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Reviewed: 01/20/03 | Updated: 01/20/03

One of the most underrated titles for the PS2

When I first started BloodRayne, I was hesitant to believe it would be a worthy game. However, the game quickly became more in depth within the first hour of playing. Set in WWII, you play agent Rayne; half vampire, half human, having all the strengths and only some of the weaknesses. (Think “Lady Blade”) Like any vampire game, you can gain life by sucking other humans’ blood. While this may seem like you would live forever, it is not so. Many regions have no, or very few, humans in them, forcing you to ration you life for the whole area while you find demons and animals. Early in the game, you gain the ability to harpoon enemies
The environments are nicely done and interactive. You can destroy mostly everything in them; chairs, jugs, urns, tables, suits of armor, etc… Throughout the game you get three vampire sights to aid you; Aura Sense, Extruded View, and Dilated Perception. Aura Sense allows you to view enemy health and attitude. Extruded View permits you to zoom in and shoot. Finally, Dilated Perception slows game play to a Matrix style, allowing you to dodge bullets and more carefully attack.
One improvement from this game to other similar games is the ability to use both weapons and blades. Previous titles allowed only the usage of one or the other. Rayne learns many aerobatic maneuvers throughout the game, allowing different ways to dismember your enemies, which occurs often in the game. The mature rating is all over this game in violence, language, blood, and gore.
Graphics in this game are quite nice. Nearly everything is crisp and clean. Rayne’s hair bounces responsively and character faces are detailed nicely. Although, some animations could have used some work. Some minor glitches plague this game along with minor camera problems. When against a wall, the camera may tweak out creating some confusion. Sometimes when Rayne jumps, she totally disappears than reappears. No major glitches affect game play, however.
The music is ok, but nothing special while the sound effects are nice. Occasionally, sound effects are out of place and wrong, but it’s not that noticeable most of the time. Voice acting is where this game takes a down turn. It sounds as though the voice actors were just awoken and were very dull. When they were supposed to sound surprised, they were quite mellow and dreary.
The story is somewhere in this game, although, it’s not played out well. Mostly you are concerned with finding more ways to mutilate the various enemies throughout the levels, or finding the best way to get through the level untouched. The replay value is quite low, once you complete the game, you probably will not want to venture through it again for awhile.
Despite its minor problems, I would recommend BloodRayne for a rental. Because of its lack of replay, it’s not worth the fifty dollars, but well worth the nine it takes to beat it. If the price drops, I would definitely urge you to pick it up.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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