Review by Jedi Knightz

"Vampire chicks were never so hot"

I first rented this game I was like ''holy ****'' that's bloody and I instantly fell in love.

Playability (8/10):
The controls were good since you can pretty much change them as you see fit because for me the default controls blow IMO. the camera angles were for the most part very good, they didn't get stuck or anything like that. a few clipping errors, I remember one spot were I fell through a wall and had to kill myself to continue, but it only happened once.

Graphics (10/10):
This is one of the best parts of the game, everything is nicely textured, it really gives the creepy, German (or where ever else you are) feel. the lighting is also top notch shadows are cast very well.

Sound (9/10):
The sound was just creepy, I remember i was trying to get through this area and I could just barely hear scary sounds, it freaked me out the first time. Enemy screams are very nicely done, and do sound for the most part real although I would sound a little more panicked than them if I had vampire drinking my blood.

Replay (6/10):
The one major flaw in this game is the lack of replay value, after you beat the game it doesn't offer very much else because its so linear. Really the only replay value there is, is if you wanted to get in some really cool looking kills every once and awhile.

GamePlay (9/10):
The puzzles in this game were very good. there were many times when I would spend about an hour running around trying to figure out where to go only to realize that the door in front of me was destructible, really pissed me off a lot. Thank god there weren't any ''go to point a hit a lever then go to point b and get the key and return to point a'' puzzles. Fighting combos were very well done, the first time I saw the combos I could do when I was in my blood rage mode I stopped breathing. no joke the sequences are unrivaled. The enemies are fairly diverse from each area and look good. just one qualm about the AI, its pretty bad there is one part where a soldier keeps falling off a cliff to his death trying to get me, and a two boss fights were in one the boss just stands still and lets you kill him and in another the boss just waits on the bottom level and can't figure out why it can't it you. other than that everything is good
All in all a very good game, I thought it was very nicely done and I'm sorry to see it didn't become as famous or well known as games of the same type.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/15/02, Updated 11/15/02

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