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"Glitchiest game of the year!"

This game almost had Tony Hawk running for his proverbial money. It had such great potential. Take Dave Mirra 2's amazing trick system, mix in elements only possible with rollerblades and amazing level designs and you get Aggressive Inline. But what you also have to factor in is all the glitches and useless characters. Flaws like these keep a game from perfection.

Graphics (7 out of 10):

Well this is standard fare for the PS2 I suppose. Jaggies and blatent seams in the level are what you get. The character models themselves could've been better but they are good as they are. The draw distance is actually pretty good for games today. All aspects accounted for, these graphics are pretty average. Nothing hideous, and nothing worth jumping for joy.

Controls (8 out of 10):

It gets a little frustrating. The trick combos get longer and longer as they advance. Special moves are three directionals and then a button press, something you need very quick fingers for in order to land each time. Even the standard flippy dippies can get complex, but i can't find an easier way to set up the controls for such an intricate trick system. The PS2 controller works fine with the game so only a few points were taken off for difficulty of special tricks.

Fun Factor (8 out of 10):

The trick system makes this game a solid hit. I'll just give you a quick example... If down down square gives you a backflip and right square gives a method (i may be wrong here, dont have instructions in front of me) then right down down square gives a method backflip. All the tricks in the game are modified in the same manner. This is incredibly creative and this is why I always look foward for the next Dave Mirra game.

The goals and mini-missions in the game range from exciting to dull. There are simple tasks such as getting 100,000 points in total for a level, and difficult ones such as hitting a 900 method front flip across two ramps. The reason the point gatherings are so easy is because the totals carry over to the next time you play the level, and that there is no time limit. Speaking of that....

The fact that you have a juice meter as opposed to a time limit is almost as creative as the trick system itself. Hit tricks and the juice meter increases, miss tricks or stand around all day and it withers down to nothing. So as long as you're good, you can play a level for as long as you please. Totaling up all these factors make the game seem solid but heres where the glitches gather around and turn ugly.

Each level has a locked out portion that requires you to find a key in another level. This would of course increase replay value, and it does. Until you stumble into the locked rooms by glitching right through the door. That's right, you can go right through the locked doors almost everytime.... on accident. I never once wanted to get through the door, I tried to wallride it and the next thing I knew, I was in. This annoyed me beyond belief. This affects the replay value, but that's not all that affects it...

Replayability (6 out of 10):
You'd think with all the good points I mentioned above, you'd be playing this game for years. But now I break the saddest news to you. There's no reason to ever go through the game with anyone else. There's no reason to unlock everyone. Everyone in this game, has the exact same tricks, the exact same special tricks (which can all be found in the exact same spots), and everyone has the same goals. This is by far the most annoying part of the game, it sucked the fun right out for me. I cannot forgive Z-Axis for this one, I mean they could've atleast given everyone one unique move. Nope, none to be found.

The create-a-park however is nice. You can unlock new pieces for the editor throughout career mode, and the park editor itself is great. With a little creativity, you can make a park that rivals some of the in-game levels (not in size, but in fun anyway.) This gives you a little reason to keep playing, if you're good at the whole editor business.

Overall (8 out of 10):
This is not an average, I never average scores. This game still has a charm to it. It's unique enough to keep you playing until you've cleared it, but not enough to make you start over as a new person. I suggest renting the game first as I can't agree with everyone else. This game is far from being a Tony Hawk ''killer''.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/02/02, Updated 09/02/02

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