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Reviewed: 10/14/02 | Updated: 10/14/02

Craving for Speed?

Years ago there was a game called Need For Speed and it was one of the freshest racing experience then. Part 2 came along and it was sort of disappointing, then Part 3 came out and now you can outrun the police. It changed the series forever and was one of the best racers ever made. Part 4 came along and you can bet your wheels, it was good. Porsche Unleashed came out and it was nothing but Porsche (duh!). Now NFS HP2 is here and it will rock your videogame world.

More tracks (30) and more cars (49) are the star of this game. Also Matrix style camera effects and a track viewer to see what dangers lie ahead. Personally the Matrix style camera button is stupid. The helicopters now throws obstacles at you so the game demands more skill to outrun the police.

Same gameplay except that cars don't fly and crash as much as they used too. This leaves to crazier races. There is a new ''extreme'' handling option so controlling your $100,0000 vehicle is an even crazier experience. Hot Prusuit is the main gameplay mode but classic races are still fun. The police is still crazy and they will do the most extreme measures to stop you. The tracks are still very long and since there are more tracks, more things to see. The tropical levels are my favorite, they have that Ridge Racer thing going for it.

The sound effects are over the top which is known in the NFS series but the music is the biggest let down. The adrenaline, XXX, Fast and the Furuious style music cheapens the very expensive cars and game. There is a method to fix the problem by simply turning the music volume down. Trust me playing the game without the music is WAY BETTER. The Techno songs are awful as well. I love Dance music but the Techno songs are uninspired and boring.

Mercedes Benz, Ford, BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, Austin Martin, McLaren, and others appear in this game. 49 to be excact. A very strong line-up from the world's most popular car makers. I call it a BILLION dollar line-up.

The only problems I had in this almost flawless racer is the weak music. That's it. This is the best racer of 2002 and the name of the game tells it all. Have a Need 4 Speed? Need 4 Speed HP2 is the game that will satisfy your need for speed.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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