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"Another enjoyable 'Need For Speed' game to play."

I enjoyed NFS: Hot Pursuit for the Playstation when it came out. And when I heard about a sequel I was eager to play it. And it didn't disappoint me, except for the computer's way of racing. Which really isn't too bad until you get to the last levels of the game. I would of liked NFS: Underground, except for the street racing cars that are in the game turn me off. I didn't like the movie ‘Fast and the Furious' and Underground has those types of cars in it. I'm glad that Hot Pursuit 2 has the older style race cars and some of the newer stylish cars as well.

This game hits high and low spots for enjoyment. While some levels are perfect in length to complete, others are long. Some require you to do five, six, or more races before completing the level. The songs are okay to listen to, but soon you will either mute your TV, or turn up the engine noise way up, or just play a CD from your collection. Being able to be the cop and chase down speeders is great fun. This part of the game never gets boring to me.

While driving you will have to deal with traffic, which is a challenge. Some of the cars like to drive off road, or just park in the road. The game has plenty of challenge to it, but some of the challenge is borderline cheating. The computer sure likes to win and does whatever it takes to do it. So when you beat the computer, you feel like a major accomplishment has been done. And it has. 10/10

The detail given to the cars in this game are wonderful to look at. The way the light reflects off the metal, the damage that is shown when you hit something. All of it makes it a sight to witness while driving. And the levels themselves are beautiful as well. The sunlight hitting your windshield at different angles, the waterfalls, sand blowing in the wind. It has a very realistic feel to the environments. 10/10

There should have been more choices for songs in the game. The songs that are on the game become boring very quickly. And the songs are not even that cool. I think that the first NFS: Hot Pursuit had better music to listen to. But the background sounds and car sound effects are great to listen to while racing. 9/10

This game is a great two-player adventure. Since a human can't cheat as badly as the computer. I messed around and had the computer crash and was behind me by about twelve seconds. But that didn't last long. The car was on my tail within half a lap. And I did this on a track that I have memorized front and back so I was driving perfectly.

But let's say that I mess up against the computer and fall behind by say five seconds. It will take me about two laps to catch up with the computer car. Now this is cheating plain and simple. If I play against a human and make a mistake I can catch up with him/her in no time. Plus I can have a good-sized lead against a human player as well. I'm pretty good at driving games but since the computer isn't a challenge, (more like a cheater); the game gets me upset quite a bit. 8/10

Lasting Appeal
There are plenty of levels to play to unlock cars and tracks (Over 60) and tons of cars to choose from. But the computer sure loves to cheat. And because of this reason I can only give this game an eight. If the computer couldn't always come back from any time deficit then I'd give it a nine. 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/08/04

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