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"The best extreme game yet, but...."

Aggressive Inline is rollerblading combined with tony hawk style gameplay. With awesome graphics, great music, and freaking huge levels, this is the best extreme game so far, even surpassing tony hawk 3.

Graphics- Wow. You have to give huge props to Z-Axis in the graphics department. Even with huge levels, the game moves in a crisp 60 frames per second, with hints of slowdown here and there but rarely noticeable. The character models look great and they move fluidly even when connecting multiple tricks. The level design is original and creative. From an amusement park to a hollywood set to a museum, the places never look dull you'll never be bored with the setting, and plus you can practically grind on anything.
9 out of 10

Control- Responsive. The controls in the game are easy to learn and execute. If you played any of the Tony Hawk games your good to go in this game. its practically the same button layout as tony hawk, except its easier to grind and manual. Theres also an action button, which you use to talk to people or vault in the air. And if you press the action button on a pole, you spin just like in that forgotten game airblade. Cool.
10 out of 10

Sound/Music- From the funny talking people to the screeching sound in your blades, the sounds in the game are fantastic, no complaints. The music in the game mixes some punk rock and hip-hop, pretty much like any extreme game out there. Although the soundtrack in this game is really good and really pumps you up while your playing, even better than Tony Hawk 3 in my opinion.
9 out of 10

Replay Value- Other than the fact that its gameplay is so addictive, this game may take a while to beat. There are so many hidden items and characters to unlock in the game. Plus, there are keys hidden to unlock secret rooms in each of the seven stages, which are already so huge. The game is so much fun to just pick up and play you will want to play this for a long long time, probably till another great game comes out, probably tony hawk 4.
10 out of 10

In closing, I think the only problem I have with this great game is that it feels like I've already played it before. The game also seem to copy some stuff from other games like the tony hawk series. Also, this game reminded me of Jet Grind Radio, I just don't know why =P. Nevertheless, this game is excellent. If you like extreme games you definitely have to buy this.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/12/02, Updated 08/12/02

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