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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mr E

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               *                     by Mr. E                      *
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    Copyright 2003. This FAQ may be posted in whole or in part ONLY with the
    express permission of the author. This FAQ is currently approved for posting
    This FAQ is made to be a COMPLETE & detailed walkthru for all levels in the
    single-player game on the HARD difficulty including earning the extra bonus'
    at the same time. Only one level (Cannon Fodder) does not give instructions for
    earning one of the extra objectives...the "hidden obj."--destroy all turrets.
    If anyone has been able to complete that level on hard while earning that
    objective...please e-mail me your strategy (you will be fully credited).
    Jedi Starfighter is the 2nd in the "Starfighter" series of STAR WARS flight-sim
    videogames for the PS2 & X-box. It is a fun game and--while not extremely
    challenging--is no pushover either. The Jedi force powers that you have in this
    game make it an improvement over the first game in the series.
                             Mission 1: The Informant
    Okay, this is the 1st mission so it's pretty damned easy to not only complete
    on hard, but to get both extra objectives at the same time. You will be flying
    the Jedi Starfighter and will only have the force-shield and force-lightning
    powers for your ship and your wingmate commands are disabled.
    OBJECTIVES.........Destroy all TF fighters.
                       Destroy the TF Lander
    BONUS OBJECTIVE....Destroy escaping Data Pods.
    HIDDEN OBJECTIVE...Destroy the Spy Ship.
    As soon as the action starts, shoot the two enemies who immediately appear on
    your target indicator. Right after they're gone, a new group appears on the
    scene. Order your wingmen to "attack my target" and then use force-lightning on
    them and lasers on the next group (use your force-lightning on groups whenever
    your force power is built back up again and lasers in between...amd order your
    wingmen onto new targets as necessary). After a bunch of groups, a TF Lander
    will show up. As soon as he does...cycle thru your targets until you come upon
    one that says "unknown" (this is the "Spy Ship"). Immediately turn twds him--
    zoom in on him, and start firing. He's not hard to kill at all. After he's
    gone, turn twds the TF Lander. Orient yourself so that you are facing it
    right-side up (the flat surface of the lander should be twds the top of your TV
    screen). Zoom-in if necessary, brake, and start firing on him (don't worry
    about his turrets). Once his shields are gone and his health is about 1/3 down
    from full...you will hear the Lander's commander talking about escape pods.
    Look above the lander. You should see them easy enough. Mark one as your target
    (preferably the middle one) and give 'em a zap of the 'ole force-lightning as
    well as shooting on them. It should take you mere seconds to take them out.
    Once they are gone...finish off the TF Lander (if you get really close...turn
    around and boost away for a few seconds to get some distance between you). Once
    the Lander is gone...finish off any remaining enemy fighters and the level will
                                _MISSION COMPLETE_
                            Mission 2: Unlikely Allies
    This mission is a bit tougher, but it's still easy to complete the level on
    HARD while earing both extra objective medals. You will again be flying the
    Jedi Starfighter with the force-shield & force-lightning powers and no wingmate
    OBJECTIVES.........Destroy all scarabs so Nym can land.
                       Protect Jinkins in the communications center.
    BONUS BOJECTIVE....Prevent all enemies from landing on beach.
    HIDDEN OBJECTIVE...Destroy all subs (2 groups of two subs--4 in total).
    Here goes...the 1st thing you wanna do as soon as the action starts is to
    select force-lightning and zap the enemies who'll be below you. It'll take out
    3 of the 4 if you have "clarity"...shoot the remaining one. Now continue to
    take out enemy fighters using force-lightning & lasers until you get the "Obj.
    Complete" banner flash across the screen. Immediately head out to sea and look
    for the 2 landing ships coming in (use your "target-all" button to find 'em if
    necessary). Fire at them as you fly twds them. They fly very fast at first and
    then slow down. Once they slow down, brake & cont. firing at one. While
    firing, cycle thru your targets and if a sub comes up...force-lightning his
    ass sight unseen (you should have the timing down if you're trying to complete
    the game on hard). Once the first landing ship is gone, take out the other one
    (do the same thing as before regarding the subs). As soon as the 2nd one is
    gone, boost back twds the beach and look for a TF Troop Transport coming in
    twds the bldgs. Fire on him as you boost twds him (use your zoom). He should
    be just about dead by the time you reach him. Finish him off and then start
    killing fighters in the area (stay by the bldgs.). Use force-lightning on them
    every time your force power is built back up again as well as continuously
    firing on them with lasers. Soon...you'll hear on the radio that some scarabs
    are trying to land. There's four of them and they land on the grassy area to
    the left (as you are looking out to sea from above the bldgs.) of the bldgs.
    Use your "target-all" button if necessary to find them, but take them out as
    fast as you can. Use force-lightning to take out 3 of them and laser the last.
    Now...there is going to be one more group of 4 scarabs that will try to land.
    They won't come for a little while, so you can take a moment to scan thru your
    targets and see if you pick up any subs (don't stray very far from the bldgs.
    though). If you do pick up some subs...zap 'em with lightning and fire on 'em
    with lasers. Keep an ear open for the announcemen that "another group of
    scarabs is trying to land".  Repeat the same drill on them as on the last
    group. Once they are gone, you don't need to worry about the bldgs. anymore
    (the green medal will soon flash on the screen for completing the hidden obj.)
    Use this time to look around for subs. Soon, a 2nd battleship shows up and
    starts launching groups of bombers. Take out each group of bombers as they are
    launched using force-lightning and lasers (with clarity--you'll take out 3 of
    the 5 bombers...fire lasers on the other two). In between groups of bombers,
    go back to looking for, and taking out subs until they are all gone and you
    get the gold medal flash on the screen for completing the bonus obj. (it's not
    hard at all to get all the subs). BTW, don't waste any time at all in this
    level by shooting at the battleships (if you take the time to destroy them,
    you won't have enough time to achieve the bonus & hidden objectives). After
    the battleship takes off & the last group of bombers is gone, use force-
    lightning & lasers on the remaining enemy fighters that are flying around
    (it's actually not hard to take out every single enemy in the entire level
    with the exception of the two battleships). Soon the level will end on it's
                                _MISSION COMPLETE_
                              Mission 3: Prison Break
    This mission can be slightly tough. The hard thing is to keep the "Liberator"
    alive. Other than that, it is quite easy to earn both extra objectives while
    completing the level. This is your 1st mission flying the Havoc. You only have
    bombs as your secondary weapon, but you DO have all wingmate commands avail.
    OBJECTIVES.........Liberator must survive.
                       Destroy the Space Station defenses.
                       Prevent enemy transports from docking.
                       Liberator must rescue crew to safety.
    BONUS OBJECTIVE....Destroy the airlock door.
    HIDDEN OBJECTIVE...Destroy all Walking Starfighters in hangar.
    Very first thing...target the Liberator right next to you and order your
    wingmen to protect it (this the only order you'll give your wingmen the entire
    level). Next, target the Cap Turret on the station that's nearest to you and
    destroy it. You'll now pick up on some enemy fighters with your nearest target
    indicator...destroy all 3 of these guys as they have an annoying tendency to do
    you quite a bit of damage if you ignore them. Then target and fire on the Cap
    Turret below the 1st one you took out (aim for the gun barrels when the Cap
    Turret is far below or over you--watch your target health meter to see if it's
    hitting). After that turret, target the Cap Turret on the left (get the bottom
    one 1st then the top one). Now, destroy the Heavy Turret you can see on the arm
    on which this pair of Cap Turrets were. Then fly twds the far arm of the
    station. Target the Heavy Turret you can see on the arm, and then get the Cap
    Turret that was near it. Fly past the end of the arm and turn downwards and
    around to destroy the Cap Turret on the bottom of that station arm. Now fly
    away from the arm & twds the last arm with Cap Turrets, but a little out twds
    space too. NOTE: If you stay far from the station...the Heavy Turrets won't be
    able to hit you (you must be a little farther away than the end of a station
    arm). Destroy the final 2 Cap Turrets and then destroy the heavy Turret on that
    arm that you can see, then destroy the Heavy Turret you can see on the last arm
    you worked on. About now, you should get a message telling you to "Take out the
    airlock" and an objective marker will show up on your screen. Follow the marker
    to the bottom of the station (it should be near the last heavy turret that you
    destroyed) and destroy the airlock door. Now...fly twds the top of the station
    and look for the hangar opening (or it's door if you're on the other side). Go
    in & destroy the Walking Starfighters (it's super-easy & there's only 5 or 6 of
    'em). NOTE: Enemy fighters tend to follow you into the hangar and shoot at you,
    so be aware of that and take the time to destroy them before finishing off the
    Walking Starfighters if you need to). Now fly out to space again and get a safe
    heavy turret distance from the station. Take out all the remaining turrets and
    an "Objective Complete" banner will flash across the screen and your target
    indicator will register a TF Transport. Boost out twds it and fire as you go
    (using zoom if necessary). After it's gone, take out enemy fighters for a short
    while until another TF Transport shows up. Do the same drill on him as the last
    and then look for an "Armed Transport" (it's the lg. silver ship). Shoot at him
    with lasers & bombs from where you are (he IS armed and will do bad damage to
    you if you get too closto him). Now fly over to the Liberator (which should be
    docked to the station by now). Protect it from fighters. NOTE: This is the hard
    part of the mission...keeping the Liberator from being destroyed. But just take
    out enemies as fast as you can and you should be alright. After a while, you
    should see another Armed Transport show up. Take him out from far away as you
    did with the last one (never stray from the Liberator at this part of the
    mission). After he's gone...go back to taking out fighters and with a little
    luck & skill, the mission will end w/o the Liberator being destroyed and you
    will have a...
                                _MISSION COMPLETE_
                           Mission 4: Turning the Tides
    Another pretty easy mission here. The only kind of hard thing is earning the
    bonus objective (BOTH demolitions boats must survive). You'll be flying the
    Havoc and this time you have guided missiles as well as bombs as your 2ndary
    weapons and you DO have all wingmate commands available.
    OBJECTIVES.........One Demolition Boat must reach base.
                       Destroy the base entry door.
                       Defeat Harro Ruuk.
    BONUS OBJECTIVE....Both Demolition Boats must survive.
    HIDDEN OBJECTIVE...Destroy all Tractor Beam Towers.
    First off, mark the Demolition Boat on the left as your target and order your
    wingmen to protect it. Then boost ahead a bit, hit your "target-all" button,
    and zoom in on the mines ahead. take them out and then go after a few enemy
    fighters until you hear that some subs are on the way. They will be coming from
    the left (cycle thru your targets to find them if you need to). Go after them
    using lasers 'til you'er close enough to use bombs (be careful with bombs on
    this level...if you're too low, they can hit the water and hurt or even kill
    you). After they are taken care of, get a few more fighters 'til another group
    of subs come. Same drill on them as the last. Go back to fighters & then take
    out a 3rd wave of subs. Now...mark the other Demo Boat as your target and order
    your wingmen to now protect it. Then, boost ahead to the 1st Tractor Beam Tower
    (the best way to take them is to go high above them and then use bombs to blow
    them up (only takes 4 or 5 bombs). Boost as fast as you can to the next Tractor
    Beam Tower you can see and take it out (as you're flying twds it, take out a
    Heavy Turret that you can see on the hill below the tower). After that, boost
    back to the Demo boats as fast as you can and check as you go w/ your "target-
    all" button and take out any mines or fighters you come across as you go. You
    should hear about some bombers on the way around now. They are your priority
    target right now. Between groups of bombers, look for turrets and/or other
    enemies and kill 'em. After the bombers stop coming (or during the bomber
    attack...depending on how fast you are at taking them out) your Boats will
    split up and go around the island from different sides. Stay with the one that
    you didn't order protected and keep a bit ahead of him to take out the turrets
    you come across. Once you can see the base...boost ahead to it and take out the
    Tractor Beam Tower nearby and then kly take out the turrets in the area. Now
    that Demo Boat is safe. Go over to the other one as quickly as you can and look
    for enemies near it. You will be attacked by another couple of waves of subs.
    Be sure to get them all (and as always in this level...look around for turrets
    or other targets whenever there aren't any enemies by the boats). By the time
    you've taken all the subs out...you should be back by the base. Take out the
    Base entry door (it will have an obj. marker on it). After it's gone...your
    Boats will set their charges and they will go off. The game's 1st Boss (Harro
    Ruuk) will now show up. To take him out...fly above him and simply blast him
    continously with lasers and bombs. He submerges periodically and then surfaces
    again. Just keep hitting him 'til he drops. He's easy.
                                _MISSION COMPLETE_
                             Mission 5: Poisoned Skies
    Okay...this is a fun mission and isn't too hard either. You'll be flying the
    Jedi Starfighter and you have force-shield & force-lightning as well as all
    wingmate commands available. Earning both extra bonus' is no problem.
    OBJECTIVES.........Protect the spaceport.
                       Destroy all Hex Deployers.
    BONUS OBJECTIVE....Protect the Island Shelter.
    HIDDEN OBJECTIVE...Destroy all enemies.
    The very first thing ya wanna do is to boost ahead and zoom in on the three
    missiles that are almost gonna hit the island (it's easy to get all 3). You'll
    then pick up another group of missiles on your target indicator. Switch to
    force-lightning and zap 'em...then shoot at the remaining ones in the group.
    When your force power is back up...zap the next group of missiles and shoot the
    remainder of them too. Same thing with one more group of missiles. Then you'll
    hear a warning that fighters are on the way (you'll pick 'em up on your
    targeting indicator). Boost twds (and slightly to one side) them and zap 'em w/
    lightning as you do. As soon as you pass them, brake & turn around. Laser the
    one or two fighters that remain. You'll now hear that bombers are on the way.
    Order your wingmen to protect the Island Shelter & Boost twds the bombers. Zap
    'em & destroy the remaining two with lasers. Another couple of groups of
    bombers will now come from the other side of the island. Same drill...boost twd
    'em, zap 'em, and laser the remaining ones in the group. Then do the same with
    the group behind that one. There will now be one final group on the other side
    of the island. After you kill them...take out fighters for a few moments 'til
    you hear that another group of ships is approaching. It's a couple of Hex
    Deployers and some bombers accompanied by a few Sabaoth Fighters. Target one of
    the bombers and zap him with lightning...then start firing on one of the Hex
    Deployers. NOTE: Stay in front of these ships. The Deployers will launch groups
    of missiles after a while and you wanna be in a good position to take 'em out.
    When you're force power is back up...target one of the remaining bombers & zap
    them into oblivion. Now continue firing on one of the Hex Deployers 'til it's
    destroyed (NOTE: if at any time, the Deployers launch missiles...stop what
    you're doing and get all the missiles). Once one of the Deployers is gone,
    cycle thru your targets and if anything other than the Hex Deployer comes up...
    destroy it/them using force-lightning. Once everthing but the deployer is gone,
    Destroy that final deployer and the level will end.
                                _MISSION COMPLETE_
                             Mission 6: Mount Merakan
    This is a pretty easy mission. Earning both extra objectives while completing
    the mission is no problem. You will be flying the Havoc with bombs & guided
    missiles as well as all wingmate commands available. NOTE: Just ignore the
    Scarabs completely...they pose no real danger at all in this level.
    OBJECTIVE..........Destroy all buildings.
    BONUS OBJECTIVE....Destroy all TF Freighters.
    HIDDEN OBJECTIVE...Complete mission in under 9 mins.
    Start out by immediately ordering your wingmen to attack the bldg. directly
    ahead of you, then turn to the right and boost around the mountain. Cycle thru
    your targets as you go 'til you pick up a Missile Launcher. Keep on going
    (flying low to the ground--flying low helps avoid missile hits in this mission)
    and when you round the corner, you'll se some TF Freighters on a Landing Pad.
    Shoot the Missile Launcher you picked up first, and then bee-line it twds the
    closest Freighter as you're firing at it. When you're close enough, brake and
    lay some bombs on him. Go after the next highest one now (the one farther from
    the mountain) and after he's dead, get the Missile Launcher that's close to the
    last freighter (cycle thru your targets to find it if necessary) & then take
    out that last freighter. Now, continue flying around the mountain the way you
    were originally going (as you start off, look for a bldg. ahead and fire on it
    as you boost fwd). After it's gone, cycle thru your targets 'til you come up w/
    a Landing Pad (should be the 2nd thing to come up as a target). Order your
    wingmen to attack it and then stay low & cont' flying around the mtn. 'til you
    see a TF Freighter up in the sky ahead. Select your guided missile as your
    secondary weapon, zoom in on him, and when you get the lock-on tone...fire. The
    guided missile works good on a slow moving target like a freighter. You can
    pretty much fire & forget when shooting at a freighter. After he's gone, look
    for a bldg. ahead and take it out w/ lasers & bombs and then look for a Missile
    Launcher on the ground ahead of where the bldg. was & take it out as fast as
    possible. Then cont. boosting around the mountain. Look high and far off in the
    distant sky for another TF Freighter (a bit to the left of the last freighter).
    Zoom in on him and fire a guided missile at him like the last freighter.
    Continue on a bit farther and look for yet another freighter on the far horizon
    and take him out just like you did with the previous two. Now, start shooting
    bldgs. in earnest. Get every one you see near you as well as any Missile
    Launchers you come across. But as soon as you hear "they're launching more
    freighters"... cycle thru your targets to find one and start boosting around
    the island twds it. If there's a bldg. between you and it, shoot at it as you
    boost. Take out the two freighters here with lasers & bombs and then fly up the
    mountain. There's a couple of bldgs. up there in the mountains. Look for 'em
    and take 'em out quick (use bombs as well as lasers). Keep destroying bldgs.
    until you hear that "they've launched the last of the freighters". Cycle thru
    your targets until you pick one of them up & boost twds it as fast as you can
    go (same thing here about bldgs...if there's one in your path to the freighter,
    shoot at it as you boost to the freighter). Get the freighter you picked up as
    your target w/ a guided missile and then cycle thru your targets for the last
    one (fly up to the top of the mountain to look around for him if you don't pick
    him up on your targeting indicator right away, but keep cycling thru your
    targets as well. Go after him as soon as you find him & kill him w/ a guided
    missile (after he's destroyed...you should get the gold medal flash on the
    screen for completing the bonus objective). Now you're home-free (unless you're
    on your last legs health-wise...hehe!)! All you have to do now is to cycle thru
    your targets 'til you pick up on a bldg., order your wingment to attack it, and
    boost twds it (shooting as you fly twds it if it's in sight of course). Use
    bombs to quicken up the kills and just go from one bldg. to the next (you
    should only have 2 or 3 by this time). If you've gotten all that done in under
    9 mins...the green medal will flash across the screen just after destroying the
    final bldg.--for completing the hidden objective.
                                _MISSION COMPLETE_
                             Mission 7: Hammer & Anvil
    This mission can seem hard at first, but once you understand it & get the hang
    of it...it's really not that bad. You'll be flying the Jedi Starfighter with
    3 of the 4 force powers (shield, lightning, and reflex) and you'll have all
    wingmate commands available. Achieving the bonus & hidden ojectives along with
    completing the level is no problem.
    OBJECTIVES.........The Triton must survive
                       Protect the Kathor
                       Destroy all Planetary Defense Guns
                       Destroy all Planetary Defense Platforms
    BONUS OBJECTIVE....Triton takes no hull damage (you CAN take shield damage).
    HIDDEN OBJECTIVE...Destroy all 3 TF Freighters
    As soon as the mission starts, target the Kathor and order your wingmen to
    protect it. Now...select force-reflex and look twds the TF Lander ahead. It
    will launch a group of bombers shortly. Use your force-reflex to slow time &
    zoom in on them. Take them all out (it may take more than one use of the reflex
    to get a group completely taken out. There are a total of 3 or 4 waves of
    bombers to destroy). Make sure that NONE get thru to your capital ships. When
    you've destroyed the last bomber, you'll get a radio message that the sector is
    clear and then you'll be told to attack the Planetary Defense Guns. Zoom in on
    one of them and take it's shields & health down almost all the way...then do
    the same with the other one. Now fly back behind (away from the planet) and to
    the right (the side away from the Triton) of the Kathor. Now, target the Triton
    and order your wingmen to now protect it. Then zoom in on the Planetary Defense
    Gun that's nearer to you, finish it off (this will trigger a bunch of enemy
    ships to show up [Sabaoth Fighters, Frigates, and Frieghters]), and then turn
    around. The Sabaoth Frigates will all warp in in a line abreast. Look to the
    right of the one on the end (at about the same distance as the spacing between
    the frigates) and then look downwards (about the same distance). You should see
    the 3 TF Freighters over there (use your "target-all" button to help you find
    'em if necessary). Zoom in on them & start firing on them as you boost twds
    them. Boost as far as you need to get easy shots on the freighters with zoom,
    but don't go nearer than you need to (you'll just have that much more flying
    distance to cover on your way back). Use your force-reflex when you're close
    enough and take out all three freighters in turn with your lasers. Now...go
    back where you came from. As your flying back. Look for one of the TF Frigates
    that is near to the Triton. Fire on him (with zoom) as you're flying twds him
    (use force-reflex every time it's ready again). After he's gone, target the
    other frigate near the Triton (you'll probably find that their shields & health
    are considerably weakened already thanks to your wingmen). Now, go after all
    the remaining frigates and after they are all destroyed...take out the TF
    Lander (the lander will pop out scarabs like clockwork as long as it's there).
    Now, use your force-reflex and take out EVERY single remaining fighter on the
    map. Once they're gone...you're home free. Target the remaining Planetary
    Defense Gun and finish it off. Kathor will now commit suicide (& save the day)
    by flying into one of the shield generators. Watch the show...and then target
    one of the Planetary Defense Platforms and order your wingmen to attack it. You
    can help destroy it if you want, or just watch them take it out. After the 1st
    one is gone...repeat the process on the other. As soon as it is destroyed...
                                 _MISSION COMPLETE_
                            Mission 8: Demolition Squad
    This is a moderately hard mission. To complete it while earning both extra
    bonus' is a little difficult (keeping every one of your Commandos alive).
    You will be flying the Jedi Starfighter with ALL powers for the first time (the
    force-shockwave IS good against lg. groups of enemies, but I still used the
    force-reflex almost exclusively when I've done this mission). You also have
    wingmen commands available--but only for the Commandos ("protect my target" is
    disabled and the Commandos can only attack the Shield Generators).
    OBJECTIVES.........Order Commandos into each Shield Generator.
                       Two Commandos must survive
    BONUS OBJECTIVE....All Commandos survive.
    HIDDEN OBJECTIVE...Destroy all Landers & the Armed-freighter.
    Okay, so first thing...look to the right of the big bldg. and take out the
    Heavy Turrets you see over there (but DON'T select them as your targets). As
    you're shooting the turrets...you will hear that the Commandos are "awaiting
    your orders". Immediately order your men to attack (The 1st Shield Gen. bldg.
    will be selected automatically as your target when the level starts), then go
    back to destroying turrets (there's another group of turrets on the other side
    of the large bldg. also. Get them all as quickly as possible (use your force-
    reflex when attacking them). Now, the most important thing about this level is
    to watch & protect the Commandos when they are out in the open (when they are
    inside of the Shield Gen. buildings...use that time to go after enemies who are
    farther away). Use force-reflex or shockwave to take out lg. groups of STAPs
    and fighters when they are near to your Commandos. And if any bunkers open up
    near you...take them out using force-reflex & lasers (this will eliminate a
    bunch of fighters). After a while, an Armed-freighter & TF Landers will start
    coming in. The Armed-freighter comes in first. Try and take the Armed-freighter
    out w/ force-reflex before it lands (this will eliminate a bunch of AATs you
    would have had to otherwise take out). Then go for the TF Landers (ONLY GO FOR
    Destroy the  Armed-freighter and both TF Landers and the green medal for
    achieving the hidden obj. will flash across the screen. After they are gone...
    your only concern is to protect the Commandos. Whenever they come outside to
    move along to the next Shield Gen. bldg., order them on to the next Shield Gen.
    and then protect them as well as you can using force-reflex or force-shockwave
    and lasers. Try and get fighters and especially AATs when they are far from the
    Commandos. Just circle right over the Commandos and keep checking with your
    "target-all" button and when you see some enemies...use force powers and get
    them before they get close enough to fire on your Commandos. If you protect
    them well..you will earn the "All Commandos survive" bonus objective and the
    gold medal will flash across the screen when the level ends. If at least two of
    them survive...you will at least complete the level on hard and have the hidden
    objective completed.
                                 _MISSION COMPLETE_
                              Mission 9: Dragon's Den
    This is a moderately hard mission but it's fairly easy to earn both the bonus
    & hidden objectives if you complete the level w/o being killed. You'll be
    flying the Havoc with all secondary weapons and wingmate commands available.
    The only really difficult thing about the level is in not getting killed. The
    thing to remember is if you start getting fired upon, to immediately boost away
    at a right angle to the attack 'til you've shaken him...and then go back to
    whay you were doing.
    OBJECTIVES.........Clear all enemy units from landing pad.
                       Destroy transmitter inside hangar.
                       Destroy control boxes on Solar Towers.
                       Bomb the Reactor Core.
    BONUS OBJECTIVE....Destroy all bombers.
    HIDDEN OBJECTIVE...Prevent all Hex Bombers from escaping.
    Very 1st thing to do is to brake & then target the Dropship ahead & above, and
    order your wingmen to attack it. Now--still braking--destroy the bomber coming
    in for a landing right next to the dropship. When he's gone, help destroy the
    dropship. When it's gone, order your wingmen to protect you and then start
    firing on the turrets on the landing pad. Get everyone you can see and then
    boost upwards over the landing pad. Look down, brake, and finish destroying the
    rest of the turrets. Now start flying twds the dropship near the pad and fire
    on it (boost twds it as you fire). When you get near it, use bombs to finish it
    off. Now look down twds the landing pad and destroy the bombers landed there.
    After they are gone, use your "target-all" button to illuminate the droids on
    the pad. Zoom in on 'em and take 'em out. After a bunch are gone, you will hear
    that Sabaoth Fighters are coming in. Take some time out to destroy a half-dozen
    or so, and then finish destroying the droids. After the "Objective Completed"
    banner flashes across the screen for "Clearing the enemy units from Landing
    Pad", a bunch of dropships start showing up. Use your lasers, guided missiles,
    bombs, and clusters (save as least two clusters for later) to take out one
    after another 'til they're all gone (NOTE: The very last one shows up a short
    time after the main group--don't forget him). After they're all gone, you will
    hear a message that the "Hanger doors are open" and to "attack the transmitter
    inside". Head twds the doors (on the side of the bldg. next door to the landing
    pad--on the same side as the tall towers). Look twds the doors, but don't get
    too close. Press your "target-all" button and zoom in. Take out the droids from
    a distance. After the first few, a bunch will come out of a small door on the
    left side of the hangar opening. You can blast a lot of droids as they exit
    thru that door. BTW, enemy fighters have a nasty habit of attacking you while
    going for these droids. Keep in mind what I said in the level intro about being
    attacked by fighters and follow the advice (also check to make sure your
    wingmen are still protecting you). After the droids are all gone, fly into the
    hangar on the left side of the opening. Brake as you enter and shoot at the
    green storage tanks...it just takes a few shots to take them out. Then start
    firing on the Hex Bomber adjacent to the tanks. Use a cluster on him as you
    fire lasers. After he's gone, get the other Hex Bomber in there and then shoot
    at the transmitter. As soon as it's destroyed, boost outside and fly behind the
    Solar Towers (fly behind the one on the far right). After a few moments, the
    panels on the towers will open. You can now shoot the control boxes on them.
    Blast the boxes on the first two towers...now look twds the landing pad next
    door. The last bomber will come from the same direction that the dropships came
    from. Cycle thru your targets to find him if necessary, but find him & destroy
    him (Bonus Obj. achieved). Then go back to taking the control boxes on the
    Solar Towers out. Once they're all gone...fly back into the hangar. As soon as
    you enter the door, brake and fly upwards a bit to get a line-of-sight on some
    droids at the far end of the hangar. Use your "target-all" button and take 'em
    all out (there are only 5 or 6). Once they are gone...the only thing you have
    to do is "Bomb the Reactor Core". I found that the easiest way to hit it is to
    fly directly twds it--flying close to the ceiling. Brake as you near the core
    and point down twds it and bomb away (try to get your crosshairs centered in
    the core's targetting indicator and you should hit it no problem (it is damned
    hard to see). After it is destroyed...just hang around inside the hangar. The
    level will end shortly.
                                 _MISSION COMPLETE_
                              Mission 10: Tug of war
    This isn't too tough of a mission to complete, and earnng both extra objectives
    is no problem either. You will be flying the Jedi Starfighter in this mission
    with all secondary weapons and wingmate commands available.
    OBJECTIVES.........Destroy the TF Tug.
                       Recover the Barrel.
                       Recover the Capacitor.
                       Recover the Focus Array.
                       Recover the Casing.
                       Destroy all Tractor Beam Ships.
    BONUS OBJECTIVE....Destroy all Missile Frigates.
    HIDDEN OBJECTIVE...Lose no friendly tugs.
    First thing is to boost ahead and zoom in on the TF Tug that's trying to take
    one of the parts you are trying to collect. After it's gone, target one of the
    Missile Frigates ahead and shoot him with a guided missile & lasers 'til he's
    destroyed. Then do the same for the other Missile Frigates (keep your distance
    when attacking them or the "Reaver" will damage you with it's turrets). When
    you hear that your tugs have been launched...target one of them and order your
    wingmen to protect it. The next part of the mission is pretty simple...just
    take out every enemy tug that's launched from the Reaver and keep checking on
    your own tugs often with the "target-all" button.  Whenever one of your tugs
    is in danger...go and take out the enemy harrasing it. And check each tug with
    your targeting button every once in a while, and whichever tug is lowest in
    shields and/or health...order your wingmen to protect it. Whenever you have the
    free time from doing all that..take out fighters. As you do all this...you will
    recieve notices every once in a while that a part of the Planetary Gun has been
    recovered and an "Objective Complete" banner will flash across the screen. When
    every part has been recovered, you will recieve a notice that more enemy ships
    are coming. These will be the Tractor Beam Ships. As soon as they show up,
    order your wingmen to protect your Cruiser and then make a bee-line for the
    nearest Tractor Beam Ship. Use your force-reflex and take them out with lasers
    & cluster missiles (the clusters work GOOD against these guys). When one
    Tractor Beam Ship is destroyed...follow the same procedure on the remaining
    ones. After they're all gone, attack fighters until the level ends (won't take
    long at all for it to end).
                                 _MISSION COMPLETE_
                          Mission 11: Escort to Geonosis
    I got good news and bad news regarding this mission. First the bad news...this
    is one of the hardest missions to complete. Now the good news...if you DO
    complete the level--earning both extra bonus' at the same time is easy. You
    will be flying the Jedi Starfighter on this one with all force powers and all
    wingmate commands available.
    OBJECTIVES.........Escort the Transport to Geonosis.
                       Destroy one group of Missile Frigates.
    BONUS OBJECTIVE....Destroy all persuing Missile Frigates.
    HIDDEN OBJECTIVE...Destroy all TF Landers.
    Very 1st thing to do is to select your force-reflex power and engage it. There
    will be 2 groups of enemy fighters attacking your Transport (one group will be
    very close to your Transport--attack it first, then the other group that shows
    up as your target. Take them all out (it's no prob to take out both groups with
    one use of froce-reflex), then select the Transport as your target and order
    your wingmen to protect it. Now...just keep using your force-reflex to take out
    several groups of fighters, but stay a ways behind your Transport. Soon you
    will hear that some TF Landers have shown up. Use your force-reflex again and
    fire on the nearest one. After it's gone, hit your targeting button 'til a TF
    Missile Frigate shows up as your target. Go for the Frigate immediately and
    then the 2nd Frigate also (again...use force-reflex when attacking them). After
    you destroy the 2nd Frigate...the gold medal for achieving the bonus obj. will
    flash on the screen. Now go for the other TF Lander and after taking him out...
    the green medal will flash on the screen for achieving the hidden objective.
    Now comes the most critical part of the mission. A pair of Geonosis Fighters
    will come from the rear, and then another single one will show up in front of
    the Transport (these front ones will be blocked from view at first behind
    asteroids). You wanna get those fighters BEFORE they fire missiles (they will
    do boocoo damage to your Transport). Here's how I do it...I order my wingmen to
    attack the one in front of the Transport and I fly a good ways behind the
    Transport to get the pair of fighters before they can fire missiles. This
    pattern will continue for quite a while...so keep it up as well as you can.
    Make no mistake...this part of the mission is HARD--keeping your Transport from
    taking damage in this part is tough on "hard".
    Once you are near to leaving the asteroid field, you will hear that more enemy
    ships are coming. These are TF MIissile Frigates. Boost ahead of your Transport
    and target one of the oncoming Missile Frigates. Order your wingmen to attack
    it, and then pick out the Frigate next to that one and start firing on it as it
    comes twds you. Use force-reflex of course everytime it's recharged and after
    the one you're attacking is gone, start attacking the one you previously
    ordered your wingmen to attack. It shouldn't take long to take out that second
    frigate, and once you do...you'll have the "Objective Complete" banner flash
    across the screen for "Destroying ONE group of Missile Frigates" (a group only
    consists of two Frigates). After that, you are basically home free as you have
    achieved all the mission objectives and you should get a "Mission Complete"
    after a short while, but order your wingmen to protect your Transport again
    just to be safe (or if you are on your last legs healthwise...order them to
    protect you). Then take out as many more Missile Frigates as you can (I got 6
    of 'em one time) until the level ends.
                                 _MISSION COMPLETE_
                             Mission 12: Cannon Fodder
    This is a moderately hard mission. The bonus obj. is fairly easy to earn, but
    getting the hidden obj. on hard and still completing the mission is difficult.
    I would suggest going for the hidden obj. on a separate run (and you might want
    to do it on an easier difficulty level).
    On this mission you'll be flying the Havoc again. You have all four secondary
    weapons and all wingmate commands available.
    OBJECTIVES.........Defend the Tugs & Cannon parts.
                       Clear the landing pad for cannon assembly.
                       Destroy TF Cruiser.
    BONUS OBJECTIVE....All Mere tugs must survive.
    HIDDEN OBJECTIVE...Destroy all turrets.
    As soon as you start the mission, target one of the capital turrets on the moon
    below and order your wingmen to attack it. Then look right below you (w/ your
    zoom) and take out the missile turret (it's kinda small from your altitude).
    Now blast the heavy turret nearby. Now target a cap turret & boost twds the
    surface of the moon. Go from one turret to another around the edge of the lg.
    crater & after they're all gone, destroy the missile turret near the center of
    the crater. Check with your targeting button for any turrets you may have
    missed (You'll know you've gotten 'em all when you hear an announcement that
    they're all gone). NOTE: If your wingmates actually take one out for you while
    you're going for turrets...order them onto another one. After all the turrets
    are gone, hang around the friendly tugs and destroy enemy fighters for a little
    while. When you hear an announcement and see an objective marker pop up...high
    tail it twds the marker. You should come upon a heavy turret first of all as
    you come round the moon twds the obj. marker. Destroy it--and another that's
    just beyond it. Then look up at the landing pad you're next to. You should be
    able to see a Missile Launcher on the corner. Destroy it and then boost twds
    the TF Missile Frigate above you. Use lasers and your guided missiles on it.
    Then look for the other Missile Frigate that's already in the sky. Boost twds
    it and destroy it like the last one. Now nose down twds the Missile Frigates on
    the landing pad. Aim a guided missile at the 1st, fire and then do the same
    with the one next to it. Fire lasers on one as you boost twds them (boost to
    avoid heavy turret fire). One should be destroyed by the time you pass by.
    After you do pass by...go a short ways beyond and turn around. Finish off the
    remaining frigate and then press your "target all" button. You should find a
    walking droid fighter on one of the platforms. Kill him and then look just past
    the far platform. Take out the two heavy turrets over there. Now cycle thru
    your targets to make sure no more turrets remain. If one does...go get it.
    About now, you should hear an announcement that "bombers are on the way" Your
    targeting system will automatically pick up the 1st group). Switch your 2ndary
    weapon to cluster missiles and boost twds the bombers. Laser as you fly twds
    them and when you're close...fire your cluster missiles (it's actually pretty
    easy to take out an entire group of bombers w/ one shot of your clusters. It's
    best if you come at 'em from an angle rather than head-on). There will be like
    5 or 6 groups of bombers. If you're fast, you can take out every bomber before
    the big enemy cruiser arrives and starts shooting missiles at your guys. In any
    case, as soon as you hear that the cruiser has fired missiles...boost over twds
    them and use your zoom to take them out. It's actually not too hard to get them
    all, but there are quite a lot of groups of them that are fired before your
    guys finally get the Orbital Cannon online. It's important that you get pretty
    much every missile if you want the friendlies to survive and pass the mission.
    I think they'll let you get away with a few of them hitting, but not many. BTW,
    in between groups of missiles...cycle thru your targets to check for any
    bombers you may have missed earlier. If you find any...get 'em. At some point,
    you'll hear an announcement that "the bombers have stopped coming". You can
    stop worrying about them at that point. So, when the guys finally tell you the
    gun is ready...target the big enemy cruiser and order them to "attack my
    target". Meanwhile, keep your eye out for missiles and destroy any you find.
    Otherwise...look for fighters near the landing pads and get them. Order the
    guys to attack the cruiser every so often--just to be sure--and soon enough,
    you'll see the banner that says...
                               _MISSION COMPLETE_
                         Mission 13: Attack of the Clones
    This is my favorite mission. Lots of stuff to do and plenty of targets. The
    difficulty is not too hard and it's not hard to earn both the bonus & hidden
    objectives while completing the level on hard. You'll be in the good 'ole Jedi
    Starfighter with all force powers and wingmate commands available.
    OBJECTIVES.........Protect all Gunships until troops debark.
                       Half the Clone Troopers must survive.
    BONUS OBJECTIVE....Destroy the TF Core Ship
    HIDDEN OBJECTIVE...Destroy all bunkers.
    First off...select your force-reflex & boost fwd and turn slightly right. You
    will pass over a thing in the ground. This is the "Southwest" bunker. Fly a way
    past it 'til you hear that it is opening. Immediately hit your force-reflex and
    turn around. Destroy the bunker and then keep looking in front of it. Some
    enemy fighters will appear in the air in front of where the bunker was (pretty
    good eh? ...they can still launch fighters AFTER the bunker is gone...hehe!).
    Anyways, it's pretty easy to get them all while they are still all grouped
    together. Get them all, then turn about 90 degrees right and boost over a ways.
    Soon you will hear that the "Western" bunker is opening. You should be right
    near it. Hit your force-reflex and take it and the fighters that appear out
    like the last time. After they're gone, your guys should be visible off near
    where the first bunker was. Take a moment to target it and order your wingmen
    to protect it, then turn around and look to one side of the hill that's nearest
    you. You should see some heavy turrets there (if you can't see them...fly into
    view of them). Hit your time-slowing and take them all out. Now fly twds the
    Core Ship a ways. Soon you will hear that the "Northwest" bunker is opening.
    Turn to look back the way you came from and you should see it (they are marked
    by those blue objective markers). Hit the time-slow again and take it out along
    with the enemies that emerge (at this point, some of the bunkers spit out
    droids instead of fighters). Now...take note of the two hills near the Core
    Ship (they have doors on them that periodically spit out enemies). As you're
    facing the Core Ship from between the hills--the one on the right, I shall call
    "Middle" hill; and the one on the left, I shall refer to as "Tank" hill. Stay
    around this area for the time being--keeping an eye out for enemies attacking
    your Gunships and use your force-reflex and guns to take them out whenever you
    see 'em. The next bunker that will open is the "Middle" bunker (right next to
    "Middle" hill--see why I called it that now?...hehe!). When you hear that it's
    opened...stop what you're doing, hit force-reflex and take it out. Then use
    your remaining slow time to take out any targets near you. So now...go back to
    watching your Gunships and protecting them. The next bunker to open will be the
    "Northern" bunker and it is near "Tank" hill. Listen for the alert regarding it
    and take it out when the time comes. NOTE: After this bunker...there are three
    bunkers remaining. As you look twds the Core Ship from between the two hills...
    one is right in front of the Core Ship and the other two are on the right side
    in the distance. The bunkers will not be specifically named from now on...You
    will just hear "Those bunkers" or "Multilple bunkers"..."are opening. Two will
    come up at a time and you will get more than one chance to get an individual
    bunker (the 1st five only open the one time). One of the 1st two to open will
    be the one right in front of the Core Ship, so stay in the same general area
    for now. After some more enemies, you're Gunships will disembark your Clone
    Troopers. Pick out a Trooper in the middle of the group and order your wingmen
    to protect, then cont. killing bad guys 'til you hear that "bunkers are
    opening". Hit force-reflex and hit the bunker in front of the Core Ship and use
    the rest of your slow time to take out enemies of opportunity. Try and hang
    around the side of the Core Ship near to where I said the last two bunkers were
    and go back to taking out enemies attacking your clones until you hear that
    bunkers are opening again. Hit your force-reflex and you should be able to take
    out both of these bunkers in one slow time session. Now go back to the area
    between the hills again. Go back to protecting clones 'til you hear that the
    Core Ship should be attacked and that the Gunships have the power to do it. You
    may also hear that "we must clear the air of enemies before we can attack" (or
    words to that effect). If you do, just keep shooting bad guys. Soon the Core
    Ship will automatically come up as your target. Order the Gunships to attack it
    then. It won't take them long to take it out. When it is gone, pick out a clone
    and order your men to protect them again. Now the level will slip into a
    routine that will continue for quite a while until the level ends...a couple of
    missile droids will emerge from "Middle" hill; then a couple of tanks & a
    couple of the lg. white droids will emerge from "Tank" hill (hence the name of
    "Tank" hill...hehe!); then a group of Geonosis Fighters will come from in the
    distance (on the side of the Core Ship where the last two bunkers were). They
    don't come too fast and you'll be able to use you force-reflex & lasers on each
    group. After a bunch of repeats of this sequence...the level will finally end.
                                _MISSION COMPLETE_
    		      Mission 14: Heart of the Storm
    NOTE: The most difficult part of this mission is keeping your friendly Mere
    Cruisers from being destroyed. YOUR HIGHEST PRIORITY IS TO DESTROY ENEMY
    FIGHTERS. This is the key to the whole mission. Don't waste a single shot on
    the enemy transports/missile frigates or the fuel towers. Your planetary gun
    can easily take care of them all while you concentrate on fighters. You will be
    flying the Havoc with all secondary weapons available. Wingmate commands are
    also available, but ONLY for the Planetary Gun.
    OBJECTIVES.........Destroy all missile frigates.
                       Destroy enemy fighters.
                       Escort Mere Transports.
                       Escort Revenant Speeders.
                       Destroy all enemies in dome.
                       Defeat Lt. Bella.
    BONUS OBJECTIVE....Destroy all escaping dropships.
    HIDDEN OBJECTIVE...All Mere Transports must survive.
    The very 1st thing you wanna do when the action starts is to turn slightly to
    the right and target-select the nearby fuel tower. Then turn back the way you
    were originally facing and laser-blast the turret and two AATs next to it. By
    the time you are firing on the 1st AAT, you should hear an announcement that
    "the planetary gun is ready to fire". Take a moment to order the fuel tower
    destroyed (it will take out the missile frigate next to the tower as well) as
    you continue to fire on the AATs. Now, turn back the other way and--1st of all,
    take a moment to target-select the next closest fuel tower, and then destroy
    the turret & two AATs that are on the other side of where the 1st fuel tower
      NOTE: Always keep an ear open for when your buddy says "the Planetary Gun
      is ready to fire" and quickly order him to destroy the target you previously
      target-selected & then mark the next target...then go back to whatever.
    Now, turn twds the dome and look near the door for the four turrets there. Use
    your zoom to aim in on them and boost twds them as you are firing on them. When
    all 4 turrets are gone...start destroying enemy fighters--AND DON'T STOP UNTIL
    YOUR MERE CRUISERS HAVE SAFELY LANDED! Unfortunately, the "protect my target"
    wingmate command is disabled in this mission which makes keeping the Mere
    Cruisers all the harder to keep alive but, you can order the Planetary Gun to
    destroy the escaping transports/frigates and then the fuel towers as you're
    working on fighters (target the transport/frigate that is highest first, then
    the next highest, and so on. then get the fuel towers after the frigates are
    all gone). So...get as many fighters as you possibly can before the cruisers
    even get there, and when they do come--stay near them and kill the enemy that
    is nearest them. It's not easy, but as long as you keep one of the three
    cruisers alive 'til it lands...you're cool (if you're good enough--and you
    don't lose any--you'll get the hidden objective medal. But if you're having
    trouble...try going for that medal on a separate run and on a lower diff.). The
    rest of the mission is fairly easy.
    So...as soon as you hear the announcement that the friendlies have landed,
    fly twds the dome (kinda high above it and on the side of the dome that is near
    the landed cruisers). Now, look down twds the ground near the dome door. Use
    your "target-all" button and pick out the AATs down there. Use your brakes and
    zoom--and blast all of them (your Planetary Gun can be a little useful here as
    you can target AATs and order it to destroy them...it actually hits one every
    once in a while). It's important to get ALL of the AATs as they will kill the
    friendlies who go to blow up the base door (the "Revenant Speeders"). It's
    pretty easy to get 'em all though and only one of the friendlies has to survive
    to pass the mission. After the last AAT is destroyed...you should be clear of
    all enemies for a short time (check with your targeting button). Fly near to
    the base door and listen for the friendlies to tell you that the bomb has been
    placed and there are 3 secs.'til the explosion. Fly above the doorway, look
    down and start firing your lasers. When the bomb goes off, there will be a
    one-second or so long time freeze (at least on my game) The instant movement
    commences again, shoot a load of cluster missiles while you continue firing
    lasers. You should take out the majority of the fighters that come out the
    door. In any case, take out EVERY remaining fighter flying around outside the
    dome. Once they're gone, your target indicator should pick up a turret or
    generator inside the dome (you can be sure all the fighters outside are gone
    when this happens). Now...by using your "target-all" button, your brake, and
    your zoom...you can take out EVERY turret on the inside of the dome--from
    outside of the door (they WON'T fire on you when you're outside the door). You
    just gotta come at the door from different angles to get a line-of-sight on the
    targets inside.  NOTE: Destroy EVERY turret from the outside, but try and leave
    one generator (preferably one by the door) undestroyed 'til later. Now fly
    inside the dome and destroy the 4 or so fighters that are inside the dome. Once
    they're gone--and you only have a generator left--fly to the side of the dome
    opposite of the door and turn around to face the door. Glide twds the door, and
    once you've just passed over the edge of the hole in the floor...destroy the
    last generator with lasers and QUICKLY look downwards--maintaining laser fire.
    The Boss (Lt. Bella) will come out of the hangar down there. Blast her and give
    her a shot of cluster missiles at the same time. Turn upwards along with her
    and keep right on her ass--all the while blasting continuously with lasers and
    firing clusters as fast as you can. She should have all her shields down and a
    little health down before she even gets out the door. Now...KEEP RIGHT ON HER
    BUTT! Use boost as necessary (you go faster if you "pump" the boost button,
    rather than holding it), but stay as close to her as you can while constantly
    firing on her w/ lasers (as long as you stay close behind her, she doesn't
    shoot at you). If she does get away from you and pulls one of her "Crazy Ivan"
    maneuvers (turning and flying directly twds you--and firing missiles at you)...
    aim directly at her, fire lasers, and when she's close...lay a load of cluster
    missiles in her path. She isn't all that hard to kill really. Once she's toast,
    you will get a...
                                _MISSION COMPLETE_
                           Mission 15" "The Jedi Master"
    This is the hardest level in the game in my opinion, but once you learn how it
    works...it's not THAT hard. I even got both the bonus AND the hidden objectives
    (and the "All 3 Mere Cruisers survive" objective is kinda tough) on my first
    sucessful run on HARD. You will be flying the Jedi Starfighter with all force
    powers and wingmate commands available.
    OBJECTIVES.........Destroy all Hex Deployers.
                       Destroy all enemy fighters.
                       Destroy Toth's fleet.
                       Protect Mere Cruisers.
                       Defeat Toth.
    BONUS OBJECTIVE....Destroy all Hex Bombers & Missiles
    HIDDEN OBJECTIVE...All Mere Cruisers must survive.
    A few general tips for the level...
    -One of the most important things in completing the level is to keep track of
    your health & shields. Try and keep your health (yellow bar on your HUD) full.
    Your shileds will recover with time and they recover faster when your health
    is full.
    -Watch out for those orange missiles (or bombs...whatever) that the "Sabaoth
    Defenders" fire. Whenever you see some coming twds you--boost at a right-angle
    to the missiles. These weapons will do MAJOR damage to you (even lowering your
    health when you still have shields).
    -When attacking the big enemy cruisers...use your force-shields, but watch out
    for the capital turret shots and avoid them by boosting away if you see a shot
    coming twds you. The force shields protect you ONLY from laser fire so you are
    safe from the "heavy turrets" though. BTW...you seem to be safe from fighter
    fire when close to an enemy cruiser so you don't need to use the "protect me"
    wingmate command when near one.
    Okay...when the action starts, immediately select your force-lightning power
    and then command your wingmates to "attack my target" (which will already be
    selected automatically when you start off). After a second or two...zap that
    group and then boost fwd (and slightly to the right). As you go, the 1st group
    will be destroyed and your target indicator will pick up a new target. Order
    your men to attack and as you pass by the enemies...turn with them to follow &
    fire at them. You'll probably be able to get all 3 of them by the time your
    force power is built up again. Once you have force power again...zap the new
    fighter group that appears. You should now hear an announcement that all the
    fighters are gone and to attack the Hex Deployers.
    Select one of them on the far end and order your wingmates to attack it. Then
    select one of the bombers near that Hex Deployer and zap 'em w/ force-lightning
    (with "force clarity", you will take out three of the group of four bombers).
    Zoom in on the last one & laser it while your lightning is wreaking havoc on
    the other three. Now select "force-reflex" power and use it. Sight in on the
    next group of bombers in the line of attackers and take them all out (you
    should be able to get all four before your time-slowing wears off). Repeat the
    process until all the bombers are gone (you will get an announcement to that
    effect) NOTE: Stay in front of the attacking group of Hex Deployers & bombers.
    When you get very close to them, turn around and boost away a bit and then turn
    back around and continue the attack. After all the bombers are gone, continue
    using force-reflex to slow time and then attack Hex Deployers. With clarity,
    you should have just short of enough time to take out a deployer before it
    wears off...so brake and fire for a few more secs. to finish it off...then use
    reflex again and continue attacking deployers until you hear an announcement
    that the "Hex Deployers have lauched a wave of missiles". Look around for the
    tell-tale yellow streaks of the missiles, then use your relex to slow time and
    take out the group of missiles (using zoom if necessary) Continue doing this
    until all the missiles are gone (you will get an announcement to that effect as
    well as have the gold medal flash on the screen for achieveing the bonus obj.).
    Now, leave the rest of the Hex Deployers be for the time being and select a
    fighter as your target and order your wingmen to "attack my target". Also
    select force-lightning and zap fighters when you have power built up. Now...
    what you wanna do here is keep flying away from the enemy fighters and just
    order your wingmen to attack them as each new target registers--and use your
    force-lightning every time your power is built up again. This way you save
    yourself from possible damage and give your shield time to build back up to
    full strength. As soon as the "Objective Complete" banner flashes across the
    screen (signifying that all the enemy fighters have been destroyed)...you can
    go back to destroying the remaining Hex Deployers. If your shields aren't
    completely built back up to full, just keep flying around until they are. Then
    order your wingmen to help out in destroying the deployers.
    You will now get an anouncement that "a new group of fighters" has arrived.
    Order your wingmen to attack them and shoot at them using zoom for a few
    moments. A couple of large enemy cruisers will now warp-out of hyperspace in
    the same general area as the fighters. Select "force-shield" and zoom up
    twds one of the cruisers. I go about a cruisers length away and slightly above
    (the "top" being the side with 4 capital turrets). Hit your force shield, brake
    and zoom-in at the cruiser. You should be able to see the gun barrels of the
    cap turrets underneath the cruiser. Take them out first, then go for the closer
    two on top of the cruiser. By the time you take out those two, you're force
    shield should be worn off. Boost upwards for a couple of secs. and when your
    force power is built back up...engage the shield again and face back down twds
    the cruiser. Take out the last two cap turrets and then immediately boost twds
    the other cruiser. When about halfway between the two cruisers...brake & zoom
    in at the other cruiser. Take out all four cap turrets on top and then boost
    downwards 'til your force power is back up again. Engage your force shield and
    then take out the last two cap turrets. Now boost away twds the rear of the
    cruiser (opposite the two pointy ends) and well on past it. NOTE: Don't bother
    taking out any of the "heavy turrets" on the cruisers. They only target nearby
    targets and your friendly Mere Cruisers are safe from them. BTW, you should
    have plenty of time to take out all 12 cap turrets well before the friendly
    cruisers arrive.
    Now comes toughest part of the mission: Protecting the friendly Mere Cruisers.
    It's not so bad if you use the right strategy however. So...as soon as "Juno"
    gets there, Target him and order your wingmen to "protect my target". Then
    select force-lightning. Use your "select nearest target" button to pick up on a
    fighter and give him the old zapperino (hopefully taing out several enemies).
    After the other two friendly cruisers show up, target one of the end ones and
    order your wingmen to protect it (the cruisers on the ends take the most
    attacks). Use your "target all" button to check on where the fighters are, and
    fire on the nearest one to your cruisers. Every time your force power is built
    up...zap another group of fighters (target Sabaoth "Defenders" in preference to
    "Fighters" as they are tougher and fire more damaging weapons at you). And keep
    in mind what I said about those orange missiles they shoot...avoid them at all
    costs). NOTE: Whenever you have a short lull in attacking fighters...use your
    targeting button to check on all of your friendly cruisers and order your
    wingmen to protect whichever cruiser has sustained the most damage. Just keep
    protecting your friendly cruisers...after a while, they will have destroyed the
    first enemy cruiser and damaged the second. At this time, a 3rd enemy cruiser
    will arrive (an objective marker will mark him). IMMEDIATELY fly twds him while
    selecting force shield. Engage your shield and take out the four cap turrets on
    top of the cruiser and then fly below (this cruiser only seems to have one cap
    turret on the bottom). After all those cap turrets are destroyed...fly back twd
    the friendly cruisers and go back to taking out fighters (selecting and using
    force-lightning of course). After a short while, the no. 2 cruiser will be
    destroyed and the one that showed up last will be badly damaged. You will now
    hear an announcement to Juno that "We'll take care of the rest of the fighters"
    and right after that...you'll get the green medal flash on the screen (Provided
    that you didn't lose any of the friendly cruisers of course). Thankfully the
    "Protect Mere Cruisers" is done with now!
    Take a few shots at the remaining enemy cruiser. When he's just about out of
    health, the Boss-fighter will emerge from it. You may think this guy is tough,
    but he is actually the easiest boss in the game to take out (even on HARD). As
    soon as you see him...order your wingmen to attack him and then zap him with
    force-lightning and boost away from him. Now just keep boosting away from him
    and zap him w/ force-lightning every time your force power is built back up
    again (just zap him sight unseen--by this time, you should have your clarity
    timing down). Eventually, you'll come to the edge of the map and be
    automatically turned around (the bad guy's shields should be already be gone by
    now and he should be quite some distance away). So zoom in on him and fire
    lasers at him as well as zapping him every time your force power is up. He will
    start coming twds you. When he's getting close...boost past him and repeat the
    entire process (flying away from him and zapping him) again. It won't take much
    longer to kill him by this time. When he does die...
                            _MISSION AND GAME COMPLETE_
      if you have any questions, comments, alt. strategies, etc., Contact me at:
                             THANKS FOR USING MY FAQ!

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