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"Acclaim has rekindled my love affair with their games."

I rented this off a free rental ticket along with the game Airblade. I played Airblade for a minute, then I put this in and it never left my PS2 for the next week. This game is hopefully only the first installment of many more Inline games to come. This is as good as Tony Hawk 2 was, and this is only a first try. So hopefully this is just one of a thousand more Aggressive Inline games to come because this is simply spectacularly amazing. If you are looking for a break from Tony Hawk, but still want an extremely good game...this is it. The shuttle has landed. Cliche, cliche, cliche....this game is, “Da Bomb”.

Fantastic. Minor glitches, but nothing that makes me wanna rip my PS2 out of the wall. The jumping maybe could have been a bit better, because I myself being a skater know that you don’t flail your arms when you jump 6 inches off the ground. Speaking of that, you jump up to about 3 feet in real life, but in the game you don’t get very much height. Luckily a good ramp and speed makes up for the lack of air on a simple jump because off a ramp, you get incredible air. The spin factor is good, I feel better than Tony Hawk’s style. I don’t like to keep comparing this to Tony Hawk, but it has a great Tony Hawk feel, with some aspects better than it. So the spin is good. Jumping is okay. The speed is pretty much dead on accurate to what the speed actually is. Once again the grind is so exaggerated, but at least was a little more realistic than usual. Each level has some sort of vehicle movement that you gonna use to your advantage, or they can just get in the way. You can trick off the lower vehicles like cars and stuff, or you can flattened by a bus if you aren’t to quick. Much like Tony Hawk 4, you can switch on vehicles, except you don’t have a balance meter, nor do you get points for skitching in this. It just gets you around faster. You can start with 7 skaters but then unlock some later on. The skater’s you can play with right away are; Jeremy Grob, Taig Khris, Chris Edwards, Franky Morales, Sven Boekhorst, Sam Fogarty, Matt Lindenmuth, Matt Salerno, Eito Yasutoko, and my personal favorite, Shane Yost. Then you can unlock the female skaters later on in the game. Let me say one thing about the female skaters. The way they designed the girl skaters, there boobs move so much, it is very humorous to watch. One more thing I want to comment about is the experience point system. Every time you do a trick, or a string of tricks, you get experience points for whatever you did, wether it be getting air, grinding or what not. You move up on level every time you get your experience points for something to whatever the set number of points it is. It is really cool concept that would be nice to see in other Skateboarding/Snowboarding/BMX games because this made me want to bust out long lines and endless combos.

They are certainly a thing of beauty. They obviously could have been better, but any games graphics could always stand for some improvement. If you take a look at Tony Hawk 3, that’s what this game looks like. Smooth textures, very few jaggies, and the faces look really amazing too. The cars looks mediocre, but the game isn’t a car racing game so less detail in those is alright, but they still look pretty good. The trees, plants, sand, blood all look fine. The blood doesn’t look overly real, but oh well, it’s just a game. In my time of playing this I have never seen any slow down which leads this game to have a solid frame rate.

SOUND: 9/10
The music is great and I’ll go in depth with that later. The horns from cars, the squashes from getting flattened by buses, and just the clicking of the wheels on pavement is pretty spot on. The think the voices sucked hardcore, but oh well. Voice acting for sports games like this has never been too ground breaking. I just thought the voices were way over done. For example, that stupid clown at the circus? I have never met a clown that was that happy to be around so many kids, except for that one time when I was 8. Anyway, the voice acting...bad! That’s about all I can say about the sounds.

MUSIC: 10/10
The Soundtrack is really great, the bands on it are;
Boy Hits Car
Reel Big Fish
Eric B and Rakim
Student Rick
This is basically the kind of music I’d listen too if me and my friends went out skating, could be better, but’s good enough.

This game is still fun even when you beat it, because you can try and max out all your stats for every skaters to unlock different stuff, and just for the gratification of maxing out everything. Also, the game has hidden tricks in it, I don’t know how many there are, but there are at least 3. Trying to find out those tricks can be pretty fun, when you just hit different button combo’s hitting tricks you hadn’t one before. Oh well...I just love playing this game even with all the levels unlocked and stuff like that. Another thing, there is always gonna be one or two goals you just can’t seem to beat, or that juice container way up high that you can’t quite figure out how to get which might make you wanna play till you hit it.

Buy it. If you like the Tony Hawk games, this is pretty much a must have for you. It is challenging, fun, exciting and a break from skateboarding. Like I stated before, hopefully this is just the first of many more Aggressive Inline games to come because this is such a fantastic game. In closing, buy this game and you shall be showered by happiness.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/26/03, Updated 01/26/03

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