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"Killing, slicing, shooting, blood, gore, carnage fest"

Allow me to say, I'm not very keen on spending $50.00 on a single game, but BloodRayne was an exception.
My intentions are pure, I'm not trying to persuade anyone to buy or rent the game. I leave that choice entirely up to you.

As a gamer, eye candy is important, realistic environments, detail to clothing, walls, wood, body shape and definition is essential. When your spending $50.00 a pop accept nothing less. BloodRayne met the profile, good attention and detail was given to the different environments, characters and their clothing and etc...

Its a very huge turn off when I find myself frustrated trying to learn how to move my character. Alot of games out, suck because of this and I wouldn't give ten cents for them either. Wheres the enjoyment in that? Theres not.
Bloodrayne was top notch in this area. It was easy to adjust and learn to maneuver Rayne. Overall very smooth.

As the progress the guards/enemies get a touch tougher to kill and the same goes for the bosses, not too bad though.

Rayne herself:
I loved her cocky and taunting attitude.
Her outfit was pleasant and easy on the eyes from level to level. Her red hair and pale white complexion was a nice change from the traditional women and ladies that are portrayed in most games, nicely done, kudos.
Her jumping ability is top notch, nice and high, very smooth and her landing is smooth as well, Kudos.

This is where it lacks and keeps from getting a score of 10.
It wasn't bad by no means but could have been better.

Use of weapons/enchanements:
Bloodrage, is awesome, Rayne is lethal when using bloodrage.
Feeding, Rayne needs to feed and she hums on occassion when she feeds.
Slow motion/matrix, this comes in very handy fighting some bosses or in the midst of alot of bullets firing.
Compass, its alittle blue glowing light that at times can be a help. It helped me on several occasions.
Harpoon, is a very useful weapon.
Rayne goes through ammo and weapons rather quickly but theres usually some laying around, not that she needs any.
The changing of weapons, very little delay during a fight
when she runs out and changes to the next available.

Should be, alot will be dissappointed if theres not.
Suggestions?( for the sequel)
A change of clothes for Rayne would be nice.
Although Rayne is mostly about offensive fighting/moves, I'd like to see her have a block move and a crouching move.
The storyline definitely has a strong potential to grow and be better next time around. Rayne could easily be plotted into past and present settings alike. Which gives room to expand the storyline. Alittle more character interteraction, to much is overkill, but alittle more would help a bit. I'd like to see the sequel have the graphics like that of Onimusha 2 or better. That is realism as far utilizing and optimizing the PS2 engine at its's best.

Majesco has a jewel, in comparison to the current strand of games out at the time of writing this review, BloodRayne stand heads and shoulders above the rest. The overall fun factor of the game is an easy 10. Rayne, like Lara Croft, has proven to be a solid stand alone character.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/26/02, Updated 10/26/02

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