"More like BoringRayne...."

I went out and rented BloodRayne and I was dissapointed. Lets get right down to the point.

Not so good. The graphics look like playstation 1 graphics. They could have done better... much better.
Good Part: Cutscenes. The cutscenes were great, they look almost real. The guns look right too.
Bad Parts: When you play the game, however, the graphics are very dissapointing. They try to scare you, like the strange grey things that come out of the water in the beginning, but I could barely distinguish between them and a small tree. When BloodRayne jumps and does the strange move where she stops in midair and spins and goes further, but if you notice, you can do this strange move any time while you are jumping, even just as you land so it makes the sound like you are landing, but you are still in the air. The way she attacks is too quick. Even when you put in the slow motion code, you can tell they didn't put much time into the attacks(they did a poor job on the frame count). When she rolls, at first it seems realistic, and suddenly she is instantly standing up, like I said, even when you have the slow motion code on, it is too quick. One last thing, is it just me, or every once in awhile does she disappear for no reason when jumping?

UPDATE: There are many, many, many glitches in this game. I won't trouble myself to list them all, though.

* After one of the cutscenes (the second.....out of three) the game will freeze and go black sometimes.
* When she lowers the lift, you can see the heads of the Nazis(and their torsos) through the lift that supposedly crushed them.... and then they disappear into thin air and scream.
* At part of the game there are towers with bowls that have fire in them, and if you get up to where the fire is, there is a roof on top. If you jump onto the roof of one of the other towers, most of the time the game will think that you are still in the air and you will be on the ground, still acting like you jumped.....which shows even more how unrealistic this game is(you can turn right left forward, backward).

Just plain bad. When you feed, you instantly kill whatever you are feeding on. Before you feed, you don't have to kill them, they don't have to be weakened first, all you do is jump on them and kill them instantly. After you kill the first biomass you get some kind of javelin that pulls the enemy towards you so you can kill them without having to walk up to them first. Sure, you cant feed off everything, but thats only bosses and animals.
There were only 2 different combos, and as far as I can tell had 5 hits. You start out with an ability called aura vision, that they say works as night vision, but I turned it on in a lighted room and it made it dark. You can also turn any direction while in the air, and move forwards and backwards(unrealism. I mean, try jumping forward and then changing directions to backwards. It's impossible). You can also jump forwartds, and roll backwards when you land(try it). But the guns fire realistic as far as I can tell.

UPDATE: Lately, people have been saying things like ''The old Vampire legend says that they can kill people without weakening them up''. Well, ACTUALLY, it also says that people try to kill the vampires and don't just let the vampires kill them; they wouldn't just turn left and right continuously. Someone else said you had to weaken up some of the nazis.... well I can say that that is a load of baloney, because all you have to do is get behind them. Someone else told me you could jump off....which means even less realism. If a vampire was about to kill you, it wouldn't just jump off.

SOUND: 5/10
It's okay. Well I liked the music a little, but it was a little too quiet. One of the bad things was she moans when she feeds. I thought she was sucking its blood, not having sex with it. It doesn't do it every once in a while, it does it all the time....come to think of it, there was only one time I can recall that she didnt moan when she fed(and It was probably the game messing up, like usual). I shouldn't state only the bad things though, there are a couple of good things in the sound, like when she feeds, I you ignore the moaning, it actually sounds like she is drinking every last drop of blood that there is. Also, when she fires the guns it sounds like she is firing guns....I don't know too much about guns though.

Believe me, you will never want to finish the game in the first place, much less a second time.

STORY: 0/10
The story was non-existant. Can anybody tell me what the heck was going on? All that happened was some guy named darkman telling you to blow up the radio.

Don't just say ''This guy didn't get to the nazis'' or ''he was looking for just bad things.'' because, yes as a matter of fact I DID fight the nazis, and NO actually I thought this was going to be a good game.

Rent or buy: Neither. Don't even consider borrowing it.

I feel sorry for anyone who bought this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 12/01/02, Updated 01/03/03

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