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Reviewed: 02/02/03 | Updated: 02/02/03

Awarded the Most Bloodthirsty Game of 2002

If you've ever played an evil genre action game, you're probably hooked on the carnage for life. Every other series of horror titles has only raised the bar enough for BloodRayne to escape into our PS2. Nothing is pushed too far or far enough in this chilling depiction of dark realism. It makes you ask the question ''what if there are vampires?'' and ''how would I stay alive?'' You play as a lone half-human, half-vampire who is on the verge of working for a secret society. Haunting story and settings barely begin to illustrate its divinely designed essence it teases you with.

So maybe it doesn't have a lot to explore besides story and cheats...that's all perfectly made up for with the endless Level moves to gain and deep places to survive. Of course in a game filled with monsters and evil, you'll need guns, lots of guns. This one's got it all, more guns than you thought you could fathom along with a brilliant physics setup for firing different combinations. Many levels are jammed in this extravagant masterpiece, though most are solemnly short, but difficult. Many different enemies await you to take their lives, not to mention many different ways you could cut off their limbs and splatter their blood.

Graphics and Sound
Not a step ahead or behind does the game advance. Right in the zone of most modern titles, the graphics fit right in with many others. Videos and clips are very well animated and put together. The impressive surround system hurls you more toward being the endangered one when you swear you hear real footsteps or growls around you. Gunshots keep fiber of excitement when battling stubborn enemies or adds to the grotesque slaying's artistic sides. Effects of the dead are shockingly realistic with rag doll qualities and sewn in dismembering. If not the near best violence graphics, then it is the best...

This is what propels this title further than any other horror based game. Gameplay has always been crucial to add fear to the player's experience. By mixing its own breed of quick, yet focused action heroine, BloodRayne takes away any disappointment possible. Clashes and standoffs are just what the doctor ordered for more than enough to satisfy a need for a new type of rush. Well polished viewing and reactions give an edge of looking through to what's actually happening. Attacking and shooting are inserted into the control's puzzle almost perfectly. Feeding for blood is very easy and useful as a good player may suck back half their damaged life. The only frustrating controlling noticeable is the physics of jumping. It seems that most of the time you're meant to miss the target you wish to fall on.

After as many hours of violent lust you could have, BloodRayne can still leave you begging for more. All you need is packed in to enjoy hunting and killing or to simply live the moment. Hopefully another mesmerizing, terror striking title will be made in the near future that could have the potential to outclass this one. However, with fully fueled action and a marvelous bloodsucking attitude, this game clearly demonstrates that something new may always crush them all.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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