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"One of the Best Gothic/Vampire game's out there"

Blood Rayne is one of the newest game's for the PS2, GameCube and X-Box and the PC. My Reveiw is for the PS2 seeing that's all i own. Blood and Gore are two word's that just about make this game up. It's alot of hacking a slashing, cuting peolpe's demon's and wild looking thing's head, arm's, leg's and whatever body part's you can name off.

Graphics: 10/10

GREAT, The way the got the female body to move and roll is just right. The running and walking look's real as does the way she jump's same with landing. Over all it look's great

Story: 8/10

Ok this game's does not have the word's best story line. But it's is a good one. Your vampire looking for your father who raped your mother. As you do this your taken in by a group. Your a agent for the group and sent out to do a few thing's. It's a litte slow at frist but then it pick's up.

Sound: 10/10

Great sound's from the bad guy's talking and yelling at you to you yelling back at them in middle of battle. The music really set's the mood for all the stage's in the game. and some time's be a little freaky too(but that's a good thing) The gun's sound real(to me they do, I don't know much on gun's) It's great to here them screaming and yelling as your slashing/gunning them down, And Rayne say's alot of funny thing's in battle too, rayne will moan as she feeding(sucking blood)After some time you don't even know she's doing it.

Control: 10/10

Now alot of peolpe are saying the control for this game suck's. I don't see why i found it really easy to learn. It maybe harder on other system's like the X-box. Move's are easy to poll off when needed.

Gameplay: 8/10

The game play is great. Alot of good hand to hand battle's with some gun's to mix it up. You use alot of the vampire's skill's like high jumping and fast reflex's. Then you have some added skill's to, Like Aura Sense this let's you see where the prey is. Some time's there behide 2 or 3 wall's and take's time to get them. But you can tell by color's what mood they are in. Bloodrage is a great move to use it slow's down time and up's your attack making you stronger and harder to kill. Then we have Dilated perception If you use this and then use her fliping to the right/left you know this from a moive who has some on named Neo in it :p

Replay Value: 7/10

There's not much to do after you beat this game other then beat it again on a harder seting. You don't get to save the moive's or get any new gear. This is a down side to the game. They could have added a little more here to make the replay value better.

Rent or buy: This is all in your own taste, If your fan of vampire's and gothic stuff, or just a hardcore hack and slash fan this game is a must buy. But if your not i would say go with a rent, and if you really like it then buy it. For me it was a buy i love vampire's and gothic stuff and i'm a hardcore fan of hacking and slashing with alot of blood and gore.

Over all this game is a 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/24/02, Updated 10/24/02

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