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Reviewed: 09/10/02 | Updated: 02/04/03

Flip, Twist, Spin, Succeed...

With the entries into the extreme sports world, more games are popping up that highlight the more interesting aspects of this sport. The addition of Aggressive Inline to the mix adds the excitement of inline skating and trick pulling across several different stages that will keep even the most stalwart of X-Games fans busy into the wee hours of the night. Compiling hundreds of tricks and several different characters that you can upgrade and work with through the various challenge that each stage holds, you’ll find that there is more extreme sport here than you can shake a stick at. The question is, how does it hold up against other powerhouses such as Dave Mirra and Tony Hawk?

Latch The Skates…

With several different characters to choose from, you’ll be able to go from location to location that range from movie sets to cemeteries and other various places around the world. Each of the skaters has a different look and feel to them, which will really give you the ability to use just who it is that you want to depending on your style. Each passing stage gives you a set of difficult challenges that range from different grinds and tricks to simple spins and location of different objects. Though most of the game really does take from other extreme sports games, there is plenty of things that you’ll find challenging enough to defeat.

Once you’ve gotten into the game and worked with the different tricks that you can complete, there are plenty of different multi-player games that you can work with if you have some friends around. Games such as horse and the like are all located here, lifted almost from Tony Hawk with very little changes. Aside from that, you have your standard amount of game play options that you would expect with the extreme games titles. If you really don’t like to pull the different tricks and the thought of performing combinations that are rather difficult is slightly disheartening, then you need to find something else to play.

The basic point of the game is the pure amount of tricks that you can perform at any given time. Through the use of the tricks, you can change the attributes of your character with the addition of points that you get for an exceptionally hard trick that involves speed, grind, manual for being turned around and spins for coming up off the ramp and spinning around. As you progress through the game, the stats will help you in the later areas, and you’ll find that jump and speed is a must for the more difficult missions like having to jump across huge gaps and the like. Unlocking other stats will also go a long way and you’ll find that the more you complete, the better the rewards will be.

The control for the most part is right on the money, with plenty of tricks that you can perform and control from start to finish. Aggressive Inline works on the basis that the more tricks you pull, the better off you’ll be in the score to complete some of the challenges. More advanced tricks can be taught through the tutorial and you’ll find that the game has plenty of things to teach you that explain all of the more interesting maneuvers that you’ll have to learn to complete the game. Beginners should take note of the tutorial and work with it in order to get the full effect.

Make Me Feel It…

Much like the Tony Hawk games, you have plenty of things to look at that are all detailed and keep a pretty close reign on reality. Although the game doesn’t have life-like movements of people simply walking around, the tricks are straight out of a competition and you’ll find the smaller details are well worth looking at. The locations that you skate in are all huge and well detailed with the right amount of lighting and effects going on in the backgrounds. Key points in the stages are brought to life with small shots of different events that you have to complete, which makes it easier to learn and know just what it is that you have to do in certain areas. Other short cinematic points in the game will allow you to see what happens once you’ve completed certain goals, and that alone is enough to keep the action flowing. If you’re unsure of some of the goals that you have to accomplish, you can do a fly through, complete with a camera sweep of the area you need to be at.

Monday Morning…

About what you would expect from an inline skating game, the soundtrack here keeps the theme and pulse pounding action to the maximum. Although the music can get a little boring in some areas, there is plenty for anyone to listen to and the music can be selected. As is the norm with most of the extreme sports games, you have alternative themed music playing at all points during your competitions. The sound effects on the other hand are pretty limited to the sound of grinding on rails and otherwise, though you will get some people talking to you every once in a while. With the added bands that have given some tracks to the game, there is plenty of alternative and hip hop beats as well as some rock tunes to keep you in the action and overall theme of the game. The soundtrack is selectable, leaving you with the option to have just your favorites playing through the stages, such as Saliva and P.O.D.

As Fun As Looking Up Chrissy’s Dress…

Aggressive Inline has made it to several of the Next Generation systems with some success. Though the control functions are different on the Play Station 2, the fun is still there no matter which of the versions that you’re playing. The amount of tricks and the sheer size of the stages should be enough for anyone to sink their teeth into while waiting for another extreme sports game to appear on the market. If you like the inline skating world and you like to score huge points with some pretty amazing tricks, then Aggressive Inline is your game no matter what system you find it on.

Constant action and several mission goals that require you to think rather than just mindless wander give you the ability to explore and blast points through the roof. For the weekend warriors, this is a good find if you don’t have the option of Tony Hawk or Dave Mirra and fans of the Inline world will find that the game has plenty of redeeming qualities with the off the wall missions and the insane missions that greet you with every passing moment. Characters, visuals, locations, audio and control all give way into a package that is well worth the money to pick up.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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