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"Amazing and very fun game, but needs polish to match THPS3"

Aggressive Inline seemed to come out of nowhere for me. I heard about it like 3 days before it came out and once I saw some reviews, I went out and got it...and I am mostly pleased with it. Inline has a gameplay style that is very fresh and quite challenging. Most will compare it automatically to THPS3, which I will for some, but Inline is a very different game entirely.

Inline has been constructed with a lot of nice features. First of all, the challenge system, in my mind, is a great idea, no matter how annoying and frustrating it is at times. You begin each level with 10-15 challenges to accomplish, with empty spots for more. There is a simple summary for each challenge, and for the non-self-explanatory challenges, like grind a specific rail or jump a specific gap, there is a quick video clip of what you need to do. I can't stress enough how helpful that is. With all the challenges you have to do, it definitely helps out. Compared to THPS3, there are MANY more things you must accomplish in each level. There are orange/red floating icons above certain objects that will give you new challenges to accomplish, whether it be a computer console telling you to score 125,000 points in 1 minute or a photographer asking you to front flip between 2 ramps. There are also 1-3 hidden challenges per level that are not on a list, but require the player to be creative and try to skate on everything.

Graphics, sounds, lasting appeal, and the like have been discussed in other reviews, so I am not going to go into those aspects in detail. In my opinion, I liked all of the music tracks and there is a good assortment of music styles. The graphics are amazing. The power of the PS2 to handle all of the objects on screen without much problem is incredible. I feel this is most evident on the Boardwalk level, which is full of rails, buildings, a roller coaster, a Ferris wheel, and plenty of mimes and much to see and trick off of with no real visible problems.

There are, in my opinion, a few things that are not huge problems, but some basic gameplay issues and some VERY annoying glitches that does not give this game a score of 10. The power ups to look for in each level are always in the same place, which doesn't give much of a challenge to look for them. With the sheer size of these levels, they could have at least had 3 spots in the level to look for them. The special moves are also, as far as I can tell, the same for each character, which gets boring fast. Manuals and specials are also much more specific button presses than THPS3, so you must CLEARLY press the button combo to get them to work, not just quickly tap the won't register that way.

My main and biggest complaint is the glitches. I've seen many and heard more....challenges not being completed when they actually were, challenges that were failed and not reappearing for a second chance, skating through rails, jumping through walls, bailing and reappearing a completely different location in the level....even not actually completing a challenge and getting credit for it. To me, that is the most annoying thing. With all the time it takes to get 100% in the levels by completing all the challenges and getting all the power ups to not get 100% because of a glitch challenge is very frustrating. That is the reason you have debugging software and game find these problems.

The glitches, mind you, only show up in rare occasions and specific areas. The game running amazingly smooth and clear. The levels are immensely detailed and extremely large. Opening the locked areas in the level will sometimes reveal an area just as big or bigger than the original area, like in the Boardwalk of the Museum.

I hope that Aggressive Inline will stay on as a consistent competitor to THPS and Dave Mirra for the extreme sports game crown. There are things to improve on, but nothing drastic. Buff and polish the game and you have a very fun game that easily gets a 10 any day. I highly recommend the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/07/02, Updated 07/07/02

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