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"One of the best games out, due to its innovation."

The innovation to the extreme sports genre in Aggressive Inline is far less direct then one would expect from such a good game. A seemingly seamless blend of the classic Extreme Sports genre, the platformer genre and the RPG genre combine to make a game that could not be called an '' Extreme Sports Platforming RPG'' but merely an ''Extreme Sports'' game.

The controls are similar to that of Tony Hawk except only one button is used for air tricks, pressing a direction and square will result in a grab. Pressing a total of 2 directions and square will result in a flip. Combine them (for 3 directions and square) to get a flip while grabbing. Simple. Grinding is just triangle and a direction, although it gets kind of complex.

The RPG-like-system comes in with the experience points. Everytime you pull a successful string of tricks (or just a trick) you gain a certain amount of experience. Like in RPGs, after a certain amount of experience you gain a level. While this may not seem all that innovative, it makes it surprisingly relevant to just sit there and do tricks for a while, as opposed to Tony Hawk where doing tricks after a certain point became useless.

Also, the game adds another innovative touch by adding platformer-like-power ups across the levels, which you need to collect.

The graphics are ok, nothing eye popping or jaw dropping, but nothing to get disgusted at. The female characters have a certain bounce to them, which sure as hell dropped my mouth the first time I saw it, but after a while, I tended not to notice it. Music and Sound is good, but I usually play a CD on my sound system while playing anyway.

Two more good things are the humor and challenge. With the addition of a voice cast for the NPC's, snicker type humor is added with a few drunken characters, etc. Also, this game is quite challenging, which adds an amazing new concept not found in Tony Hawk or any other extreme sports game yet; you have to actually look around and wonder for a bit on how to pull of a challenge. For Example, to get to the top of a building, you may have to follow a rail all the way to the beginning of the level, then jump on the rail, etc. etc. Although some challenges would be almost impossible to figure out because they are hidden challenges. For Example, ''grinding the ledge above the tree,'' which I did by complete accident.

Comparing this to Tony Hawk 3, and that's what was one my mind when I bought and played this game, is not that hard. They are both Extreme Sports games and are comparable. First off, Tony Hawk is better in the sense that it is refined to perfection. Aggressive Inline is quite innovative, but it doesn't have the class of Tony Hawk. The sheer number of options and movies is better in Tony Hawk, and the Multiplayer in Aggressive Inline is worse then Tony Hawk. The Level Editor is not as fun in Aggressive Inline either. But Aggressive Inline is more technically superior and is also a little bit more fun and more challenging to play. Although with no Create a Skater and no Gaps, Aggressive Inline may not be the choice above Tony Hawk 3.

But I beat Tony Hawk 3 to death, getting all the cheats and hidden characters. So Aggressive Inline, to me, (and this is the bias part) is tons of fun and I would reccomend it to pretty much anyone.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/11/02, Updated 06/11/02

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