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Reviewed: 11/13/06

Hot Pursuit 2 is as hot as it gets.

I just got this game at my birthday, Nov 2006, and even though the game has become "old", it is a major classic. Although not up to the Gran Turismo 4 level, this game is the game that satisfies that little spot of boredom in the hardcore simulation games. You know, that spot where doing more races starts getting boring without any new twists.

Even by modern standards, these graphics are still amazing. In one word, I'd say they are breathtaking. The cars are rendered and skinned beautifully, and the flicker of police lights really "revs" you up. And the skybox effects (the sky) are very nice. Don't forget the stunning subtle effects, like simple reflections. The tracks are rendered beautifully, I really felt it when flying alongside a beautiful beach coast, with the subtle reflection and nice details. The sense of speed you get is definitely, almost scary.
Out of all, I'd give this a [b]9 out of 10[/b] in graphics.

The sound here isn't bad at all. Even though I hate the type of music featured in this game, this music made me want to sing along and beat my head. The only thing annoying about the music is that there was an EA Trax popup every time a song switched. Also, onto ingame sound. The cars do have a modicum of difference, and it was delightful to notice that a Lotus Elise would be treble and high revving while a Mercedes CL55 AMG would be a low thrumming car. The police sounds are amazing, the chatter is so realistic because there are actually different police types depicted. Along with the cool, contrasting sirens it gets you really hyped up when racing. You actually get scared at times because the sirens get closer and closer.
Out of all, I'd give this a [b]9 out of 10[/b] in sound.

The controls on this game are nothing like real in GT4, but they still keep a modicum of realism. You can actually feel that a big heavy Viper is like a yacht compared to a nimble Elise or VX220. Even though, it is very easy to control the vehicles and this makes it very fun, especially in Extreme mode. In Extreme mode, the handling is hyped up noticeably. This makes for very fun drifting and flailing, and with it you can pull off sick maneuvers.
Out of all, I'd give this a [b]10 out of 10[/b] in controls.

Gameplay, gameplay, GAMEPLAY! This is the big maker or breaker in NFS HP2. In this game, it definitely MAKES it. Frankly, I'd say it is pretty good. It has extensive replayability with all the different races and such, but after awhile, the courses seem a bit too long. But if your game needs a little more life, just try "You're The Cop" mode. This will definitely make for at least another hour of play time. Another qualm, here, though, is that the interface is, well, just BORING. 3 nondescript menu choices on a racing background, and after that more. Tracks, though, are amazingly fun. They range from old, ancient ruins to beautiful, gleaming beach coasts, to amazingly rendered cityscapes and treacherous mountains.
Out of all, I'd give this a [b]7 out of 10[/b] in gameplay.

Major Pros:
-fun as hell
-49 cars so you keep playing over and over again
-"You're the Cop" mode
- very very very good
-easy to play but still with a bit of challenge, not too easy to be boring though

Major Cons:
-EA Trax popup
-races do get a bit repetitive, loooong

Final Result:
Being an avid simulation racer lover, even for people like me I would still say it is a great, fun game. According to your tastes, you should do either or renting or buying, but I HIGHLY recommend buying this game IF you can find it for PS2. I'd say this game still runs with the top dogs of today. Overall, this game gives a good sense of speed and hours of fun.

If you have the Need for Speed, definitely get it, you will NOT be disappointed.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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