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    Quote FAQ by RPace

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/23/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Freekstyle Quote FAQ Version 1.0
    By Ray Pace (rpacejr@yahoo.com)
    This FAQ was created using the North American PS2 version of 
    Freekstyle. If you have any questions, comments, contributions or 
    corrections, please feel free to E-mail me at the address above.
    Table of Contents
    A.	FAQ Information
    B.	Deegan
    1.Character Select
    2.Bike Select
    3.Intro (before a race)
    4.Big Air
    6.Passing an opponent
    C.	Metz
    1-10 same as above
    D. Fly'n Hawaiian
    1-10 same as above
    E. Mad Mike
    1-10 same as above
    F. Stefy
    1-10 same as above
    G. Leeann
    1-10 same as above
    H. Jessica
    1-10 same as above
    I. Albee
    1-10 same as above
    J. Closing/Copyright Information
    A.	FAQ Information
    I was searching through GameFAQs one day, and I saw a lot of quote 
    FAQs for SSX Tricky. I said to myself, "Someone should do that for 
    Freekstyle." So, since then, I have been working on this FAQ, which 
    I hope you will enjoy.
      There are 11 different quote categories for all 8 characters in 
    this FAQ. They are:
    Character Select- This is when you first choose your character and 
    Bike Select- This is when you choose your bike
    Intro- This is what your character might say before a race
    Big Air- This is when your character hits a ramp and goes very high 
    Landing- This is when your character successfully lands a trick 
    Passing an opponent- This is when your character passes one of his 
    opponents in a race.
    Collisions- This is when your character either collides with another 
    rider, or vice versa.
    Crash- This is when your character wipes out attempting a trick, or 
    hits a wall, rail, etc. 
    Win- This is what your character might say when they win 
    Loss- This is what your character might say when they lose
    Also, if you see a quote such as, "Not yet" or "You gotta win that 
    one!" this refers to a bike/outfit that has not been unlocked yet.
    A "*" at the beginning a quote means that this is a beginning of two 
    characters trading insults. So, on to the FAQ! 
    B.	Brian Deegan
    1. Character Select
       "I'm Deegan, and I'm the leader of the Metal Mulisha."
       "Does it really matter how I look?"
       "Mulisha style!"
       "I'm Deegan; are you down with the Metal Mulisha?"
       "I'm Deegan, and I'm down with evil." 
       "Representin' for the Metal Mulisha"
       "I don't care what I wear."
       "Yeah, I'm Deegan, who's askin'?"
       "We will dominate!"
       "I don't care if I win, I just wanna make people crash!"
       "So you think you're hardcore?"
       "Your with the Mulisha now!"
       "You'd better be ready to win!"
    2. Bike select
       "Whatever, I can win on any bike!"
       "Pick a bike!"
       "Ridin' the Mulisha colors!"
       "I'll beat everyone on this bike!"
       "What bike are we gonna use?"
       "I hope I wreck this bike!"
       "This is the gnarliest bike out there!"
       "Think what bike I ride matters to me?"
       "This bike is hardcore!"
    3. Intro
       "I created this sport; I'll end it if I have to!"
       "You're gonna eat dirt today!"
       "Shut it! You don't wanna be on the Mulisha's black list!"
       "We're gonna race my way today!"
       "The Mulisha will dominate!"
       "This one's for all the Mulisha fans!" 
       "I'm gonna win at any cost!" 
       "I'm down with evil!" 
    Taunt- Metz: "This'll be just like the mini bike days; your face in 
    my rear tire!"
    Deegan: "Vengeance will be mine!"    
       "Don't get in my way like last time, punk!"
       "The Mulisha's takin' over this track!"
       "This isn't about winning; it's about total domination!" 
       Fly'n Hawaiian-"You ready to have some fun, dude?"
       Deegan-"The Mulisha doesn't play games!"
    4. Big Air
       "It's all about the big air!" 
       "I go bigger than everyone else!"
       "I go bigger, farther, and harder!"
       "Big air's what it's all about!"
       "That's an adrenaline rush!"
       "I get the biggest air!"
       "That's the way I do it!"
       "It's all about pushin' it to the edge!"
       "Sometimes, you gotta go for it!"
       "Going to the next level!"
       "Yeah, that's how I do it!"
    5. Landing
       "Saved it!"
       "Pulled that off!"
       "I never crash!"
       "I know I'm good!"
       "I know you're jealous!"
       "I'm not even tryin'!"
       "No big deal!"
       "I could do this in my sleep!"
       "That was so gnarly!"
       "All right!"
       "This is so easy!" 
       "I rule!"
       "I am the master!"
    6. Passing an opponent
       "You've got no business bein' on this track!"
       "You can not ride!"
       "You'll be lucky to make it to the finish line!"
       "Heads up, loser!"
    7. Collisions
       "I play by my own rules!"
       "There's more where that came from!"
       "I told you to watch out!"
       "Fear the Mulisha!"
       "Outta my way, loser!"
       "You're weak!"
       "You will feel pain!"
       "I will get revenge!"
       "You're gonna pay for that!"
       "I hate you!"
       "You'll regret that!"
       "You're dead!"
       "I'd watch my back if I were you!" 
       "I will get you back!"
    8. Crash
       "That was the best crash today!"
       "I like to crash!"
       "Oh, man!"
       "I'll still win!"
       "I hope I broke something!"
       "That's gnarly!"
       "Pain is good!"
       "What is that?!" 
       "What was that?!"
       "That didn't hurt!"
    9. Win
        "This is my sport, and now you know why!"
        "Hail victory!"
        "All right!" 
        "Number 1!"
        "Mulisha rules!"
        "Oh, yeah!"
        "Good enough!" 
        "Just another Mulisha beatdown!"
    10. Loss
        "This sucks!"
    C.	Mike Metzger
     1. Character Select
        "It's me, it's me, the M-E-T-Z!"
        "Metz is my name and riding's my game!"
        "It's me, the Metz and I'm feelin' freeky!" 
        "Yeah, this is cool!"
        "This rocks!"
        "Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about!"
        "Mike Metzger, in the house!"
        "We're gonna kick some booty!"
        "I'm Mike Metzger, the godfather of freestyle!"
        "Hold it wide!"
        "Yeah, let's ride!"
        "Time to ride!"
        "Burrappp, burrappp, let's go!"
     2. Bike select
        "Pick some wheels!"
        "It's up to you!"
        "Pick a ride!"
        "Burrappp, burrappp, burrappp!"
        "A Metzger motor sports special!"
        "That bike has my name all over it!"
        "That bike has my name on it!"
        "Yeah, I painted that bike myself!"
        "Sweet choice!"
        "That bike's fast!"
        "This one looks mean!"
        "That's the trickiest bike here!"
        "That bike's phat!"
        "That's a fine machine!"
        "We rollin' soft today!"
        "That bike's cool!"
        "That is the SICKEST, PHATEST bike of all time!"
        "I need that bike!"
        "This bike's got major power!"
        "This looks like a hot rod!"
        "This bike looks dope!"
        "This bike's got the dopest graphics!"
        "Nice try!"
        "Not yet!"
        "You gotta win that one!"
     3. Intro
        Taunt: Albee-"I think I'll pull a few big tricks today!"
        Metz-"The only thing your likely to pull is a muscle!"
        "This is gonna be my race!"
        "Is this crowd pumped or what?"
        "Let's do this!"
        "You pull the sorriest tricks I've seen!"
        Taunt: Deegan-"Don't get in my way like last time, punk."
        Metz-"I'll do whatever I have to, I'm a rock star!"
        "Who got game? I got game!"
        "You gotta be crazy to ride this track!"
     4. Big air
        "Flyin' high!"
        "We're goin' over the top!"
        "Go big or go home!"
     5. Landing
        "Rock n Roll!"
        "Nailed it!"
        "Bustin' big!"
        "I'm outta control!"
        "Nobody busts bigger than me!"
        "I make this look harder than it really is."
        "I'm the Metz, where's the money at?"
        "They don't call me the godfather for nothin'!"
        "Old school freestyle!"
        "That's as good as it gets!"
        "Smooth move!"
        "Yeah, that was cool!"
        "That was tight!"
        "I'm the man!"
        "Yeah, bustin big, that's what I do!"
        "Yeah, goin' back to the old-school!"
        "Whoo, that was close!"
        "Yeah I got all the moves!"
        "Show me the money!"
     6. Passing an opponent
        "Metz is in the hiz-ouse!"
        "Dude, you need to go faster than that!"
     7. Collisions
        "This is full-contact motocross!" 
        "That definitely wasn't necessary!"
        "I'm ready to slam my elbow up inside your gut!"  
        "I promise I'll knock you out!"
     8. Crash
        "What was I thinking?!" 
        "What WAS that?!"
        "Self destruction, that's my specialty! Ah ha ha ha ha ha!"
        "Aw, my ACL just got torn!"
        "Yeah, I meant to do that."
        "Aw, I think I just ruptured my spleen!"
        "Like I could use another scar!"
        "Workin' on my dismount!"
        "I just crashed and burned!"
        "That's gonna leave a mark!"
     9. Win
        "Yeah, I know I'm good!"
        "Oh, yeah!"
        "Number one!"
        "Winning is cool!"
        "Good enough!" 
     11. Loss
         "Aw, man!"
        D. Clifford Adoptante
     1. Character Select
        "I'm Clifford, the Flyin' Hawaiian!" 
        "Maybe later!"
        "Hey, bro, how's it goin'?"
        "'Sup, dude!"
        "I look fine in this!"
        "Fly gear for a fly guy!"
        "I got some style goin' on!"
        "I'm ready, you ready?"
        "Killer choice, bro!"
        "Go with the flow, bro!"
        "C'mon, dude!"
        "Let's groove!"
        "I am stoked, let's go!"
     2. Bike select
        "Pick some wheels!"
        "Ooh, we gotta work up to that!"
        "Wins! You need wins first!"
        "I don't think so!"
        "Fast and furious!"
        "That has the speed I need!"
        "A fine piece of equipment!"
        "Yeah baby!"
        "Cool wheels!"
     3. Intro
        "Everyone's here to see how big I can go!"
        "You ready to check my mad skills?"
        "My skills will be unmatched today!"
        "What's that smell? Could it be? My next victory!"
        "I'd like to send a shout out to... me! Cuz I'm the coolest!"
        *Fly'n Hawaiian-"You ready to have some fun dude?"
        Deegan-"The Mulisha dosen't play games!"
        *Deegan-"You'll be destroyed, you long-haired freak!"
        Fly'n Hawaiian-"You are calling ME a freak?"     
        *Fly'n Hawaiian-"I'm so far in the zone I can't even see you!"
        Leeann-"Too bad. I look beautiful right now."
        "Time to get my moto on!"
        *Fly'n Hawaiian-"You think your tricks compare to mine?"
        Deegan-"No one busts bigger tricks than I do!"
        "Here's a shout out to all my bros! Whoo!"
        "This will be a sweet, sweet victory!"
     4. Big air
        "Not gonna bail! Not gonna bail! Not gonna bail!"
        "Maaaaaasive aiiiiiiiirrrrrrr!"
        "I'm a super-stud!"
        "Major hangtime!"
        "Big money! Big money! Big money!" 
        "Clifford's my name and flyin's my game!"   
        "Flyin' high!"
        "This'll be a sweet, sweet victory!" 
     5. Landing
        "That was slammin'!"
        "I gotta work on that landing!"
        "Getting' the J-O-B done!"
        "That was slammin'!"
        "Just a warm up!"
        "That was epic!"
        "Totally cool!"
        "I am so money!"
        "Man, that was close!"
        "Havin' a little fun!"
        "Who's the man?"    
        "That's my big money move!"  
     6. Passing an opponent
        "Man, you're slow!" 
        "Later, yo!" 
        "Mellow out, bro!"
     7. Collisions 
        "Chill out, bro!"
        "Just wanted to see if you were paying attention!"
        "Move it!"
        "Layin the smack down!"
        "Just tryin' to wake you up!"
        "I'm reporting that to the DMV!"
     8. Crash
        "Total cranial disharmony, man!"
        "One of my best crashes!"
        "Major spillage!"
        "That was not cool!"
        "Major road rash!" 
        "Tag, you're it!"
     9. Win
        "This win has got me pumped!"
        "I rule!"
        "I'm the man!"
     10. Loss
        "Mad" Mike Jones
    1.	Character Select
    "I'm Mad Mike, ever heard of me?"
    "They call me 'Mad Mike'!"
    "Not yet!"
    "Ya gotta earn that!" 
    "Let's just ride!"
    "Try again!"
    "If you say so!"
    "Who you lookin' at?"
    "Time to kick butt!"
    "We're goin' right to the top!"
    "Yeah, okay!"
    "Let's take these punks to school!"
    2.	Bike Select
    "Just pick something!"
    "I need a bike!"
    "Make a decision, kid!"
    "Nice try!"
    "You tryin' to cheat?"
    "I don't think so!" 
    "That's a sweet ride right there!"
    "That one all that!"
    "Nice bike!" 
    3.	Intro
    "I'm ready for a fight!"
    "I'll knock over anyone who gets in my way!"
    "Looks like it's butt-kickin' time!"
    "Time to get mad!"
        *Mad Mike-"You think you're such a hotshot, don't you?"
        Albee-"Me? A hotshot? That's a proven fact!"
        *Mad Mike-"You think you can hang with me, racer boy?"
        Albee-"Your tricks are no match for my superior racing."
        *Mad Mike-"I cant believe I gotta race chicks!"
        Stefy-"Why? You scared to lose, big man?"
        *Mad Mike-"Shouldn't you be at home cooking spaghetti or something?"
        Stefy-"Shouldn't you be at home scratching your butt?"
        *Albee-"You know, there's no shame in coming in second."
        Mad Mike-"Good. You won't have to be ashamed then!"
        "This is gonna be a piece of cake!"
        *Mad Mike-"No way you're gonna win, sweetheart!"
        Leeann-"You'll learn not to underestimate me!"
    4.	Big air
    "I own the sky!"
    "Who needs gravity?"
    "Show no fear!"
    "Nothin' scares me!"
    "Rock and roll!"
    "Big air rules!"
    5.	Landing
    "No big deal!"
    "I am the man!"
    "Whoo, almost lost that one!"
    "I rule!"
    "No problem!"
    "Bustin' big!"
    "Yeah, that's it!"
    "Takin' it easy!"
    "That was it!"
    "This is hardcore!"
    "Mmm, mmm, mmm!"
    "Every bit helps!"
    6.	Passing an opponent
    "Outta my way!"
    7.	Collisions
    "Move over, kid!"
    "Watch it, spaz!"
    "I always wanted to be in a demolition derby!"
    "You're so weak!"
    "Next time, you won't be so lucky!"
    "Getting rough!"
    "You're in for it!"
    8.	Crash
    "Just lost it!"
    "Just a little banged up!"
    "I'll be fine!"
    "I'm okay!"
    "That sucked!"
    "I think I sprained my head!"
    "What happened?"
    "Where am I?"
    "Aw man!"
    9.	Win
    "Takin' the win!"
    "Number 1!"
    "I rule!"
    "As usual, I am the man!"
    "USA! USA! USA!"
    "Oh, well!"
    "It takes experience to win like that!"
    "I knew I could beat this bunch!"
    10. Loss

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