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"The guy from Doom need not apply."

Having come across the series in late October of 2004, I took to Bloodrayne instantly. Looking beautiful, both in and out of game, Bloodrayne had several of those Graphic Whores tied over until the next wave of ZOMG graphics. Difficult, fast moving, and sometimes kinda scary, Bloodrayne delivers to you little gothy people.

Story: 8 : 10

Somewhere in the backwaters of Louisianna, there are reports of a vicious disease taking hold of the town folk of Mortton, turning them into an malformed set of beasts called 'Mutates', the final and least powerful looking like a mix between Nightmare (Soul Calibur 2) and the Covenant Flood (Halo). On mission from the Brimstone Sociaty, two Vampire women, the full blooded Mynce, and the Damphire (half blood) Rayne, are investigating the cause of the disease. Being Rayne's first real mission, she is given charge of the assignment, wandering around the town to discover and eliminate the cause, not to mention rescue any survivors. Through her wanderings, she finds something called 'Maraisreq', something of a four legged spider with a giant sucking mouth and a belly big enough to fit a human being. After removing all the 'nests' and saving everony she could find, Rayne has the misfortune to find her mentor and all the remaining town folk devoured by a herd of Maraisreq. Following close after the herd, she finds the ritual place to raise 'the mother of the underworld'. Upon locating it, the 'Mother' greets Rayne. A twenty foot massive spider, bent on ripping Rayne and anything human-esque to shreds.

Rayne, however, makes quick work of the beast, tearing her open with her impressive set of wing blades. Inspecting the body, she finds an odd, glowing rib. Compelled to rip it out and examine, she finds the rib desperate to make it's way into her body. Screaming out, Rayne is shoved into a state of semi-concious delerium, looking up to a bald headed Nazi. After a minor threat, the Nazi raises his hand, causing it to burst into flames. He then stabs it into Rayne, ripping the rib from her body.

Five years later, in Argentina...

Pro: Interesting and contrived to a fault, without being too complex, meaning a good run for anyone who plays
Con: Maybe a little too simple for the normal RPGer

Characters: 6 : 10

Rayne - Our scattily clad heroine with a brash hatred for what appears to be anything that moves. There are breif referances to her father, who is unseen through this title.

Jurgen Wulf - Our Antagonist, Wulf is a murdering Nazi psychopath. Intent on bringing about a power which is not entirely revealed to us in the first half of the game, we only know that his desires involve a creature refered to as 'Beliar'.

Mynce - Rayne's teacher and officer of the Brimstone Sociaty, she is an expert monster slayer. Which is why it seems strange for her to be so easily eliminated in louisiana...
Beliar - Revealed first as the last king of Atlantis, he is later found out to be the Original Devil. Boasting a great amount of power, he proves to be a difficult opponent for our poor Rayne.
-End Spoiler-

Pro: Pretty clear and crisp without being too deep. I never like getting attatched to action game characters
Con: Same thing, for some.

Controls: 7 : 10

Three forms of Joystick Control and a pretty clear cut button format, Rayne is one of the easier action heroes to control. Moving smoothly at all times, Rayne is fast, strong, and long lasting. With two attack styles and four forms of combat preformance, Rayne is more than enough for zombies OR Nazis.

Blades : The old up close and personal, you'll find that most bosses are easier killed using these blades than anything else. They move quickly and have several forms of attack. This, of course, includes kicking, but that was not exactly a wide range of moves there.

Guns : Ranging from revolvers to rocket launchers, there are nearly 40 different guns to choose from. The four types of guns are Light, which you can carry four, heavy which you may have two, special, which is one, usually a shot gun or machine gun, and explosives, one type, but no more than two of them.

The four modes of combat are :

Standard: Rayne moves and acts like normal.

Aura: You can see the health of your opponents from shades of bright green to a deep red. Also, you'll see blue dots from your objectives.

Dilated: Everything is slowed down, giving you a bit of an edge. Rayne moves at 50 percent normal speed, but the rest of the world is at a painfully slow 25 percent, making you twice as fast as anythng around you.

Extruded: 1940's version of the sniper scope, you can zoom in and snipe enemies from a far, which isn't all to useful until the last fight or so.

Pro: Many forms of combat and a good flow over the world.
Con: A little clumsy if you just don't get it.

Graphics: 8 : 10

For the time, back in 2002, the graphics were damn good. Albeit oddly hollow from time to time, they moved beautifully and went just right with the mood. It was, however, a little exagerated in the sense of Rayne, Mynce, and the Butcheress. A little too much of the jiggly jug effect. Ingame score 7/10

FMVs gets a 9/10 for being well constructed without horrible load times. Also, the abundance of blood and gore in all of them makes it kind of humorous for the sickos among us. Drawback, you say? Yes. In FMV, Rayne has quite the snarl, and it makes her look horribly ugly.

Pro: FMVs own on this game and the ingame is pretty damn nice too.
Con: Jiggly jugs and a not so sweet snarl.

Sound: 9 : 10

What happens when you mix haunting noises, screams, techno and goth rock in one? Nightwish... or, Bloodrayne! In every level, you have various rave-esque songs and beats going down which make it a good time to be had. Sadly, it's hard to enjoy the music and noises through most of the game, because the onslaught of bullets, slices and screams almost ALWAYS drown it out.

Pro: Tight beats and a scary sound track when playing in the dark
Con: Sound effects kinda murder it.

First Impressions: 3 : 10

As interesting at they both were, Bloodrayne only ever got two comercials that I know of, and more over only one played regularly. The pitch? 'Turned on? Or scared off?!" followed directly as Rayne is seen gripping someone before -CHOMP-. However, the in game preview was lacking, making it look like James Bond for losers.

Pro: One of the better catch phrases?
Con: Presented as a low-class shooty-chop 'em up.

Extras - N/A

None to really speak of, save for a few humorous bits, like the arch of the covanent in Argentina

Replay: 4/10 : 10 (Will be marked at 7 : 10)

If you loved it, or thought highly of it in anyway, you'll more than likely want to try this one again at the more difficult levels. If you mildly enjoyed it, or just kinda played it to play it, you'll probably not visit this one again.

Story: 8
Characters: 6
Controls: 7
Graphics: 8
Sound: 9
First Impressions: 3
Replay: 7

TOTAL: 7/10

One to play and have for the collection, especially for those Gothy types out there.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/28/05

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