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"Hey BloodRayne, didn't I see you at the Slayer concert the other day?"

BloodRayne is a game in which you are a totally gothic vampire chick who goes by the name Agent BloodRayne (gasp!). BloodRayne is a girl who is straight out of World War 2 trying to take down some evil Nazis. Did the girls really dress like that back then? This game has different action gaming elements throw in it, but it doesn’t really offer the complete magic that can make this game become a huge hit. This game really shows how far we have came along from the nearly bloodless action games to today’s action games that are raining blood.

Sound: 7/10
Some of the sound effects are pretty cheesy especially when BloodRayne starts to suck the blood of the Nazi soldiers. She sounds like she’s getting it on with the dude instead of ending his life! The music was also pretty average and despite what the game magazines say, it is disappointingly average.

Gameplay: 8/10
The gameplay is like Max Payne, Tomb Raider, and a little Mortal Kombat thrown into it. Sounds good right? Well it does have good parts, but despite the game being mission-based bliss, a lot of the gameplay is all about killing everything that moves. C’mon people, for a mission-based game, we can do better than that! Besides just sucking blood, you can shoot down your enemies or cut them into tiny pieces by use of some awesome blades placed on BloodRayne’s arms. Rage Mode was also, pretty cool, it allows you to do some cool moves once the Rage Meter is full.

Control: 7/10
The controls aren’t that hard for some experienced veterans of games like Tomb Raider, but it will still take some time to learn for anybody. The control’s learning curve can be pretty steep because you have got to memorize a lot of things in order for these controls to become a second nature.

Story: 6/10
The story plays a very little part in the game, because all you gotta do is just kill Nazis. The story is that this vampire girl is chasing down her father but is captured by the Brimstone Society. She is put to work as an agent to take down a World War 2 Nazi group and solve a mystery. The story may sound deep but it is a little cheesy. Also, I just wonder how a girl in the 40’s dressed like that!

Graphics: 7/10
The visuals in BloodRayne were pretty average; all the enemies moved in a clunky matter and looked not all that different from each other. Also the environments were way too dark for anybody who doesn’t have some night vision goggles handy.

BloodRayne is a pretty good rental for anybody who enjoys a good action game. I would not completely recommend this to anybody for purchase, though there are some good parts in the game. I would keep this game as a rental.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/21/03, Updated 02/21/03

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