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    FAQ/Walkthrough by neithird

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    BloodRayne FAQ
    by Rika(neithird@nospam.yahoo.com)
       Also rika@GameFAQS messageboards / neithird@GameFAQS Contribs
    IF YOU WISH TO USE THIS FAQ ELSEWHERE, feel free to as long as you
    A) post it in its entirity, B) include the imagemaps on your
    own site for reference, and C) make NO money off its use aside
    from trivial things like advertising revenue on the site.  Commercial
    reproduction in part or whole, without my express written consent,
    is strictly prohibited.
    Part 1: Brimstone in the Bayou - Mortton, Louisiana
      #L0#  - Training
      #L1#  - Sanctuary
      #L2#  - City of the Dead
      #L3#  - Ghetto
      #L4#  - Town Hall
      #L5#  - The Hill
      #L6#  - The Beauregard House
      #L7#  - Colonial Power
      #L8#  - City of the Dead(Again)
      #L9#  - Old Town
      #L10# - Queen of the Underworld
    Part 2: The Skull of Beliar - Unrevealed location, Argentina 
      #A1#  - Infiltration and Execution
      #A2#  - The Docks
      #A3#  - Communications Breakdown
      #A4#  - Thule Chapel
      #A5#  - Communications Breakdown(Again)
      #A6#  - The Barracks
      #A7#  - Lurking Underground
      #A8#  - Death's Quarters
      #A9#  - Hell Hall
      #A10# - The Laboratory
      #A11# - Hell Hall(Revised)
      #A12# - The Mill Mile
      #A13# - Deep
      #A14# - Deeper
      #A15# - The Temple
      #A16# - Temple Internal
      #A17# - Temple Guardians
      #A18# - Daemite Chamber
      #A19# - Dante's Inferno
      #A20# - Walls of Jericho
    Part 3: Final Showdown - Castle Gaustadt, Germany.
      #G1#  - Emden U-Boat Station
      #G2#  - Red Summit
      #G3#  - Old Gaustadt
      #G4#  - Unholy Mecha
      #G5#  - Teachers and Traitors
      #G6#  - Nightfall
      #G7#  - Courtyard
      #G8#  - The Windmill
      #G9#  - The Bridge
      #G10# - Doppelganger
      #G11# - Of Wulfs and Demons
    Game Sundries(attack techniques and such)
    Easter Eggs/More Fun Stuff
    Version History
    This stage is easy, shouldn't require much help.  One thing to be
    careful about is not to do much exploring.  If you run 'out of
    bounds'(you'd have to go out of your way through water to do this),
    you die instantly like you fell off a cliff.  Just follow Mynce and
    her instructions, and there won't be any trouble.
    The same exploration note applies - don't go out of bounds.  Not
    too tough otherwise though. This applies for all the swamp levels
    really, so this'll be the last warning about it.
    There are lots of weapons in the church, so load up.  You can usually
    get the jump on the guys out front, by going out the backdoor and
    sneaking up on them, although there may or may not be someone there
    as well.  Just kill as you please, and follow the blue glow to the
    Wall.  After the cutscene, hop on the phone wires and follow the new
    glow to the next stage.
    Fun Stuff:
    Jump on top of the steeple and slash the bat out of the air.
    Break the cross on top of the steeple(Eeek!)
    Destroy Mynce's reading material.
    This graveyard's about to become a lot more populated.  Jump off
    the phone wires to the gate, kill the goon and grab his shotgun if
    you want it.  Whenever you want or run out of fresh meat, head out
    towards the middle, carefully hopping from tombstone to tombstone,
    and kill the Maraisreq's instead(A shotgun is good for this, since
    they're clustered togather, but it's not neccesary).  After they're
    dead, it's a lot more jumping to get to the biomass(monster nest)
    at the end.
    If you're not confident in your jumping abilities, and/or you're low
    on health and don't want to chance it and the encounters on the way,
    there's a phone line running outside the left fence that you can use,
    that will save you /some/ of the trouble if you use it, but not
    all.  You can also run and jump along the fence itself almost as
    far as you need to(farther then the phone line), but it's a little
    tricky(if you take it slow, less tricky then the water jumps though).
    At the end is the biomass/nest.  Killing it is easy if you use
    Bloodrage.  If not, it may take a bit of work.  I recommend using
    Bloodrage.  Charge it and wiggle around a little to hack its 'arms'
    off so it can't hurt you any(it won't hurt you much to begin with),
    and hack it to pieces.
    After the cutscene, exit through the door in the wall, in the
    direction of the blue glow.  There's a handy mutant nearby to
    harpoon if you want to test it or need life.  If you stand around,
    Mynce will offer the occassional bit of advice.
    Fun Stuff:
    Nothing I know of, unless you want to abuse Mynce and get her
    mad(you can also do this in the Sanctuary or Training).  Note
    however that you can harpoon her all day and not get her angry.
    She'll just make pained groans, some of which are vaguely lewd
    #L3# GHETTO
    Pretty straightforward - make your way through the small amount
    of swamp, towards the houses with the blue glows.  There's four
    of them, and you'll want to start on the far right.
    Note that a second type of Maraisreq shows up here, one that's
    bigger and orange-shaded.  They fight about the same as the
    regular ones, but they take more hits to take down, so be aware.
    Starting on the right, the first house you enter by going in the
    back door.  There are three ways to get onto the back steps:
    Go through the water.  Go to the edge of the ground on the
    right side of the second house and jump(you can make it with a
    rebound kick).  Or jump onto the roof and drop down from above,
    which you can do easily by jumping and rebound-kicking from the
    phone lines in front.  Kill and break stuff, and you'll find
    a survivor to rescue.  Then you're finished here.
    Head to the next house over.  There's a wall on the right side
    that you break down with your rebound-kick to enter through.
    Inside the back of it is another nest, so Bloodrage and hellmurder
    it to death.  When you're finished, you'll gain a third attack to
    your normal combos.
    The third house has two methods of approach.  The first is to
    run in the front door, but you have to go through a lot of water
    and some enemies.  The second is to jump onto the upper 'porch',
    jump over to the roof of the fourth house, and then jump back
    and attack a window on the second floor to get in.  The first
    window towards the front will put you right in the room with the
    next survivor, so I recommend doing it that way.
    Once you've destroyed the nest and rescued both survivors you're
    technically finished here, but you can enter the fourth house if
    you want.  You have no choice but to go through water(you can
    break through windows on the left side, but you'll still probably
    touch water), but inside is Dynamite, and a nearly-full M1918 GAR
    auto rifle(one of only two you get during the Louisiana mission,
    and the other you probably won't get as much ammo for).
    Once you're finished either way, jump on the phone line and
    follow the blue glow to the next stage.
    Fun Stuff:
    Nothing really, unless you count getting dynamite and a belt-fed
    rifle to use.
    #L4# TOWN HALL
    The phone lines will take you onto the roof of your first
    objective, but don't jump down to the ground on the other side
    just yet.  A mutate and a Maraisreq will start having a little
    'disagreement', so wait until one of them kills the other one
    first(The mutate will probably win.)  After that, jump down or
    run along the smaller phone lines in front to the ground, kill
    whatever you need to, and enter the building.
    You're going to be running through water here no matter what you
    do, but there is a way to minimize your contact.  First thing,
    jump on top of the barrels outside the double-doors, and then
    drop off them and run straight inside.  You should end up
    going straight up the stairs, where there may or may not be
    someone to kill.  Jump off the stairs onto the drums next to them,
    then jump to the door, run through, and run to the left as soon as
    you get inside, to run up another set of stairs.  There'll be a
    nest on the far side of the room, so Bloodrage and jump down to it,
    or jump down to it and Bloodrage(whichever you prefer), and carve
    it up.
    Alternatively, if you still have the Dynamite from the last stage,
    you can throw it at the nest from the upper platform and kill it
    easily with two sticks.  A stray Maraisreq or two might come
    upstairs to attack you while you're doing this, but it'll keep you
    out of the water.
    Once you're finished, exit the building and run to the Town Hall,
    killing as you go.  If you want, there is another set of phone lines
    which leads right onto the roof of the town hall, so you can avoid
    most of the enemies and drop down in the back where you need to go.
    There will still be one or two gun-toting mutates to deal with,
    but less then there might be otherwise(approaching from the left
    side or the right, causes an extra enemy to appear in the back
    for each side).
    To get in, jump up to the boarded-up window and attack it(there's
    a guy inside, and he might shoot it out for you if he sees you
    first)  Kill the guy, and exit the room(wandering around the room
    will cause extra Maraisreqs to appear).  Take care of the jerks
    at the top and bottom of the stairs.  When you attempt to walk
    down the hallway, two Maraisreqs(a big and little one) will drop
    down from the ceiling, so be ready.
    In the room on the left, there's another Big Maraisreq and a guy
    with a shotgun.  Kill them if you want, then rebound-kick through
    the breakable wall on the right side of the hallway, and chat up
    the Deputy.  He'll open the cell door before he leaves, so head
    into the office and stock up on guns and Dynamite before leaving.
    Once you're done, head down the path, hop on the power lines,
    and run to the blue glow.
    Fun Stuff:
    Nada.  Bah, Humbug.
    #L5# THE HILL
    This is an optional level, accessable only by entering the
    cheat code BRIMSTONEINTHEBAYOU before you get to it.  The Hill
    is basically More Of The Same, and not very fun, so I reccomend
    skipping it and not entering the code, unless you want to see
    it at least once.  I think it was a 'prototype' version of the
    Ghetto that they left in for people who wanted to see it.
    You're presented with more houses to break, enter, and search.
    Despite the fact that three of the four houses are two-story,
    there's a more then passing simularity to the houses in the
    Ghetto.  Starting from the far-right:
    The easiest way in, is to jump onto the second floor porch,
    either by jumping on the lamp or the railing, and entering
    through the doors(break a window and jump in if you need a
    dramatic entrance).  You can also enter through the back door
    on the first floor if you want, but you have to run through
    water, or jump down from the roof(And if you want to go up
    through the roof, just go in from the second floor and save
    some time).  The blue glow is revealed as....nothing!  So
    move on to the next house to search.
    Same deal here - jump onto the second floor.  Or you can
    break through a damaged wall on the right side of the first
    floor.  There's a sniper on the porch of this house, so 
    jumping up will take you right into his sneaking little face.
    Again, nothing in the room with the glow, so move on once
    you're done.
    The third house you have to go to the left-side wall, and
    jump up a little ways to rebound-kick the wall open.  Inside
    again is a great, wonderous nothing(except for the usual
    monsters), so clear the glow and move on.
    The final house, you can either go in the back door, or you
    can jump on top of the tree on the left side, and leap into
    a second-floor window(The Dramatic Approach).  In this house
    is a monster nest(finally!), so Bloodrage out to kill it, and
    you're finished here.  Run the powerlines and exit.
    Fun Stuff:
    REALLY nothing.  Even this stage isn't fun.
    It starts raining on this stage.  Before you go anywhere, wait
    awhile for the carnage to stop, as a mutate and a Maraisreq will
    have another 'lover's quarrel' off to the right and ahead.
    Once they're finished, run along the path to the house.  You
    can either go straight for it(take out the two snipers on the
    second floor), or run the powerlines to the roof and skip them
    for the time being.  I reccomend going to take out the snipers
    first, then clearing out the upper and lower parts of the
    Garage(there's dynamite upstairs if you need it).
    Either way, your goal is the chimney on top of the roof, where
    smoke is coming out.  Jump down it, break through the wall,
    and Kill Stuff.  There's two ways to go here, but I reccommend
    going upstairs through the pool room(the room you dropped in
    through) first.
    Head upstairs and kill stuff, but be careful when you enter the
    hallway, as there's a dork with an M1918 GAR who'll open up on
    you.  Kill him and take it if you need it(hopefully you get a
    good amount of ammo), and enter the door on the right.  There's
    a guy with a shotgun in here, along with some dynamite on the
    floor if you want it.  Do the killing thang, then break through
    the wall on the left side of the room with your rebound-kick.
    Watch one of the survivors get murdered.  Kill Mutate.  Then
    head back down to the first floor.
    Enter the room at the end of the hall, kill stuff, and go into
    the bathroom.  Kill some more(A Maraisreq will jump right out
    of the toilet!).  Next room is an elevator.  Hit the switch
    with your blade, and you'll find out it needs a battery, so
    head back to the garage and get it(it's on the floor in the
    room where the car is parked).  Head back and put the battery
    in, and the lift will lower to a water-filled level with a nest
    in back.  The elevator can sometimes be a little annoying to get
    off of, so don't use your Bloodrage until you're actually in the
    water(or else you might end up going back upstairs and wasting
    some of your meter).  
    Take care of business as fast as possible, and get back to the
    lift(you can either hit it to go up again, or just jump up to
    the main floor.
    After that, you're done, so head down the pier on the left side
    of the house, and run the power lines to the next stage.
    Fun Stuff:
    Watching a Maraisreq explode a toilet bowl is kinda funny, but
    otherwise nothing.
    Here, you can either run straight for the main building, killing
    as you go, or you can hop on the power lines to the right, and run
    straight onto the roof.  Less encounters the second way.  On the
    roof is a couple'a dorks and some dynamite(if you need it, take it.
    It's useful shortly).
    Your entrance is the double-doors in front.  Proceed inside and
    kill everything you run into on your way upstairs.  Upstairs,
    break into the power room and hit the red switch with your blade.
    The water level will lower, revealing a nest.  Exit and head back
    downstairs, killing as you go.
    The easiest way to kill the nest is to jump out on top of the oil
    drum like thing, and throw your dynamite at it(two sticks will
    kill it).  If you used all the dynamite, or you don't want to do
    that for some reason, you can jump down and Bloodrage it, but be
    careful not to get hit by the electricity sparking around.
    After you kill it, you'll gain a fourth attack for your normal
    combos, and automatically move on.
    Fun Stuff:
    Take a guess.  Nothing.
    After watching a VERY gratuitous cutscene of Mynce, Mynce getting
    eaten, and EVERYONE in the masoleum getting eaten as well(one of
    the guys makes a really funny scream), head into the masoleum,
    kill all the Maraisreqs, and stock up on weapons.  It's your last
    chance.  Once you have what you want, head through the crack in
    the wall.
    #L9# OLD TOWN
    This stage can be VERY annoying.  The goal is to follow the little
    jerkweed running home to his nest, but you can't let him get too
    far ahead or behind you, or you'll lose track of him, and have to
    do the stage over.
    Use the 'radar' in the corner to track him(the brighter the glow
    of the blue, the closer you are to him.  The glow represents him),
    and make your way carefully, but quickly, across the roofs and power
    lines.  Don't stop to attack or feed unless you have no choice, and
    stick as close to the little running bugger as you can.  Jump in the
    water to shortcut if you have to.  He'll more or less follow a path
    that parallels the one you run on the roof, but he diverges once or
    Once you reach the end of the path(a short power line that leads
    nowhere), you'll see a cutscene and move on to the next stage.
    Fun Stuff:
    I don't know about anyone else, but I find that little noser to be
    pretty amusing as he runs along. ^_^  Nothing else interesting
    though - you don't have much time to see the sights.
    The final Louisiana stage - make sure you have your Bloodlust filled.
    If it's not, hack the mutates you find to fill it - it's more
    important then full health right now.
    Continue along until you find the boat where the ritual was held,
    and then the Boss Momma will come out to attack you.  Eek!
    She's pretty easy, IF you Bloodrage.  Let her get close enough
    first(dodge her attacks until she does), then rage, and hack off
    one of her long front legs.  She'll drop down to the ground, so
    you can charge and hack away at her exposed body.  If she doesn't
    die before she gets back up, hack a leg off again and repeat.
    Hopefully your Bloodrage lasts that long.  If it doesn't, do your
    best to attack with your weapons - she should almost be dead
    anyway(The GAR is useful for this, if you kept it this long).
    If you have no Bloodrage, your job is harder.  Unloading all
    your weapons WILL cause signifigant damage, but not enough to
    kill her.  Attack her large front legs to knock her down, then
    hack away at her belly.  She'll recover faster(Because time
    isn't slowed down like it is in Bloodrage), but it'll fill your
    meter, so if you can't kill her this way, you should be able to
    get a Bloodrage to use soon.  She occassionally spits out
    Maraisreqs, so be careful of them.
    Once you kill her, you'll gain a third attack for your Bloodrage
    combos, see an important cutscene, and move on.  Congratulations,
    you're done with the dull part of the game.  Now the fun stuff
    Fun Stuff:
    After a cutscene, you'll skip to another cutscene five years
    later.  You are now in....
    -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ -~-~-~-~-~ -~-~-~-~-~ -~-~-~-~-~ -~-~-~-~-~ -~-~
    Your first objective here is to axe Braun Mekay.  The layout can
    be a little confusing until you get used to it, so I've included
    handmade maps to hopefully help you out.  I suck as an artist,
    no mistake, but crappy maps are better then no maps, I /hope/.
    These maps should, theoretically, be available from the same place
    you're reading this(GameFAQS, presently)  If they are not, they
    can be found at:
    The game is faster and more dangerous(and more fun) from this point
    on, as Nazi soldiers are nicely-armed in general, and put up more
    of a fight then anything in Louisiana did.  Your new Dilated
    perception(slow motion) will help you out immensely here.  Things
    to watch out for:
    Elite Soldiers can block your harpoon/slash attacks from the front,
    using either their guns, or knives if they're unarmed.  They also
    do some dirty tricks like jumping and rolling now and again,
    usually only when they have no weapons.  Shoot them, or attack them
    from behind to kill or feed.
    Alarm switches are everywhere.  If someone runs away(usually when
    they're badly hurt), the first thing they'll try to do is hit one.
    When an alarm is activated, many troops will soon come rushing into
    the room, so unless you want Maximum Carnage, it's in your best
    interest to destroy every alarm switch you see with normal attacks.
    Gunfire will also destroy them, but they're harder to hit that way.
    A1 - Your starting point.
    A2 - Two-story room.
    A3 - Three-story room.
    A4 - Target Range
    A5 - Lounge
    A6 - Garage/Sentry Station
    A7 - Sentry Station
    A8 - Two-story Room
    A9 - Sentry Station
    E1 - Communication Center
    E2 - Submarine Docks
    E3 - Barracks
    Braun Mekay is hanging around in the lounge, listening to his
    men tell dirty jokes, so that's your objective.  You can go
    straight there, or run through the level killing people and
    collecting guns, however you feel like doing it.  If you're
    after weapons, rooms A8 and A3-A4 are your prime choices.
    A8 is a very large room with many guards.  At the far end is a
    a guy sniping at you with an MG06 machine-gun.  When you approach
    him, he'll drop it and run for the alarm without a fight.  There's
    a weapons cache in the security room nearby the machinegunner,
    including the only grenades to be found on this level.
    A3 is a three-story room with LOTS of guards coming in from various
    places.  There's a weapon's cache in the security room on the third
    floor, and more guns in the target range(Including your first rocket
    launcher, a Panzerfaust.  Yaaay!)
    When Mekay is dead, you have your choice of where to go next, E1,
    E2, or E3.  I would reccommend going to the Sub Dock, then the Comm
    Center, and the Barracks last.
    Fun Stuff:
    Pause outside the Lounge door before breaking it down, and you can
    hear the troops exchanging a really stupid joke.
    #A2# THE DOCK
    The Sub Dock is a very large level, but fortunatly fairly linear in
    most places.  The entire level more or less runs in a circle, so
    you can start in one place, do everything you need to do, and end
    up back at the start without going out of your way any.  Plenty of
    Cool Firepower is available here for the pickin's, so take your
    time and shop around for what you like.
    It doesn't really matter which direction you go or who you chase
    down first, so do whatever feels good.  When you kill your first
    officer here, you'll gain you fifth(and last) normal attack. 
    When you've killed all three officers, and collected whatever
    you wanted, you're finished here, so head back to the start,
    and you'll return to 'Infiltration and Execution' to pick another
    location to go.
    A1 - Garage(Start)
    A2 - Submarine Bay(Nicholaus Reinhardt)
    A3 - Three-story room(Stefan Gustafson)
    A4 - Relay room.
    A5 - Mess hall 
    A6 - Two-story Boiler room
    A7 - Bathroom(Timitheus Tischier)
    B  - Barracks Rooms
    S1 - The 'S1' entryways connect a section of the map that almost
         completely overlaps the rest of it, and couldn't really be drawn
         even slightly inaccurately, without really screwing the map up
         worse then it is.  The 'S1' points are where you enter/exit on
         the 'big' map, and the little section off to the left is what
    Fun Stuff:
    Catching Tischier on the hop(Prime target for a rocket launcher or a
    grenade over the top of the stall door)
    Soldiers in the Mess Hall will kick over a table in a panic when you
    come busting into the room.
    For giggles, shoot a rocket up at Gustafson, and you can collapse the
    third floor catwalk system. ^_^
    This level is pretty straightforwards.  It also has some fairly
    good weapons laying around as you go, so shop 'till you drop.
    When you reach the large two-story room, J.A. Cotter will go down an
    elevator and instruct a soldier to disconnect the battery so he can't
    be followed.  This guy will then run away /with/ the battery, so
    chasing the little punk down is your first objective.
    You'll eventually find him in a storeroom nearby the communications
    center.  Kill him, and the battery's yours(note he's carrying an
    assault rifle, which you usually only see Elites and Officers doing
    normally).  Don't miss the Armory here(get in by breaking down a
    weak wall in the hallway) - you can pick up a Panzershrek.  You'll
    come here later anyway, but it'll 'respawn', so this way you can
    get two.
    Go back to the elevator, plug in the battery, and down you go.
    Go through the door, through another door immediately ahead of you,
    proceed to stab generalSTABsinformationen to pieces, and you're
    ready to move on.  Head back towards the communications center,
    and enter the sliding door at the end of the hall....
    Fun Stuff:
    Don't miss the Ark of the Covenant in the large room with the
    elevator.  Indiana Jones wouldn't.
    Pause outside the room J.A. Cotter is in, to hear him having an
    annoyed-sounding conversation with a soldier in the Laboratory.
    o/~ Something's Going On Down There... 
    You can hear snippets of a Nazi speech repeating itself in the
    communications center.  Rarely, you might hear something more
    Easy enough level.  Proceed and kill until you reach the Chapel.
    After a short cutscene, you'll enter your first Character(boss)
    Battle. ^_^
    VON BLUT - Master of the Shovel of Spanking
    Von Blut is a coward.  That much is obvious by the fact he keeps
    a Kaxik MG08 machine gun and armor plating behind his pulpit.
    Attacking him head-on is futile(and a good way to get shot up
    The only way to hurt him is to attack his exposed backside(Well,
    Rayne DID want to spank him with that shovel.  Guns work just
    as well.)  Hide behind nearby pillars until he stops shooting to
    reload, then get behind him and SPANK that preacher!
    Physical attacks don't work very well because he'll just roll to
    the other side of the room before you get too many hits in, so
    use your guns(save your rockets if you have a launcher, they're
    not too useful here.)
    Soldiers will occassionally run into the chapel, so watch for them
    in case you start getting shot and it's not coming from Von Blut.
    If you get low on life or firepower, they'll give you a fresh
    supply of both.
    He shouldn't take very much punishment, although it can take some
    time if you have trouble hitting him often.  Once he dies, he'll
    drop his MG08.  Grab it if you want, investigate his body for
    papers, and head out the way you came.
    Fun Stuff:
    The chapel usually gets DEMOLISHED by the time you're done fighting
    Von Blut, with all that gunfire going around.  If you feel bored,
    try attacking one of the pillars yourself.  You can whittle them
    down with a lot of attacks, until there's barely anything left of
    Enter the communications center to your immediate left, and contact
    Darkman on the radio equipment.  He'll tell you to blow up the
    equipment after you're finished, so the Nazi's can't call out for
    pizza anymore.  Duck in the side-room for grenades and guns if
    you want, then head out and down the hall to the armory.
    The explosives will be on one of the shelves, so grab 'em, return
    to the radio, and get out of the way before they blow.  Once the
    radio's reduced to scrap, you're finished here, so head allll the
    way back to where you started, and return to Infiltration and
    Execution for your third, and final destination choice....
    Almost immediatly upon entering the level, you'll encounter a
    locked door which you need a keycard for.  If you took the same
    order this FAQ uses, that card will be on the next officer.  If
    not, it will be on the last officer you kill in the other two
    This area is fairly straightforwards as well.  Go down the hall.
    The first door is a supply room which you can search if you want.
    A damaged wall you can break with your rebound-kick will lead
    into a security area that's normally locked.  I reccomend going
    this way, as you can pick up good guns and another full
    Panzershrek here.  Either go through the security area, or
    take the second door outside in the main hallway, and you end
    up in the barracks.
    Enter and commence the slaughter. You can go down into the
    locker/shower rooms and get guns by wrecking the lockers if you
    need them.
    When you enter the barrack's mess, two guys will run for it into
    the next room(the kitchen) where Ruprecht Reiner lays into them
    for being chickens.  Kill everyone, get the keycard(if this is
    your last officer between the three areas), and head back to the
    card-locked door.
    When you open the door and head down the stairs, you'll find
    yourself in a large parking garage, with loadsa weapons.  Don't
    hesitate to abuse the machineguns here - there's four MG08s,
    and two MG06s.  There's also a Granatewulf grenade launcher
    in one of the crates - your first of these little beauties.
    Head through the wide archway into a smaller garage, and you'll
    see an officer driving away.  His driver tries to dissaude him,
    but he just tells him to keep going.  You have to give this guy
    credit for guts, given what he's going into.  In the room are
    more enemies(naturally), and three more MG08 machine-guns,
    Before you head through the garage door, make sure you have
    the weapons you want.  You won't be coming back this way
    Fun Stuff:
    Crushing the three guys under the vehicle lift in the garage. ^_^
    First thing you'll see is the officer driving down the hallway.
    Follow him, and things'll start getting weird very shortly.
    Smash an alarm to turn it off if it gets annoying(notice no
    soldiers'll come running while it's on though).
    The second garage door is locked, and the controls have been
    destroyed(intentionally?), so break some windows and go through
    the sentry station into the next room.
    Things get even stranger here.  You'll soon see an explosion go
    off, so head in its direction(jump up and go through the upper
    This room has good weapons in it, so search it if you want.  You
    may need them shortly if you're not already stocked.  You'll see
    a sentry room with three dead guys in it, and another sliding
    door at the end of the room.  The door is locked, and the switch
    is in the sentry station with the dead guys, so head back and
    get in through a window.  Then get ready to fight like mad.
    The moment you enter, a horrible SCREAMING will break out, and the
    dead guys will get up!  Eek!  Their heads will be pushed off and be
    replaced by these disgusting, gibbering demon-head things, another
    one of the 'possessed' soldiers will follow you through the window,
    the music will change, and it's ON.
    This is your first Daemite encounter, so get used to it now.  You'll
    be seeing lots more.  There are four more of them outside the
    sentry station, so you're fighting eight in total.
    Daemite-possessed soldiers are /fast/, and aren't stopped by little
    things like extreme pain, bloodloss, and dismemberment.  They also
    make disgusting noises, and /enjoy/ being hurt.  You should always
    have at least one at every party, but exterminate them all for now.
    Be careful with them though, as they can be surprisingly tricky
    because of their resiliance.  They can do quite a bit of damage
    hand-to-hand if they catch you, and they won't /stop/ attacking you,
    even when they have no arms and legs(They'll hop after you on their
    stumps and headbutt you or something).
    Worse, after you kill them, you'll sometimes have to deal with a
    'pure' Daemite that gets free from it.  They can't do hardly any
    damage to you, but they hit you easily, fake being dead sometimes,
    and can 'paralyze' you with hitstun easily in large groups for
    others to waste you.
    If they give you a hard time, you /can/ catch a break.  Jump out the
    windows above the garage door you came through, and they can't
    follow.  If you have a rocket launcher, you can damage any that
    run against the door by shooting it from this side.
    Once they're dead go back, hit the switch in the sentry room to
    open the door, kill more Daemites, and exit the level.
    Fun Stuff:
    This level's Fun Stuff cancelled on account of disgustingness.
    You're now in the underground barracks.  Grab a gun or two out of
    the crates if you need them, and proceed into the level.  Most of
    the Daemites you encounter here are unarmed, so be wary - they do
    more damage hand-to-hand then with guns.
    It also pays to watch ventilation ducts from this point on, as
    Pure Daemites have a tendency to bust out of them like second
    rate Supermen.
    You'll eventually come to a barracks room with a small door, and
    a passageway leading into the bathroom/locker room.  If you need
    firepower, go into the bath area first - you'll find a shotgun in
    one of the toilet stalls, and guns and grenades by the lockers.
    After that, head into the small door.
    When you attempt to go through, you'll see a small cutscene where
    Rayne 'scientifically' observes her next target being possessed
    by a Pure Daemite.  Shortly afterwards, another fight begins.
    There are more ooglies just one hallway over, so be careful -
    the possessed officer and his men aren't all you'll have to cope
    with here.
    When you kill the officer, you'll discover him to have been
    General Major R. Wauher, R.I.P.  You'll also gain a new attack -
    the ability to use your harpoon in midair.
    The next few areas are nice and linear, so just head straight
    through them, until you come to another door you need to rebound
    kick to break down.  If you've got weapons left that you'd like
    to shoot off for kicks, do it now - you'll lose them shortly.
    When you attempt to enter the watery area, the camera will pan
    to the right passage to show you a blocked doorway.  Go this way,
    jumping out of the water as often as you can.  There's nothing
    useful down the center or to the left(just a flooded bathroom
    and shower).
    The door is blocked, but 'there must be a way through'.  Walk back
    across the rubble and onto the floor a little.  The floor will
    break, and you'll fall into a lower area which is also flooded.
    Look off to the wall on your left, and you should see a damaged
    section to break with your rebound-kick.  Go through.  If you
    have any guns left, Rayne will complain that the water gunked
    them up and drop them all, so you're now reduced to hand-to-hand.
    Head up the stairs, down the hall, and exit the level on the
    Fun Stuff
    There are a lot of weird posters to look at scattered around.
    I think some of them are on levels before this, but I don't
    usually notice them until now.
    #A9# HELL HALL
    This is very aptly named, and you'll see why shortly.  Proceed
    through, killing Daemites, and you'll soon see a cutscene with
    the Butcheress outside on the rooftop, throwing poor saps into
    a pit. Worry about her later - hit the nearby switch, and go
    through the closest door.  When you attempt to walk past the
    elevator to go through the newly-opened passage, there'll be a
    cutscene with a lot of screaming, where a ton of Pure Daemites
    bust out of the elevator and start chasing you.  Rayne will
    attempt to barricade the next passage, but it doesn't hold.
    Strategic Retreat time!
    DON'T stay and try to fight.  Bloodrage will only keep you alive
    so long - when it runs out, you're as good as dead.  The lady
    says it's time to leg it, so get the heck outta there.  Using
    dilated perception is very helpful here, in avoiding getting 'hung
    up' momentarily by the Daemites that fall out of the ceiling.  If
    you do wind up getting blocked, jump over them - don't try hacking
    your way through.
    When you run far enough, you'll see a cutscene where Rayne notices
    a picture of the guy who brutalized her in Louisiana.  Then some
    Granitewulf-toting Daemite shows up. and starts going nuts with
    the thing as he runs away.  
    The cutscene continues past two more DaemiteDorks manning a
    machine-gun nest and blockading the hall to the elevator.  If you
    attempt to walk back towards it, Rayne will mentioned needing a
    ranged weapon, 'preferably one that shoots around corners'.  That
    grenade launcher would be just the ticket, so get crackin'.
    An important note: while you /can/ go down the machine-gun hall
    now, and probably not die from the gunfire, the place will explode
    automatically and kill you when you get far enough.  So don't
    bother.  Simularly, if you attempt to go back the way you came,
    you'll end up in an unlimitedly-respawning hall of Pure Daemites,
    so it's not a good idea to do that either.  Just move forward.
    Hit the switch to stop the 'grinders' in the next room and run
    across them. Our friend with the grenade launcher will probably
    take another potshot at you when you reach the stairs, so take
    care when heading up.
    When you reach the top, you'll see the guy standing right next
    to the meat grinder.  If you want the grenade launcher(it's not
    actually neccessary, but it is useful), feed on him and turn him
    to one side, so neither his back nor yours(so YOU don't fall in)
    is facing the grinder, and neither is the arm with the Granitewulf.
    He's an Elite, so you might have to manuver a little to get behind
    him for the bite.
    When he dies either way, SantaDaemite's bag of goodies will fall
    down the hole onto the floor below, so head down the stairs to get
    them.  When you try, a bunch of Daemites will chase you down the
    stairs you came from, so IMMEDIATELY run across the room and hit
    the switch for the grinders again, and you can turn them all into
    pulp.  Return back to the bag, grab the grenades, and it's time
    to dispose of the HappyGunningMoronBrothers.  One grenade down the
    hall will do the trick.
    The machine-gunners will leave their MG06's behind, so grab one
    if you want, and take the elevator to the next level.
    Fun Stuff:
    Not much.  I thought the cutscene when Mr. Grenade Launcher shows
    up was REALLY cool though.
    When you enter the first room, the doors will close, and some
    jerk of a Daemite in the next room will start to fill your room
    with poison gas, so break the windows to let the gas out.  They
    take four normal attacks(this is where one of the MG06's from
    last level comes in handy - they shoot out the glass fast.)
    When you do, the gas will flood back into the other room and
    kill the Daemite's instead.  Go inside, hit the switch, and
    proceed onward.
    The next room has a high number of Pure Daemites, and some
    Daemites with guns, so kill them and stock up.  When you're set,
    head up the stairs, hit the switch to open the next door, and
    move on.
    There are more guns in the crates in the next room, and several
    Pure Daemites in little containers.  If you're careful, you can
    sneak up alongside them and Assassin-gib them before they get
    When you get a look into the next room, you'll see some new
    soldiers - Red-Garbed Commandos, led by Kommando himself, firing
    at a bunch of Pure Daemites from a makeshift gunnery nest.
    Kommando will quickly order a retreat, and he and his men will
    run away, leaving the poor regular soldier to a horrible fate.
    Kill anyone who's left(including three unarmed Daemites in the
    dark room.  The door Kommando went through will be locked, so
    head for the big garage-style door instead.
    More Daemites With Guns in the next room.  Kill them, filch
    their stuff, and break down the damaged wall.  Do the same
    thing in the next room, where the imprisoned Pure Daemites are.
    Head through the lab rooms using the big windows, killing as
    you go, and break down another wall.  More soldiers making a
    last stand here, so help them out through mass homicide, check
    your weapons, and move on - you're about to have another Character
    After you head down the long hall and go through the cutscene,
    you'll be up against...
    This fight can get /extremely/ manic and chaotic the first time
    through, since you wind up in a large, three-story stage, with
    Commandos, Pure Daemites, and Kommando himself, all lining up for
    the next dance.  Using dilated perception to slow things down is
    almost a given.
    If fighting on the ground floor from the start is too much of a
    mess, head upstairs ASAP.  Kill the stray Pure Daemites running
    around, and Kommando, plus whatever Commandos aren't presently
    having arguments with Pure Daemites, will head up after you
    shortly.  They'll have to scatter across the catwalks this way
    though, so they're easier to avoid and take out.  Once you've
    killed everyone else, you can concentrate on Kommando himself.
    Kommando isn't much harder then any other Elite or Officer is.
    He's as fast as a weasel though, and takes a lot of punishment.
    Attack him like you would any officer.  Try not to fire your
    weapons too much - you'll need everything you've got for the
    fight coming up after this.
    When you do a certain amount of damage, Kommando will throw
    down a flashbomb and disappear.  You'll be blinded momentarily,
    and your senses will be screwed up(aura vision and dilated
    perception won't function properly.).  After the flash clears,
    you can use your senses, but your aura-vision will be scrambled
    for awhile longer, making it hard to find where Kommando is.
    Rinse and repeat.  Bloodrage isn't neccesary, and if you're
    worried you might not have a full gage left by the time it's
    over, don't use it.  You'll need that too.
    Once he's dead, take his turnkey, hit the switch on the second
    floor, and head up to the third floor to go through the door.
    Normal soldiers will be waiting, so have a couple for lunch if
    you need to refuel.
    When you go through the door at the end of the hall, Major P.
    Eckstein will try the same poison gas trick that the dork at
    the start of the level did.  Deal with it the same way, and
    get ready for the ugly fight coming up.
    #A11# HELL HALL(Revised)
    Same name, more hell.  You get into another Character Battle
    first thing here after the extremely gratuitous and innuendo
    filled cutscene.
    This fight will probably give you trouble the first time or
    two.  The Butcheress is /fast/, blocks frontal attacks, and
    fights like a constantly Bloodraging Rayne.  She can tear you
    apart very fast, and it's hard to get away from her to
    counterattack.  Using dilated perception here is almost mandatory.
    Because of this, I reccomend Bloodraging immediately, and
    hacking it out with her.  Do as much damage as you can as fast
    as you can and as long as it lasts.  Usually this will last long
    enough for her to run away to one of the control consoles around
    the pit, and give you a chance to put distance between the two of
    Be careful when this happens, as all the blue-tile floors will
    open up to reveal pits, and if you fall it's game over.  Worse,
    the crossbeams between them will electrify, and hurt you a lot
    when you touch them.  The safest place to go when this happens,
    is to jump in slow motion to the side of the center-pit, and stand
    on the little 'curb' between the ground and the glass.  Be
    careful that you don't fall in.
    When you have some distance between you and her, fire like crazy
    with everything you have, and you should be able to take down
    what's left of her health, if you're careful about your aiming.
    This is another place where the MG06 from earlier comes in handy.
    Once the Butcheress is dead, you'll gain your fourth Bloodrage
    attack.  After the cutscene, jump down in the pit and continue.
    There's not much to the rest of this level.  Kill everything
    you run into(you have to kill most of the Pure Daemites to move
    on. They'll show up as blue glows on aura-vision), run to the
    end of the morgue, kill more Pure Daemites, and jump through the
    air duct.
    Fun Stuff
    Depends a lot on what you consider fun.  The conversation with
    the Butcheress is pretty entertaining if you like sexual innuendo
    and breast footage that'd make Dead or Alive girls jealous. =P
    Don't go in the water.  Go too far into the water and you'll
    instantly die, just like the swamps in Louisiana.  Head to the
    right, and use the pipes to jump up to the window ledges.  At the
    end, you'll find one you can break and jump through.
    You'll find yourself in a factory kind of place.  Kill all the
    enemies, and hit the switch on the far wall.  This will start up
    an obsticle tunnel(seen in hundreds of platformers and Star Wars
    Episodes 1-2).  Go through carefully, and work your way through
    the next three rooms(You can pick up a grenade launcher, and a
    Kaxik MG08 as you go).  The doors are all locked, so you'll have
    to use the conveyer belt holes in the wall and such.  Hit the
    switch in the third room, and go on to the fourth.  Be careful of
    the grinders(there's one by the MG08 guy), as they're instant death.
    The fourth room is larger.  Check the elevator, and you'll find
    it's missing a battery.  Kill stuff, find the battery(it's by a
    forklift), and plug it in, then hit the switch to go down(there's
    also some crates with a gun or two if you want).
    Downstairs are more crates, including one with a hiding Pure
    Daemite(from this point on, they can also hide in crates and
    barrels, so be wary), and a Panzerfaust(Yaay!).  You might
    need the Panzerfaust shortly, so hold on to it.
    Go through the next series of rooms, and you'll eventually see
    a couple of Nazis running away, only to be confronted by a
    Big Oooglie busting through the wall.
    A rather crazy(and likely shortlived) firefight will break out
    between the Nazis and the two Guardians, so let them slug it
    out before interrupting.  Unless you have the extra gibs
    cheat turned on, the Guardians will surely win, so get ready
    to fight them.  They're the hardest non-boss enemies you've
    seen yet.
    Guardians aren't very smart, but they are Mean and Tough, and
    take a lot of punishment.  You may like to use your Panzerfaust
    on them, or fire grenades down there if you still have a launcher.
    Normal guns won't hurt them for squat though, so don't bother.
    You'll have to do this the hard way.
    Bloodrage will take care of them relatively quickly, but be sure
    both of them are close enough togather to take on both with the
    same Rage.  If you run out, either hack at the Pure Daemites(if
    there are any left) to refil your meter, or carefully engage
    the remaining Guardian(s) until it is.  Once both are dead, a
    third Guardian will break through the door, but luckily you don't
    have to kill it.  Just run past it into the next room.
    More Daemites here.  Get up on the catwalks, and make your way
    around to the little 'control' platform where the guy with the
    MG08 is lurking.  Grab it if you want(he'll drop it), and hit
    the switch to open the lift below.  Get on the lift, hit another
    switch, and down, down you go.....
    Fun Stuff
    You can hit the little 'boiler' things in the first factory room
    for nice explosions.
    #A13# DEEP
    This level might be in need of a map, but happily the Nazis
    provide you in this case.  You'll notice one posted here and
    there, with handy red dots for 'you are here' marks.
    The first thing you'll see here is a cutscene of a lot of Nazis
    fighting it out with Pure Daemites.  There is definitly a COMPLETE
    lack of discipline down here now.  Two soldiers will set up
    a detonation charge, and J. Becker will order them to blow
    it up to seal the tunnel.  It'll trap the remaining men inside,
    but as Becker points out, they're already dead.  He and his
    men will attempt to escape, see you coming down the elevator,
    and make a run for it.
    Here, you need explosive charges and a detonator to move on.  You
    can either head immediately to the right to get the explosives(but
    you can pass this way anyway later from the other side), or head
    straight ahead.  So I reccomend going straight.
    Attempting to go through the large door in the next room will turn
    the camera to the damaged wall, so break it down and go through.
    Destroy the crates blocking the door in the next room, break down
    the door, and move on.
    The next room has a good number of enemies, and leads into a
    hallway.  In the hall, the first door on the left goes into a
    bathroom, where you'll be ambushed by Pure Daemites hopping out
    of the toilets.  There's nothing in here but them and a weak
    gun, so don't bother unless you really need that gun.  The two
    doors on the right will lead into a barracks area that goes on,
    but don't go here yet.  Go down to the end of the hall and break
    open the door.
    You'll see J. Becker and his men running into the infirmary, where
    they get ambushed by Pure Daemites and forced into a last stand.
    Help them out by killing them, and pry the detonator from his
    cold dead hands.  Don't go into the double-doors to the morgue
    unless you really need another weak gun, because you'll be
    ambushed by several Pure Daemites.  Do however check out the wall
    just to the right of the entryway before you leave - there's
    a weak section you can break through, to reach a Panzershrek.
    Don't try to break open the ammo boxes - they'll explode.
    Now return to the two doors and pass through the barracks, and
    from the next room, into the barred security area.  From here you
    can see where you got the Panzershrek from.  Enter the 'caged in'
    area if you want to reach a storeroom, with some more good guns
    and another Granitewulf grenade launcher(but you just got a
    Panzershrek, so chances are you won't want it just yet.).  You
    can also get some grenades from the little boxes on the shelves
    Continue on, and you'll notice a locked cell door, and an open one.
    Go in the open one, hit the switch, and proceed through the other
    doorway.  The hallway will take you right into the room with the
    explosives.  Continue forwards through the various rooms until you
    reach the place where you started the level.  Be very careful of
    what you break in this area - lots of stuff explodes on you.
    Now go to the tunnel that was previously sealed up.  You'll auto-
    matically set the explosives so back up before it blows, then
    proceed inside, and head down the rightmost track towards the door.
    Go through, open the left door, and exit the level.
    Fun Stuff:
    Near the 'celled' area, there's a pipeline that has a valve you can
    break.  Breaking it will cause a gas leak, and it'll quickly set on
    fire.  Pursuing soldiers will get toasted, but notice the Pure
    Daemites love it!  They won't even chase you - they'll just dance in
    the flames and enjoy the pain. =P
    #A14# DEEPER
    This area is very linear, but also /extremely/ large.  Far down
    the tunnel you'll come across a branch to the right that's
    barricaded by crates.  This leads to one of the two Pump rooms.
    You don't have to come here now, but you will later, so you may
    as well pay it a visit while you're here.  Smash through the
    blockage, go through the small maintenance room, enter the pump
    room, and hit the red switch.  This does nothing noticiable now,
    but lowers the water level in the route you'll go later.
    Leave and keep going down the tunnel, until you reach a four
    way intersection.  The right fork is blocked, so you need to
    hunt for explosives and a detonator again.  Take either route
    you choose - it doesn't really matter.
    Keep going until you come across another blockaded tunnel on
    the right, smash through, and head that way.  You'll see an
    officer running into the pump room, so chase after him.  Dental
    records(or whatever's left of him if his teeth are shattered)
    will reveal the fresh corpse to be Otto Gottleib, and he had
    the detanator you needed.  Activate the pump in this room and
    Keep moving through the tunnel, go through the door, and head
    down the looooong passageway.  You'll eventually end up in a wide
    open area.  Some dork on top of a building to the far left will
    take potshots at you with a Panzershrek, so take that goon out
    first before heading further into the area.  When you reach
    the small security room, break open a window and jump in.  There's
    a wonderful assortment of spare guns here if you need them, so
    stock up and move on.
    In the next area, you'll see two buildings, one of which has
    smoke coming out the top.  Kill anyone here you need to, hop on
    top of that building, and jump down the hole.  Keep going
    until the flashbomb goes off, and look who it is!  It's your
    old buddy Kommando!  Looking a little worse for wear, too.
    The possessed Kommando can't really do a whole lot.  He can
    take a lot of punishment, in theory, but he tends to get
    decapitated before much damage is done, ending the fight.  Don't
    forget about the guy on top of the shelves though - he's easy
    to miss.  Take Kommando's turnkey, hit the switch to open the
    storage room, grab the explosives, and head out.
    The way you came in will be blocked now, so go out the sliding
    door.  You'll end up in another large area, but before you go too
    far, a large explosion will blast open a section of tunnel to the
    far left.  Take out the Daemite with the Panzershrek in the room
    first so you don't get blown up by him, then head through the new
    tunnel to find the source of the explosion - another Daemite with
    a Panzerfaust and a twitchy trigger finger.  You should
    recoginize the room you end up in, so leave, head all the way
    back to the four-way intersection, and head down the right
    Blow up the blockage and head down the tunnel.  Watch the floor -
    there's a 'dented' section of it that collapses on you before
    you go very far.  Keep going, jumping your way across the
    next two water pits, and go through the door.  You'll be in
    an odd looking tunnel, so head to the end of it, hit the gross
    moving plant thing on the right, and you're off to the next
    Fun Stuff:
    Here and there in the mines, you'll notice doors you can break
    down.  Inside them are chicken soldiers hiding from the Daemites.
    ^_^  Rayne occassionally says funny things when she finds them,
    so they're worth poking at even if you don't need the free lunch.
    #A15# THE TEMPLE
    This stage is a marked different to anything you've seen so far.
    It /is/ a temple, but certainly not to any god you'd have heard
    of.  Pretty nasty place.  Beat up the plant to open the
    'sphincter' door, and head inside.
    Your aura vision is very very useful in here, as the areas are
    extremely large and confusing looking, and not easy to map, due
    to their vertical nature.  The blue glows will show you where to
    head towards.
    In the first chamber, you'll end up on wooden, broken catwalks,
    getting shot at from all directions underneath.  Head down the
    stairs to the right, and then down again onto the 'ledge' from
    there.  Be careful when you get near one of the pore-looking
    things on the walls - Pure Daemite come out of them.  Follow
    the narrow ledge into the next chamber, and jump on the branch
    like thing when you come to it,  It will lead near your
    objective, so jump on the next branch that intersects, and
    then jump again onto the 'tree trunk' looking thing that has
    the door and the glowing light.  You'll see another 'living
    switch' just above the door, so hit it to open it, and drop
    inside, down, down into the depths.
    You'll end up by another set of doors at the bottom, so
    open them, and exit the level.
    Fun Stuff:
    Not much fun about THIS place.  Ew!
    This place is even more disgusting then the last one.  This time
    your objective is VERY high up, so you've got some climbing to
    do.  There are two ways to go through this, so I'll describe
    both: the easy and slow, and the tricky and fast(fast if you're
    a good jumper):
    For the easy and slow, jump over the water to the right, and
    enter the passage you'll see a bit ahead of you in the wall.
    Be careful when you come out the other side, as you'll be
    facing a ledge where a dork with a Panzershrek is hanging out
    at.  Jump to that ledge, kill him and the other chump, then jump
    to the next ledge to the UPPER-right(it's mostly red, and has
    a path leading elsewhere across the chamber.
    Head along the path to a tunnel going up, just like the last one.
    When you leave, head along the ledge to the right, and go up
    yet another tunnel.  When you leave, jump up to the ledge to
    the FAR UPPER left(you'll have to rebound-kick to get there),
    continue along the path, and go through the next tunnel.  Run
    along the path at the end of it, up to the ledge.  Then head
    either direction, running along the ledge until you reach
    a LARGE tunnel.  Go through it, jump to the bottom, open the
    doors, and leave.
    Fun Stuff
    Too busy washing the EWWWW from my hands. ;_;
    As the name suggests, you've got some fighting to do here
    later, but don't worry about it for now.  Circle the ledge to
    the other side of the room, until you see a ledge with a light
    on it slightly higher up.  Jump to that ledge(you'll probably
    have to use rebound-kick again), and hit the living switch.
    The camera will cut to the bottom of the pit and show you what
    door opened(you'll also probably see a Guardian inside, but don't
    worry about it either).  Make your way down to the bottom, kill
    what you need to, and go through the doorway.  Don't miss the guy
    with the Panzershrek if you don't have one - you may need it.
    This next room is annoying.  You'll see a ledge above you.
    Jump to it before the Guardian can mess with you.  Kill the guy
    on it, then jump to the next ledge you see.  Repeat ad nauseum.
    Feed on jerks on your way up if you need health.  The lights
    in the wall can hinder you and make you fall if you accidently
    jump into one, so be careful and use dilated perception to
    minimize the chances of accidents.
    Once you reach the top you'll see a short camera-panning, and
    your new objective will flash - eliminate the Guardians!  There's
    one right near you to the left, so be careful.
    How you do this is pretty much up to you, but it mostly comes
    down to Bloodraging - you won't have enough explosives to kill
    all three, no matter what you do.  Luckily you don't have
    to stay down there and take their beating.
    There are places on the walls that are sloped enough for you to
    climb to the next ledge 'level', and the Guardians can't follow
    you.  Daemites and Pure Daemites that haven't already jumped/fallen
    down, can be found up there, to either replenish health, or hack
    up to build Bloodrage.
    Just like the last time you fought Guardians, make the most of your
    Bloodrage meter - don't use it until you can lure at least two, if
    not all three, nearby eachother.
    Once all three are dead, the camera will pan up to show something
    disgusting opening at the top of the room.  This next part is
    a /little/ tricky.  Head up to the upper ledge, and walk around
    until you see a 'path' that heads from one side, to the other
    and up to the next ledge(it's a little weird to notice, but pay
    close attention and you'll see it)  It's /very/ narrow, so you'll
    probably want to use dilated perception when you jump to it.  Run
    across to the other side(be careful if you're very low on
    health - there's poison gas in the middle), and up to the ledge.
    From here, /carefully/ jump out to the thing in the middle - be
    extra cautious, because if you fall, you'll have to get up here
    again.  And you might even fall ALL the way down to the very
    Jump to the top of the disgusting thing and look around and up -
    you'll eventually notice a passageway to jump to.  Get to it,
    go through the doors, and you're almost finished with Hell's
    version of Disneyland.
    Fun Stuff:
    I don't call Guardians fun.  Do you?
    The last El Disgustmento stage.  The music changes here, so you
    know something's up.  Enter, and you'll find yourself in an
    EXTREMELY large chamber, with poison gas clouds visible
    everywhere.  Your aura vision will show you that you need to
    go to the 'heart' of the room(it's obvious to look at), but
    there's a couple ways to get there.
    To the right is a LOT of poison gas, so don't go that way.
    At the very bottom of the place is a lot of water, so obviously
    you don't want to go that way either.
    The first way involves going through gas, and was suggested
    by the excellent fellow BR faq writer zoips.  It works very well,
    so I see no reason not to include it and give him his due credit.
    This is the easier route, but isn't recommended if you're either
    low health, or not confident enough to move quickly on narrow
    ground, since you can die easily if you stay in the gas for too
    Look left from the ledge you start out on, and you should see
    another one, with a 'branch' heading out across the chamber just
    above it.  Jump and rebound-kick for it, and hug the wall while
    you do so, so if you miss, the wall will save you.  You go
    through a little bit of gas here, but not much.
    Again to the left, and slightly up this time, you'll see another
    'branch' sticking out of the wall, which leads right to the heart.
    Unfortunatly, it's also right in front of a gas flow.  Step on
    the 'raised' part of the wall underneath it, turn on dilated
    perception, and jump up to it.  Once you're on, run straight
    along it(using dilated perception to help stay on if you need),
    and enter the heart.
    The second way involves some funny jumping, but is completely
    gas-free.  Directly above where you start, you'll see a path
    leading out across the chamber.  Jump onto it and run most of
    the way across, until you pass underneath a 'wishbone' like
    arch.  Then turn around and look up.  You'll see it's a path
    that leads close to the ceiling, near one of the ribs of
    the backbone that crosses it.  Head all the way up it, using
    dilated perception and the occassional small jump to stay on.
    At the top, walk off onto the rib, and jump from rib to rib
    using your rebound-kick.  You can either hop off early, onto
    the narrow branch you'll see which leads to the heart, or keep
    going and drop onto the heart from above the last rib.
    No matter how you reach the heart, enter the top of it,
    and you'll see a long cutscene(and gain Extruded View, but this
    isn't the time to play with it).
    Getting out isn't very /hard/, but make sure you do it right the
    first time, so you don't have to do all that over again.  Run
    along the path leading up(towards the hole the nazis made),
    and jump down to it.  There's another 'branch' lower down
    that you can jump to to help.  Hit the switch on the explosives-
    loaded driller, watch it fall and go boom, then leave, quickly.
    Fun Stuff:
    Although the stage is disgusting, hearing the nazis yelling about
    needing more explosives was pretty darned funny. ^_^
    You're almost done with Argentina!  Hang in there!
    This stage is a dash for your life, literally. Explosions will be
    chasing right at your heels, and if they catch up to you, you die,
    no questions, no debate.  Use dilated perception to help see where
    to go earlier, and DON'T STOP RUNNING.  You may have to do this
    two or three times before you get all the way through.  At the
    end of the tunnel, do as the lady says - jump on top of the truck,
    jump again, and you'll clear the mine shaft shortly before the
    flames do.
    Fun Stuff:
    You're running too fast to have fun.
    This is it, the last Argentina mission.  You still have two officers,
    both actual GGG officers, unaccounted for, so you know you're going to
    see at least one of them.  Head through the short area, and see the
    cutscene.  Guess which one it is?
    D. Mauler is a BRUTE, and quite, quite scary.  The very ground trembles
    as he runs, so obviously getting hit by him isn't a good idea.  You
    can jump up onto the catwalk for cover if you want, but that'll just
    give Mauler a chance to show off what a powerful bruiser he is.  This
    guy is so frightening, he'll DESTROY THE FREAKIN' LEVEL to get at you.
    There are exactly two 'safe' places in this room.  The first is the
    ledge right in front of the upper doorway(Mauler can destroy everything
    but the walls, which the ledge is a part of).  If you stand here,
    Nazis won't come out of the door to bother you.  The other is a set of
    ledges on the far side of the room, which are simply too high for him
    to reach(although stray nazis can fire at you.)
    Hiding from Mauler will only give you a rest though - guns do diddly,
    so you're going to have to get down there and slug it out with him.
    Fortunatly he's very slow, so you should have no trouble getting
    behind him and slicing him up.
    You can't kill him with one Bloodrage and still dodge his attacks,
    so use it right away, then hack at him normally until he's either
    dead, or you have another Bloodrage to use.
    Once he's dead, head out the upper door, and you'll be in a familiar
    looking hallway(this whole level is part of The Docks from way
    earlier, but you probably won't recoginize it at first with all
    the damage).  The hall will take you back to the Sub Dock, and you'll
    see Wulf departing on one of the subs in the cutscene.  You sneak
    aboard the other, and you're now finished with Argentina.  On to
    Fun Stuff
    Watching Mauler wreck havoc. ^_^
    -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ -~-~-~-~-~ -~-~-~-~-~ -~-~-~-~-~ -~-~-~-~-~ -~-~
    Just a cutscene.  When the sub pulls in, everyone'll be dead(guess
    Rayne got hungry on her way here).  The GGG Second-in-command
    will order the sub to be unloaded anyway, you'll see a familiar
    looking pair of boots, and then an FMV movie.
    The movie has an unfortunate tendency to choke at the end of it,
    so as reccommended by many, view it once, then reset the PS2,
    and skip it using the start button the second time.
    After the cutscene introduction to where you are now, head to the
    right. D. Von Haber will be up on the cliff with a machine-gunner
    and another solider, so kill all three of them.  Be careful of
    the Jetpackers that show up though.  This is your first encounter
    with them, and you'll soon grow to hate them.  You can harpoon
    and drag them out of the air to feed and kill them safely, or
    you can shoot/slice them down normally, but then their jetpacks
    will detonate when they're dead.
    Jump through the hole in the tower wall on the left, or break the
    door down on either side with rebound-kicks.  There's a grenade
    at the bottom of the stairs, and two snipers you'll want to kill
    on top of them.  This little 'snipe room' is a safe place to try
    out your Extruded-view, so give it a whirl(although you probably
    won't see anyone to shoot just yet).
    From here, there's two ways to go.  I reccomend jumping up on top
    of where Von Haber was, and taking the far-left path, down across
    the broken bridge to the other side(you'll face less enemies in
    the long run doing it this way).  There's a guy with a Panzerfaust
    on the other side of the bridge, so be careful.  Kill the Elite
    troops, axe Andreas Zahl, and you'll gain your fifth, and last
    Bloodrage attack.
    Now head away and to the left, careful not to fall in the water.
    There's dynamite on the lower level if you want it.  Jump up to
    the path, and follow it to the left to run into some tanks,
    Commandos, a regular soldier, and Heinrich Eberhard.  You /know/
    what to do to /him/.
    Once Eberhard's dead, you're done here.  Kill the new soldiers
    and exit the level.
    Fun Stuff
    The return of officer conversations!  You can catch one about
    the 'decline of german culture' nearly right at the start.
    Another plays a bit later, past the right side of the broken
    castle wall(between officers up on the cliff), and is much,
    much funnier, but you basically have to sneak out carefully to
    get to listen to it.  If you take the officers in the order I
    reccommend, you probably won't hear it.
    If you approach the area Andreas Zahl is at from the /right/ side,
    coming up along the path, the parked vehicle from earlier will
    have rolled down the path and dropped off some extra troops,
    including an Elite and one or two Jetpackers.
    This level is a little confusing, due to its maze-like nature.
    A map wouldn't help much either.  You can take officers here
    in any order you want, but naturally I have a suggested one.
    First head off far to the left, and then up towards the damaged
    'house'.  You'll see your first Feral Vampires rush in, and one
    of the jerks absconds with Hans Eldrich over its shoulder!  You're
    left to deal with the remaining soldiers and vampires.  You can
    watch them fight it out if you want(there's a decent chance the
    soldiers will actually win, or just jump up and mix in the rumble.
    Be cautious - Feral Vampires are /very/ dangerous and very fast.
    The route I'm going to suggest from here is a little out of the
    way, but will stock your weapons supply nicely.  Jump on top of
    the broken house's roof, then jump again over to the castle.  You'll
    be on a damaged roof area, with stairs going down, and a supply
    room.  Enter the supply room, get guns and grenades if you need
    them, then head down the stairs.  A Feral Vampire and two nazis
    (one elite) will be fighting, so either let them finish, or kill
    all of them, and continue on.
    Jump over the water and kill the unarmed soldier fast - he
    might pick up the Panzershrek that's lying on the floor on the
    far end.  Kill more soliders and keep going.  You'll end up in
    a room with stairs going up, and a lot of soliders.  Kill the
    soliders and head up the stairs cautiously, as there's another
    Feral Vampire at the top.
    At the top of the stairs, head left through the door and
    into the dining room.  At the far end of the room, you'll
    see an archway with crates blockading it.  Smash them, and
    some nazis will start arguing with Feral Vampires again.
    Let them fight or kill them yourself(they're just begging
    for a rocket if you ask me).  Either way, make sure Demetrius
    Klaus(who's running around over here) dies hard.
    Exit back to the upstairs area, and new soldiers will be
    hanging around.  Kill them, and head further upstairs to the
    There are lot of people to kill on the roof, but for expediency,
    head to the left, jump on the 'snowpile', and jump onto the next
    highest roof after you kill the closest soldiers.  There are
    lots of people to kill up here too, sure make sure you get
    everyone.  When you're done, walk up one of the two sets of stairs
    on the immediate left, and jump up to the balcony.  You may or
    may not see your first Vampire Bats up here, depending on whether
    or not the nazi snipers killed them first.  Either way, rebound kick
    the steeple bell(or shoot it.  That shotgun you got down there will
    blow it off).  The bell will fall and smash through the floor.  Drop
    down the hole to the next floor, then down the newly-made hole.  Hug
    the wall so you don't fall /too/ far - you'll want to land on the
    remains of the 'grid' thing.
    When you enter the room through the broken wall, you'll see a locked
    door and a damaged wall.  Rebound-kick the wall, and you'll find...
    another damaged wall.  It takes four rebound-kicks to get through to
    the other side.  Beyond, you'll find various soldiers in bedrooms,
    and G. Saxon.  Kill him, of course.  You'll see a cutscene in a
    familiar rooftop.  Drop back through the hole the bell made, and
    head to the right from there.  You want to head back up onto the
    roof again.  Once there, this time head to the right, up the short
    stairs,  If you didn't kill anyone here earlier, you'll have quite
    a few people to kill, so kill them, and go through the door to exit
    the level.
    Fun Stuff
    Nothing I'm aware of really.
    Here you will face off first against one SuperTank in the enclosed
    space.  After destroying it and entering the chapel(the fight doesn't
    start until you break down the gates), you will fight against three
    more SuperTanks, followed by a fourth piloted by G. Gosler.  This can
    either be very easy or very hard, depending on how you handle it.
    The main problem with fighting in the SuperTank is that it takes
    some getting used to the way it walks.  To maximize your mobility,
    never try to move /just/ side to side.  Always be heading somewhere
    when you're turning, and you'll move faster.
    If you're caught out in the open, try to generally move towards
    the right whenever possible.  The rocket launchers will have a
    slightly harder time hitting you(Although grenades and gatling fire
    will still be just as effective).  Above all though, never stand
    still in the open - always be a moving target.
    Taking all three in the main chapel is quite doable, but if you
    find it to be too rough, retreat back into the little alcove you
    started the level in.  You can lure enemies down the hall one at a
    time, and they're easier prey this way.
    Once all three are gone, new music will play and Gosler will
    stomp his way onto the scene.  Fight him the same way you did the
    others, and it should be over fairly quickly.
    Once Gosler is dead, /don't/ head for the blue light at the end of
    the chapel unless you have no health left.  Stay in your tank, and
    use the gatling and rockets to take out the jetpackers who fly in
    with ease.  Once they're disposed of, it's time to move on.
    Head to the scaffolding to the left(watch out for Feral Vampires)
    and climb it.  After a bit of careful jumping, you'll get to the
    top.  Climb the stairs, see the cutscene, and continue on to the
    right to leave the level 
    Funny Stuff
    All the radio chatter going on, especially when Rayne teases
    the tank jockeys. ^_^ 
    Bust the window and you'll see a cutscene, in which good ol'
    Mynce is revealed to be alive.  After it's over, you've got
    a dangerous descent ahead.  Kill the two nazis on either side
    of you, and climb down the stairs until you reach the level
    where the sniper is.  Jump off and kill him, then jump down
    to the bottom.
    Kill all the remaining soldiers.  When you do, three Jetpackers
    will fly in.  Be very cautious, as one of them carries a
    Panzerfaust, possibly making him the most deadly putz in the game.
    After they're dead, the last guy will probably run right into
    the cliff and fall.  If he doesn't, jump over and kill him,
    then proceed through the doors, see the cutscene, and prepare to
    Mynce isn't really very dangerous, although she fights like the
    Butcheress.  Stay out of her way and unload all your guns into
    her until she runs for it.  Don't use your Bloodrage yet.
    Chase her up the stairs, attacking as you get the chance.  When
    you finally reach the top and go down the hall, you'll fight
    for 'real'.  Use your Bloodrage here to finish her off easily.
    Head through the newly created hole in the wall, gather fresh
    guns, move down the hall, and exit the level.
    Fun Stuff
    You get to abuse Mynce again!  Yay!
    At the start of the level, you'll pan the camera around outside
    to see the sights, including four Feral Vampires(one of them
    strangely colored) kidnapping another Officer.  What's that
    about, anyway?  Better go find out.
    The route to take is pretty straightforward until you get outside.
    The problem is, now that Night has fallen, the Feral Vampires are
    out in full force, and they love to ambush you from on ceilings
    and behind corners, so take extreme caution on your way.
    Once outside, you'll see Feral Vampires clawing at the barred
    windows, trying to get in and have an Officer for lunch.  You'll
    need to get in there too, but how?  Turn around, hop on top of
    the door you just came out of, and jump in the window.
    Head up the stairs to the left(the stairs on the right just take
    you to a shotgun, but get it if you need it), and continue going
    until you reach a small, narrow passageway with Vampire Bats in it.
    Go through the passage, hit the switch, and head downstairs.  Taunt
    the chicken, hit the second switch, and climb down to kill him
    while the Feral Vampires watch on with envy.  The unfortunate
    meatbag was C. Reichard.  Return the way you came, and be
    VERY careful.  There's a two-Vampire ambush that killed me
    before I realized what happened the first time I did this.
    Your next target is in the church you see across the ledge, but
    head down the stairs first.  You'll be able to loot a Panzershrek
    /and/ a Panzerfaust over this way.  When you're done, go back
    and carefully jump over to the church, and go inside.  After
    the cutscene, you'll find out what happened to poor Hans Eldrich
    from earlier.  Then an air raid begins!
    Don't let it rush you - it's easy to make a mistake and fall.
    Be /careful/ in making your way back to normal ground, and go
    through the door you saw the soldiers going into to exit the
    level(it's off to the left)
    Fun Stuff
    That guy hiding in the steeple is hysterical. ^_^  But not
    much else I know about, aside from breaking all the object
    This is a pretty evil level.  The music had me constantly
    jumping at shadows, thanks to that bestial growl in it. >.<
    Your target is way over on the opposite side of the level.
    There's no 'one' way to get over there, other then heading
    in that direction, so nose around as you see fit.  The nazis
    here are few, but the ones outdoors are all packing some nice
    firepower, so take care when you're on the ground - you saw
    what they did to the Feral Vampires in the opening cutscene.
    Be very careful however, because there's a big bottomless
    gorge you'll have to jump over, and it's harder to see then
    usual, thanks to the shading on this level, espectially when
    you're higher up.
    If you're not confident of your Vampire-killing abilities,
    the best advice is to stay off the ground - on the other side
    of the gorge, Feral Vampires are hiding everywhere.
    It's probably in your best interest to take out the guy with
    the Panzerfaust post-haste, so head over there and axe him.
    If you're not sure where he is, wander around a little - it
    won't be long before he reveals himself by firing at you.
    When you get across, you'll see a large door on the second
    floor wall.  Smash it open and proceed up the tower.  It's
    blessedly vampire-free, but there are some Commandos and regular
    soldiers in here.
    When you waste Arno Samsa(He's at the top with a bunch of guards),
    another air strike will be called in, so get out of the tower.
    Once you exit, the cutscene will show the bombs blowing a hole
    in the wall near where you started, so head back across and
    into said hole.  Kill the two soldiers at the foot of the
    stairs, and head up(going down only leads you to a shotgun).
    At the top you'll see a broken window, so go through it and
    jump towards the windmill in the distance...
    Fun Stuff
    Nothing I'm aware of.
    You'll see another cutscene here, and then you'll be up against...
    HEDROX(The Infinite)
    Hedrox can be a little dangerous if you don't watch your attacks.
    During the opening cutscene, the camera will pan around and show
    areas beneath you that you can't get to yet.  This is a clue for
    what you have to do to win.
    You start off against three Hedroxes.  Attacking them normally
    will only cause dismembered body parts to grow into more
    Hedroxes(up to six at any given time), so it's futile trying
    to kill him this way.
    What you need to do is give him a bath in the water you saw at
    the start.  Down on the bottom floor, you'll see six slanted
    'supports' - three on one side, three on the other.  Break all
    of them.  Each takes about 3-4 attacks to break, or one of
    Hedroxes(he can break them by accident).
    When they're all broken, the floor will collapse, and you'll
    fall into the lower area you saw during the cutscene.  Repeat
    the support-breaking.  When this floor collapse, all but one
    of the Hedroxes will fall into the water and burn to death.
    Follow the last one out after the cutscene, and the level's
    Fun Stuff
    Rayne's remarks to Hedrox after she wins the battle.  THAT'S
    cocky. ^_^
    Right at the start, a Nazi will blow himself up trying to back
    away from you over a minefield.  Idiot.  But he did do you the
    service of pointing out you're IN a minefield, so don't try to
    walk over the ground here.
    Make your way across by jumping on the stalled vehicles and scenary.
    After you go a bit, you'll notice nazis with Panzershreks in the
    distance(noticed by them firing at you, of course), so take care.
    Three Commandos are in the tower.  Kill them if you want(or if you
    need to feed), but the Panzershreks can hit you if you're on the
    side nearest to them, so again, take care.
    Keep jumping on dead vehicles to make your way to the rocket
    nest and kill everyone.  There's now three fresh Panzershreks on
    the ground, and they might come in handy, so take at least one
    and head up the stairs for a nasty surprise.
    When you near the top of the stairs, a SuperTank will turn the
    corner.  Eeek!  There's still one left!  You can either run past
    it, lure it down the stairs and run past it(longer but arguably
    safer), or blow it to hell.  The SuperTank will take four rockets
    to annihilate, so hopefully one of the PanzerShreks had at least 2
    shots in it.
    Also at the top of the stairs is a Commando and two regular
    soldiers.  Kill them if the SuperTank isn't around, otherwise run
    for it across the bridge.
    When you get out a bit, you'll see Jurgen Wulf come up behind you
    on the bridge.  What was looking to be a prime assassination moment
    suddenly changes into a 'WTF?' moment as he breaths flames, sets
    the bridge on fire, then hauls a$$ across it, taking a swipe at you
    as he goes.  The fire will proceed pretty fast, so don't just stand
    there, start running!
    After the short cutscene, take care, but move quickly.  Two sections
    of the bridge ahead of you will likely blow out(they don't always),
    and if you fall, you're dead.  Jetpackers will also start gunning
    at you from behind, and you can't deal with them until you're on the
    other side.
    Once you make it across, kill everyone, including the unfortunatly
    placed general D. Traugott, and head into the door to exit the
    Fun Stuff
    Taking down a SuperTank on foot. ^_^
    Right at the start of the level, you'll see a MOB of Feral Vampires
    attacking somebody.  Nothing to do about for now, so head around
    the short level until you reach the interior entrance and enter the
    cutscene.  You will then face off against...
    SIMON AND SIGMUND KRIEGER(Such Handsome Nazis)
    These two have charm and charisma up the wazoo. *_*  It's no wonder
    Rayne likes them.  Not very good fighters though.  Right from the
    start, they'll both hide behind the two columns in the room and
    throw GGG-shaped boomerangs at you.  They don't do much damage, but
    they are annoying and it does add up over time. Choose either twin
    you want  and go after him.
    The hardest part about fighting these guys, is getting them to stay
    still long enough to attack one.  They'll constantly play keep-away
    using the columns.  There's two ways to approach the matter:
    1) Chase one around and around until you catch him.  If you use
    dilated perception to corner closely, you can do this.  It also
    helps if he threw a boomerang, as he'll have to pause and stand
    still when he catches it.  Once you catch up, let him have it.
    Occassionally, the other twin will come across to attack you
    when you're doing this, so be careful.
    2) Break the columns down.  A single column will take thirteen
    rebound-kicks to destroy, so it's not exactly easy work.  When
    you destroy one, the twin behind it will run to the other one.
    When you destroy the /second/, their hiding places will be gone,
    and both twins will come out to fight you head-on.  Their attacks,
    again, don't do much damage, but you will be fighting two at once,
    so don't get cocky.
    Either way, you only have to kill one, and both will die.  Depending
    on which one you kill first, you'll get a slightly different cut-
    scene afterwards.  Killing Simon(so Sigmund dies first) seems more
    suited to the dynamic between the three, but it doesn't matter much.
    After it's over, ascend the ladder, and look who's still alive!
    Not for long though.  Mynce will give you the nameplates for
    officers K. Kephardt and N. Rausch(either she killed them or
    someone else did). After it's over, follow Mynce, and Wulf will
    show up to kill her and taunt you.
    Once he leaves, break down the gate with rebound-kicks, and exit
    the level.
    Fun Stuff
    Use your Extruded view at the start, to watch Simon and Sigmund
    fight the vampires if you like.  It's mostly pointless, but
    they CAN kill one or two eventually(I watched for five-ten
    minutes before they managed it.  Your mileage might vary).
    Drag out the fight against the twins to listen to the dialogue.
    ^_^  Rayne and the two of them have a LOT to say to one-another.
    After Mynce dies, use Extruded view to zoom in on her corpse.
    She died with one heck of a frightened look on her face.
    Final stage.  Head down the hall and kill the Nazis with normal
    attacks,  You'll need your guns for what's coming up.  After
    the cutscene, the final battle.
    This is a two-part battle.  Kill either one you like first, but
    only do Wulf if you're CONFIDENT you can do it quickly(You
    can, but it's no easy task).  The better choice is to take out
    Beliar, although Wulf's interference makes this a little tricky.
    Beliar is immune to practically everything except getting shot
    in the heart.  Hitting the heart is difficult though.  Rockets
    and grenades will hit it easily, but you have limited shots
    of those(unless you get lucky, and can 'convince' Wulf to keep
    picking up the spent rocket launcher to replenish it), so you'll
    have to do it the hard way - using Extruded view.
    Most people reccomend doing this after the second 'growth' cycle,
    but I find it harder that way personally.  At the start of the
    fight, Wulf will be more interested in shooting Beliar then you,
    and you have to scroll across a bigger target in general to aim
    at the heart.  But you'll find out what works for you - expect to
    have to try this several times.
    Your last resort is to wait for Beliar to get so darned big(he
    keeps growing), that the heart is an impossible to miss target,
    but by that point, he'll be so big that you can't get away from
    him.  And shortly after that, he'll be too big to fight.  You'll
    see an FMV where he kills Rayne and escapes, and game over.  So
    if you wait this long, you better do what you have to do /fast/.
    Assuming you take him out, you're left with just you and Wulf.
    Wulf isn't as hard as Beliar, but he IS dangerous and takes a lot
    of damage, so don't get too cocky.
    The first time you hit him, Wulf will drop his MG32.  After that
    point, he'll spend most of the time either scrounging for fresh
    guns, running away, or shooting at you.
    He's most dangerous up close though, because his hand to hand
    attacks are VERY damaging.  His fire slashes do good damage, and
    his fire 'breath' does a /lot/, so take care.  One or two Bloodrages
    (hack at him to refill the meter) will take him down though.  After
    that, you're done. ^_^
    Fun Stuff
    Poor, poor Hedrox. ;_;
    I don't need to quote you the instruction manual here - you should
    have that already.  I just want to go over some things that may not
    be immediately obvious from reading it or playing.
    Jumps can be extended somewhat through two means.  The first, and
    most obvious is using a rebound-kick(if you don't realize this soon
    after you start playing, you'll see Mynce do it at the end of City of
    the Dead).  This will propel you forwards some extra distance, and
    is essential for a few jumps in the game.
    The second is by mid-air(normal or harpoon) /attacking/.  The
    distance you gain isn't very much(a fraction of what the rebound-kick
    gives you), and doesn't keep you in the air longer, but for those
    jumps where you're just about to miss by a /fraction/ of an inch, it
    can make the difference between landing on your feet, and falling
    down into water and poison gas.
    Mid-air, non-harpoon attacking has another nice use, in that it lets
    you land in a run, instead of a roll, if you're still moving in one
    direction. Rolling is seldom useful, and during tricky jumps, often
    a problem.
    The game also has an extra attack, which I'll term 'assassin
    gibbing'.  This is triggered whenever you're up-close to an enemy
    who, by the game's standards, doesn't presently notice you.  The
    game can get pretty screwy about this sometimes though - before I
    first learned what the trigger for it was, I most frequently saw
    it done in the middle of fights.  And if someone isn't alerted to
    danger when they're in the middle of a HAIL OF GUNFIRE, I don't know
    when they're supposed to.
    Assassin gibbing auto-homes on its target to an extent as well,
    which can be awkward - once you do it, you can't move, except in
    the direction the targeted enemy moves.
    When someone is hit by the assassin gib, it's usually instant
    death.  Feral vampires and Officers will /sometimes/ survive it,
    but even then it takes off so much health, that they're nearly
    dead anyway.
    Normal attacks have varying degrees of 'dismemberment' potential,
    which you'll probably notice fairly quickly.
    1) Basic blade slash.  Not much chance.
    2) Jumping kick.  This might take someone's head off, but it
       isn't likely.
    3) Dual-blade scissor - this has a good chance to chop something
    4) Flip-kick - Not much dismemberment chance, but it has a good
       chance of knocking someone down.  It also hits SEVERAL times,
       so it's good for taking out large numbers of crates/lockers.
    5) Jumping Slash - High chance of dismemberment, but it hits
       low, so the likely chop point is the legs.
    You also have an extra basic attack against low targets/enemies
    on the ground - a kick attack.  It's kind-of funny to punt someone
    in the ribs, but it's slow and holds you in place, so try to avoid
    doing this in heated fights as much as you can.
    Enemies have a LOT of stuff you can hack off.  It varies somewhat
    depending on the enemy, but take the average Nazi.  To him, you
    Knock off his hat(if he's wearing one).
    Tear his face off, leaving only the skull.
    Take his head clean off.
    Remove a hand.
    Remove an entire arm.
    Remove a foot.
    Chop off a leg.
    Chop him in two.
    Dice him to unidentifiable pieces.
    Detach something he's carrying(different soldiers carry different
    stuff, like the black bag on the back of a belt, a bedroll across
    the back, etc)
    Most of this is hard to do intentionally until you get Extruded
    view.  Then the sky's the limit when it comes to nazi torture.
    Kill the programmers!!!
    Did you notice many of the target officers are staff/programmers?
    DarkPriest@GameFAQS sure did.  Here's a list of which possibilities
    I noted myself.  Send word if you notice any more!
    P. Eckstein(Paul Eckstein - Quality Assurance Manager)
    Nicholaus Reinhardt(Nathan Reinhardt - Character Art)
    J.A. Cotter(Josh Ashworth/J.A.  - Internal Tester/Voice Actor)
               (Or Jeff Arthur - Character Art)
    Timitheus Tischler(Tim Tischler - Quality Assurance Supervisor)
    K. Kephardt(Possibly Kevin Kurdes, a tester(K.K.))
    C. Reichard(Craig Reichard - Additional Programming)
    G. Saxon(Greg Saxon - Voice Actor/Sets(Set design?))
    C. Bogue(Clint Bogue - Scripting)
    G. Gosler(Grant Gosler - Additional Art)
    I swear I heard that guy before...
    Wondering a little about some of the VAs(Voice Actors?)  I did, so
    I looked them up.  This information may or may not be completely
    accurate - I used a wide variety of sources.  It should at least
    be /partly/ accurate, but almost certainly incomplete.
    No known VA credits, although looking up his name on google gets
    you some amusing results....
    LAURA BAILEY(http://www.lizardlaura.com/)
    BloodRayne - Rayne
    Blue Gender - Marlene Angel
    DragonBall - Chi-Chi
    DragonBall Z - Chibi Trunks(Young Trunks), Dende, Erasah
    Fruits Basket - Tohru Honda
    Reboot - Backup
    Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Keiko Yukimura
    No known VA credits.
    She apparently did work in Nocturne(Another Terminal Reality game),
    but I'm not sure what character(s).
    BloodRayne - Narrator(?), Hedrox, Daemites
    Blue Gender - Dice Quaid
    DragonBall Z - Cell, Son Gohan, Kaiou-sama of the South
    Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Togura(Younger)
    This guy's name turned up quite a pedigree, but very little of it
    for work any of you probably care about, if it was the same guy.
    Look him up if you're curious for the non game/anime/cartoon stuff.
    Balls of Steel - Male Space Marine, Scientist
    No known VA credits.
    No known VA credits.
    Blue Gender - 'Additional voices'(Unknown)
    DragonBall Z - Majin Buu
    Lupin the Third - 'Additional voices'(Unknown)
    Francesco's Friendly World - Armando
    No known VA credits, but if it's the same person, her name
    turned up quite the number of TV roles.
    CHRIS RAGER(This guy evidently also does comedy on the side)
    Blue Gender - 'Additional voices'
    DragonBall - Bacterium, Major Metallitron
    DragonBall Z - Mr. Satan/Hercule, 'Additional voices(King Yama for one)'
    Lupin the Third - 'Additional voices'
    Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Kibano
    With the insane number of DBZ voices this guy did, he's probably done
    more work then this, but I don't know what at the moment, if anything.
    Blue Gender - Keith Bean
    DragonBall Z - Angila, Guru, Geiuse, Kakuja, Kami-sama, Mr. Popo,
                   Nappa, Piccolo, Porunga, Radditz, Recoome, Shen Long,
                   Vejita, Yamucha, Zarbon, Zeeun.
    Lupin the Third - Jigen
    Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Kuwabara
    No known VA credits.
    No known VA credits of the kind you'd likely care about, but
    again, if it's the same guy, he has a strong resume of other
    No known VA credits.
    No known VA credits.
    Bloodrayne has a few useful cheat codes, and tons of programmer
    messages for easter eggs.
    Juggy Mode - Enter 'JUGGYDANCESQUAD'  Make sure to press start,
    NOT x, after the word 'SQUAD' is gotten to.  This makes Rayne's
    breasts considerably larger.  Any emails with ANY questions about
    this code, other then how to enter it properly, will be ignored.
    Extra Gibs Mode - Enter 'INSANEGIBSMODEGOOD'.  This will make it
    much easier to hack off body parts, to the point where almost
    anything you do will send something flying.  An unexpected side
    effect for this, is that it works when enemies attack eachother
    too.  This actually gives Nazis a fighting chance against Guardians.
    God Mode(Invinciability) - Enter 'TRIASSASSINDON'TDIE'.  This makes
    it so nothing can hurt you except things that are instant death(
    like falling off cliffs).
    Freeze Enemies - Enter 'DON'TFARTONOSCAR'  This will give you
    the option to 'freeze' enemies(enemies will never notice your
    presence).  This can lead to some funny moments, like when enemies
    know SOMETHING is amiss, but have no idea WHAT, and they wander
    all over a room in a daze looking for you(or anything).  You'll
    have to turn this on again on every new level.
    Health Refill - Enter 'LAMEYANKEEDON'TFEED'.  Press X on this
    option to restore your health at anytime.
    Time Factor - Enter 'NAKEDNASTYDISHWATERDANCE'. This will allow
    you to adjust the passage of time in all modes except Dilated
    perception.  Taking it down will slow time down(0.1 is slower then
    dilated), or speed it up to 4.0.  Everyone starts sounding like
    a reunion of the Chipmonks at higher speeds.
    Fill Bloodlust - Enter 'ANGRYXXXINSANEHOOKER'  This works like the
    health refill, but fills the Bloodlust gauge instead.
    Level Select - Enter 'ONTHELEVEL'.  Go to the main title screen,
    hold down select, and press Circle and X at the same time.  Select
    what level you want to go to by actual map name.
    Show Weapons - Enter 'SHOWMEMYWEAPONS'.  This is a very neat code,
    that makes the weapons you're carrying, appear on Rayne's body
    in-game, so you can see where she's actually drawing and replacing
    them from.
    Secret Level - Enter 'BRIMSTONEINTHEBAYOU'.  This will unlock The
    Hill in Louisiana, at least on the PS2 version.  I understand on
    the X-Box, the enter Louisiana part of the game is unlocked by
    this code.  I have no idea if this holds true for the Gamecube
    Programmer Messages:
    All these do is show you messages on the enter cheat screen, where
    it normally says cheat invalid, or enter cheat code.  I HAVE tried
    every last one of these, so they all work. ^_^;  Several of them
    say the same thing as others though, and they're all pretty boring.
    DIE TRI 
    I AM TRI 
    I WAS TRI 
    I AM ADAM 
    I CHEAT 
    I CAN DIE 
    EAT ME 
    I AM GOD 
    DON'T DIE 
    Durodragon, for a lot of talk about funny in-game stunts, and
    telling me what triggered the assassin gib(he also coined that
    term for it)
    zoips@GameFAQS for his excellent BloodRayne faq, which I had to
    look at to find out how the heck to kill Beliar. =P  He also has
    the credit for one of the Daemite Chamber paths.
    DarkPriest@GameFAQs for being the first(to my knowledge) to notice
    the link between officer names and staff/programmers.
    Whoever contributed all the programmer messages to GameFAQs,
    which is where I got the entire list from.  I culled all the
    bogus ones however.
    And of course, Majesco and Terminal Reality, for bringing us this
    fantastic game, and finally changing my opinion that 3-D platformers
    could never be as good as 2-D ones.  BloodRayne rocks. ^_^  Naturally,
    all material from the game itself is trademarked and owned by these
    guys, not by me. ^_^
    Version history:
    ver 1.0 completed  1/18/2003
    Entire FAQ finished.  I don't know if there's anything else to add
    to it.  We'll see.
    ver 1.01  1/18/2003
    Added offsite links for the imagemaps.
    ver 1.2   1/28/2003
    Large update.  Added shortAUP(Acceptable Use Policy), segment on
    officer/staffer name correlations, and section on Voice Acting
    credits for BloodRayne's cast.

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