"Do you want to kill something other then time?"

This game is just mindless fun. This is a horror game that doesn't want you to run away from every monster, conserve ammo, and look for health items. In this game most of the enemies are both ammo and health. It wants to you to run in with guns blazing killing everything in the room. The main character of the game is Blood Rayne, a female gothic vampire, who kick some major butt between the World Wars. You can be eating some Nazi, taking his gun, and then killing the demon next to him. That is pretty cool to me.

Game Play-

Pros: The game play is very good at letting you zone out for a couple of hours. It can get pretty intense with many enemies on the screen and a lot of fun at the same time. It plays a lot like “Max Payne” except Max couldn’t jump 20 feet in the air, suck play to gain health, and cut a man in more pieces then a puzzle.

Cons: The game doesn’t present a real challenge to a gamer. I had been playing for 4:14 hours before I had died for the first time, but on the opposite in of the spectrum my friend played for 30 minutes and died. It really depends on your game playing ability.

Levels Designs-

Pros: I love the fact I can pick up the game and play a couple of levels and then feel satisfied. There are a lot of levels to feel satestified about too. The levels are well designed and large.

Cons: There is a lot of the same going on in this game. You even back-track thought some of the levels after one mission to get to the next. It is not clear sometime where exactly you need to go.


Pros: Generally good. The graphics are average for a PS2 game right now. The CGI’s are great and that is shown with the opening.

Cons: This could be looked at as one of the weak points of the game. The textures looked blurred making you almost think it is your television. Some of the in game movies have objects pass through each other (It happens in almost every game, but this is bad.). Just watch the scene with the Nazis and the elevator and you will see my point.


Pros: The Music rocked. It fit the gothic attitude I think the game makers where going for. The in game voices were cool and broke up the action. The sound effects are great too.

Cons: I couldn’t hear the in game voices half the time because of the sound of gunfire. I was pretty tired by the end hearing the same lines played over and over again as I killed or shot somebody.

Final Thought –

I bought this game and I don’t regret it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/26/02, Updated 10/26/02

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