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    Trivia FAQ by CSisk / JSiskJr.

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/26/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            NFL Blitz 20-02 Trivia Faq
                                 For Playstation 2
                                   Version: 1.0
                         By: Chris Sisk and Jerry Sisk Jr.
                          Email: thetitan21@hotmail.com
                              Date: 9:54 PM 6/26/02
    Copyrighted 2002
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    else without consent of the authors.
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    This FAQ is composed of the Trivia Questions from playing NFL
    Blitz 20-02. All of these questions are listed in alphabetical
    order, to make it easy to look up Trivia Questions for the Trivia
    If you have some Trivia Questions that we don't have in our list
    you can send them to us. If you send them to us it will take time
    for us to check them to make sure that they are correct.
    Update History
    Version: 1.0 - The FAQ was made on 9:54 PM 6/26/02. We have added
    a whole lot of Trivia Questions For the Trivia Challenge.
    For the (PS2) Playstation 2
    (1) - Trivia Questions For the Trivia Challenge
    Trivia Questions For the Trivia Challenge
    Q:01. At any point, What is the maximum diameter of a Baseball
    A:01. 2.75 IN
    Q:02. Bill Mazeroski spent his entire 17-year baseball career with
          what Major League Team?
    A:02. Pittsburgh Pirates
    Q:03. Bruce Jenner is best known as what type of athlete?
    A:03. Decathlete
    Q:04. Casey Stengel hit the first two World Series Home Runs in
          what stadium?
    A:04. Yankee Stadium
    Q:05. Don Shula was a coach of what professional sport?
    A:05. Football
    Q:06. From what team did the New York Yankees get Roger Maris?
    A:06. The Kansas City A's
    Q:07. In 1977, What was the winner's share at the Super Bowl?
    A:07. $15,000
    Q:08. In 1995, Which country won the Women's World Figure Skating
    A:08. China
    Q:09. In 1999, Which NFL Team made its first-ever Super Bowl
    A:09. Atlanta Falcons
    Q:10. In Baseball, What does the Triple Crown pertain to?
    A:10. Batting
    Q:11. In Baseball, Which of these would be struck If a pitcher
          threw a BeanBall?
    A:11. The Batter's Head
    Q:12. In Competitive Weightlifting, What is the maximum width of
          the belt?
    A:12. 120 mm
    Q:13. In Tennis, What is it called when a point must be replayed?
    A:13. Let
    Q:14. In Tennis, What is the term for a set where the score is
    A:14. A Golden Set
    Q:15. In the shooting segment of the Olympic Pentathlon, How far
          away are the targets?
    A:15. 10 Meters
    Q:16. Maria Butyrskaya is a figure skater from what country?
    A:16. Russia
    Q:17. Neil Pilson is the former President of what?
    A:17. CBS Sports
    Q:18. Ross Rebagliati was the first to win which Olympic Event?
    A:18. Snowboarding
    Q:19. The Hawaii Ironman Competition consists of what?
    A:19. A Triathlon
    Q:20. The "Rope-A-Dope" originated with what boxer?
    A:20. MuHammad Ali
    Q:21. What baseball position did Ozzie Smith play?
    A:21. Short Stop
    Q:22. What baseball position did Whitey Ford play?
    A:22. Pitcher
    Q:23. What baseball team tried to throw the 1919 World Series?
    A:23. Chicago White Sox
    Q:24. What did the San Francisco Giants' Bobby Bonds hit his first
          time at bat in a Major League Game?
    A:24. A Grand Slam
    Q:25. What golfer had a blowout 15-shot triumph at the U.S. Open
          at Pebble Beach?
    A:25. Tiger Woods
    Q:26. What is college football's oldest Bowl game?
    A:26. Rose Bowl
    Q:27. What is the name of Houston's WNBA Franchise?
    A:27. The Comets
    Q:28. What is the Triple Crown?
    A:28. A Horse Race
    Q:29. What jersey number is shared by Running Backs Edgerrin James
          and Jamal Anderson?
    A:29. 32
    Q:30. What MLB manager has more World Series appearances?
    A:30. Casey Stengel
    Q:31. What nation has the most World Cup Titles for soccer?
    A:31. Brazil
    Q:32. What NCAA player has the most passing yards?
    A:32. Ty Demeter
    Q:33. What team did Babe Ruth originally play for?
    A:33. Red Sox
    Q:34. What team did Wayne Gretzky play for in 1982?
    A:34. Edmonton
    Q:35. What team is depicted in the 1994 Movie "The Sluggers Wife"?
    A:35. Atlanta Braves
    Q:36. What team lost in overtime to the Vikings in 1989 when
          Minnesota scored a Safety?
    A:36. Los Angeles Rams
    Q:37. What team won the 1984 USFL Championship?
    A:37. Philadelphia
    Q:38. What was Jack Dempsey's nickname?
    A:38. The Manassa Mauler
    Q:39. What was Kareem Abdul Jabbar's given name?
    A:39. Lew Alcindor
    Q:40. What woman golfer has earned more money in her LPGA Tour
    A:40. Patty Sheehan
    Q:41. When was Pete Sampras' first Grand Slam singles appearance?
    A:41. 1988
    Q:42. Where did the "Rumble in the Jungle" take place?
    A:42. Zaire
    Q:43. Where do the Washington Capitals play?
    A:43. MCI Center
    Q:44. Which below is a college basketball team?
    A:44. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
    Q:45. Which NCAA team is in the Big Twelve Conference?
    A:45. Colorado Buffaloes
    Q:46. Which of these races is not one of the "Crown Jewels" of
    A:46. Yarborough 500
    Q:47. Which of these teams play in the National Hockey League?
    A:47. Columbus Blue Jackets
    Q:48. Which sport does the game Bandy most resembel?
    A:48. Hockey
    Q:49. Which Team received the first ever Rookie of the Year Award
          for one of their players?
    A:49. Brooklyn Dodgers
    Q:50. Who appeared as manager in the most World Series Games?
    A:50. Casey Stengel
    Q:51. Who broke Lou Gehrig's record for most consecutive games?
    A:51. Cal Ripken, Jr.
    Q:52. Who set the Yankees' Record for most Home Runs in April
          with 11 in 1974?
    A:52. Graig Nettles
    Q:53. Women's Softball was first played in what year of the
    A:53. 1996

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