Review by JC DentonDX

Reviewed: 11/11/02 | Updated: 11/11/02

Vampire woman is finally here on PS2!

This game is one of the games that people will greatly overlook, and just plain forget about. That's how it is with all of the good games(Deus Ex,Ico..ect).BloodRayne falls within that categorie. I highly suggest it to anyone who is looking for a different game that will satisfy them for a given period of time. I'm glad I bought it, because I haven't had this much fun with a game since Deus Ex.

Stunning visuals fill every room. Everything looks straight out of a grimey vampire movie. The woman looks real and fits the profile of good-looking. Graphics were definately a major plus for this game. Guards move around with lifelike motions, and blood rips out of them just like in the vampire movies. Her hair even moves as you stride along.

The controls are almost perfect! The buttons fit in very well! From firing to running at the same time to jumping down long falls, the controls were easy to learn. The guards seem lifelike as they become harder as you play the game. When your health is getting low, you can go and suck blood from a guard. All of the levels are completely diverse, keeping the player interested in what lies next.

The music was alright. From all of the men screaming at the site of you and guns ripping, it's hard to hear the music at all. The sound effects are nearly lifelike. The guards scream in terror, which is awesome. She moans at the guards while she sucks their blood, making a sense of horror. The guns actually sound like their were copied from the real thing!

Not much of a plot. A vampire lady secretly works for a corporation during World War 2. This woman is looking for her father, who raped her mother, and along the way she was recruited by this corporation. Most action games of this sort really aren't suppost to have a plot, anyways.

Replay Value:
I could play this game all day. There's blood, guns, vampires,women, sweet moves, and it's just fun to play.

You should not even rent this game at all, if you are into action games. This game is full of action, and if you like vampires and have a PS2, it's either THIS or BLADE 2 which by the way is very, very lame. Renting it would be great for someone who is still skeptical, but I have yet to see is going for rental at Blockbuster.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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