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"This is not a Tony Hawk wannabee"

If you read my review for Kelly Slaters pro surfer then youll recognize my intro. I was at Blockbuster one day looking for a game to rent. I had seen aggressive inline there before,but never bothered to play it. I couldn't find anything to rent,so I decided to rent Aggressive Inline. The rest is an enchanted fairy tale.


The graphics in this game were good,but needed some work. The characters looked good,but sometimes looks a bit rough,and blocky too.
The chick with the school girl outfit wasn't bad. Me and a whole lot of other people know deep inside our hearts that we made her stop,then used the analog stick to move the camera under her skirt. It's human nature to do that. The stages look good,and the lighting is very nice.


The sound in this game is awesome. I especially loved the soundtrack composed of many good songs and bands like Hoobastank and P.O.D.
The songs really give it an inline skating type of feel. The sound effects are nice too. Everythinhg sounds very good,from the sound of the skates when your skating to the metal of when you grind. The sound is probably the best thing about this game. At least in my point of view. There are no voices in theis game,but this game came out before Tony Hawk 4,so I'll cut it some slack.


The controls in this game are very good as well. I have to admit that they borrowed things from the Tony Hawk games,but hey,nowadays,who doesn't use the Tony Hawk system? The tricks are really easy to pull off,yet I still haven't been able to do any special tricks. I can't find them in the tricks menu...oh,well. Maybe I''m just being blind.


Nothing to special here.Just the same old goal type of thing. It's not even a story mode,it's a career mode,but it means the same thing I guess. This part ain't anything special. Some of the goals are a bit hard though,so at least it's challenging. Nobody wants a game that's too easy,otherwise what's the point in playing it?


As with all extreme sports games,after you beat them,what else is here do do but free skate? Then that get's old too. This game gets old fast,but some of the goals are hard to do,so youll be busy with that. Plus the entire element of unlockables is always good to keep you busy.

Buy or Rent?

This game is a good buy. It's fun and will keep you busy for a while. The soundtrack is awesome,and the levels are pretty fun. Hope you enjoyed my review and I hope you'll enjoy this game even more.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/24/03

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