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Reviewed: 10/28/02 | Updated: 10/28/02 possible

Well, I have never been into racers, but, when i rented this game, I have been hooked on it and older racing games.
After playing the game for a week I still couldnt put it down, so I rented it again and decided to write a review.

Gameplay - With an outstanding 49 cars that range from Ferrari's to Fords, and back to McLaren. While i'm on cars, i'll say now that the effects in this game like
hitting other cars and all, are great, they leave the marks for the rest of the race leaving a very realish feeling in the game. Also, unlocking the fast and furious
machines, is no easy task, facing events from delivering cars, to an all out knockout race, a large variety of events in the game that will keep you going.
The multiplayer is also great, me and my cousin stayed up until 6am back and forth with Ferrari's and McLaren's beating our records and challenging each other.
Although I never liked any of the Need For Speed's, this one just had a big jump in it.
Sixty events to keep you on the edge of your seat, unlocking over 40 cars and unlocking new maps isn't too easy.
Theres also a few features that add to racing in the game, like the ''Jump Cam'' when you go up a jump, and do get off the ground, the music stops, the camera turns, and the game turns into a video of you jumping, not too big of a feature, but still really cool.

Controls - YEE-HAW!! Great! The first racing game I love has the perfect controls for a racer in my eyes! Such simple controls that even my 10 year old sister is pretty good at the game.
The awesome, simple controls in this game are just unbelievable. Is there a such thing as a perfect racer? I think so. :]

Fun Scale - If the scale went to 11, it would sure be up there. Game is too fun, I've put atleast 30 hours into this game. The single player is great and challenging, and the multiplayer is
so damn awesome with your buds. A few modes that are featured - 'Your the Cop' - Chase your buds and bust them. Challenge - just a simple race with two, four, or eight laps. Ultimate Racer - 30 events to try and conquer, and much, much more!
The game is such a blast that im buying it as soon as I have the money, even though i've rented it twice already.

Sound - Nice!
Effects - Tires screeching, cops sirens, slamming against the guard rail, running into oncoming traffic, whatever it may be, the sound effects are great! Very realistic and enjoyable.

Music - Sweet tunes! They picked a lot of good music for this game, and for that, I thank them, instead of cuss words left and right, they chose music that actually sounds and feels good for a racing game.

Graphics - Man oh man, PERFECT is the word for it. These graphics are so great on everything in the game, the cars, the senary, everything, no flaws in the graphics anywhere!

Rent Or Buy - I would definately say buy! Awesome gameplay, great graphics, sweet sound, good music, nice-simple controls, tons of events, tons of cars to choose from, great multiplayer. What more can you ask for? This game is worth well over $50.

Gameplay - 10
Controls - 10
Fun Scale - 10
Sound - 10
Graphics - 10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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