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"This one is gonna spawn a lot of Aggro-Inline games"

Alright, so I got home and turned on the game. The opening movie rocked it. And the Z-Axis movie was funny, and shows what's to come in XXX, considering the language used. Selected Matt Salerno, because I liked him a lot when I was really into Aggro Inline. The stats on the skater select screen beats ass. It's like the stats screen for GTA3, with every little detail measured. In-game time measured, crashes, how much snow and rain has fallen, lots of stuff. First level, Movie Lot. Levels are f'n HUGE. They've got to be twice the size of Mirra levels, honestly. I spent an hour in just the first half of this level, and *then* I discovered the film set! And I still have the secret area to unlock, as well. The goals are very unique, and challenging. I've yet to figure out how to grind the last light pole. And the no time limit *rocks*. It's great to just skate around, and pull some tricks every now and then and not have to worry about running out of time. I've been to the second level, but I felt like going back and finishing the rest of the challenges for the Movie Lot.
The controls are responsive, and are easy to get used to. It does take some time to get good an Cessin and them manualin at QPs, but you don't have to Cess if you don't want to. It takes a bit of time to work in vaults and pole grabs into your run, too.

The attribute system is cool too. I like having my stats increase by me just doing whatever I want to do. It takes a while to level them up. It's gonna be a long long time until I max out my stats for Matt.

The music goes real well with the game. There's also a sign of XXX to come in the censorship, with ''****'' in Sublime's ''Wrong Way'' not being bleeped or the volume turned down on it or anything. I dig it,

Also, kudos to the motion designers. I *love* the way the bio flip and the misty flip looks. And the physics are amazing. It's so perfect to see a fakie 360 rocket grab pulled over a spine ramp. OH! OH MY GOD! I ALMOST FORGOT! For the challenge inside the movie set when you hae to front flip between the spine ramps, here's what *I* did for that challenge. Alright, I was goin up one side of the spine ramp, and front flipped from one side, cleared the conrete between the two ramps, and landed on the *opposite* side of the ramp. Like, how you would normally go over a spine ramp, by going up one side and down the other, well I went up one side, crossed ramps, and went down the other side of the opposite ramp. It was *so* badass.

All in all, it's a great game. Really worth a buy. A renting won't suffice enough time to even max a skater, from what I've experienced so far.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/30/02, Updated 05/30/02

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