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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KWhitman

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/28/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Robotech: Battlecry
    Version 1.0
    By Hunter, September 28, 2002
    E-Mail: kevinwhitman@comcast.net
    ICQ#: 2161268
    This FAQ is only ver.1 and was created in 3 days.
    I will update this soon so its perfect.
    If you want to help let me know. Also better walkthroughs
    will be coming. I just wanted to give everyone a basic idea of how
    they could beat the level.
    Version 2 will be coming in 1-2 weeks.
    Dedicated to the Robotech fans.
    This FAQ made by playing the X-Box version of the game!
    1.  Game Info/Misc. Notes
    2.  Basic Help
        A)How To Play The Game
        B)Basic Controls and Functions
          1.  Making Menu Selections
          2.  Common Controls
          3.  Battloid
          4.  Guardian
          5.  Fighter
    3.  The Story So Far
    4.  Cast of Characters
    5.  List of Veritechs/Other
    6.  List Of Medals
    7.  Training Mode
          1.  Battloid
          2.  Guardian
          3.  Fighter
    8.  Story Mode Walkthrough
        A)Chapter 1
          1.  Boobytrap
          2.  Countdown
          3.  Bursting Point
          4.  Force Of Arms
        B)Chapter 2
          1.  Ambush Hills
          2.  Trouble In Graystone
          3.  Special Delivery
          4.  Destroids In Danger
          5.  Unwanted Guests
          6.  Dark Skies
          7.  Flood City
          8.  Knife's Edge
        D)Chapter 3
          1.  Rebel Revenge
          2.  Sabotage
          3.  Call to Arms
          4.  Power Struggle
          5.  Cat Scan
          6.  Trial by Fire
          7.  Hostage Crisis
          8.  Daring Rescue
          9.  Party Crashers
          10. Road to Ruin
          11. Deadly Storm
          12. Graveyard
          13. Little Mesa
          14. Enemy Within
        E)Chapter 4
          1.  Goodbye Graystone
          2.  Narrow Escape
          3.  Burning Bridges
          4.  Double Agent
          5.  Hidden Agenda
          6.  Mutiny
          7.  Backlash
          8.  Lightning Strike
          9.  None Shall Pass
          10. Vengeance
          11. Cat and Mouse
          12. Stormy Friendship
          13. Defiance
          14. Attrition
        F)Chapter 5
          1.  Besieged
          2.  Showdown
          3.  No Escape
          4.  Warpath
          5.  Welcome to Zen City
          6.  To the Death
    9.  Versus Mode
    10. Options
          1.  Control Setup
          2.  Video
          3.  Difficulty
    11. Extras
    12. Codes/Secrets
    13. Credits 							
    *Publisher: TDK
    *Developer: Vicious Cycle
    *Language: Multiple(only English Version released as of making this file)
    *Release Date: September 24, 2002 
    *Cost: CE:  $79.99
           REG: $49.99
    *Contents (CE):  Game, Soundtrack, Robotech shirt, Numbered dog tags,
                     Concept Art, and Lenticular motion card. 
              (REG): Game
    *Difficulty: Easy, Normal, and Hard.
    *Number of Save Files: 3
    *Number of Players: 1-2
    *Game Modes: Training, Versus, Story
    *Extras: Interviews with original voice actors
    A.  How to play the game:
    Robotech Battlecry is a fast paced action game that requires you to have
    a feel for changing your machine to better accommodate you in different
    situations.  In order to play this game at a high level you will need to
    learn what formation to use in certain situations.  Without changing the
    enemies are going to pick you apart.  So, Change or Die.
    B.  Basic Controls and Functions:
    1.  Making Menu Selections
    START Button.......................Start Game/Skip Interludes and FMV's
    Left Analog Stick..................Select Options
    Directional Buttons................Select Options
    A Button...........................Confirm/Proceed To Next Menu
    B + Back Buttons...................Cancel/Return To Previous Menu
    2. Common Controls
    START Button.......................Pause
    Left Analog Stick..................Movement
    Right Analog Stick.................Targeting Switch
    A Button...........................Boost
    X Button...........................Primary Weapon
    B Button...........................Secondary Weapon
    Y Button...........................Special Ability
    Black Button.......................Switch Weapons
    L Trigger..........................Strafe Left
    White Button.......................Targeting Switch
    R Trigger..........................Strafe Right
    Directional Button Up..............Guardian Mode
    Directional Button Left............Battloid Mode
    Directional Button Right...........Fighter Mode
    3. Battloid Mode Special Controls
    X Button...........................Fire Gun Pod In Normal Mode/Hold To Increase
    				   Power In Sniper Mode
    B Button...........................Fire Gun Pod In Rapid Fire/Anti-Missile Mode
    Y Button...........................Enter And Exit Sniper Mode
    L Trigger..........................Strafe Left/Sniper Mode Zoom Out
    R Trigger..........................Strafe Right/Sniper Mode Zoom In
    4. Guardian Mode Special Controls
    X Button...........................Fire Gun Pod
    B Button...........................Fire Missiles/Hold For Multiple Targeting
    Y Button...........................Pick Up/Drop Objects
    Directional Button Up..............Throttle Up
    Directional Button Down............Throttle Down
    5. Fighter Mode Special Controls
    X Button...........................Fire Gun Pod
    B Button...........................Fire Missiles/Hold For Multiple Targeting
    Y Button...........................Launch Decoy Pod
    L Trigger..........................Roll Left
    R Trigger..........................Roll Right
    L Trigger + A Button...............Barrel Roll Left
    R Trigger + A Button...............Barrel Roll Right
    A Button + Left Analog.............Perform Half Loop
    	Stick Down
    L Trigger + R Trigger..............Perform Split "S"
    	+ A Button + Left
    	Analog Stick Down
    Ten years ago, high above macross island in the South Pacific, a
    phenomenal event occurred that forever altered the course of human
    history. A gigantic alien spaceship broke through the very fabric of
    hyperspace, on a collision course with Earth. During its uncontrolled
    fall, the plummeting space fortress produced shock waves of incredible
    force, causing destruction around the globe.
    The craft measured nearly three quarters of a mile in length. There was
    no sign of the alien crew. The armored hull had taken the blunt of the
    damage, leaving much of the sophisticated techno-systems intact. What
    remained of the giant fortress gave evidence of a civilization centuries
    ahead of Earth's most advanced technology.
    Global war ravaged the world at that time, but even the devastation of
    war paled in comparison to the threat of invasion from space. A cease-
    fire was ordered, and world leaders banded together to form the United
    Earth Government. Under this new government, the Earth's most brilliant
    minds formed a research team to study and restore the alien space fortress.
    Deciphering parts of documents found aboard, they labored to unravel the
    secrets of an incredibly complex technology called Robotech.
    The Robotech Defense Force, or RDF, was assembled for the purpose of
    safeguarding the planet. Using robotechnology, new weapons and vehicles
    were constructed to aid in safeguarding the planet from possible alien
    invasion. That was a decade ago. The reconstruction of the alien battle
    fortress, now christened the SDF-1, is complete, and the world leaders
    have ordered a celebration, until...
    Jack Archer
    Voice: Cam Clarke
    Paint: Black and White on Red
    The main character of Battlecry.  Jack Archer became a mercenary for hire
    during the wars before the SDF-1.  Thanks to his friend Roy Fokker he is
    now in the RDF. Jack is part of the Wolf Squadron.
    Izzy Randal
    Voice: Rebecca Forstadt
    Paint: Black and White on Green
    Good friend of Jack and Hiro. Also part of the Wolf Squadron, but not as
    good of a pilot as Jack.  Izzy is a high spirited young girl who can
    actually put up a fight.
    Hiro Ishi
    Voice: Tony Oliver
    Paint: Orange
    Hiro is a hotshot destriod pilot. His friendship can be shaky with Jack
    from time to time but when all said and done their friends to the end.
    Hiro has a deep hatred for the Zentraedi and isn’t afraid to show it.
    Helena Chase 
    Voice: Melora Harte
    The boss! She will remind you of Lisa very early on. She can be stubborn
    at times but she is really kindhearted and caring. She seems to like
    making fun of you when you die.
    Roy Fokker
    Voice: Dan Woren
    Paint: Skull-1
    The veritech ace himself. Not many if anyone is as good as this man. The
    original veritech pilot.  Not many knows more than he does about the machines
    or flying itself. His skill is unmatched. He was the original test pilot of
    the VF-1.
    Lisa Hayes
    Voice: Melanie MacQueen
    Lisa is an old sourpuss! Although she is very cold at times Lisa cares
    about everyone of her crew.  Lisa guides you through most of the space
    Rick Hunter
    Voice: Tony Oliver
    Paint: Red On White
    The famous "RICK Hunter." The hero of the Macross Saga. The legend, the
    guy we all ran home from school to see, the great acrobat pilot turned
    fighter pilot. When you meet him he is matured since we has earlier in
    the series.  He is now the Skull Leader.
    Lynn Minmei
    Voice: Rebecca Forstadt
    Minmei is legendary singer from the Macross Saga. She was Rick Hunter's
    love interest for much of the show. She isn’t in the game very much.
    Voice: Melanie MacQueen
    A female Zentraedi.  She is very stubborn and is very tough. She is very
    much like Miriya when she is first encountered in the Macross Saga. In
    My opinion the toughest of all the Zentraedi aces.
    Voice: Steve Kramer
    Skarrde pilots a officer's battle pod much like Kyron's.  He is the
    easiest of the Zentraedi aces.  He seems to be more light hearted than
    the others. He always manages to live or get away too. He is an old
    veteran fighter.
    Voice: Does anyone know his definte voice actor?
    Gorian pilots the MPA.  He is crazed on taking you out. He is ruthless
    and will kill anyone and do anything to get what he wants.
    Voice: Dan Woren
    The big boss. He pilots a Officers with a booster on it. He is very smart
    and very tough.  He grows to hate you as the game goes on and in the end
    just wants you to plain out die. He is very young and vengeful.
    Training model incorporating a second cockpit seat. Although slightly more
    robust than a 1A, the 1D is less maneuverable and does not have as
    sophisticated of a targeting system.
    Standard model veritech flown by the majority of the RDF.
    The junior officer version flown by flight leaders. It incorporates a double
    head laser design, and is slightly faster and more agile than the 1A.
    While it carries a larger missile payload, it has the same targeting sensors
    as the 1A.
    The squadron leaders' version of the veritech incorporates four head-
    mounted lasers with a large missile payload and unsurpassed multi-targeting
    ability. It is both robust and fast. This is the veritech the aces fly.
    The newest veritech model intended to replace the VF-1A and VF-1J in general
    use.  It mounts an autocannon in addition to two head-mounted lasers.  It
    sacrifices some armor protection for increased agility and a greater missile
    payload. It has the same targeting suite as the VF-1S.
    Super Veritech
    This is a common description applied to any of the veritech models when
    equipped with super veritech modifications. These add-on boosters and
    light armor give any veritech increased speed and armor, and incorporate
    additional missile launchers.  These packs are only issued for space and
    orbital missions.
    Armored Veritech
    This is an add-on heavy armor system that can only be used in space due
    to its massive weight. In addition to extra protection, the armored
    veritech incorporates several light missile launchers.  Armored Veritechs
    are limited to Battloid mode and must jettison the armor pack before
    transforming.  because of its cumbersome appearance, it has been nicknamed
    the "Sumo."
    Female Power Armor
    Standard type power armor flown by female Zentraedi aces.
    Medal: Meritorious Service 
    Conditions: Clear Force of Arms 
    Rewards: Unlocks Izzy Paint Scheme 
    Stages: Force of Arms
    Medal: Distinguished Service 
    Conditions: Clear Enemy Within 
    Rewards: Unlocks Rick Paint Scheme 
    Stages: The Enemy Within
    Medal: Master Airman 
    Conditions: Kill 100 Fighter Pods 
    Rewards: None 
    Stages: Any
    Medal: R.D.F. Flying Ace 
    Conditions: Complete Master Airman Set 
    Rewards: Unlocks Debris Field Versus Map and Max Paint Scheme 
    Stages: Any
    Medal: R.D.F. Starburst 
    Conditions: Clear All Boss Missions Twice 
    Rewards: Unlocks Flood City Versus Map 
    Stages: Force of Arms, Knife's Edge, Deadly Storm, Graveyard,
            Enemy Within, Vengeance, Showdown, To the Death
    Medal: Titanium Medal of Valor 
    Conditions: Clear Knife's Edge 
    Rewards: Unlocks VF-1J in Story and Versus Mode 
    Stages: Knife's Edge
    Medal: Bronze Cross 
    Conditions: Kill 50 Battle Pods
    Rewards: None 
    Stages: Any
    Medal: Silver Cross 
    Conditions: Kill 75 Battle Pods and Complete Bronze Cross Set 
    Rewards: None 
    Stages: Any
    Medal: Gold Cross 
    Conditions: Kill 100 Battle Pods and Complete Silver Cross Set 
    Rewards: None 
    Stages: Any
    Medal: Southern Cross 
    Conditions: Complete Gold Cross Set 
    Rewards: Unlocks Factory Versus Map and Armored Veritech in Versus Mode 
    Stages: Any
    Medal: Silver Shield 
    Conditions: Clear Graveyard using VF-1A 
    Rewards: Unlocks Graveyard Versus Map and Miriya Paint Scheme 
    Stages: Graveyard
    Medal: Superior Defense 
    Conditions: Clear Attrition 
    Rewards: Unlocks Graystone Versus Map 
    Stages: Attrition
    Medal: Gold Nova 
    Conditions: Clear Vengeance 3 times 
    Rewards: None 
    Stages: Vengeance
    Medal: R.D.F. Supernova 
    Conditions: Complete Gold Nova Set 
    Rewards: Unlocks City in Space Versus Map and Patriot Paint Scheme 
    Stages: Clear Vengeance 9 times. 
    Medal: Robotech Marksman 
    Conditions: Kill 50 MPAs in Sniper Mode 
    Rewards: Unlocks Stealth Paint Scheme 
    Stages: Any
    Medal: Wolf Leader 
    Conditions: Clear To the Death 
    Rewards: Unlocks Wolf  Paint Scheme and VF-1R in Story and Versus Mode 
    Stages: To The Death
    Medal: Tuna Head 
    Conditions: Kill 50 Scout Pods
    Rewards: Unlocks Female Armor for Versus Mode 
    Stages: Zen City, Hidden Agenda, Little Mesa, and Double Agent
    Medal: Jolly Roger 
    Conditions: Clear Party Crashers 3 times 
    Rewards: Unlocks Skull Leader Paint Scheme 
    Stages: Party Crashers
    1. Battloid
    First thing you do is get a feel for how the veritech moves. So just
    simply walk around until Roy tells you to move on. Boost is then enabled
    so move around a bit then land on the 3 structures that Roy points out.
    Now its time for target practice. The destriod drones help you out for
    this one. Target all the drones and Roy will ask you to target the
    Tomahawk Drone.  So target the white destriod and shoot it until it blows
    up. It now moves on to missile targeting. Shoot down the missiles with your
    anti-missile attack. Then its to sniper training. Targets will show up.
    Go into sniper mode and zoom into the targets and nail the bullseye. This
    ends the Battloid training.
    2. Guardian
    Like the Battloid training the first thing you do is simply move around and
    get a feel for the controls. After that a bunch of green blips will show
    up. All you need to do is show the game you can control the guardian mode
    and fly to each one of these blips and touch it. Now its time to move on
    to picking things up. In front of you are 4 things to pick up. Just pick
    them up and return them to the area marked by a big green rectangle. Out
    come the destriod drones for missile practice. Target them and take em out.
    For a better shot hover a bit in the air so that your missiles won't hit the
    ground. Also don’t forget to hold the button down to target both at the same
    time. This ends the guardian training.
    3. Fighter
    Like in the 2 training before thus. The first thing you do is basic flying
    and getting used to how it feels. It then moves onto simple combat. The
    first 2 veritech drones you encounter are harmless. Just lock on with your
    missiles and take them out. Now 2 more drones come out but they are equipped.
    These are just a little bit harder to take out than the others. If you don’t
    kill them with a missile volley then just simple take em out with the gun.
    they will die quick. And this ends the Fighter training.
    A. Chapter 1
    1. Boobytrap
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    This level is easy.  The best method to take for this level is to use
    the fighter. Simply lock onto as many fighters as you can by holding down
    the missile button.  If they are weak and get close to you quickly change
    to Battloid and shoot em as they go by.  On the second part of this level
    all you have to do is kill the enemies before they kill the helicopters.
    If you cant beat this level then go back to training.
    2.  Countdown
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    Not much to this level. Basically you got to fly around and kill
    everything that moves. I love these kind of missions. Guardian is what I
    found to be the best to use, but if your not used to it then stick to
    Battloid mode. When going around the corners it doesn’t lock onto enemies
    until you see them so be careful and strafe around the corners ready to
    kill. If you encounter groups of battle pods its best to take the ones
    with missile launchers out first. If you get lost follow the arrow on
    the sensor display. Just kill everything you see and Lisa will tell
    you to help out some destriods in trouble. Follow the sensor display
    and locate the destriods. Battle pods then come at you from 2 sides at a
    very fast pace. Just take them out they are very easy. Be careful of
    overheating your gun. A good way to prevent overheating is to do a mixture
    of missiles and gun in Guardian mode. Once you help the destriods its
    mission complete.
    3.  Bursting Point
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    In this mission you are to help the other Veritechs defend the SDF-1. A
    good start on this level is to fly right to that Zentraedi ship and take
    out all of the turrets. Once you have done that continue to take out as
    many fighters as you can by lock on missiles and gun. This is also the first
    mission that you fly with Izzy. She can actually fight. She doesn’t take
    out to many fighters but its better than just flying around and doing
    nothing. If your having any problems in this mission then stick to one guy.
    Chances are your running out of missiles and not killing enough guys. Once
    you target a guy make sure he is dead by firing 1-2 missile volleys and the
    gun then move on to the next guy. This should keep your missiles at a good
    level as well as killing enough guys. Once you beat the level the barrier
    will explode.
    4.  Force Of Arms
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    OK, first off...be afraid! Nah just kidding. Like last mission go to the
    Zentraedi cruiser and take out all the turrets. Try to dodge all incoming
    lasers and DONT stay still.  You need to keep as much energy as possible.
    If your having trouble taking the turrets out and saving energy use
    missiles on them it will take them out faster or get really close in
    Battleloid so the lasers cant hit you. Once the turrets are taking
    out continue onto the fighters. Again keep moving at all times to avoid
    lasers and missiles. The more energy the better. Once you take all the fighters
    out and no more come then the fun begins.
    BOSS - Kiyora
    OK. In my opinion she is the toughest boss in the game. Lucky for you, you
    don’t have to kill her just yet. The best strategy I found is to stay in
    fight mode and fight her. Get away from her and let your missiles recharge.
    Then fly towards her and unload all your missiles. She will either defend
    against them or fly away. I found that usually she defends. If she does
    then nail her with your gun until you cant shoot anymore then pull up and
    as fast as you can get away from her. Since she is busy fending off your
    missiles the gun will be able to hit her. Then let your missiles recharge
    and fly at her again. This will take a while to kill her but it works
    rather well. Once you get her energy to half way its mission Complete.
    Chapter 1 Complete.
    B. Chapter 2
    1.  Ambush Hills
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    This mission is a nice easy after that last one. Fly through the canyon
    taking out all forces in your path until you get to their base camp.
    Then use sniper mode to target and destroy their weapon crates. When the
    crates blow up don’t stand to close or you will get hurt. There are 4 camps
    in all and they are all set up pretty much the same. So repeat what you
    did for the first camp 3 more times. After that its mission complete. No
    sweat right? Good.
    2.  Trouble In Graystone
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    Civilians have been evacuated to the civic center and its under attack.
    This mission can be a pain your first time, but its not to hard. I would
    suggest Battloid mode for this one.  If you use Guardian mode with missiles
    your just going to hit buildings. Make sure you go to the enemies because
    they wont go to you. Even when you attack them they still attack the Civic
    Center so you got to be quick. Lucky for you that building can take a beaten.
    When you kill a group of enemies another one usually come out of the mountains
    or the edge of the city. So make a quick run over their as fast as you can
    to take them out with no damage done. Once you get to a certain point
    Commander Chase will tell you that they are breaking off their attack. You
    don’t have to worry about the building anymore so just go and do a quick
    clean up job and mission complete.
    3.  Special Delivery
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    In this mission you have to protect the sea sergeants.  Its pretty easy.
    When you first start fly ahead to and take out that camp on the right. Make
    sure that you get them all sometimes they hide behind the big rocks. After
    you finish with that camp head across the canyon on the other side and take
    out the second camp. Again don’t forget to get the guys hiding behind the
    rocks. Once finished there get back on the main canyon path and the third
    camp is straight ahead. Take that out and get on the main path again. The
    fourth camp will be on the right. Take that out camp then continue to
    escort the sea sergeants down the main canyon path. Almost done. Now 2 more
    camps will show up, one on the left and one on the right. Take these out
    and continue on. Watch out for a few guys sitting on the hill. They will
    pop out as soon as you pass them so just switch to Battloid and make quick
    work of them. The next group of guys are on the ground. Take them out and
    continue to the base right ahead of them. Its under attack so take out
    all the enemies before they take out the base. They only come out of the
    canyons are the 2 places so just swing back and forth and take them out
    really easily. The sea sergeants wont be able to land and they will get
    clear so you can help out the base. Mission Complete.
    4.  Destriods In Danger
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    Help the destriods fend off the enemy. You see Hiro for the first time
    in this mission. Take out all the enemies coming out of the 3 paths in
    the canyons.  Their isn’t to many of them. Once you do Hiro will tell you
    that they need supplies. So its up to you to get them. Pick one of the 2
    paths that the arrow points around. Lets take the right one first. Just
    fly to the Zentraedi base camp and take out the soldiers their. Then pick
    up the item and take it back to the base. Easy enough right? OK, now take
    the left path. Fly through the canyon until you get to the camp on the
    left. Take it out, but watch out for that missile launcher. Once everything
    is taken out take the item back to base and take the left path again. Go
    past the base camp you were just at until you reach another camp this time
    on your right. Take it out and return the item back to the base. Once all
    3 are back at the base then you need to go rescue the Tomahawk pilot. You
    need to be quick about this or else he will die and you will fail. The
    fastest way to find him is go towards the path with the bridge. That is the
    one you didn’t take for the items. Go to the bridge and get on it. Then
    turn right and follow that path forward. This will lead you right to the
    pilot. Take out the soldiers then pick him up and take him back to the base.
    Then just simply take out all the soldiers attacking the base and mission
    5.  Unwanted Guests
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    This mission is pretty easy and straight forward. As you fly forward you
    will find bogeys are in the area.  You are asked to shoot them all down.
    Use the normal strategies. Lock onto more than 1 with missiles. If they
    fly by close change to Battloid and shoot them down as they go by. Once
    you kill them all you will find a big reading on your radar. Easy enough
    right? Mission complete.
    6.  Dark Skies
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    In this mission your going up against a Zentraedi cruiser. All you have to
    do in this mission is take out all the turrets. An easy was to do this
    is to fire a decoy out and missile the turrets. Another way that worked
    good for me was to get really close and creep up on the guns.  But, if you
    do this you got to watch out for the fighters around you. Its not a hard
    mission if your quick about it.  Don’t worry about the fighters to much
    just concentrate on those turrets. Once they are all destroid, mission
    7.  Flood City
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    First off, DONT drink the water, just a tip ^_^. OK move forward a bit into
    the first open area and take out the battle pods. Once they are taken care
    of follow the arrow to the next open area and take out those battle pods.
    Once you take out the ones that block your sensors the crew members will
    show up.  Pick them up and take him back to where you started.  Their is
    now a drop off area. Repeat this for all 3 crew members. You can pick
    them all up at the same place. Watch out for the enemies on your second
    trip back. Just take them out real quick.  Once you have returned all
    3 of them then move on in the city. Instead of going left to pick up the
    crew members simply go forward and to the left a big to the next part of
    the city. Follow the arrows if you cant find it. Now all you have to do
    is take out the rest of the battle pods. Once all the pods are dead. Its
    mission complete.
    8.  Knife's Edge
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    This mission can either be tough or pathetically easy. Here we go!
    BOSS - Skarrde
    Follow Skarrde to the first open section of the city. Change into Battloid
    mode when he shoots at you and hover above him. Make sure you have him
    locked on. and simply shoot.  He cant hit you. Once you take him down to 1/3
    energy he will run away. Kill the pods and follow the arrow and you will
    meet up with again. Again turn to Battloid and take him out from above.
    Pretty damn easy huh? He cant even hit you. Once you take him down to
    2/3 energy he will leave again.  Take out the pods and follow him again.
    Then again hover above him and take him out. He will escape through a sewer
    that gets blocked off by rubble. Mission Complete. Chapter 2 Complete.
    C. Chapter 3
    1.  Rebel Revenge
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    Zentraedi are attacking the munitions stockpile. Its your job to make sure
    they survive. Battle pods and soldiers come out from 3 different spots here
    so set yourself up in a good position in from of the stockpile where you
    can hit all 3. Use missiles to take as much as you can but don’t waste all
    your missiles. Once you damage them use your gun to take out the rest. Once
    you kill everything here you will be giving new objectives. Head back the
    way you came in and kill all the enemies on your way. You will come to a
    tunnel with enemies coming out. Keep killing them until the Destroids come.
    Keep killing the guys here until Commander Chase talks to you then.
    Mission complete
    2.  Sabotage
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    Enemies have started the guns in the Zentraedi cruiser! take them out
    before they destroy the town.  This can be hard. The turrets will aim
    for you and can do a lot of damage. Use the buildings as cover and strafe
    left and right to take out the guns without being hit. Take your time or
    else they will tear you apart. Take out as many as you can with missiles
    at once. When your missiles are recharging take them out one by one slowly.
    You got to be patient here or you will die fast than you can say "Jack,
    the giant killer." Once you kill the guns in the front go around the
    ship and take out any that may be behind it. Once all the guns are gone then
    take out the soldiers around the sides that show up. Once you kill all of
    them mission complete.
    3.  Call To Arms
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    Their is a bug in this level that can prevent you from beating the level
    but if you follow this walkthrough their will be no problems. First,
    change to Battloid or Guardian mode and take out the fighters that are
    flying by. I counted 8 of them. Then look down and take out the battle
    pods attacking the base. Once you kill those more will show up by the
    mountains and behind the base. Just keep taking them out until Hiro
    asks you to take him to his new destroid. Hiro is located in the middle
    of the base their. pick him up and fly him to the other base that is their.
    Follow the arrow if you cant find it. Drop him in the drop off zone and
    he will start helping you take out the enemies. Now return to the first
    base and take out all the enemies their. Hiro will help you. Once done this
    go the third base and take out all the enemies. Once done use Battleloid’s
    sniper on the gate and take it out. This will give you the mission complete.
    4.  Power Struggle
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    I see a lot of people having trouble with this mission. Its a tough one.
    What I like to do is fly in real quick before they take off and nail em
    with all my missiles so they get weaker. Then I will chase them down. They
    will blow up faster because you already weakened them. Don’t worry about the
    guys on the canyons to much unless they are really getting you good.
    Usually I can beat the level and not have to worry about them. Make
    sure you watch your radar to make sure none got away and if they do just
    hunt them down. It might take you a try or two but its not as hard as it
    looks. My first time took me 2 tries on normal. Their are 2 paths they
    travel down so if you think you missed one just check the paths real quick.
    You want to do this as fast as possible so use a lot of Fighter and Guardian
    modes. Once you take them all out, mission complete.
    5.  Cat Scan
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    This mission is a pain if you don’t know how to do it. Don’t bother trying
    to fight all the guys it will make it to hard. Just every 5 seconds or so
    shoot out a decoy near the Cats Eye and the enemies will aim for that
    instead of the Cats Eye. The Cats Eye will eventually arrive at its
    destination and do a 2 minute scan. Just keep sending out the decoys until
    the scan is done and mission complete. You didn’t even have to fire a laser.
    6.  Trial By Fire
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    Another Cats Eye mission. Use the same method as the last mission. Drop a lot
    of decoys, but this time you will have to take out the fighters also. So
    drop a decoy then take out a fighter. the drop another decoy then take out
    another fighter. Or drop a bunch of decoys and kill the fighters with your guns.
    Always keep an eye on the Cats Eye because a few enemies will sneak over
    towards it even with the decoys but not often. Its really not as hard of a
    mission as everything thinks. A lot of people are having trouble with this one
    but just use those decoys to keep them off the Cats Eye. they will buy the
    time you need to beat the level. Just take out as many fighters as possible.
    Once the Cats Eye finishes entering the Earth's atmosphere you get the mission
    7.  Hostage Crisis
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    In this mission you will have to find and rescue the hostages. This is the
    first mission with snipers(MPAs). When you start the mission help the
    Destroids take out the first few group of battle pods. Once they thank
    you its time to move on through the city. Take it slow and just kill
    everything you see. Once you turn the corner and go striaght you will see
    the paths split by a building in the middle beyond that is the first sniper.
    If you get close he will jump down and start attacking. So just take him
    out with as many missiles as you can throw at em and finish him off with
    your gun. Watch out for their shoulder laser. It takes out a good chunk
    of energy every shot. Once he is taking care of continue down the path
    towards the right. You will find the hostages over here. Beyond the
    hostages is another sniper. Take out all the pods and the sniper then blow
    up the gate door by using sniper mode. Mission Complete.
    8.  Daring Rescue
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    This is one of the harder missions so far. You will have to take it slow.
    Move forward around the first 2 bends until Jack tells the drivers to stop.
    Get behind that rubble on the left. and you should be able to see the
    sniper. If you square up with him in sniper mode and shoot him you should
    be able to him with 2 hits because he wont be able to find you. If he
    happens to jump out at you then you were out to far so just change to
    Guardian mode and take him out real quick. As you go around the next
    bend and move forward another sniper will jump out. If you know where he is
    you can hide behind that rubble on the right before you take the bend. If not
    that is fine just take him out as quick as possible with missiles then turn
    around and take out those pods before they blow up the cars. Once you are
    done that move forward and blow up the gate to your right. Enemies will
    come out from the forward right path so be ready for them. Once you take
    them out go down the left path and hid behind the rubble on the left. Again
    square up with him and you should be able to kill him without him even
    finding you. Once that sniper is dead move forward and take the left path.
    Move forward to the open area and take out the group of pods there. the go
    down the right path. A bunch of pods will be coming out now from that way
    and behind you where you came from so just take them all out. Be quick
    about it because they will try and set up a sneak attack from behind to
    kill your trucks. But, if taken out fast enough they have no chance.
    Move forward past the bend and take out the group of battle pods. Then
    kill the sniper and any other pods that will show up and mission complete.
    9.  Party Crashers
       *Type........Open Wasteland
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    ITS HIM! ITS HIM! ITS HIM! Ahem...sorry. You will get invited to the famous
    RICK Hunter's little party. Just take out everything you see and make
    sure that Rick doesn’t get pounded. Rick will help take out and hurt a lot
    of guys. This mission isn’t to bad. Isn’t Rick awesome! Ahem....sorry.
    Just use the normal battle tactics against these guys. If you have any
    problems with Rick getting blown up(remember he has been fighting those guys
    since before you got their) just fire some decoys to help keep the enemy
    off his back. Once you are almost done the mission MPAs and a Cyclops will
    come out Just kill them and mission complete.
    10. The Road To Ruin
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    Move forward with Rick until you get into the open part of the city. Take
    out all the pods their. Then you will find, that is right, Minmei! Pick her
    up and fly her to the Concert Hall as fast as possible. If you think you
    have time then you can kill the guys on the way but I don’t suggest it.
    Once you get their you will have to defend the building. just like in
    mission 2 circle around the building hurting the enemies with missiles
    and killing them with your gun. The Destroids will show up after the
    battle, it figures. But, once they do show up its mission complete.
    11. Deadly Storm
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    OK here we go. Round 2, Fight!
    BOSS - Kiyora
    This fight isn’t as bad as its going to be soon. Izzy is with you. You are
    supposed to protect her but don’t worry about that. She will stay alive
    long enough for you to beat this mission. Use the same tactic as before.
    Fire all of your missiles at her so she will defend them and then just
    nail her with the gun. She will go after Izzy a lot to so use that chance
    to nail her good and make her pay for it. If she is attacking Izzy and
    you nail her she will break off the attack and go after you again. Just
    keep firing missiles at her and attacking with the gun. Once you do a certain
    amount of damage to her Izzy will get hurt bad and start to go down.
    Mission complete.(Just a side note, their is no way to prevent Izzy from
    getting shot down)
    12. Graveyard
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    this is what I feel is the hardest mission in the game. When the mission
    starts you will have to fly down the canyon.
    BOSS - Kiyora
    Once you get to the open battlefield quickly run and pick Izzy up and move
    her to land. Their is a good spot near where you came in at. OK, theirs
    not much I can help you with here. it requires a lot of skill. Use the
    missile and gun tactics. I just feel that is the easiest way to deal with
    her. Try to always stay in fighter mode I found it easiest to dodge her
    attacks. So when you run out of missiles just run away and let them recharge.
    If the pillars are getting in your way just shoot them down. Good Luck. Its
    hard but you will get it. Took me a few tries on normal mode. Once her
    energy is gone its mission complete.
    13. Little Mesa Massacre
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    Thought that last mission was tough? This one isn’t much easier. When the
    mission starts get up on the cliff to your right. But, don’t go to far
    forward because you don’t want to be seen. Use your sniper and take out the
    battle pod that is closest to you. Hiro will then start running up the
    mountain so you got to be quick. Next target the battle pod to the left
    of the one you just killed. then zoom out a bit and look to the right and
    take out that battle pod. Then take out the two battle pods that are to
    the left of him. Then quickly turn to fight mode and fly up toward the
    base and lock on to all the battle pods and fire your heavy missiles.
    Lock on and fire again because you HAVE to make sure you kill them. OK,
    that is the first pain in the ass part.  Now that Hiro has gotten to the base
    you can go ahead and kill some guys. this will make it a bit easier later.
    When Hiro calls for help go back and help him their will be pods after him.
    Kill those pods and move forward with Hiro and make sure you protect him
    because he is pretty weak. Just kill everything you see from here on in.
    Once you kill that you will get a cinema scene showing the Zentraedi
    blowing up part of the base shelter. Hiro and Jack both get pissed off.
    You now have to kill the re-entry pods. But first don’t let those enemies
    behind you take out Hiro or more of the base. So attack them first and then
    take out all those damn re-entry pads. A lot of firing at you here so be
    careful. Its not that hard once you get passed the sniper section.
    14. Enemy Within
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    What is this? You got to protect Skarrde? Well, you got to follow the
    BOSS - Hiro
    Hiro is really easy. just change to guardian mode and missile him to death
    and when you run out of missiles shoot him to death. The missile him to death
    again. Getting the point? just go on the attack and take him out. I never
    had him kill me or kill Skarrde. Its an overall easy boss. if for some
    reason he does hurt you and bad just hover high and low while you shoot and
    you should be able to dodge most his shots. Beat Hiro and mission complete.
    D. Chapter 4
    1.  Goodbye Graystone
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    Help the Destroids, like always. Go to the right a bit and forward and
    enemies will start coming out of the mountains. Also re-entry pods will
    be flying in. Try to take them out as fast as possible. Use all your
    missiles on them and finish them off with your gun. Don’t let them unload
    their battle pods. If you do let them unload don’t worry about killing
    the re-entry pods just kill the battle pods it lets out. Just stay their
    and kill all the enemies until you get the message to help Hiro. the fly
    to the other side and start taking out the enemies over there. Hiro will
    eventually show up. Stupid destroid pilots(mumbles). Anyway...Just keep
    taking out those enemies till their all dead. its a pretty straight
    forward mission. The mayor will tell you that more re-entry pods
    are coming in. Go pick up the mayor by the big huge tower in the back
    of the city and bring him over to the other side of the city. The take out
    all the re-entry pods you can. if they let off troops kill the troops.
    Kill everything you see as quickly as you can and your good. The Sea Sergeant
    will take off and mission complete.
    2.  Narrow Escape.
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    Just fly through the canyon taking out every enemy you see. Watch out for
    the pods that sneak behind the Sea Sergeant and also watch out the for
    re-entry pods that will show up behind them. If you are having problems
    with the missiles then use the chaff to blow them up. Just take out everything
    until you reach the end without having the Sea Sergeants die and mission
    3.  Burning Bridges 
       *Type........Open Canyon With Bridge
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    This mission is a pain.  At first stay in guardian mode and take out the
    fighters that are flying by. A good way to keep the level going is to
    use a lot of chaffs. This will stop the missiles from hitting the bridges.
    Once the re-entry pods start coming in don’t bother wasting your missiles.
    Use the missiles to take out the fighters but when the re-entry pods drop
    off the battle pods make sure you take them out as soon as possible. Just
    use decoys for the fighters. make sure their are no battle pods in the
    river pounding away at the bridge and stay calm. this mission isn’t to easy
    but its not that hard. You just got to be quick. The game is fast paced so
    the faster you are the better your going to do. If you can beat the
    mission take a 5 minute break and come back. Use more decoys and make sure
    you kill those damn battle pods in the river! Oh and I wouldn’t drink
    the water here either!
    4.  Double Agent
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    OK giving you guys directions through the canyon would just be crazy. But
    here is how you navigate it. Follow the arrow on your sensors. When it goes
    fuzzy take out the battle pods. the ones making it go fuzzy are usually
    hiding behind the rocks. Once you find them use the arrow to see what path
    to take. Keep repeating this until you meet the double agent. once you find
    him you find out its Skarrde! he gives u a capsule to take back to where you
    came from. You have 3 minutes and 30 seconds to get it back so rush back!
    Same method to get back as you used to get there. Make sure you follow the
    blue arrows and not the red ones. Once back at the base drop off your capsule
    then defend the Sea Sergeants. just take out all the enemies and mission
    5.  Hidden Agenda
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    This mission is pretty easy. You need to hunt down the 4 battle pods messing
    up your sensor system. You know one is around when the radar gets all
    scrambled. Is if you cant find them look for that. Don’t worry about the other
    enemies just get the 4 battle pods. they are usually hiding inside debris
    and they just kind of sit their. They don’t really move or anything. Its an easy
    mission. Should be no problem. Once you kill the pods mission complete.
    6.  Mutiny
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    Fly forward and take out those shuttles that are flying away. Commander Chase
    will tell you when you have 1 left and when they are killed. This is really
    simple. Once they are destroid the Zentraedi battleship starts attacking the
    AMRD. You need to take out the turrets like back in chapter 1. Use the same
    strategies as before. Missiles and gun, or creep up close. Once all turrets are
    gone mission complete.
    7.  Backlash
       *Type........Open Canyons
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    In this mission you need to destroy all the shuttles before they get to
    their destination. Its easier than it looks or sounds.  Just missile them
    to death and when you need a recharge just use that fancy ol gun we are
    so used to now. Not to much to this mission. Just watch out for the guys
    on the side and the turrets. You should be able to find all the shuttles
    no problem. Once they are all destroid its mission complete.
    8.  Lightning Strike
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    Their are 3 Zentraedi camps. Fly forward and kill the 3 guns along the
    path and you will come to a open area with 3 passage ways. Each leading
    to 1 of the 3 camps. The left camp as the shuttlecrafts. The camp that
    is straight forward is the re-entry pods. The right camp is the
    protoculture supply. Simply fly to all of these camps and take them
    out. once all 3 camps are destroid you get the mission complete.
    9.  None Shall Pass
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    This mission took me just a little over 2 minutes to beat. No joke.
    All you have to do is follow the path and take out the 4 MPAs then
    you get the mission complete. Its that easy. Just watch out for
    their cannons. They cant hit you with the cannon if you get close
    enough though. Remember that.
    10. Vengeance
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    We've seen this guy in the Little Mesa Massacre. And Jack isn’t to
    happy about it.
    BOSS - Gorian
    I didn’t think Gorian was to hard. Their is 2 ways to fight him. Close
    combat which will make his laser useless or hiding behind buildings
    and sneaking missiles in before he can hit you with the laser. I chose
    the second way my first time and beat him no problem. If you get
    really stuck use my Kiyora strategy. That will work too. I thought
    Gorian was one of the easier bosses as long as you dodge that damn
    laser! Kill Gorian and mission complete.
    11. Cat and Mouse
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    You need to protect Izzy in the Cats Eye in this mission. You can
    fly ahead of her and take the enemies out but they will respawn
    behind her so try to stay close, but not that close so you have a
    chance to kill the enemy before they attack Izzy. Make sure you
    don’t forget about those troops behind Izzy that come up. Once you
    make it through the canyon its mission complete.
    12. Stormy Friendship
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    Follow the blur arrow that leads you into the canyon. Kill all the
    enemies on the way. once you reach Hiro he is in pretty bad shape.
    Change to Guardian mode and quickly hover up above Hiro and target
    he enemies with missiles and take them out quickly. Watch out for
    the one or 2 battle pods that sneak out from behind the mountain.
    Just take them out as quickly as possible. if your having problems
    with enemies firing missiles use a chaff or 2 so they don’t hit Hiro.
    Hiro will eventually get out of the Tomahawk and you will have to
    take him back to Izzy.  Izzy is slowly traveling down the canyon
    on the left. Once you bring Hiro their its mission complete.
    13. Defiance
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    Its time for a straight forward 50 on 1 dogfight! I like these odds.
    You have to clear a path for the sea sergeants. So basically just
    kill everything that comes at you. Its been awhile since we got a
    mission like this huh? After you take out a good amount of fights,
    MPAs will start to come out. MPAs are a lot easier to fight in the
    air than they are the ground. Also a Cyclops will come out. Just 1
    so don’t worry. take it out quick though because you don’t want a
    load of missiles coming your way right? This mission is easy. Kick
    back have some fun and show the enemy what skills you have obtained
    so far. Once all enemies are destroid its mission complete.
    14. Attrition
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    You have 4 minutes to obtain 4 crates. This mission is easy. Don’t
    worry about killing things since they will just regenerate. Just
    follow the blue arrow on your sensors and fly to all 4 and bring
    them back to the middle where you started. Once you have all 4
    crates back to the base the sea sergeants will come and load
    themselves up. You will have to defend them for a minute or two
    while they load up. So just kill the enemies. Same strategies as
    always apply here. Once the Sea Sergeants take off mission is
    E. Chapter 5
    1.  Besieged
       *Type........Open fields
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    This mission is a lot like that burning bridge mission. Use
    your missiles on the fighters. Throw out some chaffs in their to
    help deal with some of the missiles. try to take out those
    re-entry pods but if you cant make sure you take out all the
    pods as soon as possible. The Monster Destroids can take a
    pretty good beaten and give one at that too. Just try to take
    out as many guys as you can and you should be fine. Don’t let
    the enemy linger around the Monsters and try to keep your missiles
    at a good level. This mission isn’t to hard but it can be a pain.
    Also if you weakening the re-entry pods on the way in the Monsters
    will take them out for you. When you get a message from Commander
    Chase your mission is complete.
    2.  Showdown
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    Its time to kill this crazy bitch. Thank god.
    BOSS - Kiyora
    Do you really need to know how to fight her anymore? Its the
    same as back in the graveyard. We got the classic hero Vs psycho
    bitch match-up. How come Cam Clarke seems to get all the alien
    babes? Anyway... Just use the same tactics as before. Its not
    to bad here. Once she is Destroid your mission will be complete.
    3.  No Escape
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    Time to send those Zentraedi running! Fly through the cannon
    and don’t leave one enemy alive. But make sure you hurry to the
    end and take out their shuttles. If you want you can just rush to
    the end and backtrack. Once you take out the shuttles the timer
    will stop and all you have to do is finish killing all the enemies
    and mission complete. Easy huh?
    4.  Warpath
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    This one is so easy its almost pathetic. Fly forward and kill any
    8 re-entry pods. Just nail them with missiles and finish em off
    with your gun. its almost to easy. Once 8 are destroyed then your
    mission will be complete.
    5.  Welcome to Zen City
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    OK this level is a pain. Around the first corner are 2 turrets and
    a battle pod. Becareful because u cant target them until you
    see them and they will probably see you first. Take them out.
    Once you take them out move on. Move forward to where the blue
    dot is. Becareful their is going to be a lot of enemies over
    their including 2 MPAs so take them all out. You can sit
    behind a building and recharge your missiles. Move forward to where
    the enemies where but becareful because when you turn the corner
    their will be a gun turret. Take that out and move on.  Turn
    a few corners until you come to the split that is separated by the
    building. Strafe right and take out the missile launcher, gun turret,
    and MPA. once you take them out you will be giving orders to put
    out the fire. So look to the left and destroy that pipe using the
    sniper mode and that will put out the fires. then you will have to
    rescue the 3 guys and bring them to the drop off point right behind
    you. Once done that continue forward and make a left. Their will be
    a gun turret after the corner so take that out real quick. Move
    forward and turn right their will be 2-3 battle pods just kill them
    and move around the buildings. You will have to make a left but don’t
    pop out just yet. Their will be a gun turret and 2 MPAs over their.
    Take all of those out Then move on. Their will be a battle pod and
    2 gun turrets. Take those out. When you go around the corner their
    will be another battle pod and 2 MPAs. Take them out. Man this mission
    sucks... Anyway proceed down the path to the right and then make a
    right again. Their will be a missile launcher and a gun turret over
    their. Take them out. Lastly one more gun turret around the corner
    on the left. Mission Complete. Thank God.
    6.  To the Death
       *Music.......Coming Soon
       *Enemies.....Coming Soon
    Make sure you have the Super veritech for this one.
    BOSS - Zeraal
    Zeraal isn’t actually to bad. But he is fast and can be hard to square
    up for a good hit sometimes. Basically overall use the same strategy
    as you did on Kiyora. Fire all your missiles while firing the gun. It
    should do a OK amount of damage. Just keep a cool head, take your time,
    and show him what a real RDF pilot is made of. I actually beat him my
    first try. He was easier than Kiyora I though. But, just use the same
    strategy and you should be fine.
    Congrads you beat the game. Now you get to watch the depressing ending.
    The versus mode isn’t to in depth. While its fun to dogfight your friends
    and get some pretty mean hardcore battles going it really lacks what it
    could be. You are able to fight to the death in any of 8 levels that you
    obtain by getting medals in the story mode. You can use any veritech that
    you have obtained and the FPA from getting the Tuna Head medal. In this
    mode you can also use any of the super Veritechs or armored Veritechs in
    any mission since its kind of its own little fighting game.
    10. OPTIONS
    1.  Control Setup
    Enables you to turn the vibration on and off
    Allows you to invert the movement of the analog sticks
    Allows you to invert the movement of the analog sticks
    2.  Video
    Allows you to turn the subtitles on and off
    3.  Difficulty
    The least amount of challenge
    A good balance of difficulty. Not to easy and not to hard
    For the greatest of RDF pilots only.
    11. EXTRAS
    To get the interviews just simply play through the game. The last one opens
    up once you beat the game.
    Interview With Dan Woren
    Interview With Melora Harte
    Interview With Steve Kramer
    Interview With Rebecca Forstadt
    Interview With Tony Oliver
    Interview With Melanie MacQueen
    Interview With Cam Clarke
    1.  Coming Soon
    1.  Their is a bug in the game once you get the super veritech. If you go
    back to an earlier space mission and toggle the super veritech on, once
    you beat the level and pick continue.  You will start the next level
    without changing your veritech and thus have the super veritech on any
    kind of mission.  Makes the game really easy though.
    13. CREDITS
    There's a number of people I wish to thank here.  In no particular
    -Harmony Gold for giving us this awesome series.
    -TDK and Vicious Cycle for finally giving this title what it deserved,
     a game and a damn good one.
    -Tony Oliver for giving my childhood hero his voice and attitude.
    -The rest of the talented voice actors who made this series so great.
    -Allan Campbell, a long time friend and also Robotech programmer.
    -Jean Valjean for the layout. A very good friend.
    -The reader, for getting this far down on the page!  It honestly does
     warm my heart to realize that someone appreciated something that I
     wrote.  A deep thanks to you!
    That's all for now.  If you feel you deserve to be credited in this
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