"Move over Tony Hawk"

I'll start by saying that this game took me completely by surprise. I've never been big on alternative sports games except for the original Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. The sequels felt like more of the same to me but Aggressive Inline does what the Hawk sequels should have done.

You start off with a good selection of real life in-line skaters(there are others you can unlocked by completing levels) and a tutorial level which you must complete to continue career mode. It's just to familiarize you with the controls and only takes a couple of minutes. You also have multiplayer games and the ''Create-a-Park'' feature but the real game is in Career Mode.
The game plays and controls much like Tony Hawk but with some notable enhancements. First off, you can upgrade your characters stats such as spin, wallride, and jump simply by using them whenever you can. You can also find power-ups in the various levels in the game. It's also essential to practice your different moves because you'll need to utilize them to complete challenges throughout the game. Can't reach that juicebox? Go and level up your jump! The challenges are varied in type and difficulty and never get boring. They range from timed runs to grinding a certain rail to bringing parrots back to their owner. They're all very original and entertaining. The interactive environments are also a step above Tony Hawk. The levels are very big and well designed ranging from a Hollywood movie set to a museum of natural history. Completing certain challenges will result in some cool cinematics and they often open up new areas for you to explore. Another aspect to ensure that you don't get bored is the addition of locked areas in each level that require a key that you have to obtain by exploring a different level.
As I've mentioned about the controls, they'll be very familiar to anyone who's played Hawk or Mirra.

Not much to say here. It's very crisp and clean with nice animation but nothing jaw-dropping. I should also note that the frame-rate is solid with no slowdown whatsoever.

The standard fare of what you'd expect in a game of this sort. The characters you'll get challenges from may make you laugh though, especially the gangsta clown in the Amusement Park. The Soundtrack is good with some rock,punk,hip-hop..a little something for everyone.

Final Comments:
Aggressive Inline is one of the most remarkable PS2 titles i've seen in months with great gameplay and great innovations on the genre. The ONLY thing that I though was missing was the create-a-skater option but it's really no big deal Needless to say, As soon as I had to return my rental copy, I went straight to a game retailer and picked up a copy. Don't Miss It!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/11/02, Updated 06/11/02

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