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"Gibs, Gibs and more Gibs!"

As games have progressed over the last several years, one trait has become distinctly popular: Violence. From the early days of Doom, to the new millennium with Soldier of Fortune, violence has been an important factor in many video games. BloodRayne continues this fine tradition with a gory, but fun, thrill ride that will keep you playing.


The gameplay is quite sophisticated for a run and gun shooter such as BloodRayne. You have two weapon choices: The lethal blades attached to your wrists and ankles, or good ol' fashioned firepower! When you attack with the blades, you can string together impressive combos that will slice your adversaries into several pieces. As you deal more damage with the blades, your ''Blood Lust'' meter fills up. When it reaches max, you can activate the ''Blood Rage'' mode in which time slows down, you gain new combos, and do a whole lotta damage, much like the demon transformation in Devil May Cry.On the other hand, you have guns. The guns are divided into 3 categories: Light Weapons, Heavy Weapons, and Special. Light weapons consist of small arms such as pistols. Heavy Weapons include most SMGs and Machine Guns you will find. Special Guns are where the most fun take place. This category includes Gatling Guns, Sniper Rifles, Bazookas, and more. This leads to impressive gunfights, but the downside to using guns is that your aforementioned Blood Lust meter does not fill up by attacking with them. In this game you play as a half-blood Vampire (one parent was a human, the other was a vampire) named Rayne, and have many special abilities that you gain through out the game. You can even suck enemy blood to regain health, which often comes in handy during messy gunfights.


One of the game's weak points, in my opinion. Graphics are pretty good, but nothing great. Character models look okay, but get a bit fuzzy at times. Detail is good though, with intricate banners and tables all for your destruction needs.

SOUND: 7/10

This game has pretty mediocre sound. Voice actors are average, but my main problem with the sound is the over-done use of swear words. Rayne curses so much that the swear word no longer becomes ''cool'' or ''rugged'', it just becomes monotonous and stupid. But besides that, the screams and cries of Nazis (my particular favorite is the ''GET IT OFF ME!'' scream) as you suck their blood is satisfying.

STORY: 3/10

Awful. Just awful. Some thrown together mumbo jumbo about you trying to find some relic, which in turn leads to the butchering of many Nazis. Also something thrown in about your father. The only redeeming factor is that you get a hit list of Nazis that you eliminate one by one as you creep around the compound. Yeah. I read somewhere that this game was rushed to be published on Halloween, and it shows in this department. Overall a poor job here.


FINAL WORDS: Yes, even though I gave the story a 3/10, I still recommend this game. It's an awesome bloody rush that will keep you chained to your PS2 for hours upon end.

RENT OR BUY???: Rent, simply because there is no replay value. That is, no extra features or alternate endings to enjoy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/19/02, Updated 11/19/02

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