Review by Arschrammen

"The only this aggressive about this game is me"

Aggressive Inline joins the list of uninspiring Tony Hawk rip offs and like all the other Tony Hawk ripoffs doesn't seem to get it. They seem to want to be like Tony Hawk games but don't want to make it obvious they're blatantly ripping it off, so change small aspects of the controls or gameplay at huge expense of the fun factor.

If you've played Tony Hawk, you'll know exactly what this game is like. Except instead of being on boards we're on shoes with wheels, and instead of dynamic flowing action we have rigid, slow gameplay and characters who don't seem to be able to get any air. The game seems like it was rushed as well, with all kinds of glitches including the fact that sometimes you'll accidentally jump into a wall, but instead of stacking you'll just go straight through it into the black void that exists outside of game levels, until you are finally dropped back into the game at a random place. Don't get too close to edges either because some of them will have invisible extensions that you'll trip over.

Perhaps the only innovative additions to this genre are the experience system and the "juice bar." The experience system encourages players to perform long strings of tricks in order to increase their experience and further their development in the game. The "juice bar" isn't some place you go to get wheatgrass and temporarily boost your stamina or something, but instead a meter that runs out if you're not performing tricks constantly, thus encouraging you to go harder for longer.

The graphics aren't too bad with nice, smooth textures and decent character detail, including the tacky bounce physics on the women skaters. As far as the sound is concerned, there is a decent soundtrack if you're into the kind of slightly heavy modern punk/rock genre, a decent range of adequate quality sound effects, and terribly exaggerated and annoying voice acting.

There are obviously all the expected modes and if you enjoy this game you'll have fun trying to max out your stats and improve your experience levels. However, overall, this game lacks pace, flowing gameplay and attitude and certainly little innovation or originality whatsoever. I felt ripped off just hiring it, let alone actually forking out the full price for it. If you really want a break from Tony Hawk, just try a different genre.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 01/29/07

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