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After purchasing a PS2, I quickly gathered up a small collections of PSONE and PS2 games. I purchased this game at a Blockbuster store cheaply. I never heard of this game before that and after reading reading a few reviews later, I brought the game. It's not a bad game, but it's not perfect, either.

Like TOMB RAIDER's Lara Croft being the female equivalent to Indiana Jones, BloodRayne is the woman counterpart to the Marvel comics and movie character, Blade. BloodRayne is part-human, part-vampire, not being called a Daywalker, but a fancier label of Dhampir. Playing as her, you go through missions given to you by a secret organization called the Brimstone Society, during the years between the World Wars. Yup, you encounter Nazi here, such as the group called the Gegengheist Gruppe (Anti-Ghost Group) and some creatures they uncover that not even the word "strange" can begin to cover. It's one roller coaster ride, being mostly frenzy and chaotic along the way.

The graphics are not bad. It just looked a bit primitive and bland with the coloring. I believe they made made the blend effect like that in order to hide the enemies, till she goes up and they jump her. There are three or more types of gang enemies on each level that multiply with new or similar bosses in them. Not much character creation, but you'll be too busy fighting to notice that. The animation is okay, though the characters move stiffly and BloodRayne look almost like a skinny tree with her arms with rifle sticking out of her skinny body at times. Those are minor, however, and don't effect the game too much.

There's not much music in the game, just a few ominous tunes to get into the mood. There is action music, but nothing really remembering. The sound effects are loud and accurate. Pretty decent and realistic noises.

The controls does give you trouble at times. The jumping areas are difficult to perform because the depth of the views are hard to judge. You would find yourself jumping over the telephone wire instead of on it many, many times and overshooting a rock or tombstone in the graveyard and landing in the water where she'll receive damage. The collision detection is faulty as well. You'll feel like slashing air when you cut up some monsters next to you. It's hard to handle, but with time and practice, you'll do well. It's best to set the game on "easy" if you are beginning to play, though, because some of the stages are tricky and hard.

The are moves and attacks BloodRayne has to amuse you. She has 5 different hand to hand combos, Guns, explosives and special weapons for long range attacks, a jump attack to break down doors (chosen ones, though. Can't break down all doors) and weak walls, and a harpoon attack to grab enemies from afar. If her health's low, she can grab mutated human or Nazi and drink it's blood, and use it as a shield at times as well. She even has a special attack called Blood Rage. When activated, everything slows down and she speeds up with new attack combos for a limited time. She also has enhanced vision like Aura Sense, Extruded View and Dilated Perception, in which things slow down, making it easier to battle when things get too hectic, and they will, believe me. The only problems here are when using the combos attacks and weapons, it's gets to be like button mashing, trying to survive and the levels get repetitious at times. There are surprises as you progress into the game and different boss battles to make it up, but not by much. One more surprise, there is a unique cheat code, in which you have to adjust certain words to form some sentences to get a cheat or a small message.

Did I mention that BloodRayne can cut up Nazi, mutated humans and monsters into messy pieces? Blooded limbs fly all over when she slices and dices. That and the strong language and the sick sexual jokes are the reasons for a mature rating. It's dark and Gothic game which now has a cult following (sorry, couldn't resist). If you can overlook the flaws and like playing a sexy half-vamp that can suck blood from foes as well as slice them into bloody messes, then this is the game to rent, if not buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/13/05

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