    two NFS editions so be careful and use those shortcuts! Took me a while
    to get this one but it's quite satisfying when you do, especially
    when you know you've beaten thos peky little NFS editions!
    32. Hot Pursuit 2 Championship Duel
    Winning this crowns you Hot Pursuit 2 Champion! The race itself is a
    one-on-one match between the Ferrari 360 Spider. Despite being the last
    event it is not that difficult. Just use all you've learnt so far and
    go all out!
    |- Championship -|
    Rub sheet metal with highly advanced drivers that test your driving
    skills and the limits of your machine, With no pesky Cops to interfere.
    A good finish unlocks more options for the next race as you choose
    your own path through the tree to become 'World Champion'.
    1. National Forest Challenge
    You begin Your World Racing career with an easy single race. You will
    be racing on the National Forest Circuit. Winning this event will
    unlock events 2,3 and the National Forest track. If you've just beaten
    Ultimate Racer going back to the lower class cars can be EXTREMELY
    frustrating and tedious but luckily there are some good prizes to be
    won! You can probably win in any car but the CL55 AMG is the lightweight
    champion so choose that!
    2. CL55 AMG Meditteranean Time Trial
    You will be racing the Mercedes CL55 AMG at Calypso Coast. You task is
    to achieve a lap time under three minutes and five seconds. Doing so
    will unlock events 4,5 and the Mercedes CL55 AMG. This challenge should
    be won on your first attempt, use the shortcut lists and radar to spot
    any time saving routes!
    3. Ford TS50 Lap Knockout
    You will be racing to win a lap knockout around Coastal Parklands
    against four Ford TS50's. Winning here will unlock events 6,7,8 and
    the Ford TS50. Remember that you must stay above last position on each
    lap to progres so try staying at least second or better to win! The
    Ford can be a complete bugger to turn so use the handbrake!
    4. Lotus Elise Challenge Race
    You will be racing on the Coastal Parklands track again this time using
    the Lotus Elise. Events 9,10 and the Coastal Parklands 2 course will
    be unlocked if you win. The Coastal Parklands track is fun so enjoy the
    luxury while you can.
    5. National Forest Lap Knockout
    This event is a race knockout which takes place at National Forest.
    Take the Vauxhall VX220 for an easy win. Winning unlocks events 11,12.
    Don't let your concentration slip away this can get a bit difficult.
    Try staying in first place because it's a race knockout!
    6. Jaguar XKR Tournament
    This three race tournament puts you up against seven Jaguar XKR's.
    Winning will unlock the Scenic Drive 2 course as well as events 11,12.
    I was annoyed at Jaguar for not including the XJ220 so I didn't enjoy
    this one too much! The Jaguar can be quite unstable like the Aston
    Martin so be careful!
    7. BMW M5 Autumn Hill Climb
    Similar to the last event this one takes place at the Alpine Trial
    course and your opponents all drive BMW M5's. Win here to unlock events
    11,12. These cars turn like bricks so you'll be hitting the walls more
    than a madman in hospital! <<< Lame Joke! Anyway, use the handbrake
    and look out for shortcuts!
    8. General Motors Time Trial
    Choose between the Opel Speedster and the Vauxhall VX22O to complete
    a lap time of under three minutes and thirty seconds at Island
    Outskirts. Winning unlocks Island Outskirts 2. Genral Motors is just
    another way of saying 'crap cars' which is true! Soon though you'll
    be racing some of the best cars the wrold has to offer!
    9. UK vs Germany Time Trial
    Choose the BMW M5 for this five race tournament. Rocky Canyons 2 is
    unlocked by winning. This tournament consists of five races all at
    different tracks. By winnign the first few races you can relax on the
    last ones as the points you accumualted are more than enough to win
    the championship! Lots of tracks means lots of shortcuts so be sure
    to check the shortcuts in the track section of this FAQ!
    10. Point-To-Point Series
    The HSV Coupe is the best choice for this tour of five Point-To-Point
    courses. Winning unlocks events 16,17. I never liked the liked this
    style of race but I enjoyed this series. The HSV handles like a dream
    and drfiting is good fun so give it a shot!
    11. Outback Time Trial
    You will be racing in the HSV Coupe at the Outback course. Your task is
    to complete a lap in under three minutes and ten seconds. If you
    succeed events 16,17 will be unlocked and as a bonus the Outback track.
    I like this course so winning here was easy for me, take a free run and
    leanr all the shortcuts for a very easy win.
    12. US vs UK Knockout
    Choose either the Aston Martin Vanquish or the Ford Mustang. Each round
    lasts two laps. Winning here will award you with events 18 and 19.
    Another boring race, just pass this as quick as you can.
    13. Calypso Coast Lap Knockout
    Take the Aston Martin for this lap knockout at Calypso Coast. Events 18
    and 19 will be awarded if you win. Stay above last position on each lap
    to continue. I'm not sure if this happens in all games but mine tends
    to freeze on this race. Make sure you save before attempting this one
    incase you lose your data.
    14. Meditteranean Knockout
    This is a race knockout which will take you to the Meditteranean. If
    you win events 20,21 and the Meditteranean Paradise 2 course will be
    unlocked. I took the HSV Coupe here because the car handles far better
    than the others. Watch out for the different road surfaces because
    they can make you crash.
    15. Ferrari vs Ford Showdown
    This four race tournament allows you to race in either the Ferrari 360
    Spider or the Ford Mustang. A win here unlocks events 22,23. It would
    be sensible to choose the Ferrari 360 here, it looks nicer and has
    way better performance than the Mustang.
    16. Ferrari 360 Sprint
    You will be competing against a field of seven other Ferrari 360
    drivers in this drive through Autumn Crossing. Events 22,23 and the
    Ferrari 360 Spider will become available if you win. This is what
    Need For Speed is all about, great cars, great locations! This is
    another one of those races that I failed intentionally just to get
    to race again!
    17. V8 Multi-Track Knockout
    Choose either the Ferrari 360 Spider, BMW Z8 or the Ford Mustang in
    this race knockout. No prizes here! Just fly through this one using
    the 360 Spider, no prizes means no fun :(
    18. 400BHP+ Tournament
    This is a six race tournament for cars with horsepower exceeding 400.
    Each race consists of two laps. Events 24,25,26 and the Aston Martin
    Vanquish are unlocked if you win. Once again the Ferrair 360 is the
    best choice here.
    19. Convertible Cruise Race
    Choose from the BMW Z8 and the Ferrari 550 Barchetta on this three lap
    race through the Outback 2. Events 24,25 and 26 are unlocked if you win.
    Best choice here would be the BMW Z8. Lots of tricky shortcuts here
    so keep your eyes open. Also watch out for other road users!
    20. Aussie Rules Lap Knockout
    This lap knockout takes place at Island Outskirts. Winning here will
    unlock event 27. You have to win here to unlock event 27 but the HSV
    is more than capable of smoking the competition. Watch out for
    barriers and other obstacles on this course. Seems like the AI cars
    are out to get you here too!
    21. Lamborghini Musrcielago Race
    With a field of seven other Lamborghini Murcielagos to race with, this
    trip around Ancient Ruins isn't going to be easy. A win here will award
    you with the Lamborghini Murcielago itself and event 27. See the
    shortcuts section and keep the pedal to the metal here for an easy win.
    22. V10 Alpine Lap Knockout
    You will be racing at Alpine Trial 2. I suggest you take the Porsche
    Carrera GT as it is faster. A win here will unlock event 28 and the
    Alpine Trial 2 course. Alpine Trial is quite a nice course so you
    wont have to worry about crashing to much.
    23. V12 Challenge Race
    You will be racing five laps of the Desert Heat course in the fastest
    cars imaginable. Event 28 will be unlocked if you win. Now then this
    is more like it! The Ferrari F50 was my favourite here, I won easily.
    You should know this course well by now!
    24. Porsche Autumn Time Trial
    Take control of the Porsche Carrera GT and take it for a spin around
    Fall Winds. To win record a lap of under three minutes and thrity
    seconds. You should be familair with the car and course by now. All
    you need to watch out for are the other drivers! Try drifting for a
    quick lap here!
    25. Muscle Car Knockout
    Take the Dodge Viper for a six round race knockout. Finishing first
    will unlock event 28 and the Desert Heat 2 course. The saying 'American
    Muscle' is true. The Viper is a fast car but it handles awfully. To get
    around this try using the handbrake and other road users to go around
    corners quicker.
    26. Point-To-Point Knockout
    This Point-To-Point course is set at Scenic Drive where you will be
    driving the fastest cars around. You will unlock event 29 and the
    Porsche Carrera if you win. Winning this nets you the Carrera GT one
    of my favourite cars the game has to offer.
    27. Lamborghini Past vs Present
    You will be racing in the Lamborghini Murcielago. Your opponents will
    be seven Lamborghini Diablo's. A win here will unlock event 29 and the
    Rocky Canyons. Performance wise you have a slight advantage but you
    don't notice it at all really. Use your knowledge to help you here and
    smoke the competiton!
    28. McLaren F1 Invitational Tournament
    A seven race tournament versus seven McLaren F1 drivers. Sounds like
    a recipe for disaster.....but it isn't. By winning here you will unlock
    event 30 and the Tropical Circuit 2 course. I enjoyed this one,the
    pure sense of speed this game has to offer really shines when you're
    racing in the MacLaren F1!
    29. Mercedes CLK GTR Invitational Race
    This six lap race at Island Outskirts is one of the hardest in the
    game. You will be racing against six other Mercedes CLK GTR's. If you
    win here you'll unlock event 30 and the Tropical Circuit course. These
    cars handle well so you should try not to crash that much, if you
    make six clean laps you should win.
    30. McLaren F1 Endurance
    Ten laps at Palm City Island using the McLaren F1. If you win you will
    unlock the bonus event (31) and will be crowned World Champion! I
    absolutely HATED this one! Ten laps was just to much and memories of
    those endurance races from GT3 came flooding back. Still, the McLaren is
    an enjoyable car to race!
    31. Ferrari F50 Endurance Challenge
    You are evenly matched in this race so be careful. Take the high route
    each time the highway splits because its slightly quicker. Not much
    more to say here. Might take you a few tries but in general this
    shouldn't cause to many problems!
                             | - S e c r e t s - |
    |- Information -|
    If you press the square button when a track or car is selected you will
    hear a voice which will give you some helpful information and hints
    about the car/track. If you do this to a car you can get a 3D view of
    it by moving the analog stick.
    |- Making Of Documentary -|
    In the 'credits' section under the options menu there is a 'making of
    Need For Speed' documentary which is quite interesting.
    |- Easy Points -|
    To obtain lots of points really easily all you have to do is press the
    L2 button (3D rotation) when the back wheels of your car are on the
    start/finish line. This does not work on the last lap. Your front
    wheels must be over the line and you must be travelling quite fast.
    This trick will get you 150,000+ points each time. Travelling at 100MPH
    or more usually works, the faster you go the more points you get.
    |- Plane Trick -|
    Another way of accumulating NFS Points quick is by doing this trick:
    Balance yourself over the edge of the plane so your car has both front
    and back wheels off the ground. Wait as long as you like and then tap
    the accelerator to get back to the ground. When all wheels of the car
    are off the ground it will count as a jump so you will get points. The
    only problem with this trick is that you don't know when you are getting
    points. You could be waiting there an hour and get nothing. Use the
    360 view cam to make sure all wheels are off the ground. It is possible
    to get over 1,000,000 Points by doing this. The plane can be found on
    the Outback course.
    |- Random Cheats -|
    Enter the following at the main menu:
    Black and White - R1,L1,Left,Triangle,Left,Left,Left,L1
    Chrome Cars - L2,R2,Left,Square,Left,Left,Left,R2
    Heavy Fog - Triangle,Square,Right,R2,Right,Right,Right,Square
    RC Car - Right,Triangle,L1,R1,L1,L1,L1,Triangle
    McLaren F1 - Triangle,L1,Triangle,L1,R1,Left,R1,Left
    Ferrari 360 - R2,Square,R2,Square,Triangle,L2,Triangle,L2
                          | - C o n c l u s i o n - |
    This FAQ was written for the Playstation 2 version of Need For Speed:
    Hot Pursuit 2. It is based on the PAL version. If you have any
    questions or comments email me at: Freekstyle(at)Hotmail(dot)com.
    Thanks to my family for proof-reading this entire document!
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Copyright 2003 AquaBlast.

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