Review by bbears

Reviewed: 04/06/04

A bloody good time?

INTRO: When I first heard about this game I had mixed feelings about whether or not it would work out. Even though it has one of the best plot ideas to hit action games recently, this game overall falls short and comes off as half baked. This is another example not to rush any potential blockbuster game.

GRAPHCS: This is probably the games weakest point. I was not impressed at all with the visula representation. All of the characters move very awkwardely. The character models are not even not impressive to begin with either. The only thing this game does well is the cut-scenes. But of course the in game engine is not used for them. The backgrounds are very grainy, overall the resolution is not done well at all. To make this matter worse fog is used liberally. The developers may this is done to add tension, but I think it just looks crappy and they wanted to cut corners.
Score 5

SOUND: The sound is also a little awkward too. The main character makes very odd sounding grunts when she jumps. All of the sound effets pretty much just do not sound right. The music is accetable, and the voice acting is too. For a game that tries build itself off style, it has a lot of errors in presenting it.
Score 6

STORY: The story treis to draw you in but it never makes much sense and ends up being confusing, so you just start skipping the only part of the game it seems like they spent time with.
Score 4

CONTROLS: The controls are easy enough to learn. Although somewhat shallow, it's set up to be very easy to pick up and play. Overall the controls are very responsive too.
Score 6

REPLAY: Nothing. No unlockables and no multiplayer. The singel palyer is not engaging enough to warant a second play through on another difficulty setting either.
Score 4

GAMEPLAY: The gameplay for this game is pure action with some puzzle solving. The puzzle solving parts are a lame attempt to mix up the pace of the game, but they do nothing but help bring this game down even more. The action is done well but with a little more refinement this could be amuch better playing game. The action consists of useing your characters vampire prowess in combination with her dual wrist mounted blades to dispatch enemies. Bloodrayne also has a wrist mounted grappling hook to swing and climb obstacles, and also pull enemies into the fray. All of this is done in a very bloody manner of course. You regenerate health by sucking the blood form your fallen opponents, and anyone who is willing to fess up a pint or two. Of course who will face a few mutant enemies who you can't dine on, but dish out plenty of damage, which can be frustrating. The game overall can challenging although short. Rayne can also use a couple of firearms and has a few unike vampire abilties. Such as zoom and aura veiw, and a bullet time feature. But overall Bloodrayne stays the course as a repetitive hack and slasher. Her best ability is to go into berserker mode after perfroming so many blade attacks, which makes the blood fly even faster. Overall this is one of the bloodiest games for the PS2.
Score 7

FINAL VERDICT: If there is to be any sequels I hope they learn their lesson from this game and spend more time in development to make this game more refined. A lot of potential is here but crappy graphics, bad story, repetitive and haphazzard action bring this one down from being something really good.
Score 5

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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