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"It's pretty fun for some people, but if you don't like repetition, better consider another game..."

BloodRayne is a pretty fun game. I mean, what more do you need; a sexy half-vampire, not to mention almost invulnerable, slicing Nazis into pieces and sucking blood like ****? Plus the the infamous 'Matrix' ability to slow time down and dodge bullets, PLUS see limbs flying slowwwwwly in the air? If you really need to release some tension, then this is the game for ya.

PLOT: 7/10
There isn't a strong plot in the game, which takes place in the second World War. Rayne is a half-vampire, possessing her vampire abilities from her father and her human qualities from her mother. She's actually hunting her father down to kill him, but somehow this weird organisation, the Brimstone Society, recruits her and she now works as a 'killing machine' for them. Her missions in the game don't really relate to each other. However, there are some nice twists in the plot as the game continues.

The Gameplay in BloodRayne is fun. The many abilities which Rayne can do make it even more fun. Suck blood if you're low on health, who needs more? Unleash your 'limit', Blood Rage, if you're into seeing limbs and body pieces fly around in slow motion, who needs more? The controls are excellent and have immediate responses. The only rather down part would be the camera. Although you're given the chance to have 1st Person or a few other 3rd Person controls, the camera tends to whirl around in a weird way sometimes and get you dizzy.
Gameplay can be repetitive at times; you just slice, shoot, suck and win, throughout maybe over 20 missions.

The weak point in BloodRayne is the graphics, which somehow aren't as solid and clear as games like Final Fantasy X or Metal Gear Solid 2. The FMVs are lifelike and good, though. The way Rayne's hair and 'ribbons' fly as she jumps or attacks are also realistic. Little details like somebody's hand being sliced off, or a head being chopped are fine. However, things like water look dull and plain.

SOUND: 9/10
One of the game's strong points is definitely the sound. The music fits each mission, and it's just so lovely to hear people screaming as they run off after Rayne slices their arms or hands. The voices are very appropriate and fit each character well. Rayne's voice actor does a good job portraying the slightly arrogant, confident, and taunting half-vampire. The German voices are also good, with the right German accents. On the other hand, the voice-overs should have been clearer and maybe a little louder, as sometimes the music seems to drown the voices. The M rating should be importantly given attention, as a lot of vulgar words/language is used, from the B word to the F word. It's unique, though, as not many games have things like this. :P

Although BloodRayne is a great game, you probably won't want to play it again for some time, unless you're one who enjoys violence and seeing body pieces fly around in the air. Replaying for fun might work, but the whole game again? Nah...

Renting would be a good idea, as the replayability is rather low. But you might want to add it to your 'Games More Violent Than Resident Evil' list...

That's the overall review. Play it? You choose.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/18/03, Updated 07/18/03

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