Review by REzeroGC2003

Reviewed: 10/06/02 | Updated: 10/06/02

Beats Project Gotham And GT3 Put Together

If you liked Gran Turismo 3 and Project Gotham Racing, you won't want to let go of Need For Speed, just look at me. I rented it and played for about 5 hours straight.

Gameplay (9/10) There are 49 cars, 42 of them hidden. Cars range from the futurist Opel Speedster to the over-powered Ferrari F50. If you played Project Gotham, you'll love this because the cars are about the same and the gameplay is as fast and exciting. The on-coming traffic adds a lot of difficulty to the game. I would say the worst thing about the game play is the some-what cheap AI. The computer will use EVERY single shortcut available. Some shortcuts are very hard to find while others are pretty obviously placed. Another nice addition is the ''Zone Cameras'' and ''Jump Cameras''. Zone cameras are activated by pressing R2, and what it does, it shows you the best path to take for the next 500 yards or so. What's so good about it, it's that the game stops while it shows you and you have unlimited use of it, so don't bother not using it(only available in One player Modes). The Jump cams are a very nice extra in the game. When you do a jump, the game slows down the gameplay and the camera rotates around your car, just like in the matrix. Although it doesn't happen everytime, you can manually do a ''Jump Camera' by pressing L2.

Graphics (10/10) Very impressive for the Ps2. You could compare them to Project Gotham. EA included damage on cars in this version, but it's not the same as PGR. You must do a big hit just to see a cracked window or door. The first time I played with the Ferrari F50, I damaged it so much i was about to cry. The scenary looks very realist, the cars are very nicely modeled and the special effects are amazing.

Sound (10/10) Incredible and Realistic. The engine sounds are accurate, the tires screeching, the crashes, the sirens, the music, the cops talking.... just Incredible.

Replay (9/10) You Will Be Hooked, Since you start out with 7 cars, and have... 42 to unlock, seriously! The Ultamite driver mode and the World Champion get you all the cars and levels. So if you rented the game, just go straight to those modes, but if you bought it, take your time and practice.

Rent Or Buy (Buy) Well, at least, I'm planing to! If you liked PGR and GT3, You NEED to get this. Just remember, if you buy it, play slowly, don't hurry up to get the Dodge Viper Gts-R or Mclaren F1 LM.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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