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"Perhaps the best gothic game on the market"

Before the review, you must know I am a guy, and that will seriously affect the review. Anyways, I bought this game hoping it would be as good as blood omen, and I got everything I asked for, and 3 fold, and trust me I was all but disappointed.
So lets begin.

Graphics 8/10

This is a major part of the game. You see just about everything you want to see. The people move as they are suppose to (no floating with bad moving legs) and the actions are precise. The limbs of your enemies go flying off, and I am sure if you did good math, the speed you use to cut them off, and the distance they go are almost perfect.

Gameplay 9/10

This is where me being a male comes into play. You will probably be attracted to rayne, and pay more attention looking at her, listening to the humorous comments, and listen to the moaning. However, away from that, the Computer AI is pretty smart, and when the enemies think they are beat they will attempt to run away, also later in the game you get a feature to slow the time down, so you have a better chance to dodge bullets.

Sound- 7/10

This is the low part of the game, the sound can barely be heard, so when you are fighting expect to hear more screams than music. But alas the screams are excellent, they sound like a man is really losing a body part, and that they are really in pain. Rayne also moans constantly when she is sucking blood, which adds to the games M rating.

Story- 9/10

ok the first cutscene is interesting, You see rayne fighting a vampire. Needless to say Rayne is victorious. However after this Rayne is invited to a thign called the bridge stone society. Her first mission is to find out what is happening in louisiana. After that, she goes on a killing spree in the nazi camps of argentina, and Germany.

Rent Or buy?

I would rent this game to see if you like it. But if you really like gothic games, then don't waste time renting, buy the game and enjoy.

Remember that this is based on my opinion, and I recommend you read other reviews to see if you really want this game. However, if you trust my writting then I hope I helped you in your decision.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/13/03, Updated 04/13/03

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