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"This Game Will Keep You Coming Back for More"

The Need for Speed series has been around for quite some time and the series really didn’t get good until Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit was released back in 1998. When that game was released it introduce the new mode Hot Pursuit where you can have cops chase you. EA continued this in their next NFS game Need for Speed: High Stakes and after that we didn’t see a great NFS game until the release of the PlayStation2 version of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2. EA had Black Box develop this version of NFS Hot Pursuit 2 and Black Box did an excellent job putting a Need for Speed game together and making it one of the best Arcade Racing Games ever made for the PlayStation2. There were things that Black Box probably did to make this better then the previous games and making it addictive to play.

GRAPHICS: 9.6/10
The graphics on this game are nicely done and the cars look very detailed. The tracks make you feel like that you are actually racing there with that certain car that you selected to give you a realistic feel but in a fun way. The environments in this game can be real and having a great feel because Black Box had to delay the game to make the game look and feel better.

The difficulty has to be the best part of this game. One thing I must say is that the Cop A.I. has definitely improved since the last exciting NFS game (which was High Stakes). I for most have to say that the Cops will do almost anything to either give you a ticket or get you arrested. The computer A.I. (opponents) improved throughout each difficulty: Beginner, Advance, and Expert because they’ll give you a challenge in each difficulty, but Beginner will get a little easy but only for a few tracks.

SOUND: 9.7/10
The sound is the best part of this game because the engines sound real and when you race as a cop car the sirens sound so real. Even when you crash into anything it can really sound like that you crashed into whatever or make a jump off a ramp and when you rev up the engine before you begin a race sounds like the real thing and when the tires squeal, definitely makes this game sound realistic (and many people like the way the game sounds).

GAMEPLAY: 9.8/10
The gameplay for the PlayStation2 version of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 is the best version of all versions that are released as of now. The gameplay is the bomb in this game, because you can control your car real good but there are times that the car might be a little weird but it’s something that you can get used to. Also with such great gameplay makes for some of the best races in this game especially when you are being chased by the cops or racing against some opponents.

I believe the fun factor of this game is really great because every time that you pop this game into the PlayStation2 you’ll always have a great time playing this game, whether if you are being chased by cops or doing a race against other racers. This game definitely has one of the biggest fun factors that I’ve seen in a Arcade racer and probably has a much better fun factor than Gran Turismo games probably have because this game has cops where it makes this game real exciting to play in years to come.

MUSIC: 9.4/10
The music featured in this game can make your heart be filled with adrenaline and can get you into the mood to race to the end. I know (and probably the same with others) that there are few songs that are featured in this game that can either make me race in a certain way, be aggressive while you are racing against the A.I. or be aggressive while being chased by the cops.

OVERALL: 9.7/10
Overall this is the most addictive racing game that I’ve played on any platform, even the next generation consoles. If you are wanting such a great racing game that will keep you busy and have some fun playing a racing game this is a must have for any person who is really into racing games. Of course this game isn’t Gran Turismo but this game is a type of racing game that will want to play over and over again and that’s what these racing games should be fun and make everyone get a second opinion about Arcade racing games.


If you want to know how this game is I would suggest that you rent this game first to see how you like the game. When you rent this game you will be surprised that this game will make you keep playing this game for about 5 hours straight if you can really get into the game like that and I sure got into this game after a couple minutes of playing this game because I really like racing games that can make me play for a long period of time. Let me sum this game down to two words FUN and EXCITING.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/10/02, Updated 11/16/02

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