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"BloodRayne a game worth your time."

What can I say about Majesco's BloodRayne can you say incredibly fun title? BloodRayne comes from a company called Majesco a company that has a long history of releasing half-baked games such as Earthworm Jim, Pitfall, and many others. Majesco realized it and have finally gotten their act together don't get me wrong this game is far from perfect but its close. You take on the identity of a woman named Agent Rayne you work for a top-secret fraternity that hunts and destroys supernatural threats. Basically from there you advance levels by completing objectives and you basically never need a walkthrough due to an ability you have from the beginning of the game called Dilated Perception which allows you to see where to go to accomplish your next objective. All that aside lets get to the review.

Gameplay 9/10

The gameplay is great Rayne is a killing machine and you mop up the floor with your enemies. You acquire many cool moves throughout the game that make you even more deadly. Your combos and weapon moves are fantastic and you have the ability to slice and dice your enemies. Health is never a problem in this game if your health is low just suck your enemies blood. Although you get weapons in this game she really doesn't need them since you are a killing machine. I wish they made Raines hands able to hit switches and pick up items realistically not like you have to by hitting the switch with your blades and the switch magically goes up or picking up a box two feet away from the shelf and the box still gets picked up. Well you can't expect everything it will get better in time. I also wish she would not spurt out random taunts when there is on one in the room. Those two lost 1 point.

Storyline 7/10

Although this is a good game the objectives aren't linear and you can do them in any order you wish the storyline is a little weak there is very little storyline to speak of and that's where most of the game lacks. However the game is still fun irregardless even without a strong storyline but loses 3 points.

Graphics 9/10

Again I think the graphics are excellent and flawless during the game except during the in game cut scenes not the movies where the characters mouths don't replicate what they're saying but its close. That drops the score 1 point.

Controls 10/10

The controls are flawless in both versions of the game I wouldn't revise or change them in any way. In the beginning the controls are cumbersome and you may feel uncomfortable but as you play the game you get better and better at it before you know it your pulling off a combo move without thinking which button on the controller. Again the controls are laid out well and I don't have any problems with them.

Sound 9/10

I love the soundtrack in this game it adds to the dark feel of the game. The voice actors aren't half bad either not outstanding but not bad. The music is limited however and there aren't to many tracks so it loses 1 point.

Replay Value 7/10

Although I love to play the game over and over I can see it getting boring after a while and there is really no reason for you to replay except for the other difficulty levels. Although its always fun to play again the replay value is poor because there is no reason for the player to want to play again you simply don't get any special items or modes. This drops the score 3 points.

Overall 10/10

I really loved this game and its never got boring for me I loved it from the first time I played it and still do. You never seem to get tired of her jumping and her enemies and sucking their blood or slicing and dicing them especially if you jump off them and watch them run in fear that’s fun. Although this game has a lacking storyline, flaws in its soundtrack and graphics and a poor replay value. I am shocked that Majesco was able to create a great title such as this I guess it shows hard work does pay off.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/22/03, Updated 07/22/03

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