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"Wow. That's really all that's to be said."


This is not a game. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 is an experience.

Turn up the music, sit back and feel the adrenaline. I swear the first time you even go 130, you will feel like you are going way to fast to be humanly possible. If you are a pro race car driver, you have been here in terms of speed before. For the rest of us, sit back and strap in, cuz it's going to be one insanely fast ride.

Geez where to start. First of all, I love cars. And this game has got em. But ever for my friends that don't appreciate cars and don't like driving sims, they still come over just to play this game.

To get the jist of the game, picture this:
Super fast exotic cars: Ferraris, Lamborginis, McLaren F1, Aston Martin, BMW, Mercedes, Lotus, Mustang Cobras, the whole works, going 200+ mph with 3 cops on your tail fully equiped with nitros and a mean attitude, roadblocks and spikes on your right, and helicopter dropping explosive barrels on your left, and another racer flying over head because he hit the jump, and a cop is right after him too. Now listen to the hard rock getting you into your illegal speeding. Listen to the cops yell: ''Whoah! Something just flew by me on the speeder going 200 plus. I didn't even get to see what it was.'' and ''We are going to need some backup here.'' Nearly missing oncoming trucks as you hear their horn fade into the distance, while you skid around the next corner.

Now if this doesn't get your going, well...don't buy the game. But it is such a rush, this is just a masterpiece.

If anyone has played Gran Turismo 3 and said this is the best racing game ever, I'm sure though you have noticed that it doesn't seem like you are going very fast at all until up into the 200 mph range, and even then it's not that fast.

130 in this game feels like 500 mph in GT3. This game is so fast it should be as illegal as the speeding you do in it. The first time I played it I was actually scared at 130 is this Lotus Elise trying to take these corners while dodging everything from cops to traffic to trees. After a week or so, you will feel right at home with a 200 mph Ferrari dodging everything this game throws. Is it still fun? More fun. Much more fun.

The Graphics are beautiful, complimented by a beautiful framerate. From forest fires, to reflections in the water, to the cars themselves, everything is top notch. And lets hear it for a game that shows damage on licensed cars! Heck yeah!

Music is incredible. So good, that I took it, burned it to a cd, and play it when I go 100 on the freeway. It's that good. Hot Action Cop is my favorite, it just fits the game perfectly. LOOK OUT LOOK OUT!!!!!!! The pedal to the medal and youre burning through the pack! (just some quotes from the music that I happen to remember.)

Lasting Appeal: A looong time. Not only is the single player game really deep: 60 events to unlock almost all the cars, plus NFS points to unlock the rest. Plus You're the Cop mode to play with a friend. Just guess, ones the cop, ones the speeder. Deploy everything necessary for him to stop.

Overall, I can find few flaws. This is one of the best 50 bucks I have ever spent. Plus its a money saver: instead of millions of dollars in the cars, and hundreds of thousands in tickets, you get it all in your living room for 50 bucks. There ya go.

Just for the note, I have always been skeptical about giving a game a 10, and I don't want to seem like one of those people that goes ''Yay! My game is super cool! I play it every day and I'll never stop! It gets a ten cuz it's perfect!'' But this game really is THAT good. Remember, it's the experience.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/03/02, Updated 11/03/02

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