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""The things we do to the people that we love...""

Don´t pay attention to the review title, i was just singing...
Anyway, hearing the phrase ''It lives up to the name'' referring to this title has become so cliched, so i won´t use it anymore. This game can be rank as one of the best racing game ever, because of its fun factor, looks, and realism. Let´s stop introducing the game and move on to the scores...

I think the 10 explains it all, it´s fun and realistic, with minor flaws that can be easily forgotten. the tracks are challenging and entertaining, the worst part is that they aren´t very variable, like 4 or five environment themes turned to 10-20 tracks, Each with stuff in common but with several differences, But the best part about the tracks are the alternative ways and shortcuts, really spices up a race.
The cars are all licensed (some of them weren´t even on sale yet at the time), are exactly replicated from even the inside with the characteristics that every single one has, not to mention The cars, From A ferrari 360 Spider, Porsche 911 turbo, lamborgini Murcielago to a F1 Mc laren (my personal favorite is the Ferrari F50). you feel the speed as you drive. 49 vehicles, waiting for you.
The Hot Pursuit is challenging and tough. It´s very adrenaline-pumping when you´re being followed by two cop cars, a chopper in front of you throwing explosive barrels and launching missiles, And to make it even more exiting a roadblock, for these kinds of situation it´s all about skills, patience, and maybe just a little bit of luck.

Beautiful, just beautiful. All the vehicles are highly and realistically detailed to the real ones, You can see the trees, lights and all being reflected in your car. can say that the worst thing about it is the damage in the car, it´s not realistic at all, for your car to look really smashed you have to take like a thousand crashes. The graphics would receive a perfect 10 if the crashes were realistic. the tracks are well designed, beautiful environments, that are also easy on the eyes and to memorize. Press L2 or R2, and you´ll see a little detail that makes the game even better: You can see a 360° camera spin around you car, to admire such a good work; or you can see what´s ahead of you (This can be a huge help against roadblocks and to prepare for a shortcut).

SOUND: 6/10
This is where the score goes down, The cars engine is awesome, each with its respective sound, also The cops sound perfect, when you´re hearing the radio you can hear them talking about your car and stuff. Ok, the bad thing is that the cop dialogue becomes too repetitive, The WORST thing about NFS:HP2 is the music, it´s plain awful, almost all are crappy new bands. Looks like the developers may be gods at making racing games, but have the worst taste in music ever, Well, there are only two songs that are actually good (both from Bush and Rush, now read the review title).

CONTROL: 10/10
It´s perfect, simple and easy. all the buttons are in the right place, it´s almost impossible to miss. If only there was a button for switching between songs! instead of going all the way to the options menu...).

This is a must buy, a very challenging game with lots of stuff to do, finishing all 64 events won´t be a one day task, neither will be unlocking all the cars... EA has brought to us a wonderful game that blows away all the previous NFS titles, If you like cars, or you´re just into being entertained, this is THE racing game, In my opinion, The Ps2 version is so much better than the Xbox version.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/28/03, Updated 01/28/03

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