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"Rented it, beat it, still bought it."

Ok, this is my first review, so please refrain from public hanging until the second. Thanks.

Bloodrayne is a third person action-adventure game whose titular character is Rayne, a half-vampire goth girl who was the product of her mother's rape by a vampire. While searching for her father, she joins the Brimstone Society, a group that works to prevent supernatural powers from falling into the wrong hands. It takes place in the mid 30's, and her assignment is to stop the collection of supernatural artifacts by Nazis, taking place in Louisiana, Argentina, and Germany. There's not much character development, but otherwise the story works. 7/10

Overall I found the graphics to be pretty spectacular. Environments are huge and somewhat non-linear with a decent amount of detail, and the model for Rayne is among the best I've seen, along with some nice light effects to boot. The camera stays fixed on Rayne's back, which eliminates blind spots entirely, and is a very good thing. On the downside, enemies look a tad bland, and Rayne seems kind of stiff. 9/10

Truly awesome. Rayne's main weapons are spiegel blades, three foot blades with swivels at the wrist and a very quick attack. Using the blades enough will allow Rayne to go into blood rage, a stylized attack that does an incredible amount of damage. Rayne can also use two guns at once, a hook and chain to pull enemies toward you, grenades and rocket launchers, along with an impressive jump distance. Energy is recovered by sucking the blood of your enemies, and you can continue shooting even then. Very nice. They will respond accordingly when you're spotted, setting alarms, running away or shooting, etc. The A.I. is well done, even if a little sadistic. (lopping off a nazi's arm or leg will result in them running and screaming until they fall over dead, nasty but fun.)
Along the way you'll pick up special abilities, such as aura vision (thermal imaging) and dilated vision (slows everything down). Another thing I like is that these have no limitations, they can be used as much as you want for as long as you want. Environments are almost completely destructible, and doing so will come in handy sometimes. Fights are spastic and very quick, with absolutely no drop in frame rate. 10/10

A lot of people have compared them to Max Payne, but as much as I hated that game I think it's a little inaccurate, more like controls for a first person shooter. Trigger buttons are for attack, d-pad for special abilities, standard buttons for 180 degree turn, jump, blood rage, and harpoon. Controls are very responsive and easy to learn, and there are three different presets to suit your preference. Beat that Max Payne. 10/10

Voice work is well done, and it's pleasant to hear a lead female with a deep voice rather than the stereotypical squeaky voice. Plenty of one-liners to be heard in the action, some funny, others very sadistic, but still funny. The music has an industrial/goth style to it, and it suits the game well. All the sound in the game seems slightly subdued, but somehow it works to it's advantage. Some nice ambient effects as well. 10/10

Overall I love this game. It lacks some of the polish and flash of a lot of games, but I kind of like it's unpretentious nature. If you're looking for a bit of the ultra-violence, I say this is the way to go. Thanks all.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/05/03, Updated 03/05/03

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